S2E4: Vogue

♪ It’s like
I fantasize enough
♪ To make
My whole body explode
♪ And I like it, yeah♪ I need to touch,
I need to taste
♪ I need you
Up against my bones
♪ Yeah-eah-eah♪ Like, do you feel
The lightnin’?
♪ Do you lick the icin’?♪ Think I’ll
Just keep slidin’
♪ All the way down♪ You break the chains
And tie me up
♪ I’ll give you
All of the control
♪ Don’t you go♪ Set me free♪ Be all I need ♪[NEEDLE SCRATCH] Oh, my God! What am I looking at? Ladies and gentlemen,
this song is about sex. I feel like I’m
at a damn church social. What the hell?
I am not feeling the sexy. I’m not feeling it,
I’m not feeling it. What’s the problem? Y’all feel like because
y’all are young and beautiful and can dance
that y’all know what sexy is? No. That’s like saying
’cause you can boil water, you could cook
a five-course meal, or ’cause you can jump,
you could fly. No. This song
is about sexual liberation, and in order
to be liberated sexually, you have to be vulnerable. You gotta let go.
You gotta not give a shit. You gotta go there, but, like,
all the way there, okay? That’s how
we push the envelope. That’s how we get
people talking. This tour’s not supposed to be
just a performance, people. It’s supposed to be
an experience. I need y’all to make me
feel something. Poppy, come here.
Come here, come here,
come here, come here. Stand right here. I’m gonna show
y’all what I mean. Hit the music. [MUSIC RESUMES]♪ It’s like
I fantasize enough
♪ To make
My whole body explode
♪ And I like it, yeah♪ I need to touch,
I need to taste
♪ I need you
Up against my bones
♪ Yeah-eah-eah♪ Like, do you feel
The lightnin’?
♪ Do you lick the icin’?♪ Think I’ll
Just keep slidin’
♪ All the way down♪ You break the chains
And tie me up
♪ I’ll give you
All of the control ♪
See what I mean? [POPPY GRUNTS] You good.
You see what I mean? Did y’all see that? Did y’all feel that? Poppy here
just might be fuckable. Okay? She has
fuckable potential. But in order
for this shit to work, I need all of y’all
to find your
fuckable potential. You know
what I’m saying? I don’t think
that’s possible. Zo, instead
of always talking shit, how about
you try leading by example, perhaps? You keep saying
you want to be
dance captain, right? Okay, so you know what? Now it’s on you. Now it’s
your responsibility to help these people
find their sexy. They don’t find it,
it’s your ass, all right? I’m gonna even let
Electra help you, ’cause she know
what the fuck she doin’. Get ’em there, please? Poppy, come here.
Let me talk to you. [CLAPS] All right, you heard him. Welcome to Zo… …and Electra’s
sexy boot camp, which starts in 20 minutes. Is he giving her
his number? He doesn’t give
anybody his number. Mmm. I’m not surprised. I saw them in
the parking lot yesterday. Doing what? I’m guessing he was
giving her a ride home. Honestly, I’d take it
as a compliment. Why? Poppy knows she ain’t
got shit on you
on the dance floor, so she’s trying to find
another angle. I knew she was low, but I didn’t know
she’d go that low. Mmm, come on. RIGO: [RAPPING]
♪ Royal blood in these veins
♪ Son of a legend
‘Bout to take over the reins
♪ When I’m done, the streets
Will never be the same
♪ Gotta live
Up to the family name ♪
NINE: Hey, that’s tight. Way to channel that grief. Gotta do something
with it, right? NINE:
Well, it’s working. I’ve got good news.
