hey yo this is done with real three high priestess this is a reading for Sagittarius someone resin and Venus sign imma jump right in with y'all okay going on Majid area Sagittarius Oh No one more time yo oh I was trying to get away from that seriously it feels like your partner out at you in some type of way okay you definitely are you're doing too much let me tell you something oh my god oh you got five of coins here you have the page of cups you have the two Pentacles you have tower card okay and you have the queen of Wands so you're taking on a great deal of responsibility right now Sagittarius just taking care of home taken care of yourself just trying to take care of things in your personal life as well your career okay and be an individual alright because my Sagittarius are outgoing okay but I feel I feel like there is also a disconnect you guys me you may be trying to offer love to someone and they're not reciprocating the feelings in church they're not reciprocating okay I'm just feeling like with this page of cups you're like you guys may have dealt with this person before with this v of pinnacles you may have then with this person before I'm feeling like I fuck is that page there I want to see who this is okay give me clarify this was a page hubs here because you are confusing me what is that what is that oh my goodness oh I got it yes they still like you look it is you single some of y'all sing go out there some of my Sagittarius are single I'm I wasn't feeling it one connecting okay this tower here some of you guys you're going to be going through something this is either coming in for you or mmm man this is either coming in for you or it I feel like it's coming in for you it may have already happened okay but I feel like this person wants to come in and apologize apologize for leaving you I feel like they left you in some type of financial hardship and I feel like they want to bring this they want to bring in an apology okay but you're like over it you're over it okay either a water sign or an earth sign it okay you're over it what the ten of swords here some of you guys are going to be single trying to get your own life back together seriously just get yourself together with the queen of Wands I feel like you can bring in what you're trying to manifest the ideas that you have the ideas of the success that you want I feel like you can bring that into fruition you just have to keep a positive mind some of you guys are working really hard like I said I feel like this is this almost happened for some of you guys already okay like you've gone through this like previous readings you guys have been going through this already okay getting over a situation but don't somebody may still have that inside that feeling inside okay and that's what we're dressing here change is coming maybe because you don't see change right now you are still lingering in that energy but I feel like whatever was blocking you will be removed back to what I was saying okay if some of you guys are really working hard okay trying to juggle things multitasking being everything to everyone working two jobs just trying to balance your budget but trying to be an individual is what and live somewhat of a good life you want to look good you want to go out there have fun be with your friends house dinner that's what I feel like you are going for okay and you're trying to put in the work but somebody might come back and try to apologize to you that's what I'm feeling here Sagittarius okay this person may just create more of a delay if you allow that I'm just clarifying this five pinnacles in this page of cups okay you got the justice card in Reverse so it's still whatever you're dealing with if you decide to go back or accept this apology it's still going to be unfair I feel like you're just better off going with the magician nah okay I'm telling you what to do okay but the energy that you put out if you put your focus into that okay you're gonna get what you asking for because I feel like you are manifesting things right now okay that's why you have the Mazur the magician card so be careful what you're thinking of you're constantly thinking about this person what they doing what they yet how they doing you're gonna call them back into your life and then you're gonna get more of what you're supposed to get over okay that's what I'm feeling here all right let's take a look at how this person is feeling and guff about you Sagittarius okay I didn't even see that Lord you have a page of Wands here I didn't even address that I'm just looking at it as I moved it like that you want to take action right now you want that freedom you want this new face to come in that's why that ten of swords is their spirit and robots please give me cards for Sagittarius how is this partner feeling this partner feel about Sagittarius strange it's crazy look at this ace of Pentacles here in Reverse and then you got the Ace of Wands here like this person wants to come in they want a new beginning with you but then there is some fright there is some uncertainty about how they're going to bring in this is why this is here this is why I was feeling this in the beginning okay the feelings was wacky alright but I feel like they still want to come in but they're still having issues with money okay or issues with having faith that they can actually bring in this relationship like they feel like they may have missed a good opportunity with you Sagittarius they may have missed the opportunity okay they're in their feelings as well about the relationship and the situation okay that you guys are going through I feel like they want justice or want things to be fair not just as I feel like they want things to be fair because that's the feeling that's coming in that's why they want to come in and apologize with this page of cups like listen let's get it together all right serious what did I just say two of cups here that's I told you they like come on girl tell him I'm telling them that's what I'm doing okay that's what it is they like tell them faster okay I got you okay they like come on we can do this this is like a new phase they want to come in like let's cut all the bullshit this is how they're feeling they probably are at home sitting up thinking of banking thinking not thinking baby thinking about this like well is me I may have missed this okay because of past situations this may have this may be somebody I'm picking up past energies here for you Sagittarius which is weird because I don't really dabble in past stuff too much okay but that's what they want a new beginning with you they just scared because they money they coin is not right okay but they like come on just believe in me trust me we can transform this situation we can get we can leave the past behind us okay this person is experiencing a lot of disappointment and what happened I feel like they want to come back together