SAP Ariba New Invoice Reconciliation User Experience

Jean works in accounts payable and she needs to reconcile two invoices today one which is linked to a purchase order and the other one which is an on peel invoice so let's start with the non piu invoice from her dashboard where Jean can see the status of all the invoices and the work that she needs to do she can access the invoice entry screen and upload the scan version of that invoice that invoice is visible directly into the screen and she can scroll down to see the details if she preferred she can also open directly the invoice as another screen to be able to switch back and forth quickly for visibility let's collab this and let's go through the process of filling some information so jeans fills the supplier information ship to addresses all very easily accessible here in the screen and then she needs to add some items those items will be not from the catalogue but it would be possible for her to quickly shop in the catalog for the articles if she recognizes them she will add the details of this article and then can copy it for the second one so that in a couple of clicks she's already filled most of the invoice if she needs to add some tax information there you go so once everything has been filled Jean can do a little check on who's going to do the approval of this invoice and submit at this level the process is finished but she can always review the summary of this invoice and edit it again if needed going back to her dashboard Jean now can create the second invoice of today the purchase order based invoice in the same way as she did before she can upload an invoice and notice that this paper invoice has a reference to a purchase order number which is shown here so by inputting the purchase order in the system all the details are automatically populated inside this invoice we see here the line items at this point she will need to add other information such as tax and charges at this point this invoice is ready to be sent but Jean will do a last review she sees all the details and she can verify the workflow in this case nobody needs to approve it once submitted this invoice will be automatically reconciled with all the reference document for the three-way match the purchase order the receipt an invoice and this will automatically create the payment request now if we have a look at the purchase order we see from here the details but from that purchase order we can always come back to that invoice where we were and also to the reference everything is readily available quickly inside the screen if we look at the payment notification let's note that the supplier will also be able to have visibility into this payment notification so it doesn't pick up the phone and call you to ask when it's going to be paid if we look at the exceptions there were three exceptions assigned to Jean they had to do with the tax and the charges which were not aligned with the purchase order Jane can see the details this tax was expected to be twenty percent it was another amount and this is what created the exception there were other exceptions not related to jeans work the receiving for example which was linked to the requester in one place you can see all the exceptions but you can also choose to view the line-item approach and here you see that the line items what they were okay but it's the header information that had exceptions concerning the cost and the extra charges once again the purchase order and all the related documents are readily accessible via one or two clicks and this is the end of the work of Jean for today but before we leave you let's show you one last functionality that has been added to the procurement pipe which is the the possibility to create an advance payment at the time of ordering if the supplier needs funding for example it can be added here and this will be later reconciled with the payment requests based on the invoice in the three way match and this was just a quick overview of the new functionalities and a new user experience around the invoice management inside Arriba

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  • This is a for normal invoice processing, if vendor require down payment, where can we put, so there is duplicate or over payment,
    Second question, if we have questions during invoice processing, which button or field we can use so questions can be sent to the requester. Right now, we need to use offline email and screen copy Ariba. Thank you

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