That record we put down? I got it to my influencers, and they were
definitely feeling it. So I pulled
a few strings, and, uh, it might drop this week. Like on the radio? Yes, on the radio. That’s crazy. You can do that? Like, just have me beamin’
out to millions of people? It’s what I do. Look, I’m definitely
feeling you
as an artist, Rigo, but let’s just keep things
on the down low, okay? I’m supposed to be
all about Sage right now. Fuckin’ Sage. Don’t worry about Sage,
all right? You just keep doing
what you’re doing, and keep working with King,
’cause his beats are crazy. Yeah, King next level. Right? He’s special. I saw y’all cuddling up
the other night, too. Is that how you get
the good work out
of your producers? What do you mean? You know what I mean. Why else would you… Why else would I… ? Oh, right, because he has… No, not him. You.
I mean, look at you. You can have
whoever you want. [SCOFFS] Thank you,
but you have
no idea what I want. I gotta bounce. Keep writing. It’s good. And, uh, don’t forget, keep that radio on. [CHUCKLES] [DOOR OPENS] ELECTRA: Sexy isn’t just
in how you dance. It’s in how you walk. It’s in every small gesture. Every little move. Now I want to see you guys come down the line
one at a time. And as you come down this line, I need you guys to imagine
that the person
you want to fuck is right here. It’s now my job to make
all of you fuckable, so let’s see how miserable
that’s gonna be. Show ’em who you are
and what you really want. Let’s get it. FEMALE SINGER:
♪ Can you hear the sound?
and Sage get down? You know, you two
are pretty cute. First of all… Ms. Love and Hip-Hop,
that’s all you got? ELECTRA: Poppy,
you gotta slow your roll, let something besides
that booty do some work. Own your space
and your lines. Like this.♪ Can you hear the sound?Eww! No.
Put your arms down. Stick with the booty.
It works for you.♪ Play that beat♪ Can you hear the sound? ♪[INSTRUMENTAL BEAT PLAYING] Please stop. Stop.
Take a stop. Ooh. The only person
you’re having sex with is yourself. ELECTRA:
Tal, why are you hiding? Come on,
it’s time to grow up. Take ownership
of your body. What is it
that you’re saying
through your movement? Find it. ZO: Dondre, you’re relying
on being cute. News flash… we all cute. Odalie, you crawl
like you’re looking
for dick on the ground. It’s a little bit
more desperate than sexy. Like Electra says
over and over and over again, and showed you, we need grown-ass men… and grown-ass women. [GROANS]
I’m over this shit. TAL: Uh-huh. You know what,
we’re done for today. That’s it. I’m done. Please go home,
figure it out. I will advise you guys
to have some sex. And please make sure
you do something else besides missionary. ELECTRA: We’ll just pick
back up tomorrow. Hold up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up a second.
What’s going on? You seem
a little heated. Yeah, between Rigo drama, Zo getting
on my damn nerves, and everyone thinking
that I’m hooking up with Sage, yeah, I may be
a little overheated. It’s just ’cause they know
you’re coming
for the top spot. They’re trying to get
into your head. Ugh! It just seems
that as a woman, you can’t just
be doing well on your own. Like you gotta be
sexing somebody to get
to where you are. Just so over this drama. I just want to dance. Just want
to kill this shit. You are. [CELL PHONE RINGS] Ugh! I wish he would stop
blowing up my phone! Who, Rigo? Yeah. We broke up. And y’all get back
together every time. What’s different? I don’t know. He’s changing. Like that shit that happened
at Velvet City, that shit was fucked up. I can’t deal with that. I love him
like a brother, but… I also think you know
what’s best for you. Yeah. [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING] So you and Poppy, huh? Huh? There’s a rumor
going around that you are
hooking up with Poppy. First of all… [MUSIC STOPS] …I don’t do dancers
