Russia, Turkey, and Iran Alliance; is this Gog of Magog?

so I'm covering mine Stephen banana you're watching Israeli news live today once again we have dr. Stephen pigeon here with us on the program because there's so much happening over in the Middle East or so much talk about the GOG of Magog war as we've seen a zekiel 38 we see the Russia phobia that is just really rampant across the world there and yet a case after case after case is being disproven especially the script ball case against the Russian government was blamed on Russian government by Theresa May of Great Britain and now that has completely collapsed there has been no evidence their own scientific company that was trying to prove the case against Russia has come out and said that they can't say that Russia actually did it and so you know Steve but because of all these things that we're seeing we are having more and more people are really expecting a GOG of Magog war and I know we touched on this a little bit a couple of weeks ago but I want to really break this down to you but we we discussed this before on Israeli news live who really is doc of Magog is Russia a part of this are are they not you know and what what does it look like as we see these things unfolding right now Steve what's your take on this well you know I think there's a giant error really that kind of derived from Hal Lindsey's approach to an ancient English translation of this Ezekiel 38 passage because as it used to say you know roast the roast prince of tubal and meshach and of course the Hebrew rose means ahead of course a war chief and we translated in the Sepphoris of the chief Prince of Toulon Messick because rose and you know it's so difficult to claim that this is a exegesis or an executable understanding of scripture to say well rosh sounds like russia therefore it must be russia you know it's just not good Jesus I mean yeah yes there are times for inductive reasoning to determine particularly where the tribes are but that kind of extrapolation or that 2-ball meant to Bulls mashek meant Moscow I mean there are Messick Turks right now living in Turkey there are that the tribe of two Bellini which is in the Far Eastern northeastern portion of Turkey and into Georgia those tribes success to my second tool and if you read in the KJV you read about one of the sons of yet fat is called Terrace Terrace in the KJV but it's actually better pronounced Franks Thrace because of the top have been a th rather than it then atop sound praise and Thrace we know is reaching of Greece you know the area of that used to be called Macedonia and Thrace and so you have this yeah fine job on a son of the effete give Mara comer my goal or Magog Madai all of these are sons of your fed but who is this Goga character no we're gonna explore that just a little bit because with go there is a history here and it's a very interesting history because if you go into Debray I am mean we've shown first chronicles and you start looking at of course first chronicles is that is the place where you could just knock yourself out if you ever need some reading that's gonna put you to sleep that's it you know and so and so they had these sons and these sons had that son who we got this guy who the following sons we're blah blah blah but when you're doing this research to look looking at those names becomes very very important because you can get tribal history and you can get from that tribal history you can get an understanding of who's who now if first chronicles chapter before beginning at verse 24 we begin talking about the tribe of shamone now the tribe of Shem is very interesting because the land-grant mission was the Negev right it was a it was that southern portion that southernmost portion of the land grant of the Adam a Kadesh and Shur moon because of that they talked about this sons of the south or the sepharad the sepharad but the sefirot again if we're if we would say sefirot but in often times in the hebrew you would lose that initial consonant instead of separating say suprise Safra but if the pay there was not a ph but rather a pas suprise Sprott right spread that sparda sparta sepharad i believe leads to leads to the sons of shem on being the spartans that's one place another son of Shimon was of course him in Yemen and the Amen of course was I believe one time considered part of the item Allah – and you have so you have the sons of Shem or living the near men but here in chronicles it's talking about the sons of Shem own and it talks about the youngest son who was Shamai Shamai and these Shamai and his villages Shem I had 16 sons all of whom had villages and they were all unto Baal they were all Baal worshippers these sons of Shem I one of his sons was Joel his youngest son was Joel now Johanna and found large pasture and he dwelt near mounts a year not say year but the sons of Joel work shamaya and gog gog and so the son of joel was gold this is in fine at first chronicles five four and gog had a son whose name was Berra Berra now Berra was carried away captive by the Assyrians now that's very important because Veera ended up becoming a prince over the children of Reuben became a chimp a prince over the children of Reuben now there's something very interesting about the children of Reuben because one of Reuben sons was a was a man named car me car me and car me was taken captive again during the same period I took a pill sinner a pill masseur and when they were taken captive Carmy went out was taken east and was taken out to the east of the Euphrates and they were warriors and they started a city there that city to this day is known as kermanshah kermanshah it's about it's in the golden mean between Baghdad and Tehran so it's about 160 miles north northeast northeast northeast of Baghdad okay welcome on was identified by Josephus as GERD money not Germany but GERD money and they were a warrior tribe and they were there they were in this criminai and they were basis kind of up front troops to resist an initial attacking army as was the tribe of manasseh in the land of Bashan you know Agha by shot Sean of course included what is now Damascus that was by Sean this was the land of his held by a Menasha initially but Manasseh was also taken to the east of the Euphrates but what about the Reuben i'ts what about the tribe of God they weren't taking the east of the Euphrates they were taking north now this Reuben nights were kind of dropped off in the Anatolian Peninsula what we call Turkey but God on the other hand was taken over the river set back to Rome which is not the Bosphorus into what we call the Balkans and from there they became the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths and they would come to burn Rome and they would eventually end up in Spain and even in Morocco and they became known as the Vandals when they were in Morocco and Tunisia Olivia the Vandals and they also burn Rome and finally they would settle down as the Carthaginians the Carthaginians but when you look at this GOG now this son of Joel this family is going to end up in central Turkey that's where they're going to be displaced of their ultimate displacement puts them in central Turkey okay now we talked about Magog we can have two we've got two things going there is Ezekiel talking about Magog the son of your FET or is this a term of art GOG and those from gog magog and it could be it could be either one it couldn't it's probably both right no yeah because of the the Melman there which we say from in Hebrew normally was a meaning but it could be you could have a it could just be the way it's pronounced there but you know I mean gog magog either with your way so yeah you could have from gog as a possibility yeah so now when we look at that now the next question is is Russia Goggan Magog aren't they involved in this in any meaningful respect what the history of Russia is different than that I mean the who are these Russians and these Russians are a combination really of two people groups you have the the Scandinavian Norseman you know Finland Swedes Finn's and Swedes primarily who joined together with the Mongol tribes out of that of East Asia well the Mongol tribes this spreading of the Mongol tribes were actually the fierce tribes of Manasseh Manasseh was the fiercest tribe really of the house of Israel there were fierce warriors that's why they were up in Bubba Shan they were there to protect all of Israel from coming invading armies but they could not protect against Assyria who had developed a compound bow the most powerful bow really in human history its firepower was only exceeded in World War one and the Assyrians were able to once the Assyrians were able to conquer the half