San Luis Obispo Magician Changes People's Perspective of Magic!

all right Tony coppola brings us another edition of time with Tony for the next three Thursday's he'll talk with interesting people who make the Central Coast a special place to live and tonight we have Tony's conversation with a local magician who presto change-o is getting national attention okay close the book and think about this word for a second okay think about how many syllables in it like superstition you have it we are starting off this story with the start of a magic trick I am the victim I mean the volunteer and rich Ferguson is the magician we'll come back to this trick in just a moment but first you have to know who rich is to understand what rich does my style of magic really is more hypnosis and comedy and interaction and conversation it's not really just magic tricks it's a little and rich is very hot right now besides opening for stars like Jay Leno rich was recently a guest on Ellen not bad for a guy who was a mechanical engineer major in college and never had an interest in magic until he was in his 20s out of just more of being a high skilled prankster I would do stuff that just happened to resemble magic I never studied magic I didn't even know what magic was I never seen a magician till my 20s but I would touch people on a shirt like hey you're gonna go to class later and as I hit him I'd clip what's in their pocket and take it and so I took advantage of natural opportunities and I made it up I just out of being a silly guy and that silly guy is very serious when it comes to magic as we continue the trick we began at the start of the story I'm gonna take a piece of paper out of here have a small note it says a magical message what is it what is this message leading to my goal is to reveal the picked word that people often do things to throw me off and watch me burn which basically means make fun of me watch me crash and burn I'm gonna try this I'll do this with you I want to go like this is my hand like this very very slowly and what I want you to do when you're satisfied is tell me when to stop okay right here I stopped right on an e right here right very clearly yeah Tony does your words start with an E yes it does it does whether it's small intimate gatherings or large corporate events Rich's goal remains the same it's like a drug when I get to go to a party and do my thing anywhere in the world corporate parties custom parties whatever it is and completely blow people's mind make them laugh change their perspective about magic in sitevisit the compartment just sealed envelope t knows what's inside this old envelope show it to us his main focus is on mentalism the art of knowing what you're thinking or even more amazing what you think you're thinking and I'll think about this we will end this story with the end of the trick we're gonna try something watch Tony watch watch the lid and it's left with Tony picked everything Tony Coppola your Central Coast news Wow I think my job was on the table – along with Tony's I don't know if it was Tony or the other guy next to him but someone said that's weird and for sure but very interesting next week Tony will take you to the funny pages needs to investigate how that happened

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