no more, okay? Way too many dancers
way too many times, shit goes way left, way fast. Secondly,
Poppy is nowhere near mentally ready
for the Sage Express. Nowhere near. [MUSIC STARTS AND STOPS] Wait. You came here
’cause you thought
I was hooking up with Poppy? No. No, I did not honestly, but, you know,
you never know with you, so… You know, you’re kinda cute
when you’re jealous. Okay, look,
just be careful. I don’t need
people thinking that High Water
is your personal Tinder. ‘Lette, I am not hooking up
with Poppy or anybody else. Okay? Cool if I, uh,
get back to… Yes. [MUSIC RESUMES] Look, I know you’re
just trying to make us better, but you’re not gonna
get anybody to open up if you’re gonna be
this hard on them clearly. What about costumes? They’re not ready yet. Yeah, I know
they’re not ready yet, but we got an entire
wardrobe department
down the hall. You know,
I don’t know about you, but a costume
makes me feel like I’m outside myself,
you know? So maybe that’s the part
that we’re missing. [SCOFFS] Look at you
with your little ideas. It’s cute. Little ideas? You’re adorable. But, look, the only thing you need
to be worrying about is not looking
like a damn nun on these steps. Let Zo be the dance captain. A’ight? A’ight. [SLOW R&B MUSIC PLAYING] MALE SINGER:
♪ Blame it on me
♪ Blame in on, blame it on,
Blame it on me
♪ Blame it on meHey. You,
uh, gotta pack up. I’m closing up shop. Could I possibly stay? I’ll use
the security exit. I just really need
to practice. I’m failing
sexy boot camp, apparently. Yes, I have noticed that you’ve been spending
a little more time here lately. Yeah, I’m just really focused
on the tour. Good. That’s good. Okay, just make sure
that the door’s locked on your way out, okay? Thank you. I appreciate it. [MUSIC CONTINUES] COLLETTE:
You know, sexiness is all in the eyes. A lot of people think
that every other body part is sexy. It’s all right here.♪ Blame it on me♪ Blame in on, blame it on,
Blame it on me
You want to try something? Sure.♪ Before I blame it on you♪ For doin’ that too♪ So blame it on me♪ Blame it on me,
Blame it on me
♪ So how do we move on? ♪No, it was good, but… I think that you’re
giving a performance. And performances
are for everyone else. Sexiness is for you. It’s all about you. It’s about
trusting yourself. It’s the only way to live. Like this. I want you to follow
my lead, okay? [SULTRY MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah, that’s good. I think that
you are getting it. Listen, um,
I will leave the door to my office unlocked if you need to rest
your head there tonight. Thanks, Collette. No problem. Have a good night. You, too. [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING] [OVER RADIO]
Yo, this is DJ Raucous,
and you’re listening
to Hot 107.6,
bringing you
all the dopest joints
like this new banger by Rigo,an up-and-comer
from right here in ATL.
Check it.[SONG STARTS] Yo! Yo! Yo, they’re playing my song
on the radio! Yo, they’re playing my shit! Oh! Pops! Pops, they’re playing me
on the radio! Yo, they’re playing
my shit on the radio!♪ I’m a take it toYeah! Uh!♪ Climbin’ for the top♪ I’m a be the king♪ Ain’t nobody stop♪ Y’all ain’t ready for me ♪Poppy, come on, Poppy.
Pick up. You gotta hear this. DJ RAUCOUS:All right,
now hold up, hold up.
Yo, yo, yo, yo.No, no, no, no!Stop the music, Atlanta…Fuck!…and hold the phone,because we have
a music, dance,
and recording superstar
in the studio. Sage Odom
is in the building! Fuckin’ Sage… SAGE:ATL, what’s goin’ on?Hey, man, how you been?Good, brother.
Good, brother.
Thanks for having me, man.Hey, appreciate you
coming through, man.
Come on, man.
Happy to be here.
Good to be back. Hey, now, I heard
that young Rigo was one of your performers
from High Water. Hey, man, I just got
slipped that track, man. That thing is fire!
You must be proud. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, he’s good.
