Sagittarius *RECONCILIATION* 🤗 End of September

hey guys all right so I'm here to do the reading for the sign of Sagittarius Sun Moon and rising signs for the end of September hope all you guys are well alright so let's see what's happened Sagittarius picking up like forgiveness as needed okay forgiveness it's like setting yourself free and I feel like forgiveness is part of what's going to help you with that okay alright so let's see alright so we have wait you do enough with it huh perfect timing hi listen to your intuition an opportunity okay beauty foe bottom of the deck we have the unlikely card as your theme uh-oh something's unlikely here okay I mean let's just get some clarify all right I feel like for the unlikely it's like whatever someone's thinking here may not be the case whatever you're thinking about a certain situation may be that you're struggling with it's almost like it's not what you think you know okay all right let's see please clarify these cards all right we have the ace of cups the tennis Pentacles the ace of swords and the nine of Pentacles in Reverse bottom of the deck you have the temperance and reverse for your Dean okay so temperance with unlikely I mean the temperance in Reverse is someone who is needing to balance out their emotions you know very emotional here I'm just picking up the unlikely it's like something is not going to happen until you are balanced in your emotions I'm picking that up something's not going to happen until you are balanced in your emotion team because the temperance card it's also like Universal assistance okay and it's about having patience with the process with yourself clarify the tempers they give me the queen of cups you know queen of cups she's a master of her emotions I mean that's what it is something it's not gonna happen until you are balanced with the queen of cups in your own emotions here because the queen of cups is someone who is very secure in herself and she's very secure in her emotions her emotions is almost like she doesn't allow situations or people to get her you know out of her chair she's still fit there may the queen of cups is a very loving person okay very loving person a very giving person are very open with her emotions very balanced with her emotions she's also very spiritually connected okay she's very intuitive almost psychic to Appert to a point okay so how feeling like I'm feeling like right now a lot of you guys are working on balancing out your emotions here I'm I was saying forgiveness this was like coming to me real strong to forgiveness may be needed here in order for you to balance out your emotions so I know Sagittarius okay and they got that fire and I'm so it's like you know if they feel like they have been some type of injustice is done it's you know it's gonna be a hard time you know throwing forgiveness in there but I mean the queen of cups you know she's very forgiving because she understands that what people do and how they behave it's outside of her at the end of the day it's outside of her so she doesn't allow that to affect her emotionally here she's very loving she's she has that attractiveness about her because her emotions are balanced she attracts love she's the queen of cups okay she's the queen of cups I also see this as like someone's third eyes opening or will be opening will you be able to see through other people's emotions or see through other people not showing their emotions like you'll get it it's not picking this up okay as your theme because in your cat position you have the wait card along with the ace of cups in Reverse so this is you guys like wanting something running your manifestation to come in you know maybe a lot of you guys may be waiting on someone to come in but you haven't with the ace of cups in Reverse so for a lot of you guys this is concerning a loving relationship a divinely guided relationship at that okay definitely love here if it's not about love and it's something that you're very really really passionate about okay with the ace of cups but the ace of cups in Reverse is someone that's kind of like you know full of themselves I mean not to say it like that but this is someone that's working out of their ego and they're working either ego because of you know she could be like a past like really strong connection that didn't turn out okay that you were waiting on but you're waiting on but it's like you're waiting but your ego is still there it's like your ego is still in play here that could be why you're waiting that could be the delay the delay is in releasing your ego because love cannot be created where the ego exists at things a day it just can't because it just it'll just cause too many problems too many issues too many expectations it's just too much it'll be too much and it'll block the amount of love and abundance you know that you have to give as well as someone else has to give in order to receive so I totally understand the weight with a two cups we do need to wait because someone's working out their ego that's causing them lot a lot of emotions here a lot clarify the eight summers okay now I'm starting to really get this message okay you have an eight of cups in Reverse you guys walked away from a situation here you walked away from a situation that was no longer bringing you fulfillment okay but at the end of the day fulfillment okay it's not found outside of yourself fulfilment is