Salomon Freeski TV S5 E05 The Freedom Chair

you know you've caught two little things you got the little angel and the little devil and little devil said don't be a if I've been known for any one thing in my life it's not being a I listen to this guy over here and sent it a couple years into coaching landed a pretty gravy job here in Silver Star coach and legends like TJ Shiller Justin Dory Riley leave Oh Josh Bibby I'm a fella called my boyfriend Vernon hair incredible like I can't put words to how talented this group of kids is and was at that point in time they were far better skiers than I'd ever been already the landing hale came and went and i probably dropped from like 100 feet and just slightly over rotated i remember looking down I landed on the tips of my skis and then just came down so chest heavy and with that rotation of the front the weight of my ski boots came around and smacked me in the back of the head and it was lights out I'm probably the biggest turning point for me was when the doctor in the emergency room broke it down for me and he basically just told me that I'm going to kick ass in a wheelchair before I know what I'm gonna be back in the mountains riding the sit ski so I told everybody on the speakerphone that day I said you know what I want you guys to celebrate skiing for me I said I want you guys to love it the way I loved it there's nothing to mourn here because I'm gonna be back so I promise you that I'm going to be back in the mountains truth be known my back healed up pretty well and I was in the sit ski faster than somebody would have turned around an ACL injury 2005 I learned how to ride the sit ski 2006 I was introduced to ski racing which at first I was definitely standoffish about the last thing I wanted to do was wear spandex 2007 ended up winning the Canadian Championships 2008 I earned a spot on the World Cup circuit got my ass handed to me every weekend and I didn't like that very much so I took what I learned applied it over the summer brought it to 2009 and won the World Championships which was kind of crazy ended up coming back to Whistler from the World Championships and won the downhill there that just rolled men quite nicely to that Paralympic Games in Whistler 2010 and brought home the silver medal for Canada which was outstanding yeah my parent Lepik experience is probably the highlight of my athletic career but there's still something missing you know I'm not a ski racer I'm a free skier this is my dream this is what I want to do and I'm not going to be fully satisfied until I give an honest effort to it no matter what I've been through and how hard it is to race members that day nothing beats the feeling flying today gotcha mark hamill and I have been good friends for a long time since well before my accident he's since become one of the best professional free skiers in the world and to get to ski with him in a place like this it just doesn't get any better skiing's everything everything my passionate dream has always been to be a skier and my career has been filled with peaks and valleys and ultimately I got dealt a super shitty car and I don't live with that every day but holding on and staying true to what I love to do and to be a skier and to travel the world to explore new places and to explore myself through the medium of being a skier it's it's freedom next time on Salomon freeski TV Cody Townsend at least SOG said and Leo Aaron's road trip through the Northwest USA

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