He’s good, right? A’ight? He’s working
some things out. You know, as of right now,
he kind of sounds like everything else
that’s out there, but you
gotta find yourself. You gotta
start somewhere, right? You a hater, bruh. Well, everyone can’t
be as fresh as Sage Odom. Uh, no, everyone can’t. [BOTH LAUGHING] Now, I also heard you’re
about to go out on tour, man. What’s that about? Give Atlanta a little
itty-bitty taste of what you got going. A’ight, a’ight, a’ight. Because I love the ATL… For the city. Um, let me see,
I wouldn’t be lying if I said that you might see
somebody like SZA
at that thing. Maybe Ariana Grande
on that thing, you know. Yeah, okay! You know what,
I’ve already given away
too much. [LAUGHS] Hey!Atlanta, you heard it
here first, man.
But, hey,
let’s get real, though. We all know
you’re a ladies’ man, and you got
a lot of female fans that want to know
who you’re knockin’
Jordans with. Rumor has it that,
you know… Rumor always has it wrong.
Always. Well, go on and tell me, what’s the craziest rumor
you’ve heard lately? [SIGHS] What I heard, man? Uh, something about me
dating one of my tour dancers. Something silly like that.Go ahead
and give me the name.
I need the name, man.
Come on, give me the name.
You just not
gonna let this go. No, I’m not gonna
let it go. A’ight, a’ight,
so her name is Poppy. Poppy, okay. And she is a cutie.You know, she’s talented.Poppy? [TELEPHONE RINGS] But as I just said, it’s about this tour, man. I’m a professional. Like to keep things
strictly professional. Matter of fact, I’m gonna
get real close to the mic as I say this. I need all
of the lovely ladies of ATL to know Sage Odom
is 100% available. Yo, okay, so we got
Rigo on the phone, man. That’s the artist
we was talking
about earlier. NINE: We never agreed
to taking calls. RIGO:Yo, Sage!
I got something to say to you.
You full of shit! Oh! Hey! Okay, man,
watch the language, man. Yo, we got this show
going out to millions. Yeah, and is that any way
to talk to the dude that gave you your shot? What? You ain’t do anything
but fuck with my life, and now you gonna try
and fuck with my girl? You been messin’
with his girl? First and foremost, ain’t nobody
doing nothing with Poppy. Poppy?
So the rumors are true? No, the rumors are not true.
I just said the rumors… Your whack ass is always
trying to bite off everybody! That’s why you’re jackin’ beats from your High Water
students, right?You steal from everybody, man!I don’t know when the last time
you was original!
Watch your mouth,
young blood.You don’t believe me?
Then why you stacking your tour
with bigger
and better artists?
‘Cause you tired!
Your music trash! Throw it away! I don’t need nobody,
a’ight? If anything, they need me! What you mean… No, what I mean to say is anybody is lucky
to be on the Sage Odom tour, and everybody knows it,
a’ight? I’m the man! I created this shit
with my bare hands! Man, you ain’t did shit!You just use everybody!Just like you used my pops
to get where you are! You know what,
little nigga, your pops was
a punk-ass thug that got what was
coming to him. Cut this nigga off. Hello? Hello! All right, and, yeah,
this is DJ Raucous. You’re listening
to Hot 107.6. We’re gonna go ahead
and check on the traffic, see what’s going on
on 285. Yo, where the fuck
is Sage at? POPPY: What the hell
are you doing here? You would know
if you was answering
my damn calls! I don’t have
to answer shit, and how dare you come
in here acting like this after you embarrassed me
on the radio like that! Sage is the one who put
your name on blast, not me! POPPY: And you’re the one
who called him acting crazy! You don’t own me,
Rigo! That’s crazy.
You really are letting
this nigga hit it. You gotta chill, man. Look, Rigo, you gotta go.
