Sagittarius Love~ THE QUESTION OF STABILITY (Past Love Reconciliation Story July 2019)

they're used welcome to my channel the sacred soul Bell means Bell how are you guys doing since this is your last love reconciliation story this is for the month of July let's see what's been having for you in your ex this is um sorry this is your energy and this is your person your ex energy if you find yourself as anything more here you can just swap it swap this is really happens in a general reading energy scale interchange so do those and such a there's ex discovery coming overs expansion you discard coming out reversed probably in the recent past you had discovered something about this person okay and with the expansion maybe they're singing seeing many other people here in expansion which have many people to be or it could be like maybe this ex wanted to expand with you you know like let's let's explore this that kind of energy a let's see for Sagittarius Ace of Cups whoa this is the recent past they have the three of 105 of coin supers oh my gosh nine of cups coming on reverse how you see them eight of us okay so there's a lot of communication here this person probably wanting to communicate with you yeah there's definitely communication exchange of communication and I think the expansion in this case and this story is more of like yeah I want to expand you know let's let's maybe this is where this person is probably wanting to go to the next level king of cups for f1 is the okay the challenge here is basically coziness and feeling of stability maybe there's a lot of stability in disconnection okay something of a home support celebration happiness that is the challenge now what's what's going on here is that we still have feelings with each other that is the whole point even though you guys are separated you still feel truly truly connected to each other you know there's still feelings here both of you are still in love with each other if you are not resonating with that well this person's still in love with you somebody here in this relationship is still in love with the other person it despite of you know of what happened and the challenge again as I've said is stability how can we ground is how can we put structure in this okay how can I put structure in in in all my feelings okay my emotions now when Ace of Cups I think you such as their use you probably initiated this love okay the Ace of Cups you probably initiated um coming together if this is like a you know what they call this a make up breakup kind of situation it's like you have initiated this now they they they're waiting they're waiting for something with the 3 of Wands they're waiting for a return of something ok maybe this person all already approached you they have you know they have what we call this they have message you but here's the thing you're feeling is the five of coins reverse so this is where you probably felt left out in a cold you probably felt rejected somehow someway or you probably felt like you are like a charity case you know with the five coins coming out the rivers your feelings towards you it's not so open just it's not so romantic nine of cups this is where this person is probably holding back with their feelings or they are not really revealing their feelings to you that is the thing but there's a lot of communication here we are talking communicating maybe if that's not the case well it's gonna happen soon we didn't you know with in July this person already approached or they already put a plan in motion and they're just waiting for that seven of coins this is how they see you well they see you as someone who have waited or someone who have done their best but it's like you did not get the fruits of your labor you know what I mean it's like you've invested something in this relationship and you did not get it this is how they see you this is between flavors homemade or collectibles release yeah there is something here on your side something that you need to release but you couldn't this is where we are having a hard time releasing something maybe you are also in the process of releasing disconnection entirely the journey oh this is the way we're still connected with each other this is where we are questioning what else you know what else can we still do um if that's not the case if that's not resonating you're still holding hands here it means that you are still in this together even if it's not physically energetic in an energetic level mirroring so this is where this person sees themselves in you this is also where they are also kind in a way doing whatever it is that you are doing to them you Mir each other here you really do I think spirit the saying this um this month of July this is where we question what is this what is what is this journey all about you know what what what is what's in it for me okay with the journey here this is all understanding the the journey itself but I love this energy you know because you're holding hands together walking together towards the same direction and you know it's just a matter probably understanding what this path about so Sagittarius you're reading I hope this up so you think is so much for tuning in to my channel as always bye bye

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  • No expanding on the past. Well we’re waiting. I don’t what what they’re waiting for? I know what I’m for is the beautiful hand I’m holding of my true love to my new beginning.😊

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