SAILING AWAY – MAKING THE RIGHT MOVE | Hitman [Freedom Training / Final Test] (Revisited) part 1

I just find it where helps guard say that like I’m moving in over like just for a noise it’s like you heard up welcome back initiate as an ICA agent every challenge you face can be overcome in multiple ways complete this exercise again this time attacking it from a different angle vary your strategy improvise we will be watching innocent here and welcome back to hitman boy now just give me one second okay I know what a lot of you were saying in you just completed the first hitman one well yes but technically I did actually complete all of it like your seed right now I skipped this and I went straight to the Russian mission I don’t really understand why because it was this is training not the actual tutorial training but this is freedom so I can actually do it my way unless you sinned welcome back so she pretty much told you know that you’ve done this twice or that you’ve done it once but they actually showed you how to get through it but this time you’re doing it on your own a different way so that’s pretty much what I’m doing and a fee reasons why I came back to it it’s because I can’t messing around way too much I can’t messing around with some of the enemies or I just kept voice acting white too many characters which I know a lot of you liked but I just ate really think it was that great I can’t voice acting so many characters and that was got a little bit more distracting I can’t punching people in the face knock at the mouth I can’t restarting some of the missions because you know I didn’t know what I was doing I wasn’t being stealthy enough I wasn’t actually taking my time and I wanted to make up for it so I know some of y’all are kind of looking fuse wine back but this is why if you want to see the other of hitman’s I did front hit man boy and go check them out before you do this one you all know what I’m talking about Oh yeah go check us on these clips so you’ll know what I’ve been saying about you know me mr. ground punching people in the face and you know just me saying all types of wheat so here they are eat us in here make sure to check out my channel like comment subscribe and all that I love each and every single one of you make sure you do with all that all you calling a snob don’t you ever call me a snob mother oh I see a camera let me kill let me get here this really quick whoa God even see that guy Death Wish let me just go around start I’m dismissing people you get everybody out of the way you’re dismissed you’re dismissed you’re dismissed you’re dismissed you’re dismissed you’re dismissed you’re dismissed and you’re dismissed you own El Sol enjoyed more than the hmmm put you in the face alright let me get these other guys first I’ll say I’m already getting shot at hang on hang on hell no by the way I want anybody to see me while I’m running away the hell is this nitroglycerin blasted a vital highly explosive even in small doses hell I don’t need that what does what the hell was that well Sheamus said it was listed in it Japanese hello chemistry or code no but to save it there check it out all every single mission I just find it where helps guards say that like I’m moving in over like just for a noise that’s like you heard up and you’re just gonna freakin calling your commands like hey I I heard something suspicious I’m gonna go check it out over it’s just a game I know I don’t really think anybody would do that in real life or anything or you probably would if you were really cautious about you know doing your job which is a bodyguard or police officer supposed to do and like I’ve been saying almost the missions when you’re just where you’re trespassin light areas the civilians don’t care it’s just the police officers and the the bodyguards and all that I just find it a little weird but it’s just a game I know but it still just doesn’t make sense I’m gonna figure out going because this is a little bit of a mace this yacht it’s not big but it’s perfect sauce for beginners what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to get into that door right there pass it by him get his disguise and I can go up to the top or I’m gonna poison his drink Calvin Ritter is there a video okay no it’s not well there is but I just don’t want to watch it cuz you pretty much already seen it so that’s that’s the target Calvin Ritter and his bodyguard come on dude hang on let me hurry up and don’t know how I got away with that but it did watch this I’d say what they that’s gonna leave mark I got insurance though so I can totally cover that this fish is really hard to go soon only it really is I’ve tried so many times and I cannot do it once I’ve paid close several tubs just the only thing that’s so difficult about it is you got all these police officers and you you can’t blend in with a crowd so let’s see the bottom left you you can’t blend in that’s what’s really annoying about this level or Hitmen that’s what’s really annoying about it man one you can’t blame you can’t blend in with in a crowd like you can it hit me – you can still blend in like you know like look around do it you know sailors do wait tables or clean clean whatever the hell they want trying to find some rat poison or I could just go upstairs and take care of it myself so this is clearly where he is and he knows his crew ah see I could just blend in the crowd right here well get out of the way there’s so many people on this yacht I have no choice but to push I need to find rat poison I need to find it or I could just wait to this cowboy tarried Norfolk which is pretty much this cowboy old man and I can’t go in there oh that’s cute okay you better to calm