I’m gonna call security. I’m not going nowhere,
Ms. Jones,
until I talk to Sage! COLLETTE: You won’t
be talking to anyone because you’ll be gone
by the time… Okay, I’ll handle this. All right? Rigo. Rigo, look at me. All right, look at me. You gotta calm down. I am calm! If you get to Sage,
then what? I’m gonna knock him
the fuck out. And what’s that
gonna accomplish? Huh? SAGE: Oh, my God! Who just lost their whole job for letting this little asshole
back in my school? DONDRE: Come back here. Let me go, Dondre!
Let me go! SAGE: Dondre, take
your little girlfriend towards an exit
before I wind up on WorldStar
for stompin’ a minor. Take his ass that way. Don’t ruin your life,
young blood. Take him that way. Take him that way! Wrong way.
You gonna ruin your life! What the fuck! DONDRE: Rigo! Get his ass outta here! Get this little fool
outta here before I crack… RIGO:
Your music’s trash, Sage! Couldn’t sell
tickets to your tour
if that shit was free! Your music’s fuckin’ trash! Got it! All right, got it! RIGO: This is bullshit! I ain’t done
with you, Sage! I swear to God
I ain’t done! [LAUGHS SARCASTICALLY] Bye! Talk that shit
from across the street! Okay, we gonna do this shit
one more time for the dumbasses
in the back! I am not fucking Poppy! You know what, don’t nobody
needs to be worried about fucking nobody
on this goddamn tour. Be fuckable on stage
and on stage only! You know what? No hookups. Okay? That is a law. That is a rule,
not a fucking request. Call the security department,
fire everybody. Yeah?
Get back to goddamn work! This nigga come in my school,
take a fuckin’ swing at me! You out your goddamn mind? Nigga, I will buy
your ass twice! Okay. All right, guys, look, we’re gonna switch
this shit up. I’m gonna take you guys out
tonight. Get it together. MALE SINGER:
♪ I’m on it
♪ I’m on it, I’m on it♪ Is there a reason
That I feel like this?
♪ Shorty got my mind blown ♪What the hell
were you thinking, man? Listen, man, I don’t need
one of your little sermons
right now, a’ight? I’m good. Oh, you’re good? You don’t look good. Look, I know
you’re going through a lot. Yeah, no shit. But this ain’t the way
to handle your problems, Rigo, especially with Sage. Man, ain’t nobody
afraid of Sage. All right, what about Poppy? You embarrassed her
in front of everybody, dawg. You think that’s cool? Hey, look, I’ll call her
and I’ll apologize, okay? Yeah, about that, uh… she wants you
to give her some space. For what? Is she messing
with someone else? She fucking with Sage,
ain’t she? I knew it. No. No! It’s just… No, she… She not with anyone. [CLEARS THROAT] Look, I seen y’all
go back and forth forever. I know you want
to reach out to her
to just go get her, but something
clearly ain’t working. Maybe this time,
y’all should give
each other some space, and then
when things cool down, you know, maybe…
maybe y’all can be
friends again, but… Right now, I just…
I don’t think
that’s the best idea. A’ight, cool. Thanks for the pep talk, Pastor Dondre. [LAUGHS] [PHONE LINE RINGING] Yes? NINE:That interview
was a disaster.
[CHUCKLES] Ya think? Being a Sage wrangler
is a little bit harder
than it looks. Oh, thank you
for the observation, Collette.Look, I’m trying
to do damage control,
and he will
not return my calls.
I just need to know
where the fuck he is.
I have no idea. Okay. Well, when you get one,
have him call me. Got it. Will do. [MUSIC PUMPING] Okay, this is
on a whole ‘nother level. Ain’t no fucks given
in here. I love it,
but why are we here? I don’t know,
but this shit is… a lot. [MUSIC CONTINUES] You scared? No, I ain’t scared.
it’s just… a lot! That’s why
I brought y’all here. It’s exactly
what you guys need. [MUSIC ENDS] CROWD:
Todrick! Todrick! EMCEE:Make some noise
for your king, Todrick Hall!
