Russian Revolutions: Deep State Communism Hidden Origins [Eps 4]

(somber music) – [Man] Lenin's goal was to
create a communist utopia. Gulags, famine, religion. (somber music) Education. (somber music) The October revolution is
considered the most violent Communist movement of the
20th century worldwide. It was the precursor for
the international rise in communism and all the
countless catastrophes that followed. Today, we'll go back
in time and take a look at the history leading up
to communism's inception but it wouldn't be Edge of
Wonder if we didn't tie it all together to the Illumi-donkey. (somber music) Episode four, the Russian Red Revolution. (electronic music) – [Woman] Edge of Wonder. – Welcome to Edge of Wonder,
with our fourth episode on the dark history of communism. – Well, and we've got quite
the episode for you today. Leading up to now,
we've showed you exactly what communism is, where it came from, what secret forces have been behind it and we've also attempted to clear up a lot of misunderstandings about
just what socialism is. – Today we're gonna talk to
you about one of the worst examples when communism
gets implemented, Russia. We'll share with you stats and
facts and even the strategies of how it all works. – We'll also share with you
some of the necessary history leading up to communism's inception and try to hit on some of
the strange occurrences that you probably won't
hear anywhere else. So without further ado. (somber music) – Much like during the French Revolution. It was a time of turmoil for Russia at the start of the 20th century. Russia and Japan were at
war which severely impacted every aspect of life
for the Russian people. – Many people started to demand a reform over their discontent of Russia's political system and in 1905, more than 110,000 workers
in St. Petersburg, the Russian capitol at
the time, went on strike. – They soon formed a
peaceful demonstration led by Father George Capon to appeal to Czar Nicholas II for
improved working conditions and other complaints and desired reforms. – What happened next was known in history as the first or one of
the first Bloody Sundays. There were others called
Bloody Sunday in Ireland, but this was before that. What took place was the
chief of security of police who also happened to be
Czar Nicholas's uncle, Grand Duke Vladimir, gave
the order to his troops to fire upon the demonstrators. – More than 200 protestors were killed and over 500 were injured from the attack. Revolt is also known
as the 1905 Revolution. Czar Nicholas wasn't in St.
Petersburg when this happened, however, but everyone blamed him and definitely lost
faith in his leadership because of this. – So for those of you that don't know, there was a shadowy figure
influencing the royal family at the time. His name was Rasputin and
many historians suspect that he was secretly
destroying the royal family through manipulation,
deceit and corruption and maybe even black magic. You can imagine this dude
kinda like Grima Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings
and how they portrayed him in Anastasia was, you
know, the Broadway musical, not really accurate. – There are many articles
out there that call him the devil in disguise. – Yeah, I mean, just
look at the guy. (laughs) I mean, this photo says
more than 1000 words. – He claimed to be a holy man and in a set of strange circumstances
due to hemophilia, stepped in to stop Nicholas's
son from bleeding out. Because of this, he became
very close with Nicholas and the royal family. – There are some stories
out there claiming he schemed the circumstances
revolved around the boy's sickness in
order to become closer to the royal family. Unfortunately, we didn't see much evidence to support this other than speculations based off of his reputation. – Now Rasputin was part of a
secret cult called Khylysty, which believed that to
feel the full grace of God, one would take part in sexual exhaustion that would turn into these massive orgies. They would also flog
themselves with a whip to pay back their sins. (laughs) – Right, I mean, man, this
is sounding more and more like the Alistair Crowley of Russia. Anyway, why are we bringing him up? Because he pretty much
singlehandledly paved the way for Lenin to start his Red Revolution to bring communism to Russia. Hefty claim but keep listening. – We don't know for sure if
this was his plan all along, but there wasn't a single
positive thing he did aside from opposing the
war that just broke out at this point in 1914. Germany declared war on Russia following the assassination
of the Austrio Hungarian empire, Franz Ferdinand and his wife, which began the start of World War I. – Right, in 1916, Vladimir Purishkevich who was known for his
anti communist views, made a speech at the
duma which is the Russian legislative assembly in which he said that the czar and his ministers were puppets on a string with
Rasputin being the puppeteer. – Purishkevich and some other nobles basically plotted in
secret to kill Rasputin. – Puriskevich along with other nobles invited Rasputin to the palace. They proceeded to attempt
to poison him with cakes because I mean, really,
who doesn't like cakes? – I'd eat 'em. The men were pretty surprised