tribe of Manasseh the eastern tribe of Manasseh then really the northern kingdom was free picking and it was only the hand of yah that prevented the southern kingdom from falling to the Assyrians as well as the angels who slugged the 85,000 that night and so what you see is that Manasseh was taken east of the Euphrates Manasseh was actually taken to the east of the Caspian Sea and as it went not used to the Caspian Sea the tribe flourished and bloomed and the National pie Afghanistan and it came to occupy you know outside of Pakistan was of the northern end of that river valley the Indus River Valley and they became very populous and they continued to migrate and in for that esra did we have in they had suffered you read that the ten tribes continued to travel to this land of arts or earth in order to practice the torah that they had not practiced in the land they went to a place where no one had dwelt before well a lot of that was foot traffic they went through of course eastern Asia through Mongolia to parts of China parts of Siberia they crossed over the so-called land branch well you don't need to cross on the land bridge you can cross on the frozen ice in the middle of the winter you don't leave land to do it and and so they ended up migrating into North America so you see that this tribal Menasha in Afghanistan the very tribe that would kill Alexander the Great would become the tribes of Genghis Khan and also those tribes migrating into America would become the eighth Baskins Kling gets the Arapaho the Navajo the Apache all derived from this tribe of manasseh now this tribe of manasseh now is going to join with these scandinavian tribes well who are these scandinavian tribes the scandinavian tribes you know where the Scandinavia was populated pretty late in the game you're talking about three four hundred eighty why because Scandinavia was covered with ice fact most of Europe was covered with us because of the long ice age and there was a global warming period that happened in the third century AD significant it's 11 degrees centigrade warmer then than it is now and that's when you're talking about the serious global warming where India the Indus River Valley mid sea 145 degrees every summer and this is where most of the tribes were were living and they were under kings called Ganga fairest now Ferris of course being the son of Judah the kings over the tribes that were ending Indus River Valley had to be able to prove their lineage back to Ferris the son of Judah remember that Messiah comes from the tribe of Pharaohs the son of Judah and so these Kings would have to demonstrate they were Gondo fairness they were of that House of Paris and they governed the twelve tribes and the twelve tribes really all the twelve tribes of Israel were present in the Indus River Valley including the Levites the Levites were there and in the third century they began migrating north over the Caucasus Mountains and they migrated into what would become the Kazarian Empire but the migration didn't stop because Europe was melting and so the tribes continued to migrate and so yeah here had been the BT and Steven and Collins believed that it was the optimistic are that moved into Finland and into Switzerland but we also see that the house of Judah was present in Norway and in Sweden because you see evidence of the rampant Golden Lion the rampant Golden Lion when you see the rampant Golden Lion that's evidence of the house of Farrah's when you see the rampant Red Lion that's evidence of the house of the Sephardim or the house of Zara and so you see the red line coming up to Morocco and through Spain but the golden lion coming actually through the Nordic tribes so these Nordic tribes Issaquah Issyk are Judah Dan and Dan was always seafaring and always worn cane and began to merge with the Mongolian tribes and they merged in this northern part of Russia and their their capital was a called a bloody Murray bloody Murray and but they would live in the northern part of Russia while the Mongols controlled the southern part of Russia in Genghis Khan conquered you know came close to conquering all of Europe and so you had the Mongols ruling and the Mongols were ruthless brutal fighters they would come with him with an overwhelming tide to destroy they completely defeated the Crusaders in eastern Poland completely defeated the Knights Templar destroying if it hadn't been for the fact that the Khan had died and they all had to return to Mongolia in order to China to see who would be the next con they would have continued to good to conquer Europe but it didn't happen now once they began their retreat eventually the Russians would take ostracon which was the capital of the empire there on the Caspian Sea and would establish Moscow and the Kremlin there and would take the Kiev and ruse in Kiev Ukraine to establish Russia so you see that they have no ties whatsoever to gog and magog the the closer ties I mean if there's any European that has a tie to goggle Magog its Germany the Carmen II the Germans yeah that's the one I'm interested in because you know what's interesting Steve when you talk about the Germany as you brought up earlier you can also to see a connection where Rome gets involved because the SS itself and I could get exactly how that ties in I'm sure you're more versed on that than I am but that that was the SS were very loyal the very insignia of the SS is tied back into the Vatican itself as loyal fighters for Rome yeah and of course all of the the Roman connection again remember that Martin Luther when he began his Reformation he was excommunicated by the church but in his mind he never left the church and so the the the Lutheran faith to this day has most of its trappings our Roman Catholic he just believed that he was a reformer to the Catholic Church trying to end and bad practices you know some 98 bad practices and and he was accurate in his criticism however in his mind he was never excommunicated it's like the Episcopalian Church was pushed out by Rome but they in their mind they never left the holy apostolic and Catholic Church as they say in the Nicene Creed and so you see that fierce loyalty man when the whole an empire was formed they you know this is the second room the second reich you know historians will tell you that the holy roman empire was neither holy nor roman i mean it was German it was a German Empire and it wasn't holy I think it was an evil empire but they called it the Holy Roman Empire known as the second rank they're the Russians believe that the Byzantine Empire was the second Rome and lasted until 1453 and that the third Rome was actually Russia who had inherited the crown from the last king of the of the Byzantine Empire and was transferred to the Tsar of Russia so you have a lot of people competing for this instance however we can talk about the war of gog and magog no there's an interesting have interesting thing happening which is that turkey just ordered and is demanding immediate delivery of s400 systems and I find that it's interesting and that there's discussion now between Turkey Iran and Russia concerning resolving the situation in Syria now let's look from a realistic point of view what's happening in Syria Russia is defending its position in Syria and has defended the regime of Bashar al-assad and primarily because Russia intends to keep its port of Latakia and they intend to keep their long-term Ally with just damascus and you see Russia doing something here that gives a huge message to the rest of the world we committed to this alliance years ago it's the Soviet Union and we're not going to break that alliance now even when this guy is in desperation even when we're facing ultimate confrontation with all the world powers we're not going to break this alliance compare that to America who sell its friends down the river and a heartbeat someone number particularly if we find out they have some gold or some oil that we can steal then we still have done murder stealing right so you have somebody who has made a point of showing loyalty and allegiance and alliance to their allies at another group that hasn't that gains credibility in the world and you know power is about credibility and so but what happened is Turkey moved into Syria you know they came in there with the purposes of defeating the Kurdish army that the DoD in its rope discussion said yeah we're gonna put together 30,000 man army right now we're gonna create Kurdistan well and as we were talking before the show you know you keep announcing what you're going to do people are gonna take steps to counter it if you're gonna do it you know it's like the ugly said in the movie the good the bad and the ugly