found within so it's almost like like I was saying with forgiveness it's almost like this past situation okay this divinely guided this was something that was divinely guided here some of you guys to be dealing with your soulmate here and because they weren't open with their emotions or open with their feelings or express how they were really feeling and it caused a lot of you know problems like you know you were forced to leave it behind or some of you guys are thinking about leaving it behind because you are waiting but the problem is is that whoever's waiting here was working out their ego at the time as well you may have thought that the person that you were dealing with was working out their ego but you were working out your ego as well you know trying to get your point heard or trying to get your emotions cater to or validated you know like that's that's still working out here ego because remember at the end of the day love comes from within you don't need anyone to validate you you are enough to validate your own feelings and your own emotions now I'm not saying that this relationship you know was it in a enough space where you needed to walk away from it ma'am I don't know your situations but what I am saying is that your ego was in was in play here and it caused a lot of emotions a lot even though there was love here I still feel there's an opportunity with this ace of cups queen of swords queen of swords in Reverse okay my way or the highway this keep coming out this keeps coming out clean of swords in Reverse if someone who is very emotional who doesn't really think logically who doesn't really give a rat's ass because it's like as long as their points is being heard you know the mean or whatever that they want is being delivered or cater to their point of view their way of thinking how this should be and how this should go and what you should say when this happens and what you should do when this happens my that's control that's ego that's that's that's a that's a far stretch from love let me tell you okay so it's almost like this it was like they forcing it was like a force rather than an attraction you know there's a huge difference okay with the queen of cups huge difference between the queen of cups and the queen of swords in Reverse huge difference the queen of cups sit back okay even though somebody may be doing some that she don't like but she still sits back she observes okay she may speak her piece if needed but the way that she speaks her piece is still through love it's still through like listen let me tell you something that's Queen swords okay but the queen of cups is like you know she'll she'll speak her piece whatever the situation is you know whatever makes her feel uncomfortable or whatever the situation is where it makes her feel like she needs to say something or she needs to speak on it you know she will do so but she would do so in a loving way where her message is heard okay where she is heard and it comes across to the it comes across to the other person that makes it puts it back on them you know what I mean like it started like saying you you know screaming and getting out getting on cuz this is someone who's very emotional instead of screaming and in like you know doing whatever okay to get you to try to get to force you for to force your way to force your way of thinking to force your way of getting someone to see you and to hear you it's another it's a better way and doing it with the queen of cups where you will attract that love by still getting your point across but being heard and it's almost like having a conversation with with a loved one or someone that you care about okay and if they do something that you don't like or whatever it's like you're speaking your truth but you still do it in a loving way where it puts that it makes that person that you're talking to like take a look at themselves because you're not like all bothered about it you're all you're not all in your emotions and your feelings about it where you come out of yourself and you come out of character and you come away from love like the queen of cups is still able to make her point across cuz she's a queen at the end of the day okay she and she's not a doormat she's still a queen she's still gonna like state what she needs to stay but it's still gonna come from a loving place at the end of the day it's like control of her own emotions the queen of swords in Reverse is someone who is giving her control to another person by whatever the person's doing or saying and just you know then fly off the handle with the queen of swords my verse and possibly cut you a off sorry for the cuttin possibly you know cut you off behind it you know Ace of Cups in Reverse someone that is working out of an ego because they have been hurt okay so totally different energies here the queen of cups is very attractive okay she attracts love like she attracts that bird that came and sit upon her her cup she like come on in here bird come over here let me teach you a thing or two about love just saying okay so I feel like the waiting that you guys are doing it's unlikely let me just go and give it to y'all straight this waiting that you that you guys are doing we're dealing with someone from the past if you're waiting also once you reach back out to you or communicate with you or come back into your life and you left the situation where your energy was the