when Rasputin seemed impervious to the cakes. When they ran out of patience waiting for Rasputin to keel over, one of the men said ah, screw it and shot him right in the chest. – I don't know if they
used that exact phrase, but you guys get the idea. – I'm telling a story here. – But get this, instead of dying, Rasputin leapt up like
a wild raging gorilla and went straight after
the guy who shot him in a violent fury. – Well, apparently, the magic lucky charms that Rasputin must have eaten that morning finally wore off and when
the fight continued outside it finally concluded by
Purishkevich shooting Rasputin in the head and that ends
the life and the times of the wild gorilla
magician that was Rasputin. – But this effect had
already had a huge impact and unfortunately instead
of things getting better for Russia, it only got worse. – Yeah, the Russian army
lost all faith in Nicholas and the military leaders
agreed to support the duma if it took control over
the country from the czar and let's conclude this part
with an important question. Why is it that every point in this series, we've come across shady
men involved in these occult practices and they always seem to be paving the way for communism? – But let's get into the
rest of this massive story. It wouldn't be right
if we didn't backtrack for a moment and talk about
one of the most devious individuals in recent
history, Vladimir Lenin. – Lenin was born in 1870 and
was exceptional in school. He finished first in his class and was a very diligent reader. After his father died
of a brain hemorrhage, Lenin started to become troubled and when his brother was
arrested and executed for plotting to assassinate
Czar Alexander III, it sent him over the edge, you know, psychopathic family stuff. – Lenin vowed to get
revenge over his brother and soon started to join
protests over government orders to ban student societies. He was expelled from his
university and exiled. – Lenin soon started to become fascinated by radical extremist works. Once he read Karl Marx's Das Kapital, it basically consumed his thoughts so much that by 1892, he
declared himself a Marxist. He then joined the Marxist group called the Social Democrats,
hmm, I've heard that term somewhere before, oh wait,
that's what some people active in politics in
the US call themselves. If you didn't see our
last episode on socialism, we highly recommend you to do that. – Influenced by all of
these things in 1895, Lenin went to St. Petersburg, the goal, to start a revolution. However, he was arrested
and charged with sedition and was exiled to Siberia for three years. – Coming back to 1914,
World War I just broke out and Lenin went into exile once again but before he left, he already started his Bolsheviks to prepare
for a massive revolution with Joseph Stalin being third in command after Gregory Zinoviev. – Around this time, the
European Workers Movement established itself, taking
root in communism and theology and using slogans such
as liberate humanity and abolish social classes. – The European Workers Movement
established itself rapidly based on Lenin's ideology. Lenin even said. – [Man] The services
rendered by Marx and Engels to the working class may be
expressed in a few words, thus. They taught the working
class to know itself and be conscious of itself
and they substituted science for dreams. – People shouldn't be
allowed to think outside of their controlled commy
thinking, apparently, so dreams were out. – By now, there were already close to 30 global socialist organizations
and countless more trade unions and cooperatives. It also had more than
10 million union members and more than seven million
cooperative members. – Historian Eric Hobsbawn
wrote in his book in How to Change the World,
Reflections on Marx and Marxism. – [Man] In these European countries, virtually all social thought,
whether or not politically motivated like the socialist
movement or labor movement, are visibly influenced by Marx. – So why are we bringing up Lenin? He was a Marxist and his
strategy based off of Marx revolved around revolution. – Lenin knew that to
maintain power and eventually destroy classes and every kind of thing civilization had to offer, he had to keep the revolution going by
any means, Lenin said. – [Man] A lie told
enough becomes the truth. – Revolution is a word that
keeps getting passed around in this series. Lenin's role was to
solidify these concepts and push them through lies
and deceit, forced agitation. – He also saw the importance
of educating children and maintaining control, he said. – [Man] Give me four years
to teach the children and the seed I have sown
will never be uprooted. Give me just one generation of youth and I'll transform the whole world. – And his revolutions
did lead to something. They led to Stalin eventually taking over, but we'll be getting to that soon. (dramatic music) – Now coming back to 1917, things couldn't have gotten any worse for Russia. Hundreds of thousands of
people were on strike, food shortages was a major issue, poor living conditions
and Russia's economy was badly hit due to
participation in the war. – [Rob] Millions of
people started to protest and Nicholas II ordered his
troops to stop the protestors and keep them off the street. Over 40 people were