man is sitting in the bathtub the guy breaks in the door you I wanted to kill you since today you took me out blah blah blah blah and so the ugly just shoots cemented the soap sets and he says you know if you're going to shoot you don't talk right it's the same thing going on here you if you get a 430,000 man army well then do it don't tell the whole world you're gonna do it but anyway they did talk Turkey came in and said we're not going to tolerate it they just came right over the border attacks and so when they did that now you have a Turkish invasion of Syria and you have a serious invasion going on here and the perks me and the Turks have moved into it land and all that area and they're talking about we're gonna remain here we're gonna stay we're gonna create a new boundary here and of course that is a violation of international law but Iran also has troops in Syria so yeah Russia has a vested interest in coming in and saying no look we have told the whole world that we're going to restore the Syrian Republic back to its original boundaries with all invading armies out of the country so of course Russia is going to sit down with Turkey and Iran they're going to sit down with them and say okay look the United States is pulling it up you need to get out too we'll give you as 400 systems overselling to him the turkey will sell more s400 to iran but why would you need s400 steven why does turkey want s hundreds who are they trying to protect against the answer there's only one answer that's israel that's the answer that's who they're trying to protect against because they know all the other defenses they have including native supplied arms are ineffective against the stealth mechanisms that the israelis have deployed in their fighters but the syrians have demonstrated they can take down an israeli 1/5 yes 400 and they did in fact to do so yes so so Turkey notices well we gotta have the s400 then all right but if this gog and magog arriving and the answer is we talked about this on the show before that gog and magog i believe are the fifty seven nations that are now being commanded by the caliphate out of Istanbul and the self-proclaimed Calif tell you a better one all right now and why did that how do you think Rome fits into this with the Erlewine going to the Pope of Rome and of course them both singing as they says the Pope of Rome put it that he actually says that they are they have one thing they agree upon and that's Jerusalem because we know that as you said you mentioned a fifty-seven Islamic nations he's the one is trying to get them to join together to take Jerusalem to keep the the Israelis from being able to take Jerusalem as their capital but yet at the same time we also know that under the UN resolution 181 as well as under the secret deal that trunk was working on that kind of got leaked out it still shows shows the old city going to the Pope of Rome under he well they didn't Trump's message it doesn't show it going to the Vatican but it shows that it would be a United Nations for us that would get to be the guaranteed statue for the old city with the city being divided part going to the Palestinians part going to the Israelis how do you think that plays in when it comes to the Vatican's role in this and Turkey's role in this as the GOG of Magog you know I think that you know I think you had both of them are playing each other Erewhon is playing the Pope and the Pope the Pope is playing erawan and they both think that they're going to get the power seat and I think the chances are very high that erawan is going to win at that game remember that the UN troops are the UN recognizes one lawful Catholicism yes and those UN troops are really at the beck and call of the Pope you're at the beck and call about the white helmets the so-called white helmets are at the beck and call it the Pope for the most part they're symbolic but they can exact death when he wants them to and so yeah they're gonna be you know when when Trump came out and said I'm gonna put the capital in Jerusalem extremely prophetic event a Cyrus event if you will but as soon as you open that door oh Jerusalem's on the table okay everybody go for it let's go now the Jerusalem's on the table let's all go for it and so they're all going for it and Turkey is in the better position but in order for Turkey to do it it has to come through Syria so I don't expect to see Turkey allied with Russia for a long period of time turkey is not a loyal country they're loyal to Islam they are not loyal to anything else and I don't expect to see a turkey Russia Alliance lasts for very long then the Pope knows that Russia presents a significant problem because of course of their orthodoxy which is an mo to the Catholic Church and of course the freedom and the Protestant roots of America are also an ethe led to the Pope so the Pope has been doing everything he possibly can to get a war going between America and Russia and the question is will he succeed I don't know I mean right now it's abated and I can tell you that there's really no reason for Russia to attack America now because guess what we're about to go face burn-up first on the pavement with a financial wipeout that's gonna render us a powerless tiger anyway we're gonna be a paper tiger we're not going to be able to have to me you can't you know when you go back to World War two when when the Japanese attack happened to Pearl Harbor okay they took down most of the Pacific Fleet but we were the industrial and manufacturing superpower of the world at that time we had all of our own army of our mine and steel mills going we were able to produce our own you know coal our own oil we we had our own rubber manufacturing we had all our auto manufacturing plants we were able to gear up and you know industrialize very quickly much more than the Germans even and much more than than the Japanese I mean the German Panzer tanks had forward engines in them for heaven's sakes you know so we were prepared to be able to go into mass production very quickly and become an industrial superpower now in this next war we don't have any industry at all we don't have any manufacturing we're a McDonald's nation hey what was good for GMC was good for America now that's what's good for you know what's good for McDonald's is good for America you know and so as a result I mean we have we really have saluted the third-world status a manufacturing bases in China and India now China China have all of our manufacturing other than Mexico's in China so we have made China to become a new industrial revolution to begin with and therefore I see China becoming a world power especially if for some reason the US and Russia were to get into any type of conflict I know that right now see there is talks are hinting of North Korean firing off a satellite which some analysts are believing are is going to be a violation and that the u.s. may jump on that as a reason to launch a strike on North Korea after all and that would probably the only thing they can do to try to save the economy from a total collapse for a short period of time but also going back though before we get into that issue let me ask you this when they speak about Germany as being part of this whole GOG of Magog this group that made up this this Empire at that time and that being descendants of modern-day Germany do you think that modern-day Germany could very well possibly join into an alliance in the near future with Turkey and even possibly some of the other Europe in union states joining with turkey to go against Israel especially in light of the fact that there are so many Sunni Muslims that have been transplanted into this region of the world yeah I think that's a high possibility actually you know one time when I was traveling through us traveling to Munich and I wanted to go into downtown Munich and gonna see a little bit urban culture well you know if you get down to Marian's Strasse okay yeah you can see German culture but the instant you leave the very central downtown of Munich you know it's an Islamic City it's a Turkish city and the people who live there at all or you know the vast majority of them are Turks at least in the inner city and so what you see in Germany is and there was a natural alliance between Germany and Turkey uh during World War one and World War two and and the remnant of the Ottoman Empire embrace was very quick to embrace that the Third Reich what you see in the EU now is leadership that are all descendants of the Third Reich and the EU leadership you know you and I did a video on this it got translated into German and of course the first one to exploit the video was air one you know calling the EU the Fourth Reich right