Running For Freedom, Officer Matt Schneider, COPS TV SHOW

BOYS”] (SINGING) Bad boys,
whatcha want, whatcha want. Whatcha gonna do when Sheriff
John Brown come for you. OFFICER: So we saw
a suspicious subject hanging out in front of an
apartment complex off 43rd Ave and Bethany Home road,
which is a busy area. We decided to make
contact with him, and immediately thereafter
he dropped his backpack and took off running from us. OFFICER: [INAUDIBLE]
27 foot pursuit. On the ground! Get on the ground! OFFICER: Initially, after
he took off running, he looked like he
was reaching either in his waistband or his
pocket with his left hand. I attempted to deploy my taser. OFFICER: 543 Bethany! Get on the ground! OFFICER: We continued westbound
into two separate apartment complexes. He began jumping
walls, and that’s when I lost sight of him. Where’s he at? OFFICER: Shorts! OFFICER: No! Pajama pants! OFFICER: Pajama pants! White male, pajama
pants, and shirt. Jacket! OFFICER: He was coming this way. He’s, let’s just
backtrack this way. OFFICER: Over there! WOMAN: White shirt. OFFICER (OVER RADIO): White
male, white shirt, jeans. OFFICER: Once the
perimeter was established, we had a canine officer
respond to our location. When the canine began
the track, the dog alerted to him pretty
quickly, hiding behind a bush. [SHOUTING] OFFICER: Put your hands out! Put your hands out! [SHOUTING] OFFICER: Roll over! Behind your back! Roll up on your left side! OFFICER: Initially we had
no clue why he was running. We looked in the
backpack that he dropped, and found a Arizona
Department of Corrections ID card. When we ran his name
through the system, he was obviously found to have
a valid parole violation warrant out for his arrest. Why didn’t you just
tell us right up front that you had a warrant? We would have taken
care of it a lot easier than getting bit by a dog. MALE SUSPECT: F**** yeah! OFFICER: Why didn’t you
just tell us up front? MALE SUSPECT: I didn’t
think about that. And I’m being dead honest. I did not think that f***ing dog
was going to bite me like that. OFFICER: Well do me a favor. Next time you hear the
warning, simply give up. Because now I’ve got to
write a ton of paperwork. MALE SUSPECT: You bet your ass. OFFICER: All right. OFFICER: He was pretty
candid about what he was going to do next time. He said that he was going
to listen to the police, he was going to stop, and he
wasn’t going to run from us. And he made it a point
to say he definitely didn’t want to be bitten by a
police dog again in the future. OFFICER: Sit down! MALE SUSPECT: Why
are we fighting? OFFICER: Put your
hands behind your back! You’re going to
get handcuffed now. MALE SUSPECT: What the– [INTERPOSING VOICES] MALE SUSPECT: I put some
mojo on him, pressure points, to basically paralyze him in
place where he couldn’t really move. OFFICER: Mhm. MALE SUSPECT: I said, look, you
do not want to f*** with me!

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