killed which only enraged the people even more. – Over 65,000 soldiers were sent to deal with the protestors by force, but they started to feel sorry for them and instead of killing them, they ended up sympathizing with them and joined in on the protest. – A few of the Bolsheviks'
leaders were arrested and Lenin escaped again,
so you might be wondering how Lenin came back to Russia. – Well, what is interesting
is that in 2007, the German magazine Der Spiegel revealed a secret that was kept for over 90 years. – It said that while Kaiser Wilhelm II who regarded Russia as a grave threat realized that Lenin could
bring disaster to Germany so he allowed Lenin to
travel through Germany to Sweden, then Finland and
eventually back to Russia. – [Ben] William II also
provided money and munitions to Lenin and had received 2.6
million marks from Germany. So Lenin secretly
traveled in a sealed train and soon arrived back in St. Petersburg which by this time was
changed to Petrograd. – Winston Churchill had this to say about Germany's role in Lenin's return. – [Man] They used the most
lethal weapon in Russia. They shipped Lenin back
in a tightly sealed truck as if shipping a type of
plague virus to Russia. – Now we aren't clear on
Churchill's role either. However, this is a very
wise comment no matter how you look at it, but according
to Fritz Springmeier, Churchill was secretly
playing on both sides. – Right before the October revolution, the Bolsheviks were released from prison and Leon Trotsky became the
leader of The Petrograd Soviet and established a military
revolutionary committee. This is where they called
for the Bolshevik Revolution. – [Ben] By this time, they
had over 200,000 members and by taking advantage of the situation, Lenin led the coup and the
Red Guard stormed around the city and started to occupy buildings. – Lenin declared the constituent assembly an enemy of the people and formed the first Soviet government with Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky all placed in charge of each government branch. Soon, Lenin used the Red
Army to take complete control of the banks. – The next year in 1918,
Lenin changed the name of the Bolsheviks party to
the Russian Communist Party. Thus, Russia officially
became a communist country followed by a red terror
that haunted the country for decades to come. – The October Revolution is considered the most violent communist
movement throughout the world in the 20th century. It was the precursor for
the international rise in communism and all the
countless catastrophes that followed which is why
we're mentioning it now. – However, an opposition
already started to form by a force known as the White Army led by Admiral Alexander Kolchak. And Russia became engulfed in a civil war that lasted until about 1922. – Lenin didn't spare anyone,
anyone who opposed him. He regarded the protestors as a plague and had them slaughtered day or night by his Red Army. The streets were full
of blood and the bodies of demonstrators everywhere
and those who lived were all arrested. – In the summer of 1918, Russia was facing a massive food shortage due to the ongoing civil war. Lenin sent Stalin to
Tsaritsyn to seize the grain from the Volga Basin, the
breadbasket of Russia. – According to the Epoch Times book, How the Specter of Communism
is Ruling Our World, Lenin sent a telegram
to suppress the uprising which said. – [Man] One, hang and
make sure that the hanging takes place in a full view of the people, no fewer than 100 known
landlords, rich men, bloodsuckers. Two, publish their names. Three, seize all their grain from them. Four, designate hostages in
accordance with yesterday's telegram, do it in such a
fashion that for hundreds of kilometers around,
the people might see, tremble, know, shout. – They were leading the Red
Revolution with violence, fear and destruction. Over 100,000 peasants,
farmers and even local police took part in a battle with the Red Army. But the Soviet regime
used chemical weapons combined with fire that
burned all across the region rendering the land a wasteland and killing or capturing
most of the Tambov Rebellion. – [Man] 150 years in the making. (somber music) The ultimate evil specter. (somber music) Lies, hatred and struggle. (somber music) Traditions destroyed. (somber music) The Deep State's Cult, Communism. – Gulags. To make sure everyone feared
the new communist party of the Soviet Union, Lenin
ordered the establishment of the first concentration
camps, the gulags, which were literally hell on earth. – [Ben] They were also the
horrid inspiration to Hitler's gestapo death camps and the
Chinese communist party's 610 Office which are known
for its brutal torture, slave labor and even organ
harvesting of living prisoners. – The amount of people
imprisoned in the gulags became so monstrous that by
the time of Stalin's death, there were over 30,000 individual camps all across the nation. Think about that for a second. 30,000 individual camps. They used them to incarcerate,
torture and slaughter those who refused to obey
the new Soviet leadership. – You have to remember that Lenin's goal was to create a communist utopia. And just like the deep state,
he looked at everyone else as useless idiots in which
Hitler changed to useless eaters. – Marx was born from the