but the EU does have all the trappings of the Fourth Reich as does the Vatican the Vatican appointed the head of the Knights of Columbus who is a direct descendant of one of the most ruthless killers of the Third Reich so you know you see these descendants of the Reich taking positions that are appointed positions they're not elected positions inside the EU they control the EU and they are pushing the EU along protocols that were consistent with the government policies of the Third Reich you don't have the ferocious racialism that was being preached by Hitler at that time you don't have the voracious anti-semitism that was coming out of the group at that time and you don't have the ferocious nationalism because they're internationalists now internationalists not nationalist and so you do but but nonetheless you have this neo-nazi if you will protocol that's why the EU is so ready to embrace the illegal regime in Ukraine who is conspicuously neo-nazi I mean the first loop of that Ukrainian government was to require the Jews to register and then you wonder why they the the Russian Jews and cry media were begging for Putin to come into the Crimean Peninsula and to prevent the Holocaust that would have happened and you know that tension between the Western Ukrainians and their tendencies to be neo-nazis and the eastern Ukrainian somany who were Russians and Russian Jews it's a huge tension it's always been President was present during the Soviet Union it was present during World War two and it's present again now so the chances of a German controlled EU gaining putting into alliance with turkey gog and magog i think you yeah i think that's a very strong possibility especially if you see the united states faith from the picture is a superpower has been any meaningful political brokers and the real power becomes russia is a military superpower and a resource provider China as an industrially manufacturing power where's that lead Europe what does it leave Europe well you know Stevens we talked about this before as well the in fact myself and yon or both in Slovakia when when they were having the meeting of the foreign ministers that were discussing about creating the what were they calling it the the New World Army or something to that effect there the European Union was putting together to basically replace NATO now that has developed even more so since then and now they have put Germany as the the commander of this army that they've been putting together for a European Union as they called a rapid forest response army and so we are starting to see this new neo-nazi so to speak type of Union being put together here once again and but what's even more concerning is that there is so much so much of the Islamic world that that really idolized Hitler to begin with and now that we have them we have a large number they call it refugees I can't say it's refugees Oh Steve because we've got a friend of ours in the Netherlands that have gone out and interviewed these so-called refugees and was really alarmed at how many men said we didn't come here because of refugee status we came here because we were told there was free money there was women and that's why we came so great very a concerning situation I mean you do have a small minority that are refugees that come here because of a war-torn situation in Syria but the majority of them especially from Africa have been sent here and one person shared with me not too long ago they said that this is actually going to be who was sort of in this new army that the European Union is putting together and you were the one Steve that actually told me that Obama sold this military equipment to the European Union I believe that was you Steve that actually said that to me that this was not equipment that was being brought over here because of the good Bo the United States to protect under a NATO alliance the Europeans from the Russians but rather this equipment was being sold to the European Union for their new military that's right and whereas we would have never done that before because of course we're an occupying nation in Europe following World War two we occupied Europe in order to prevent World War three under the same terms as World War one and World War two that's why Germany was divided for so many years because the Assumption between Russia and America was if we divide Germany and keep them apart from each other they won't become a war machine again and of course the Germans are quite good at war they have you know extreme experience in military leadership you know him when it comes to European European armies the Germans have a four are by far the best until they meet the blood instrument of the Russians right and the Russians have secured the largest landmass in the world for a reason because they know how to do that that's one of their skill sets and so you see but yeah it the idea here is to bring in remember that the population crisis in Europe has been significant I mean you have the Germans the French the Italians everybody has a birth rate that is abysmal and all of those nations are just going to depopulate themselves right off the face of the earth I mean when you've got to work through at one point one then you need a birth rate of 2.3 to continue at your same population rate you're in in complete and irreversible population catastrophe a demographic catastrophe but so that's been the case for many years now so the Germans said the EU leadership said let's import who who did the import the imported men of military age look at those refugees they're men of military age what are we gonna do well we can put you're moving these concentration camps we got a new one going up at you know our sweats or you can put on this uniform swear allegiance to the EU we'll pay you and we'll integrate you into the community now you've got a fierce fighting force full of young men and of course the leadership who don't do not believe in a creator their secular profane people they don't care if you're Muslim or not you know you're gonna take orders from us so they could care less so they bring in this Muslim fighting force yeah and in a very short period of time they you know as they refer to it in the in the Islamic world your Arabia Arabia ranked as the the Islamic families the Muslim families who are prolific they have a birth rate of anywhere between five and seven yes they you know and who are practicing polygamy to you know to increase that birth rate those families come into Europe and they quickly dominate the dominant Paris denominating Marseille they're dominating Berlin they dominate Frankfurt they dominate Munich they dominate Amsterdam you know so you're seeing this this body come in and really overwhelmed Europe and they will be harmed by the German German leadership to create a singular army over Europe you know there was a point when Makran was up against lepen and if lepen had won the election Germany was prepared to put troops in France they were prepared to put troops in France Wow and so when you understand how close it was to have an efficient regime in in Paris again it was you know I mean we were right there on the doorstep and of course the French prevented the rise of lepen by having a fixed election that put micron in place but here you go and so now you see that in Europe you will see a singular army for the whole continent – Britain because Theresa May of course who now realizes by coming out in support of brexit that they're gonna find themselves all alone with the collapse of the United States so she's gone absolutely bonkers in my opinion she's just nuts yes and this this whole event this cripple poisoning an important down and everything that's been going on there it's just it's a complete fraud and it's going to result in someone those people are probably going to end up in jail the people that were perpetrating that fraud and if we're going to avoid a war and with all of this but you know there's nothing if you do Steve that goes along with what's happening with the migration what's happening with this new world German German led army here in Europe we're also looking at the fact that Iran president Erdogan has not given up on becoming part of the European Union he was just here in Europe recently again and that's another great concern because we were looking at the GOG of Magog and then of course we have Germany and there to begin with as part of that whole alliance there we are truly seeing where this because I thought in the beginning that this was nothing but a plot to begin with to send all the other Muslims up into this it's mainly Western Europe not as much as Eastern Europe is you have it in Western Europe and that that