like they want to come in with this message okay but they still think about you let me get some messages out there we go spirit in Asia girls put so many cars for Sagittario so many rising feet inside what message does the partner have see sachet area sunrise and business partners message partners message is would you reject me what the hell did I just say I just said they just scared okay would you reject me would you reject me okay because it's at a past situations would you reject me wanting to come back into your life okay they're sure about you they're sure about this they probably manifesting and cooking up they own dying okay we will be together soon don't talk your talk I got spooked your intensity frightens and alerts me all at the same time they power think you crazy but that's okay because they love crazy that's what that is I just wasn't ready for you okay I'm sorry baby that's what they want to say I said it for you my cross watches over here I said it for you whoever this applies who I can handle your party person they asked so I can't handle your words right now you'd like to leave up that part yeah that part you party cursing a mouse up stereos whoa let's see with the mutual energies are always happy I've been these cars I do I think somebody said that and I it says some crazy stuff what I've been no cars I'm bidding them I do those guys kissing the cars for Sagittarius rising [Applause] I have to find out the likely outcome no mutual energy whatever was the likely outcome that feels better thank you ooh – Oh swords okay uncertainty about what the hell is going to happen you guys you're like this may be somebody you may not want to be with you may just want to move on okay because you don't see a change and what's happening okay and you're ready to be done with it and bring something new into your life that's what I'm feeling you guys are trying to bring in new new you got the king of Wands here and the three of cups in the four of cups don't miss out on any opportunities while you're out there I feel like you guys are gonna be trying to UM just be single and just focus on yourself right now that's what I'm saying with this three of cups I'm just feeling like you want to go out there and just be yourself okay but you also don't want to miss opportunities good ones that come in with this four of cups but I feel like there's a lessons here a lesson here you guys are seeing and respecting differences okay but it's still difficult transition because I feel like you guys are still experiencing a lot of dissatisfaction I keep going back to this four cups because I'm just feeling it they're still going to be some likely outcome a sense of dissatisfaction okay even though you are trying to go out there let me bring it back together go out there and enjoy yourself here all right who somebody may be jealous that's what it is like this partner that wants to come back may be starting up a lot of bullsh okay they starting up a lot of bullshit look how sneaky they are okay but you are dealing with this you may be dealing with this with friends too because somebody is either friends and this partner of friends or this partner okay both it could be both okay but I feel like there is gossip going around they may be gossiping because they you won't allow them to come back in and I feel like they're not happy about this because you have doubts that things will change okay you may still be feeling some uncertainty yourself who I just said that don't make me go back into that you guys got the high priestess here I'm spinning oh go back into it okay I already said this this is the time of learning for you guys seriously okay and then you move on here because I feel like there is greater you're gonna have this freedom what the high priest is once you learn from this situation and I feel like you will Sagittarius hell yeah you guys are gonna have good opportunities come in with the eight of Wands I feel like you guys were juggling though you are juggling that's what's going on that's why this eight of Wands is coming in because you are juggling right now some of you guys are trying to be the best you can be that's why this nine of Pentacles is here this is what you're trying to turn yourself into you're gonna have messages come in in regards to business in regards to moving okay in regards to opportunity and it's going to come in quickly for you once you start refocusing on yourself and then moving negative energy out of your way whatever way you want to move that out okay if you just put people on pause for a minute or you just totally stop associating yourself with different people sometimes you got to stop associating if they don't want to change their bad habits you know what I'm saying I'm just saying it okay because a world card is bringing in freedom from something that was holding you down okay mentally and physically all right I feel like you do have the answers inside of you you do have the power to bring this forward you do have what it takes you have to know how to make this happen okay whatever dreams and ideas you have forming for you sagittario's all right that is your reading darling back thank you very much for coming back to watch your reading make sure you guys are like subscribe and share this video for me give me a thumbs up on the video if you are looking for a reading go to WWE l-3 high prices comm you can order a reading they're crap Sagittarius keep it moving I love you guys give me a thumbs up on the video and take care bye


  • This is not a relationship. This is the mother of my granddaughter. She let a BF steer her away from me. She owes me money. I want it and to see my granddaughter or I wouldn’t give her the time of day. I gave her everything but she choose him over my kindness. Now she sees where that got her. Evicted out of my house.

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  • You're on point!! I 've already moved on and keep going with my life. No looking back . Past is past . I cannot live with the past. I i AM living with the present , the NOW. Better stay away and do my own future with my kids.. No regrets. Dwelling with the past is not good. I'd rather keep moving forward and start a new beginning , a new life. I AM capable of doing my own. I don't need to depend on anyone. There's no assurance for that. That's where uncertainty comes. I am working so hard to have my freedom and do what i really meant to be. I HAVE everything i need to achieve the life that i've been wishing for. My clear intention and sincere heart will surely bring me to the place where i should co'z I DESERVE the best. Thank you so much beautiful lady for your awesome reading. Thank you beautiful soul. MUCH LOVE , BLESSINGS and GREAT ABUNDANCE in many ways to YOU and to EVERYONE watching this video!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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