Illuminati and Lenin was carrying out the plan with the goal to eliminate any of the population
who wouldn't go along with this plan. – Also, if you remember
from our Deep State series, Illumi-donkey believes that
the world has too many people and that to have this communist utopia, more than 70% of the population
needs to be killed off. This was part of Hitler's
plan with eugenics. – And it was also a plan
in the French Revolution that they ended up trying
to carry out in France. This has been there the entire time. It's all about survival of the fittest and anyone who couldn't be
who the communists wanted them to be were considered a threat and needed to be eliminated and the more public and violent it is, the easier it is to make the
others submit out of fear. – But we will talk about this
more later in the episode. Now getting back to the gulags, those in prison were
severely malnourished. They would barely even have clothes even though most of the labor was done in the heart of the Russian winter and be forced to perform heavy labor for 12 to 16 hours a day. – Entire families would
be imprisoned together and even the elderly
were forced to perform the labor work. In fact, every walk of life
started to become imprisoned if they opposed the
Russian communist party. – There were even high
ranking party elites, military commanders,
highly educated people such as scientists,
professors and even doctors to religious believers and then just down to the regular working class people in all different professions. – In other words, these
weren't just peasants and farmers, these were
anyone that opposed the new communist regime. – According to the Russian state media RT, over 15 million people were
sent to the gulag system with over 1.5 million
deaths being reported. The gulag was finally disbanded in 1960. That's a whopping 42 years
after Lenin created it. The total death count is unknown. – One of the easiest ways
for the communist regimes to kill off a boatload of
people is through famines. In the 1930s, Ukraine
suffered from a mass genocide starvation known as the Holodomor, which was directly caused
by the new Soviet regime. – The Soviet government
cut off food supplies to Ukraine and built
walls around the border so people couldn't leave
to search for food. Most Ukrainians survived on
potatoes and stored vegetables but these were all requisitioned
by party authorities. – There are stories of Red Army soldiers taking potatoes from children
and stepping on them, forcing them to eat them off the ground, covered in dirt and mud. – Most farmers starved to death and people were so
desperate that they resorted to eating the carcasses of dug
up cats, dogs or livestock, which also perished. Because people had nothing to eat, they started to go so mad with hunger that cannibalism became a common theme. – Some parents were
even driven to the point where they even ate their own children. This is what this communist
utopia was really doing to people, and Lenin and
Stalin both welcomed it. They wanted people to become beasts since their goal was to destroy
people's faith in the divine – Some people started
to travel long distances looking for food and died along the way. More than one million
children became orphans and started to beg for
food in the larger cities. – Stalin looked at this
as an embarrassment so to combat it, he ordered
his army to kill on sight any child they found begging for food. – It was said that dead bodies were seen all over the streets of
the Ukrainian cities. If you can actually believe this, the Ukrainian people hated
the communists so much that they even preferred
the Nazis over them. – This is because the Nazis would go there just to occupy the area and
wanted to use their cities as a base whereas the
communists actually just wanted to destroy everything and people. – Sadly, this sentiment made it easier for the Nazis to occupy these areas. – I mean, how bizarre is this? Local people allowing Nazis in? The ironic part is that
there was so much wheat harvested by the Ukrainians
that Stalin stole that it was enough to feed
all of the people there for two years. Instead, it was sold
on the foreign markets to build up the Soviet army. – Most of the granaries
had so much reserve grains that they had to put barbed wire around it and shoot anyone who got close. Only the farm animals
were allowed to be fed because according to the
History Place website, they were considered
necessary for production. – Now the History Place site also said, an estimated 25,000
people a day were dying so when word of the famine
started to get around the world Stalin invited the media,
celebrities and officials from all over the world to
see that it wasn't true. – Once everyone was there,
the Soviets made sure the areas they visited
were completely cleaned up so everything seemed very
normal on the surface. Even reporter Walter Duranty
of the New York Times wrote in his article, All talk
of famine is now ridiculous. – (sighs) Inside Russia
was a different story. Anyone even mentioning the
word famine or starvation would be killed or arrested for spreading anti Soviet propaganda. Or in other words, what would
now be considered fake news. – According to the History Place website, the death toll of the Holodomor alone was close to seven