is being done for a reason so if he gets into the European Union they could end up he could end up becoming a very more influential leader that would actually lead a European army nation with him to go against Israel especially at the United States is weakened down to where they can't defend Israel right sure and here you're talking about it would you think about what that looks like let's look at the territory here when you're talking about all of continental Europe then you're talking about the 57 nations of Islam you know that looks conspicuously like a Rome at its farthest expanse ever when you talk about the old the old Roman Empire at the time of Constantine that Empire completely do all at the continent of Europe and all of northern Africa and and the Levant except with Islam it stretches all the way to the Philippines now and so you would have this recreation of the Holy Roman Empire again this time the fourth were Reich in really the largest empire seen in the world and again the question would come up who is like the Beast who can make war with the Beast but that beast in my opinion is Islam the Beast is Islam it's the former Ottoman Empire and so I do think you will see airline and will come and say look I want to be part of NATO but eventually that conversation is going to change that conversation will change where everyone will say you need to become part of us not me become part of you and that's how that conversation will flip and in the meantime who will be the only antithesis to that thing will be Russia that'll be the only antithesis out there and so again the impetus remains if a war can be started between America and Russia or America Russia and China if that war comes underway then this beast becomes singularly powerful on the earth singularly powerful on the earth and of course in that war there's a very strong chance that you're going to see this catastrophic between Iran and Saudi Arabia and I do think that war is coming very quickly as well with the destruction of Edom of being at hand a complete destruction to be them and again you so today you're going to see you see something entirely different the framework it will be completely different as we look into the future here what you're what you're taking on president Trump talking about pulling our troops out of Syria seems almost like an abrupt situation I know the the Kurds are really nervous if he were to actually pull out he's saying that the State Department is saying that they've not heard any such thing of course that's changing now as more of the president Trump has talked about wanting to leave but then again we also see where a president Trump is kind of backpedaling just a little bit I think he wants to leave but it's almost as if the deep state wants to make sure we do stay there because of a beleaguered economy that we have right now well you know the truth is is that ten days ago ten days ago we suffered a massive defeat in the Middle East when we brought the sixth fleet and the and the Roosevelt carrier group up with the purposes of confronting Assad with the intent of making Damascus a ruinous heap and the Russians stood back and said we don't retreat and we're not going to retreat and when that happened we retreated and when we retreated that's when the whole game was over that's when Rex Tillerson was pushed down the road that's when the game ended now you know to fully pull out of Syria what Trump needs to do is have our last troops coming off the roof of the embassy in Baghdad they're in a helicopter you know to really give it the old Vietnam goodbye right because we will abandon the Kurds to the same fate that happened to the South Vietnamese so it'll be a very similar condition very similar faith and again this is what happens when you have immoral people running a military machine that are there to to kill people and destroy things for the purposes of the Prophet to be able to build more munitions more war machine to kill more and more and people and for no other reason that immorality has a cost and ultimately it's going to come back to cost America in a huge way and so with Trump point out of Syria he's not pulling out of Syria because he wanted to do he's pulling out from Syria because he has to and he has to because we simply I mean you can't go to the world and say look we're borrowing 300 billion from you this month that we're never gonna pay back and we expect to borrow 300 billion from you next month that we're never gonna pay back we currently owe the world about 240 trillion worldwide debt is about four quadrillion worldwide GDP is less than 600 trillion excuse me 60 trillion and worldwide debt is 4 quadrillion what are you talking about here you're talking about a world that is completely financially bankrupt who is going to loan us 1.5 trillion dollars this year the people that were in a trade war with in China the people that we've demonized him on a bomb in Russia I mean who's gonna loan us this money right and why would you loan it to a debtor who has no intention of ever paying it back ever so you know all of these these chickens now are coming home to roost and it's a bad sign for the United States it's a horrible sign so Trump is gonna have to do what he's gonna have to do because now he has a peasant invasion if you will from Central America thousands and thousands of people who have walked who left her Central American homes the gates were open in southern Mexico and said we're not going to stop you anymore you want to go to America here's the road we'll give you a police escort so there's tens of thousands of people that are marching through Mexico right now and Trump has had to scramble the US military to try to block the border because he doesn't know who's coming he's got the US military down there and National Guard down there he has to bring troops home to defend the home front that's no shock to me you know this album between the outreach fails now it's coming back at you and so instead of doing the things that are right which is to recreate an economy you can an economy of true means and something that has a real likelihood for people we continue to go down this satanic road being led by Lucifer worshipers and child sacrificers to create more and more munitions to kill more and more innocent people and that whole game is coming to an end and so the world is going to change its going to change here very quickly but for Americans and and I think well now where Israel is concerned there is the miracle of the Battle of har Megiddo you know where yah himself steps in to fight the battle against these these massive armies but the question I have for Israel is this you know the prophecy in Ezekiel 38 talk or the Ezekiel 38 talk or thirty-six talking about the restoration in the land includes a prophecy that talks about reinstating the Torah now for all of those who live in Tel Aviv tell me you're living into the Torah well you know that that brings out probably one of the most provocative things of all Steve because when you go back because you mentioned it zekiel 36 and if I'm not mistaken Ezekiel 36 is where God is saying to the people you know I will not I do not I do not return you for your sake but I return you for my namesake which is so provocative because the famous prayer of Yeshua when they asked him how do we pray he says pray like this you know our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name sanctify your name you know and we've been praying this in churches and synagogues so not synagogues as far as Jewish synagogues but in Miss yannick synagogues this has been prayed for 2,000 years now by believers of Yeshua and yet at the same time they have no idea that they're praying about the very prophecy of Ezekiel 36 which is the return of all the tribes of Israel you know in a reality Steve the the return is not even so much as returning to a physical land in the release that we call Israel although that does play a part in it there's no doubt about it it's a compound fulfillment but the true returning is returning back to his word this is what returning is all about this is what this is the true Redemption and yet at the same time I'm getting more and more criticism because you know I can't just sit there watch my people sit there and destroy all the innocence around them and then and then jump up and down on the bandwagon and say we should kill all the Palestinians we should kill the people in Gaza we should kill all the people in Syria because this is what God wants us to do we have to expand our land grab that we're doing here I mean you know Steve I've got I'd seen comments from people that have followed Israeli in his live for four years