[MUSIC PUMPING]♪ Come into this place
When you’re feeling low
♪ You’ll find your light
Will be free to shine ♪
♪ Welcome into the place
You can call your home
♪ Come taste this life,
Baby, it’s your time
[CROWD SCREAMING OVER SONG]♪ The music sets you free♪ Tonight you’re just royalty♪ ‘Cause the world might
Call you a freak
♪ But you’re perfect♪ Perfect to me♪ And if you’re fabulous,
Fabulous, fabulous
♪ Welcome to the Kingdom♪ If you’re fabulous,
Fabulous, fabulous
♪ Welcome
To the Kingdom, yeah
♪ Welcome to the Kingdom♪ Welcome
To the Kingdom, yeah
♪ Welcome to the Kingdom,
♪ Welcome
To the Kingdom, yeah ♪
her panties in a twist. She’s been trying
to reach you. Yeah, well,
I’m off the grid right now. Gotta. I gotta
figure this shit out. Fuck me. I can tell you’re
not really feeling it. [SIGHS] You know what, this is the perfect setup
for this damn song. This shit is supposed
to be about sexual liberation, about sexual freedom, and I’m mentally
in fucking prison right now. It’s just this shit
is just not flowing. Why?
What’s holding you back? [SIGHS] I don’t know. Don’t know. What are you afraid of? You always did know
how to bring the sexy. [CHUCKLES] Ooh. Don’t move. [MUSIC PLAYING]♪ It’s like
I fantasize enough
♪ To make
My whole body explode
♪ And I like it, yeah♪ I need to touch,
I need to taste
♪ I need you
Up against my bones
♪ Yeah-eah-eah♪ Like, do you feel
The lightnin’?
♪ Do you lick the icin’?♪ Think I’ll
Just keep slidin’
♪ All the way down♪ You break the chains
And tie me up
♪ I’ll give you
All of the control
♪ Don’t you go♪ Set me free♪ Be all I need♪ Down on my knees♪ You’re movin’ through me♪ Let the animal
Out of the cage
♪ Let it rage♪ Let it bite♪ Set it free♪ Let the animal
Out of the cage
♪ Let it rage♪ In the night♪ Come for me♪ Hey, hey-oh♪ Hey, hey-oh♪ Oh-oh♪ Hey, hey-oh♪ Hey♪ Let the animal
Out of the cage
♪ Let it rage♪ Let it bite♪ Set it free♪ Let the animal
Out of the cage
♪ Let it rage♪ In the night♪ Come for me♪ Let the animal
Out of the cage
♪ Hey-oh oh-oh ♪That’s it! That’s it!
That’s it! Shit! I gotta go
to the studio! Right now? Workin’ on something,
I gotta stay focused. But you know what?
Thank you. You just gave me
a great idea. You are a genius. Genius, ‘Lette! So Zo wanted me to help you
bring out your sexy. And it’s clear to me
you need all the help
you can get. So, tonight, I’m going to let you play
in my playground. [LAUGHS] I just want you
to pick out something
that makes you feel free, because at Royal Hall, you can do, be, or wear
anything you want. Except that. No, ma’am,
you can’t wear that. [CLEARS THROAT]
Okay, less sitting,
more shopping. Mama’s got
another show to do. These costumes? Look, I’ll take
a brilliant idea
wherever I can get it. Just get dressed,
beautiful. [CROWD CHEERING] Ladies, gentlemen,
and everyone in between… Hey, baby. I would like to welcome you all
to Kingdom Night here at Royal Hall! ‘Cause here at Royal Hall, everyone wears
their own crown of greatness. Are you all ready
for the ball, darling? Are you ready for the dancing? Well, DJ, play the track! [MUSIC PUMPING]♪ Do you want it?♪ Do ya♪ Do you want it?♪ Do you want it? ♪Yes! The Kingdom of High Water definitely did not come
to play tonight. Did they come to play? No. Did they come to play? [POUNDING STAGE] They’re about to slay
every single person up in this bitch, okay? So put in that work! [MUSIC PUMPING] TODRICK:
Uh! Oh, baby! Uh! Dennis the Menace,
the wrongs are here! Oh! Word! Angel darling,
twirl in my space! [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] Little Red Riding
from the hood does Marilyn Monroe, darling. Now let’s see
up under that skirt. Whoo, yes! Good chocolate man, yes! Can we just get
one more button undone? Just one more button.