million which was over 25% of the Ukrainian population. (somber music) – Religion was a big barrier
for Lenin and Stalin. If they could destroy
people's faith in religion, then it would be easy to control them. Also, as we said in our first episode, Marx wasn't actually an atheist,
he was a proud Satanist. – One of the scariest things he did was hide the fact that communism literally was born out of Satanism
because he believed in God so much that he wanted to
get his revenge on him. He also knew the masses
would never accept Satanism and under the guise of
atheism, they could accomplish a lot more. – Lenin incorporated this
into his own philosophy which is why he was
even worshiped as a God. In the Specter of Communism, it states. – [Man] People don't
need to worship the devil but as long as people no
longer believe in gods, the devil can corrupt and occupy the soul and eventually drag people toward hell. That is why communist parties sing, There has never been
any savior of the world, nor deities, nor emperors
on which to depend. To create humankind's happiness,
we must entirely depend on ourselves. – Lenin then used violence
combined with other evil tactics to force religious believers
to abandon their faiths and depart from God. Lenin executed thousands
of Orthodox clergy who refused to give up their faith over the atheistic communistic views. – Stalin demanded that the
whole country be atheist and declared that when
his plan was complete, the last priest would be destroyed. – He also stated that the Soviet union would become a fertile
land for communist atheism. – [Man] One would not find a
trace of religion any longer. – Over 42,000 priests
were tortured to death and only 100 Orthodox
churches were still open to the public in the entire Soviet Union which were only allowed to stay open because they were controlled
by the communists. Over 90% of the churches had
been closed or burned down by the communists. – One of Lenin's fellow
comrades, Nikolai Bukharin, who joined the Bolsheviks
Revolution and soon became a Soviet Union politician,
said in his published work titled Program of the World Revolution. – [Man] It will become clear
that the real significance of religion is that it is
a poison which is still being installed into the people. It will also become clear why
the party of the communists is a strong antagonist of religion. – The idea of separating
church and state was rooted in communist ideology because
the idea was to destroy religion and God. Bukharin called God. – A vicious old man.
– And said. – [Man] Religion must be
fought, if not by violence, at all events by argument. The church must be
separated from the state. – One reason was so that
children in schools would stop believing in the divine and
another was to bring about their ultimate goal, to slowly
dissolve the belief in God and to bring about their one
world religion, Satanism. – Even today, many organizations
and religious groups have been heavily
infiltrated by the deep state communist operatives. The World Council of Churches or the WCC which was established
in 1948, is one of them. – The goal is to destroy
religion from within and it is working. The WCC was the first international
religious organization to accept communist countries as members during the Cold War and
also financial support from these countries. – Right, kind of reminds me
how the pope accepted Jesus being crucified on a
hammer and sickle in Cuba. I mean, what? Give us a break, what is that even saying? That's just terrible. – That's just wrong on so many levels. – I mean. – We better stop here before
we start ranting on that because I mean, that
could be a whole subset. – Oh, we'll go there, eventually. – And now the church is connected
to the rampant pedophilia and all kinds of stuff,
but we'll save that for another episode. – But now, let's get into some bloodlines. Now how many of you might be wondering whether what happened in Russia has any ties with the deep
state or the Illuminati? It was also Stalin who said. – [Man] America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold, its patriotism, its morality
and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within. – And this is exactly what
the deep state's goal is and what this series is about. How the specter of
communism has infiltrated every aspect of our American society. Only in the case of the
US it hasn't been through with violence but through subversive ways. – But does this go even deeper? You might be wondering who
or what is really behind Lenin and Stalin? Fritz Springmeier said
in his book, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, that
the Rothschilds ordered Lenin and Trotsky to place
MI6, which, by the way, is the British secret
intelligence service, operatives in key positions
during the Russian Revolution. – He goes on to say that these operatives were being controlled by the Satanic elite back in London, England
and since Lenin was able to establish the Central Bank in Russia, this allowed the Rothschilds
to get a foothold for their international banking system. – Now again, this is
only what we're finding. We definitely suggest you
do your research on your own but according to Fritz, Max
Warburg, a German Jewish banker funded Lenin and his