now that have come out and said no we have to take Syria because you know when the twelve tribes all returned we've got to have a place to live and I'm like totally contrary to the Word of God to begin with and we're talking about doing something like this and so more and more even when this whole issue came up the other day in Gaza you know they naturally Hamas and some people may not like this but there is a there is a connection between some very dark circles in and I call it the Israeli deep state and that of Hamas that helps stir the Hamas stirs up the the the the the people of the young Gaza as well as they bleed on the Israeli side in the government they're stirring up them in order to create a battle create a conflict I mean why else would you send a hundred snipers out there and just start picking people off because it comes to their defense you know they come out later and say well we killed ten terrorists and but I'm like what about the other seven that we're not you know since it's more and more it's concerning me what's happening and then then you have on top of us deep we have there's channels that are being created out there that are to oppose what we stand for because we're trying to keep here I can't say that everything that the Israeli government does is truly a god it's not it's not about truly of God I mean as as who was it it was Zaman Samanta who was actually here on Israeli news live and he said that when the Israeli government paid the gay community to come and hold a gay parade in Jerusalem and promised them protection he said this sewers for the first time ever in Jerusalem back back up busted the cover off of the streets in fact is on one particular Street in Israel and that was hon of him which is the street of the prophets and he said raw sewage went down the streets he said do you not think that God was trying to send a message that he was not pleased with what we're doing and yet the people are being taught Steve that that Israel has returned home which I believe the house of Judah has returned home and that because we are a nation we should we are acting or nothing I was supposed to be acting on the place of God and whatever we do is perfectly in the will of God and then they've got the people out there pushing this narrative and the people are just falling for it Steve because why well it's an Israeli that's a believer in Yeshua you know and it's not just one they've got many of them out there that are coming out doing this and I believe that it's just a setup to try to get the people to support the war especially the ban Jellicle community because they're the ones that put Trump in the office and they need him to be behind any war they need to do it especially a war against Syria what's your thoughts on these things that's when you talk about the land grab over bhishan right in Syria you know a lot of that has to do with the Leviathan gas field that's off the coast of Cyprus if you're going to get that if you're going to ship that gas into Europe there's only one route you know you can say well let's put it through Lebanon but then it has to go through Syria to get to Turkey otherwise it has to go through Syria let's put it through Jordan but then it has to go through Syria so ultimately Bashar al-assad has to agree to a pipeline to transport that gas into the Turkish pipelines to get it into Europe and asada said no we're not going to do it and at the same thing as the Russians have said no now you also have an issue of the oil fine that's supposedly there up there in the Golan Heights which has another issue as well what are we going to do there in the court the Golan Heights is disputed territory and you know what are we going to do well if we smash Syria we can take more and more turkey and of course there is it is on the table to smash Lebanon again no you know from my point of view again you have this idea of war hawks these idea of you know I'm Judah Maccabee let's go out and conquer some more cities until we can restore the the the kingdom to the kingdom of Solomon the kingdom of David or whatever you whatever people think it may be the reality is the kingdom is inside of you you know what is the kingdom this question is answered over and over again in the Gospels what is the kingdom the kingdom is inside you and until the hearts of the Israelis are changed and then of course they not all all Israelis have the same opinion you know I mean it is widely disparate in the streets of Tel Aviv compared to what it is in the in the restaurants in Haifa compared to what it is in downtown in Jerusalem at the show right you have differences opinion between those people but nonetheless the whole at the heart of Israel has to come back to the Torah not the Talmud it has to come back to the Torah and to understand the clarity of the Torah and the teaching of the Torah one must look to the words of Mashiach who said the burden is easy the yoke is light who said you know this is how you understand the Shabbat it is lawful to do well in the Shahada man was not created for the Shabbat the Shabbat was created for man stop adding man-made rules and creating this burden that no one collected you won't lift a finger to help them lift it you know there all of these things is clarification that the Torah was given in the Gospels but you know I was in the Israeli Supreme Court and I was talking to the clerk there and we were sitting in the end in the court within the courtroom itself and I said well no one asked you a question she's what's that I said can I find litigating in this courtroom can I raise the Torah as a matter of law and she said you absolutely can now I don't know how many Israeli lawyers are raised in the Torah because of course the impetus is to race the Talmud because in Judaism there's no distinguishing between the Talmud and and the Torah right you have the pillars of Judaism which include the Oral Law and that's the end of the discussion but as you're raising if you're gonna bring up the the Mishnah and the Gemara as part of your law you're adding to what the words of Moshe you're adding to the simplicity of the Torah most importantly you're adding to the whole cult of yahwah and so this this is something that is not supposed to be done and it's a misunderstanding and it's a consequence you do not have a country that is following the Torah because look the LGBT community is called an abomination in the Torah and it shall not go on among the children of the house of y'all shut up but it does it does an N and and there's more than that in tel-aviv you know there's drug trafficking there's human trafficking there's there's blood diamonds right there's a genocide that's being perpetrated in southern Africa by the Jewish controllers of the blood diamonds that is now heaven has a total of over 6 million dead people behind these diamonds since 1996 and so you know there is performing the reform begins to the heart of the people and begins for the heart of the people in Israel just as it does in America and unless that perform happens the destruction that is prophesied and in Zechariah will come upon the land I mean it's it's going to be unavoidable it will come up upon the land ultimately God's hand will have his clarity in that region so when you're talking about Syria when you're talking about all those other things you know try talking instead of proclaiming you're the most vulnerable army on earth and therefore we can do this we can do that we can do the other thing you know yeah you can until there's nukes from 50 countries raining down on you then then how invulnerable is your army then well you know and Steve is a thing and this is one reason why I believe that in the situation we're in no wonder why yah has to send two witnesses on the scene even before the coming of the Messiah because the the whole point is neither neither Jew nor believer of Yeshua has got their act together and not to say there's not some that we know that there is a remnant that believes but the problem is the majority just don't get it I mean look what's happened I mean you had mentioned earlier the Lutheran's and Episcopalians you know basically are still Catholic to begin with so they'll dung signing in 1999 and coming by Luther coming back into the Catholic Church was no big deal it's very easy very very easy to overcome when Tony Palmer though goes to Kenneth Copeland which I personally think this had been a Jesuit set up to begin with to bring down the evangelicals or to bring the evangelical group back in that was a very interesting situation because I feel like Steve that what happened as we as twelve tribes of Israel left yeah even before the time of Samuel even