What do you think, folks? Oh, there she is,
the Black Widow. Hashtag BlackWidows, darlings! And don’t you forget it! Oh! You’re a nasty little child. She’s a nasty little thing! Yes! Make some noise,
everybody! Yeah, yeah! Yeah. That’s what
I’m talkin’ ’bout. You know
I got that hookup. I got you a good deal. It still cost me
some real money, though, but it’s just
what I’m looking for,
you know what I’m saying? All right, be safe, man. [CROWD CHEERING] The only thing
you should regret tonight is that eventually
it has to come to an end. TODRICK:
♪ They don’t snap
That snap like they used to
♪ They don’t snap that snap♪ They don’t click-click-clack
Like they used to
♪ They don’t
♪ They don’t arch that back
Like they used to
♪ They don’t arch that back♪ They don’t bop that track
Like they used to
♪ They don’t bop that track
Like they used to
♪ Dance till the night dies♪ Till the night dies ♪♪ Live to the sunrise♪ To the sunrise♪ Work, get your whole life♪ Get your whole life♪ We gon’ pose
For that spotlight
♪ We gon’
Dance till the night dies
I think we should take this
somewhere else.♪ They don’t make dem beats
Like they used to
♪ They don’t make dem beats♪ They don’t get their life
Like they used to
♪ They don’t get their life♪ They don’t take the night
Like they used to
♪ They don’t take the night
Like they used to
♪ We at the scene,
Check the posse
♪ Don’t kill my vibe ♪
♪ Don’t touch my weave ♪I didn’t think you liked me. I didn’t think I did,
either, but… I want to fuck. [SOFT MUSIC PLAYING] FEMALE SINGER:
♪ Ooh
♪ Ooh-ooh♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh♪ Want you, babyYou sure
you want to do this? We can’t take it back.♪ Ooh-ooh ♪RIGO: Poppy!
Where you at, girl? I thought you said
we were alone. We are.
My mama’s working a shift! RIGO: Poppy! Shit! Where you at, girl? Shit, shit, shit. Shit, shit. What are you
doing here, Rigo? Me? What the fuck
is he doing here? We’re just, uh, kickin’ it. Just kickin’ it? So y’all just hangin’ out,
playing Uno or some shit? Nah, a couple of dancers went
to the club after rehearsals. You know,
she needed a ride home. Is that right? Rigo, you should’ve told me
you were coming over here. You should’ve called me. Call… ?
I been calling you all day. What are you talkin…
Don’t tell me! I’m sorry. Back the fuck up!
Don’t touch me, yo! So what did you want? To give you this. Rigo… Rigo. After all these years, this is how y’all play me. ZO: Oh! Shit. [LAUGHS] That was, um… unexpected. [LAUGHS] Wow. I gotta hand it to you. I definitely did not think
that you would go there. [CHUCKLES] But you got it all. Wow, that might be
the nicest thing
you ever said to me. Or anybody for that matter. Man, you cannot show
everybody your cards. That’s how they get you. Nobody on the tour’s
out to get you. Please! Everybody
is out to get everybody. One minute,
you’re the hottest dancer, the next,
someone younger and better dances their way
right into the spotlight. Well… I’m just here to dance. Yep, that’s
what they all say. Hey, uh, you… You want
to go get some food? [SCOFFS] Boy, no. You done
wore my ass out. I’m good. But, look, I had fun. [KEYBOARD CLICKING] Ohh! Burnt, burnt, burnt, burnt. Fucking burnt! Oh! You need to invest
in some drapes sooner than later. [SIGHS] It’s been
a very long night. Matter of fact,
can we set up studio
for later tonight, okay? I been in there
all night long. Ain’t gonna be worth shit
if I go in there any sooner than, like,
9:00. Cool? Cool? ‘Lette? Hello? All right, what’s wrong? ‘Lette? Hello? ‘Lette. I’m a very talented guy. Okay?