revolutionaries, Jacob Schiff, an American Jewish banker,
gave a known $20 million to Lenin. – And the biggest surprise yet, that JP Morgan helped finance
the Bolshevik Revolution with Alfred de Rothschild. – JP Morgan's name keeps
popping up all around. – Sure does. – Okay. – Also, Fritz mentioned
that Stalin was a Freemason who was also secretly a devoted Satanist. He does mention that Stalin
was somewhat independent but basically fulfilled
what was expected of him. – Fritz also mentions that
Hitler was actually the product of a secret breeding program
within the Rothschild's bloodline, who was
raised by Ashkenazi Jews. He states that from his birth
they already groomed him for who he was going to be. – It's kind of weird
that the word Nazi isn't. – I mean, what gives with that word? – I don't know. Fritz also mentioned that
Hitler had illegitimate children with women and which
some believe are alive and very well active in
German politics today. – Shh. – (laughs) But this would
all be for a completely different episode and most of you patriots and aliens out there already
know who we are referring to. – Now what is known for sure
and it's even talked about in the Epoch Times Specter of Communism is how the Soviet spies
were very active within the American government
with the sole purpose to destroy our country from within. – Dr. Fred Schwarz, a pioneer of American anti communist thought said in 1961. – [Man] Any attempt to judge
the influence of communists by their numbers is
like trying to determine the validity of the hull of a boat by relating the area of the holes to the area which is sound. One hole can sink the ship. Communism is the theory
of the disciplined few controlling and directing the rest. One person in a sensitive
position can control and manipulate thousands of others. – This actually lead
Senator Joseph McCarthy to lead his anti communist efforts. However, according to
Fritz, he was becoming a thorn to the Illumi-donkey's side and the people secretly working for them hid or obscured the facts from the public which made him look paranoid and eventually they had him killed. – In the 1990s, the US
finally declassified files from the Venona project. These showed that over 300 Soviet spies infiltrated the US and even
became high ranking officials in the Roosevelt administration who had access to top secret information and were able to influence
important decision making. – However, according to
the Specter of Communism, this is just the tip of an iceberg. Many of the officials today have been and are still working to
bring complete communism to the US and as we all know,
the entire deep state's goal is to unite all nations
under one government and as Ben said earlier,
their one religion Satanism, and they chose communism
as their twisted agenda to do this with it. – However, an uprising happened
that they never expected. The American people didn't
accept their communistic and secret Satanic ways
and now we have a president who is actually fighting
against this cabal who has been secretly
controlling everything from behind the scenes for
more than over 150 years. – They never thought the K
to the Illary would lose. See what I did there? And we the people are
now winning this battle. So you guys might be
wondering about China, such as how it went from a country full of rich culture and tradition to following the Marxist,
Communist and Satanic ideology. – Well, in our next episode
on the history of communism, we'll get into how Mao
became a devout follower of Marx and Lenin and how the
Chinese Cultural Revolution became the worst and most
violent revolution to date. – So we hope you are enjoying
our series on communism and you find it enlightening. We know it can get very dark, but there is a light at
the end of this tunnel. – We believe by everyone
sharing these stories of the millions upon millions
of people who were killed, it will stop events like
this from happening, occurring in the future. Slowly, things are changing
and really the evil elements and the deep state are too
weak now to ever concoct something like this ever again. – People are waking up
and starting to accept the true history of what took place and not the downplayed
propaganda of what was told to us in mainstream society. – So with that, there is
a hope and light through all of this darkness
and we are all the ones changing the world around us, so please, share this series with
your friends and families to help them learn of the
real truth of socialism and communism and how it's
part of the Satanic cult. – And with that, we will
end with a famous quote from former president Ronald Reagan. How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who
read Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti communist? It's someone who
understands Marx and Lenin. – Well, we hoped you like this episode on the Russian Revolution. Please hit like and
subscribe and as always, you guys, we will see you out. – On the edge. (man shouts gibberish) Who was raised by Aken, what
the heck, Ashkenazi Jews. – I don't know.
– Look at that. Isn't that interesting
that Nazi is at the end of that word. – That's so weird.
– Yeah. – That is so weird, I
didn't even notice it. – Ashkenazi, wow.
– Can I read that over?

