Royal Society of Chemistry Grants for carers

our breaking the Barons report highlighted that 78% of UK chemists recognized that woman's career progression and also retention of women in chemistry was impacted by both carrying responsibilities but also parental responsibilities now the raw Society of chemistry we recognize that it's not just women who are affected which is why we're launching our grants for carers we're offering up 2,000 pounds a year to help with the cost of caring and this will help our community to attend chemistry related workshops conferences symposia and other career development events so we welcome applications from raw Society of Chemistry members and non-members from the UK and Republic of Ireland but also from our members internationally and we want to read be responsive to the needs of our community and we very much welcome feedback on our care as grants we understand that carrying responsibility is wide and varies and we're inviting you to come forward and talk to our inclusion diversity team there is anything else that we can do to adjust and help you to attend our events later this year we're looking to open up our grants to help individuals with specific needs because of disabilities to attend more of our conferences and events

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