Uh, mind-reading, however, not one of my talents. You got something
you want to talk about? You know
what the hell’s going on. Do I? Yes. I think you’re just playing
fucking mind games with me
till I tell you. Okay, um… when you start
making sense, all ears. Till then,
I got shit to do. You’re clearly
going through something, so I’m gonna let you
have that while you work that out. You know
I was fucking East-O. Right? And you know
it was, like, a thing. So, what, now you’re just
gonna, like, punish me for it? Really don’t want to have
this conversation, ‘Lette. Really don’t. Well, I do, and I think that we should. ‘Cause you know
what I’m not gonna do anymore? This shitty little dance
of yours. What… What… What dance?
What are you talking about? I’m talking about
how you treat me like shit and say it’s a part
of your “process”? When, actually, you’re just
mad at me for what I did. Ha! Okay! All right!
Good, listen, the list of shit
that I don’t have time for, really long right now, okay? And sitting high
on that list is discussing your messy
fucking love life, okay? I don’t got time
for that shit. Damn sure don’t want to talk
about you fucking East-O. Cool? Cool. So put this on the top
of your fucking long list. You can try
to push me away as much as you want, but you need me. Everyone else
walks away from you. I have been here for you
for everything, so show me
some fucking respect for once. Okay, everybody walks…
Who’s walking away, ‘Lette? Who’s walking away? Well, let’s see. Nine called me
this morning because
you won’t return her calls. Fuck that. And I found out that Ariana
dropped out of your tour, and so did everyone else, thanks to
your little radio outburst. Congratulations, Sage. You are your own worst enemy. Great work. [INSTRUMENTAL BEAT PLAYING] [EXHALES] ZO: Well, shit! Now these
look like some motherfuckers I want to dance with. Y’all ready to show
the man what we got? DANCERS: Yeah! Are you ready to show Sage what Zo and Electra’s
sexy boot camp did for you? Yeah! Hell, yeah! Okay, now, Electra! Play that shit. [MUSIC PLAYING]♪ It’s like
I fantasize enough
♪ To make
My whole body explode
♪ And I like it, yeah♪ I need to touch,
I need to taste
♪ I need you
Up against my bones
♪ Yeah-eah-eah♪ Like, do you feel
The lightnin’?
♪ Do you lick the icin’?♪ Think I’ll
Just keep slidin’
♪ All the way down♪ Set me free♪ Be all I need♪ Down on my knees♪ You’re movin’ through me♪ Let the animal
Out of the cage
♪ Let it rage♪ Let it bite♪ Set it free♪ Let the animal
Out of the cage
♪ Let it rage♪ In the night♪ Come for me♪ Hey, hey-oh♪ Hey, hey-oh♪ Oh-oh♪ Hey, hey-oh♪ Hey, hey-oh♪ Oh-oh♪ It’s like
I fantasize enough
♪ To make
My whole body explode
♪ And I like it, yeah♪ I need to touch,
I need to taste
♪ I need you
Up against my bones
♪ Let the animal
Out of the cage
♪ Let it rage♪ Let it bite♪ Set it free♪ Let the animal
Out of the cage
♪ Let it rage♪ In the night♪ Come for me♪ Let the animal
Out of the cage
♪ Hey-oh♪ Hey, hey-oh♪ Oh-oh♪ Let the animal
Out of the cage
♪ Hey♪ Hey, hey-oh♪ Oh-oh ♪[SONG ENDS] Now you’re fuckable. [HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYS]

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