down you look like an elf look at it that’s what I’ve been doing it’ll love thy previous hit made boring videos I’ve been doing way too much of that instead of you know actually doing what I’m supposed to be doing but I know that’s what a lot of people like you guys really like and I do appreciate that but you know sometimes I just get kind of annoyed with it and I want I want to get to the point what bins crate yeah I already know what those are this I’m pretty much saying all this stuff just gets anybody’s new to hit man or if you just forgot about what to do in hit man 1 instead of 2 yeah I’m gonna go ahead and explain it the rat poisons pretty much down here so grab that because I’m gonna poison Calvin Ritter some wine glass and you just gotta be mindful of which one because sometimes I do kick the fuse of which one he actually goes for and that could be really really annoying and this is the guy he talks to tarry North Pole or you know what poison this guy’s drink [Music] all right he was nice about it calling me sir just be polite that’s what that’s what I like about people just be polite no need to be like dig them out of my damn way like take everything dice a call forget Calvary just drink I’m just gonna poison the guy he needs to talk to makes it a lot more funner it’s a virus you ever had like a virus where your stomach starts to hurt really bad and you feel like you feel like you’re gonna throw up so many damn times it just feels like somebody’s punching you in the stomach that’s how it’s just that’s how painful it is I cannot stand it it’s painful it is a worse way to get sick I know right you come out with both ants like the guy said so like you can see a little bit of throw-up on the side okay get his disgust put him in here conveniently place an empty closet now let’s go find Calvin which is pretty much upstairs hopefully I won’t have to be searched it’s most the time when you’re a really important person you know you have to be searched but since I’m talking to Bert Mullins I probably don’t have to about say like is he gonna escort me or what how you doing officer like I said I can be I like to be nice but sometimes I can’t help myself but did you know just mm-hm two people if you don’t want poison counts drink that’s the one glass you need to do it in right there I really thought it was that one but it is sometimes you can’t expect what to be great whoa take it easy okay I’m supposed to talk to you and you’re getting all um sentimental on me mr. Riddick mr. Norfolk we meet at last so good to be to fly down shall we lead the way he sounds like a good guy his voice is really called good how about you okay no respond well scree then people and walk in bodyguard can you please go away well you’re gonna be standing outside the door anyway well no there’s always one right there mr. Norfolk bodyguard okay time to kill you forget information that he has to say I’m just here for the kill so hurry up and drag him in here for pretty much his built bed is in classic hitman this is a training area so you can you can understand why it’s all Oh everything’s wooden you paint not be talking about me all right let’s get my disgust back now lied to be in here I expected that get my disguise back and I’ll be off my way that’s it fuck it even you know get out of here without being seen which I I’ll write down that’s probably gonna even happen but I’ll see what I can do okay hurry I don’t want to be cited especially from especially how far I’ve made it let’s go just keep going they escorts you Alice now I thought you’re a hostile most of Tom you’re considered a hostile if a lot of people have if you’re surrounded by a bunch of people with guns instead of civilians then you’re considered a hostile so push that we’re done great this exercise is available for as long as you Nancy when you are ready to advance you have only to listen I’m ready right now let’s go ahead and do it what’s my rating five final tests I got a fast or I could just tell I did I just got word Romania was a dead end you’re saying that he mind place is real enough deserted but we found no trace that your man was ever there or anyone else for that matter someone erased his steps hmm we’ll keep digging of course but frankly it’s as if the earth just spat him out are you still determined does it matter I was told there be no second chances don’t believe everything you hear miss Byrne would my decision stands very well I’ll be watching the final test is based on an authentic 1979 mission the high point of training director soda’s career as an active agent the target was Jasper Knight a famous US chess master exposed as a Soviet spy so does caught up with night at a military airfield in Cuba and eliminated him against all odds this will be your objective as well now listen carefully I see a exams aren’t normally this difficult not only was the airfield a virtual fortress but he even added additional guards sodus wants you to fail he considers you a threat and this way your unfortunate exit from the program won’t raise any eyebrows well if he thinks we’re bowing out he is sorely mistaken good luck initiate let’s do this this is pretty much where I started off the last time very very easy to be silent on this mission I’m gonna do this suit only this was way easier than the freedoms rating what way easier okay toss that over there and they’d be aware because that guy’s can actually see me subduing him okay I need a hurry he’s gonna see him I did a little too soon I did it too soon I did it too soon dang it that’s what happens when you get two of them impatient you sometimes you can miss your chances or they end up taking one of your coins and if you leave you painless