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Hello, I’m Charlie from Freedom Scientific,
and I’d like to show you a new portable video magnifier that people with low
vision like me use when we’re on the go and need some help reading or seeing the
details of everyday items we come across throughout the day. It’s the SAPPHIRE from Freedom Scientific. Take the SAPPHIRE wherever you go. It’s totally enclosed in a rugged protective housing. Simply open it up, place it on your
reading material, set the screen at a comfortable angle and turn it on with the green power button A battery icon appears for ten seconds to let
you know how much charge you have. Press the blue button to select full
color or one of the SAPPHIRE’s high contrast enhanced video modes for the most comfortable reading in any surrounding. Then use the yellow slider to adjust
the magnification from 3.4 times all the way up to 16 times, or to
any level in between. With SAPPHIRE there’s no need to rely on
others to read the menu to you. Use the Freeze-Frame feature to capture
images of labels on high shelves and bring them close for easy reading With the camera facing up, even those tiny pill bottle labels are no longer a
mystery. Flip down the built-in the writing stand to fill-in forms, do puzzles, or write checks. Magnify even larger by plugging the
SAPPHIRE into the T.V. in your home or hotel room Choose from up to 23
configurable high contrast viewing modes for clear, easy reading. Then closest it to protect the screen. It automatically turns off to ensure
that you receive 4 hours of real usage per charge. I don’t go anywhere without it.

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