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  • Is there a source for "America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold, its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas. America will collapse from within." – Joseph Stalin?

  • Problem is you are totally wrong about D. Trump fighting some cabal. He is just a puppet of another group which will be much worse than you can imagine. But hey .. Q says to trust him 🙂 Anybody who believes Q is real I would say go for antiretard pills.

  • Idk if I can keep watching this channel anymore… I’ve loved all the videos I’ve watched from you guys, but this series is such a blatant whitewashing of history and I’m not here for biased info 🙄

  • I know this older video.but i have few queations? Do you both loose alot asleep ive noticed on other videos and this 1 ? Nobody is threatening you like illumidonkey? You both are in my prayers.ty so much for your head work getting the truth out to us! Ty again God bless!

  • Waiting for the part where you mention the country Lenin hid out in waiting to go back and agitate the Revolution?

  • You guys definitely butchered a piece of information that deserves to be corrected: WWI was declared on Serbia, not Russia. The archduke was killed in Sarajevo, which is in Bosnia, not Serbia. Gavrilo Princip was a young ethnic Serb (Serbian people in Bosnia who did not convert to Islam during the Ottoman Empire). Why was WWI declared on Serbia if the Duke was killed in Bosnia you ask? Well, you have to explore why the Duke was killed in the first place. 64 years after the emancipation from the Ottoman Empire the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (yes) was becoming very enlightening and was heading toward a super power status. Serbian people quickly rose up after 500 years of spiritual and physical slavery and began to rebuild their nation and their people. Austrio-Hungarian Empire could not have this as they sought to control the Balkans and force Serbian people into their empire. This was absolutely not going to happen, especially after 500+ years of foreign rule. A very brave young man, who truly is a hero for Serbian people ended the life of a very dark and satanic figure, Archduke Ferdinand, which successfully stopped AH Empire from devouring the kingdom of Yugoslavia. Since his interest in the Balkans had specifically to do with dissolving the Serbian identity, it did not matter where the Duke was killed. The war was declared on a country they were interested in destroying in the first place. If you want to know the POWERFUL story of the Serbian people in WWI, you can watch a documentary called Where The Yellow Lemon Blooms. This will save you time in research. As a Serbian person it deeply offends me that you guys, along with most of other people in the world, devalue and blur the importance of WWI and the stakes my people had (on our end and on the end of the dark forces who were and are against us) in this part of the history. While the war blew up across Europe and was used to spread this “communist revolution”, its roots are far more secretive and involve the origin of Serbian people (and our Very specific DNA) and the subsequent and constant destruction of our people. It is no coincidence that Serbian people are systematically being attacked and erased, since the 13-14th century, without a break. You also failed to research (beyond the surface) what happened to Serbian people in the holocaust and the Clinton/Vatican-yet again- manufactured war on Serbian people.
    The right thing to do would be to make this correction for this video. Following the Serbian bloodline (it would take dedication because the Vatican made sure our past is locked up in their vaults) would reveal far more than you are bargaining for (including Why So many atrocities took place in Russia and what Serbian bloodline has to do with the birth of Russian civilization). Some stories are even deeper than where you are now. The Vatican is absolutely ALLERGIC to Serbian people and to Orthodox people in general. Knowing that the Vatican is a satanic cult, what thoughts does this spark? What do Orthodox People Know? What do True Hebrews Know? Cheers.