you’re ready to be filthy stinking rich with two pennies you literally just called him whoever you’re talking to maybe it was the guy Eric soldiers like you’ve just seen in the cutscene because apparently he’s hang on he’s the training director of the ICA and he’s he used to be in a hit man himself back in 1979 or if the mission right now that I’m doing was his mission in 1979 where he hadn’t killed Jasper Knight so this is kind of the variation of his mission and like Diana said he added additional guards so that’s what makes a little bit more tougher and more advanced it’s a nice little place that night this must be like the training facility but they gotta take everything so seriously though like it’s trading go easy on me boy this guy over here I should be but I’m gonna do it anyway because I know what I want to accidentally run into one of them and it could end up costing me I’m gonna get every person that’s in my way so they won’t mess me up possible intruder sweeping area ma let’s go man come here grabbin go to your twin brother yeah because you know they have the same uniforms on their face lit the same look so you look like little angels grab this gun hammer don’t need that I need to put the gun down somewhere cuz I can’t be walking around with this put it right there now just sneak your way past wait til he’s not looking then run for it so let’s try this again while he’s not looking at run for it wait here again when he’s not looking go for it caught this pipe it took me about three tries to get back to where I am now because I got impatient and I decided to you know just run past all the enemies without you know just taking it nice and slow but you can’t do that in hitman but you do the hell am I talking about you you do have to take it nice and slow you can’t just automatically Rando guns a-blazing unless you’re that type of person which me it’s not why would you want to go gun plays in anyway that’s not that’s that’s not fun unless you want to do like some type of challenge yeah I can understand that but still I don’t really understand cuz I’ve seen it like so many youtubers that you know that play hitman of destinations and they just go guns a-blazing just killing everybody and kill the target and that just really really bothers me those are not stealthy gamers there’s just people that just like to act like a fool take it nice and slow all you got to do there’s no reason there’s no reason to rush it much like you have a hot date or something yeah that’s when you gotta rush I’ve seen some people that just go out and go guns a-blazing cuz you know they just feel like it’s funner that way it’s not for me hey I feel like – just makes it more frustrating than fun because that’s how you tell the person’s not trying he’s just doing what he wants I mean no just fun but still liked by the game like it’s meant be played don’t just you know cheat it you know just do it your way okay tamper I don’t know anything about chess so you know I was just gonna move the king or queen I know nothing about chess yes just the boob I was contemplating all right but hide them warm in the bathroom hi I’m in this weird weird place crate and then just wait for Jasper oh shit what the hell are you doing how did you get in here no I’m fine how did you get in here what that come from what a cop oh I didn’t kill him yet well so much for beads silent assassin guys that’s my fault I wasn’t aware of my surroundings that’s what I’ve been saying pretty much every single disk every single hit me a video be away if your surroundings and be aware of people around you what kind of weapons and stuff they have the objects around you of where you can hide you can’t paint HUD be aware of that that’s that’s like the mate if of hitman be aware of your surroundings that’s the main tip I got for anybody be aware of your surroundings that was just clumsiness I do I do apologize for that just tap the button and boom congratulations agent you are cleared for field duty I hope you know what you just did the chopper leaves at dawn now get out of my sight [Music] so what happens now you go back into the world disappear stay on your own and on the move when we need you we’ll contact you and so this he played his hand and he lost he cannot touch us now still I can’t believe we beat him at his own game if you know your enemy quite right I should tell you the trail went dead after Romania our team found no records of any kind no name nothing I think they called me 47 that’s not a name so make it 1 all right agent 47 [Music] [Music] you were always the best nobody ever came close you defined the honor and it defines you your actions have changed the world powerful men have fallen by your hand by by the same token others have risen you realize what the kind of world you’ve been shaping does the icy and as your handler I live in that world I have seen the consequences I felt the cost that’s what defines me so there you go hitman one freedom training and the final tests completed that’s it I hope you enjoyed and I will see y’all in the next video for where we revisit Paris and then the other missions we were Mississippians I’m Marrakech Bangkok Colorado and Hokkaido the continuation of hitman two yeah here I know what happens there New Zealand Miami Colombia India Vermont North Atlantic New York and I think there’s a new location coming out I don’t know window might be closed to September the 23rd 24th I think I think that’s one of coming out but it’s called a tattoo island Haiti Island it’s it’s back in Miami I know but I have the expansion past so I should be able to get it but that’s it and I’ll see out then eNOS out

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