before the rejecting rejecting of Sammy the Prophet which was rejecting as as as the Lord said to Samuel they've not rejected you but they've rejected me from being king over them and so what does God do he comes in himself in a body of flesh called the son of God and here he is now their king is in human form before them but the thing is it wasn't just the house of Judah that rejected Samuel and wanted a king to be over them it was all twelve tribes so regardless of where we've been scattered into the earth whether we're in Russia Europe United States the Middle East or even Asia etc wherever the tribes have been scattered – we're all in the same boat and so therefore know there's we need people to think well you know we're just gonna perfectly be raptured up before all this wars come on and stuff like that and I don't know here to criticise rapture that's not my point but my point is is what plotline do we have to say that this is the way of escape and that god is going to take this group here because they are truly following him and there is no issues you know I do believe there's a hiding away it's in the Torah we can see that you know or the Tanakh I should say but it's only at God's wrath it's at Yas wrath not at man's wrath and if that beats said Steve this is why I believe that the two witnesses are coming to bring a restoration not only for the Jews for their eyes to come open the house of Judah that does not believe he issues an aside to begin with but also to help open up all the blinded eyes that have been willing to go back to this prostitute system that led us so far away from God as God said about Ephraim he said he's he was ready to breed dean judah but ephraim was found with his idols led him along and that were those were the believer those were them those were the house of israel that were believing your shoe's message after three hundred years next thing they know they wanted a king again so what are the so-called gentiles do or the other 10 tribes just like the house of judah that we're believing they put a new king in place now now we have a spiritual king and that was caught a potentate – now rule our affairs so we're and then we all these churches and you know Steve I seen it when I think it's Pope Benedict was elected you had the Baptist Federation there the Pentecostal Federation there the evangelicals there roots there all of them were going down to greet the Pope and wish him a good speed and everything for becoming the Pope of Rome and stuff and I'm like every one of them have gone back to this vomit you know and so God's got to do something and this is one reason why I believe that they're returning to the homeland when God says that you know not only we see physically we have an Israel there today yes we have the house of Judah does return today not all of them but in part in part they're there as a symbolic fulfillment of Scripture but in reality the true promised land where all 12 tribes come is not sara lee going to be right at israel in the modern-day state it will be back to his word and then redemption can come but as you said we're looking at a prophecy that has never been fulfilled in scripture yet where two-thirds of the israelites will die as a result of a war and then the mashiac will come geez thoughts on these things Stephen I know I've kept you a long time but what's your thoughts here well you know Stephen you kind of opened up a very interesting can of worms here and I've been riding on it recently which is the idea of Moses hose hoisting the serpent on the spirit and I believe that that serpent that was on the spear of motion was a stabbed serpent the serpent was pierced and so mashiac says as the serpent was lifted in the desert so the Son of Man must be lifted on the pen Dickon amidst erosion on the cross and you had this idea of the circuit being pierced and the son of man being pierced which gives us back to this prophecy that they will weep they would mourn over him whom they have pierced and that particular prophecy of course is the big turning point that's when we see the eyes of Judah open the eyes of Benjamin the eyes of Levi that's when those eyes will open and begin to see that's when those ears will open they will begin to hear and if this will happen and this is the will of the rococo – and it's not something mankind is going to do but it's going to happen in accordance with the perfect will of the father that this will take place and but I do see this as this hoisting of the serpent and and who do we see that now sits in the mouth of the serpent who sits in that the head of the serpent you know it's the pontiff wrath man's man's king the one that did that you know that that Samuel said they've rejected me oh no we're gonna we've rejected yah and we're gonna put our guy there by Carius figlio day we're gonna put him in place of the Son of Man we're gonna put him in place of the been Elohim and will govern our affairs now this is just basic laziness on the part of human beings but if you look at the idolatry you know you shall make no no graven image right go roam and tell me there's no graven image here right there's no that's what the painted ceiling is all about right the statue here the statue there the engraved or something that you got engraved images on the doors all the walls of the ruffs on the back wall you got engraved images behind the throne you get engraved images in front of the room the whole buildings and engraved image for heaven sakes make note engraved images except for the following right and the list goes on and on and so here is your front with its idols right and in the United States is called a land of idols I mean they just land by those we just don't have the statues we have everything we got all kinds of idolatry going on here and we worship every little thing and you know and ultimately the the simplification of the Torah the simplification of the the easy hand of yah what he wrote what he gave you know we were talking about the other day about the temple right the command is really for a tent of meeting right it's for a tent of meeting it's the temple was the temple commanded or was it allowed you know this this this stone and timber was it commanded or wasn't allowed because you in the Torah command you have the command of the tent of meeting you have a command of the ark you have the command of the menorah you know you have these very simple things these very simple things that are so easy to do so easy to follow you don't need a big budget to do it right and then so these were the these were the the the immense vote that were that were handed down to the Torah simple stop and good stuff and so we talked about the hearts of the believer you know I've just encouraged people that are listening they said you know the question is before us it's not where to flee or or who you attack the question is how to get right before the father that's the question that's the question you need to ask and that's the question you need to answer absolutely I couldn't have it kind of been said better Steve you know friends listen we are in a very very late hour and it's no time to play Church it really isn't and we see a move I mean practically every denomination has moved away from the true faith of what was laid down with Moses in fact if anything one thing that in fact I'm writing this in the book that I'm writing now I go into the issue of even sending the other prophet is not where we really left God we left God with Moses back on Mount Sinai when the true Eternal Father wanted to come down and have a personal relationship not just with Moses but with all the congregation of Israel we saw a type of that on the day of Pentecost when that same fire that came down the same God that come down with Moses and the trumpets were sounding and everybody talks about the trumpets gonna sound in this last day here you know but are the people really ready we're really ready to receive that this is what we really have to go back so one reason why as the Lord revealed to me recently it has to be Moses as one of the two witnesses because he was the one there that was introducing if you might would say the Messiah so to speak he was introducing the father coming down that wanted to have that intimate relationship with his people but the people got afraid and they said let not God speak but only through Moses and so God took the secondary method until he could come in a human body and this same God is the God that wants to have that relationship with you today and that's where we have to get back to that you know as brother Steve said here a moment ago you know you are that temple you know we're the temple of God we're the kingdom