  • Well, it was Bergoglio himself who said that he had no problem with being called "a communist"…
    Saludos desde Chile.

  • Guys, you made several errors in this presentation….one, for example: the Pope didn't present anyone with Jesus on a hammer & sickle in Cuba. He was in fact presented with it by the Bolivian President…. that's just one of quite a few errors that I found.

  • Ukrainians also welcomed Nazis because they knew the Soviet regime was largely supported by the 'chosen' people

  • You may wish to include a brief summary of the first Thanksgiving… The first couple of years they tried to run the colony as a communist colony… Separation of Church and State was a phrase that twisted the original thought. The original thought outlined in the 1100 Charter of Liberties was a proclamation that the King (crown) would no longer be evil and oppressive, and it guaranteed 14 things the crown (state) would never do. Among them was that the state would not interfere with the churches. It was not meant to mean that religious people could not bring their beliefs with them to government. Another one was an end to inheritance tax… because it was evil and oppressive to make one pay for their inheritance. You do a good job, but there is so much info that could help your presentations.

  • Were do central bankers fit into all this ? Ben Bernanke leaves fed and joins a private hedge fund in Chicago called Citdel !!

    Where did all the bail out money go ? German banks ? Goldman Sachs??

    Follow the money

  • Many Skull & Bones members including William Averall. Harriman and Prescott Sheldon Bush (W's grandpa) funded Hitler and supplied the Soviets equipment, capital, and operational management to Soviet oil fields and Manganese mines. They had their assets froze. A few members of Skull & Bones were also part of J.P. Morgan's bank, Morgan Guaranty Trust, who was in on it as the video mentions. The Morgan family actually inherited George Peabody's fortune, Interestingly, when J.P. Morgan died it was discovered through his will he only actually owned 19% of the bank.

    Dean Acheeson of Scroll & Key (Senior Society at Yale, like Skull & Bones) according to McCarthy, sent him a list of Communists within the government, which Acheson denied.

    Tax cuts and capitalism are great, but don't let Trump or Q fool you. He's just the right-wing of the Hegelian dialectic being created by the Deep State. His policy will be made to look bad when the Berneke bubble bursts, opening the door for the Green New Deal. He wants to roll out 5g,which these guys already made a video of. He has made multiple pedophilic and later incestual comments about his daughter Ivanka. Thing about the left wing reports of whats going on at the border. And why build a wall to keep us safe instead of protecting our gun rights, especially when employers struggle to find labor.Why is America seeing strings of mass shootings? Does Trump really seem benevolent. He's connected to Rothschilds, Bushe even though they pretend to hate him. He is openly friends with Henry Kissinger, and his Secretary of Treasury is Steve Mnunchin of Skull & Bones.He has not cut federal spending either.

  • Most of what we know of Rasputin has been passed down to us by his enemies he's got a lot of bad PR. I really don't think he was as bad as they try to make us believe. I do believe he was helping the boy and that he did have some holy power. I'm totally not going to beat the sex thing cuz that's like pretty much everybody agrees on that one.

    He wanted to save Russia, and in order to do that he was trying to protect the Royal family. He saw these communist horrors, and warned that Russia and her royal famkly would fall if he died.

    And the bullets he was shot with came from a gun issued to an MI 6 agent stationed in Russia at the time.

  • WHO was behind the Bolshevik revolution and WHO specifically were they targeting and why? The answer will explain what’s happening today.

  • President Trump definitely believes in God, lives with God, many still do, and God/belief and liberty, will continue to be the Kryptonite for the communist deep state scum!

  • How could you make this video and ignore the Jewish origins of the Bolshevik revolution??? They basically organised the whole thing!

  • This is a great series, I've recommended it to some friends. What us conservative Americans need is a playbook on how to combat these tactics. I homeschooled my kids so they didn't get indoctrinated with washed out history. I learned a lot about how our school history books wash out the truth. Who knows what the crusades was really about? How about the Barbara wars?

  • Wait… You still believe the entire world went to war over some unknown prince? Really? The ENTIRE world felt so strong to kill millions of people over an assassination? Right…that's what happened. Look a little more into history, such as Europe's convergence from steam power (coal) to oil, transcontinental railroad, Mesopotamia, Turkey, etc.

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