queen of swords in reverse and the Ace of Cups in Reverse and that's how you left the situation that's how you ate a cup stick it's unlikely that they're gonna return let me just go ahead and just keep it trill with you okay so the weight is in vain unless you are working on your own emotions for the temperance card unless you are tempering out your emotions so that you can truly attract someone with the same vibration because if you left the situation on that vibration that you're going to attract the same type of connection the same type of situation that's going to cause you to be the queen of swords in the Ace of Cups in Reverse that's the unlikely okay what you're saying now and you're perfect so crazy in your obstacle position you have the perfect timing with the ten of Pentacles this is a perfect time to bring in happiness this is the ten of Pentacles this is everything okay this is the relationship this is the commitment this is the long-term commitment this is a children this is the family this is the foundation this is money this is abundance okay this is happiness and it's the perfect time the perfect time is now for it but the reason why this is in your obstacle position okay is because they're still like I said that there's there's still forgiveness that's needed there's still something that you're missing and there's something that you're missing is it's ace of cups in reverse and this Queen swords in reverse energy that some of you guys are still in like all the hell with them you know I mean they it was all them it was all them I didn't do anything wrong okay in your focus position you have listened to your intuition along with the ace of swords you want to get that clarity okay by going with then you're gonna get that understanding and you wonder why this wait it's been taking a long time spent for a long time right mm-hmm listen to your intuition connecting with your inner self here is going to assist you it's gonna give you that clarity it's gonna give you that mental breakthrough that you're looking for here that's gonna get you out of this waiting period out of the stuck period out of this resentment and I have this emotional like roller coaster here I feel like it's really really important for you guys to connect there's a message for you here and it's gonna set you free mentally and emotionally with all that blue it's gonna set you free absolutely look at that you have the opportunity card and you're what's coming position along with the nine of Pentacles this is you guys feeling free this is that freeness this is how you're able to attract abundance in love and see your life by becoming independent in your own energy I mean the nine of Pentacles Jessica represents the one being single and all that yeah okay yes but I looked at a little deeper I look at as you being single and independent in your own energy in your own emotions where you don't need that validation outside of yourself you don't need anyone to well they're not listening to me and they're not doing what I want them to do like bump that there's another way too there's another way it's nothing wrong with being with someone that you guys are on the same page of course you want to be with the one where you on the same page you know and it's like unwritten rules but you know because there's a respect there between the two individuals respect so it's like with this nine of Pentacles this is an opportunity okay for some of you guys that's this that's not dealing with love this is definitely some type of financial opportunity okay in your career or some type of creative project here but for others of you this is about love this is an opportunity for you to attract love okay by you being in then in the nine of Pentacles energy where you are feeling free when you're feeling independent where you are at a point of attraction at the end of the day cherri at the bottom of the deck that's victory that success but it's like there is some healing that still needs to take place some meditation here some clarity that still needed okay all right let me get you off what did he call it – you may get you a love card here cuz I feel like this is concerned a relationship you have an engagement card that popped out with this engagement your love life is extending to a higher level of commitment okay as well as reconciliation someone from your past is returning to your life here but for some of you guys this this is going to be like someone that you've already been dealing with it could it could have been the one that you ate a cups that you left behind because you know you guys weren't on the same page here but with these two cards together definitely telling me that your love life is ascending okay ascending that spiritually to a higher level of commitment some of you guys isn't somebody from the past and for others of you this is someone new but it's like a soulmate connection with a reconciliation card this is the opportunity this is the opportunity that's coming in but you have to be free and independent in your own energy in order to attract it in my dears ad just with all that fire use that fire in another way use that fire another way not by force but through love stop just try it see what happens okay all right you guys but there's your reading if you're interested in your soul to soul soulmate reading please check the description box below and I will talk to you later