of God is within you and we've really got to get to that place there and and quit thinking that we have to go out and kill everybody on the planet Earth and and go over over take these Nations someone had wrote me recently and said you know well Steve you know it wasn't a mandate of Joshua through Moses to go and kill the all the occupants of the land well he dealing with Giants is dealing with Rafa a human and Nephilim and and the and the and but in that case there he wasn't allowed to take the land from Lots children either because they had defeated what the Sam's name and their region there it was a it was not normal people that they were going up against you know so I think that we really have to take a step back really look and not be caught up with propaganda if anything pray for those that are giving the propaganda then maybe someone will wake up and recognize what's really going on this is one reason why I wanted to have dr. pitching come on today because you know he is to me a true historian as well really has a good command of the Torah and and can help bring some light of who God of may God is because what we're seeing in the mainstream Christianity today they're trying to demonize Russia trying to make Russia the GOG of Magog and this is something that has happened more in modern times as Steve mentioned Hal Lindsey I think that was in his book what is it the late great planet Earth is where basically I think we maybe we get the birth of the Russia P and the GOG of Magog war and that's because there is an agenda agenda to make a certain prophecy fit the narrative so that it would believe so that the people will accept and in my opinion a true Antichrist spirit that they're going to try to introduce to the world but anyway Steve in closing any last comments I just want to thank everybody for watching today and and again Steve's with him and Brad Hawkins with the Etsy Fair group there many others there he's actually in Montana where this affair as actually as it printed that Steve as well or it's it's currently printed in Detroit outside of it actually around Dearborn Michigan that's where it's printed interestingly enough and but we do warehouse here and we ship from here and so we have it we've got a great team out here the team has really come together and it's been miraculous really whoo because we're in the middle of nowhere you know and yet the father contained used to bring the right people to us we're extremely excited we're working on our Spanish edition right now doors may be opening for us to do a mandarin edition those doors may be opening now we're also working on a Russian Edition and so we have a lot of fuel in the fire we're publishing of course we released the Josephus antiquities last month and it's really in a beautiful volume linen wrap we're using this Dexter cream paper and it's sewn binding it's a beautiful book and antiquities complete we're going to be following that with the Cephas Wars which will complete that collection and you'll see this Philo is coming and you know so we continue to advance we've got a now a Spanish blog that's available on the website my blogs are up and Brad has a blog he blogs on the mobile app the app is becoming is becoming very effective we're very happy with the condition of the app right now and another update mode right now and that update will be coming available probably here the end of April which will make the it much faster much cleaner there were a couple of bugs that happen when when Apple introduced the the iPhone 10 or the iPhone acts whatever it's called there were some bugs in that operating system so we've had to completely retool the app but it's coming and of course the INL coupon is still effective for people who want to buy any of the separate products you need the book products the the tabs the covers etc all the things that we can ship from from our warehouse here in Montana are subject to the INL discount code so anybody who orders and uses the INL code will receive a 10% discount on whatever it is that's that they're purchasing the app is outside of that because the app is priced by Google and Apple but the the books that's what the discount applies and of course now the new sefar is much smaller it's only 2 inches thick down and we've gone to this texture cream paper which is very nice to read we actually expand expanded the font so is it what you would call a large font you know it's very close to being a lot it's not a small font not in any respect it's very readable by people who have most people who have fairly challenged vision you know between let's call it a 1.5 and a 4.0 in that range you know you're gonna be you're gonna be very comfortable with this book if your visions beyond that you know get the app it'll expand to a thirty six point five I just topped fours in mine so I'm in four hundred plus and both eyes now so yes but you put the app on an iPad or on a tablet and you can bounce that right out to a thirty six point five and I mean it's readable and it has nightshade with it and you can highlight you can no take and you know you and it's got the lexicon built in the lexicon is also available but but the book now is much more manageable it's then inter it's two pounds lighter it ships at a less expensive break there's lots of good stuff about what what's going on so now we're very happy we're so blessed by the group of people that we have working with us right now is incredibly one of these people you know I think if I could if I could take just a short story receiving you know we had a fire that broke out here in the in the West kutenai last summer big fire 29,000 acres and it was raging this fire and it burned fried in over a month maybe and it came within a mile of the of the warehouse and what we call them out sucked one day based upon Jesse's word that the fire was too close and so all of a sudden they show up here at the warehouse now they've all got their SUVs and stuff they look packed up the whole warehouse and moved it across the lake carried across the reservoir and put us in a building across the reservoir for two months until the fire burned out and then they go all that together moved it back wow we never even we we never even asked them they just did it you know had some residents to commit beer that is amazing that is a good community to be able to have the people who do stuff like that that is amazing so anyway guys we enjoyed having Steve today with us I'm sure you will as well just visit WWF Annette and Steve if you can tell people how they can actually follow your YouTube channel as well yeah the YouTube channel is set Fair publishing group and we have videos up there a lot of videos explaining of course what we're doing in the center we spend a lot of time into my blogs or on the separate website – we spend a lot of time talking about the changes that have been made in this effort and why they're there and some of the discoveries that we found and of course you know it's like mining a tremendous gold mines even when you're working with Scripture you know you keep digging this like oh look at this get more treasure more trade you my treasure and so we try to share those treasures on the separate publishing group at the YouTube channel board on the blogs so either either place is a great place to go you can also catch us on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram I think far more places than I am hailey blessings to you all for watching today thank you

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  • Thank you for your view points. It is a little different from what I have believed for most of my life, but I find it interesting to contemplate.
    I only voted for Trump to stop Hillary, but I believe he is influencing God’s plan towards the end time prophecies, but I believe Obama did that too. Although I was certainly influenced by Hal Lindsey’s view of Eschatology, his view was certainly reasonable at the time because we no longer had the Ottoman Empire to worry about or so we thought. Time has changed all that.
    Most people who call themselves Christians are not really true believers and would have no idea what you are talking about.
    The Rapture is about the bride of Christ escaping God, the father’s wrath, and God then turns to his people, Israel.

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  • Steve Yahweh did not come to earth Jesus did come down to glorify his father Jah or JEHOVAH. Be well great study


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  • Shalom and Blessing on both gentlemen and their loved ones. Dr Pidgeon is on Now You See TV quite often.

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