37 thoughts on “Sagittarius *RECONCILIATION* 🤗 End of September

  • Please dear God is this my Sag. I miss him and he ghosted me. Stubborn as hell Im so naive I thought he loved me

  • So spot on.wowww……it was toxic relation …much young person who still do t prosessing properly feeling and black.e everybody around ……exactly communicat message of love with love what will resonate with other person . It's exactly how you said …..come from loving place and take control of your own emotion . Cutting off is so spot on's like game if hi is angry hi will cut you off not talk block social media then few days later hi will start talking .and is true they will not return so I stop all communication and I moved on .

  • First time listening. Everything resonated. I’m in the process in doing what you advised. I’m in a twin flame relationship. It is so hard. Thanks for your guidance. Much appreciated!!

  • Yep. I walked away from a married man! Got tired of waiting. He has the ego. Im focused on myself now!!

  • If I could just get in the ring with him (water sign) and punch his lights out….you know!!! me being a fire sign and all that…..then I am sure I could forgive …..walk away….again…..but never forget! xxx LOL xxx Thank you darling!!!!

  • Sister you spoke to my situation exactly but I did not 8 of cups him. I didn't go out spitting and cussing…lol.I'm more of I'm done now I'm getting ghost type. I do have to agree that my ego was very much at work. However, I am just tried of the relationship being in my opinion one sided. It's been a back and forth struggle for years. He's still reaching out so I have to think about what you said. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  • yes it’s me the queen of cups you’re talking about 😂. I’m waiting for my sag to open up and trust me , we’ve had our ups and down but I know they’re the one and I’ll do anything to prove that ❤️. ♋️ Here and wow you look amazing girl! Keep up the exceptional work !

  • Baby girl, love you. I was emotional/ ego.. before I listened I already told him my ego is getting in the way, I am queen of cups. 🌻🌙 full moon 🌕 tonight….. I now love myself. Higher 🎋

  • Thank you. Very insightful. I'm Aquarius Sun, Sag moon. The Virgo from the past is who I think this is taking about, he is" in and out" spotty communication, but we have been talking positively, I'm focused on Positive vibrations. My ego needs work – Less Q of Swords, more love needed.

  • Cut with words previously. Last week corrected my error and thanked him for walking away it wasn't easy. Forgave him and myself. He never apologized and it's ok I forgave anyway. I'm in a much better place within for doing that. I believe this is a TF relation ship. If he returns I know what to do now:). Thank you for this reading

  • Aww, I love my Sag, but he does have a big ego that stands in between us. The guy that leaves you first cause he's scared you will find someone better and leave him.. (but tells you youre still his best friend after 6 years seperated followed up with an LOL because the strength of the love between us scares the hell out of him) he wouldn't believe me or get it though his thick scull that I was so in love with him I couldn't see anyone but him. Instead he pushed me away, over and over again. I finally hung my head in defeat and moved to another state. I'm a Gemini with my Venus in Cancer. I can be both, I am the queen of swords but I love like the queen of cups. I knew he was my person when I didn't fly off the handle when his big ego jumped in to rear its ugly head (mostly when he was drinking and not on guard with his lovely Pollyanna look on the bright side, attitude) I might be honest and truthful due to my queen of swords twin, but I spoke my truth with love like the queen of cups, where he was concerned. It even amazed me because sharpness brings out my sword, normally.
    Oh you bet, the queen of swords in reverse would have come out with any other man in my life. I handled my truth with kiddie gloves with him, because hurting him would hurt me more. I love him unconditionally, like I love my children. He may never know how much this woman loves him, not in this lifetime. He is uncomfortable with emotions he can not control. He doesn't want to love me, this I know. He would rather find one of those rough chicks, a dom cause that's the treatment he got growing up and what he is most accustom to. It's a pity. Guess time will tell if he will overcome ego.

  • Everything you said is true. I walked away because we were both ego driven. So I've been waiting for the right one while working on myself. Interestingly enough, the ex is trying to return. I've forgiven and operate only in love. 👑 of Cups no doubt. Patience is a virtue. Thanks again beloved.

  • Listen! This reading is so on point. I need a 1 on 1 reading from you. I'm a sun Leo, moon cap, rising sag, you read me every time. You are blessed. Thanks for sharing your gifts

  • im still waiting for her to clarify if we really have a son bec. I left her without saying so gulity right now

  • GURL I guess that's not me. Because I waited for someone to love me after eight yrs, seeing him a Max of 6 occations a yr if I was so lucky. I blow up once at the end doe to an octagon of women. But yes it was My Fault for being that Stupid. Giving Myself to a Selfish Egotistical Emotionless create. All after 6yrs alone prior. Never doing that again… Coins & Me, Myself and I !!! Love & Light Gurl❣️

  • I tend to attract Leo's and I cant stand them bc of Ego! Its such a turn off the attention seeking drives me nuts. I've cut ties with 2 Leo's bc of this and their pridefulness. The forgiveness really hit home though. Somethings arent as easily forgivable as others.

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