Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere Gaffe, Pathetic Explanation

Announcer: Welcome back to The David Pakman
Show. David: Back on The David Pakman Show. A couple
of new David Pakman Show members that I want to say hello to, Louis. Stephen Duff and Devon
Craft. Both are really incredible people. Both of us go way, way back. I think I’ve
known Stephen for probably about 30 years. I knew him back when I was in the service,
actually, way back when. Louis: Didn’t you see the Wolverine movie
with him? David: I saw “Wolverine” with him. And Devon,
Devon Craft as well. I mean, Devon Craft is a guy that, if he’s not at a Motamedi family
reunion, it’s just… it’s not a Motamedi family reunion. Louis: Devon, he… Devon Craft can actually
do a backflip just using one foot. Yeah. David: That’s right, I’ve seen him do that.
I have seen him do that. Louis: It’s pretty amazing. David: And both of them now each have 10 entries
into the iPad giveaway. I’m holding the iPad here in front of me, and it’s not going to
be here that much longer, just a couple of weeks left.
We’re giving this thing away, and I don’t know what else to say. People asking me a
lot about my iPad experience. Louis: There is none. David: I’ve used an iPad for five minutes,
it was my dad’s iPad. I think I just like set up his email for him. That’s my only iPad
experience. So, you know, at some point, if people are no longer interested in us giving
them away, I guess I’ll keep one of them. Louis: Yeah. David: I don’t know what else to do. Louis: Yeah, why wouldn’t you? David: The Sarah Palin Paul Revere gaffe is
incredible. I’ve been following this with baited breath for days now. Louis: This is… this is a Sarah Palin classic. David: Sarah Palin visited Boston on… a
few days ago, and gave the news media kind of her own version of Paul Revere’s famous
midnight ride. Now, I’m going to play for you exactly what she had to say, and I warn
you, if there’s kids in the room, this is probably not something you want them to hear,
because this could really affect their opinion of American politics. This could actually
scar a child for life. It could turn them into Louis Motamedi and have them never vote
as a result. So I’m just warning you ahead of time, the
way Bill O’Reilly does when he shows anything that would be remotely concerning to a religious
conservative, and he says you might want to get the kids out of the room, I’m warning
you, you might want to get the kids out of ther oom, because a Fox News contributor made
an absurd claim about Paul Revere. Here we go. Are you ready for this, Louis? Louis: I’m ready, yeah. Matt Lorch: … in the North End. She brought
her tour of American historic sites to Boston’s Freedom Trail. At Paul Revere’s house, though, she had a
little trouble with the history of Revere’s midnight ride. Sarah Palin: He who warned the… the British
that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms by ringing those bells and making
sure as he’s riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that
we were going to be secure and we were going to be free. David: Yeah. So if you’re confused, if that
doesn’t sync up with the History Channel’s version of what happened, then you’re not
alone. Sarah Palin really just does not seem to know anything. Louis: I really wish she would stay out of
Massachusetts. David: Yeah, no, that would be good. That
would really be good. You know… Louis: If only there was some way to enforce
that. David: Yeah, I don’t think there is. Louis: Yeah. David: I really don’t think there is. And
the most amazing part of it is then she had days to come up… she had days to be coached
and days to come up with an explanation, and she went on Fox News, of course, because she
only goes on Fox News because she’s a paid contributor, and this is the best she could
do, Louis, after days of being coached, OK? This is the best she could do. Palin: … this bus tour. It’s not a campaign
tour. Chris Wallace: I’ve got to ask you real…
I’ve got to ask you real quickly about that, though. You realize that you messed up about
Paul Revere, don’t you? Palin: You know what? I didn’t mess up about
Paul Revere. Here’s what Paul Revere did. David: By the way, “I didn’t mess up.” All
right. Palin: He warned the Americans that the British
were coming, the British were coming, and they’re going to try to take our arms, so
we gotta make sure that we were protecting ourselves and shoring up all of our ammunitions
and our firearms so that they couldn’t take it. But remember that the British had already
been there, many soldiers, for seven years in that area, and part of Paul Revere’s ride,
and it wasn’t just one ride, he was a courier, he was messenger, part of his ride was to
warn the British that were already there that hey, you’re not going to succeed, you’re not
going to take American arms, you are not going to beat our own… David: Right. So Sarah Palin stands by it.
It’s completely absurd, but she stands by it. I… it’s one of the most… that’s the
best you can do after days of being coached. Louis: She could’ve just said I was really
tired. David: It’s gotcha journalism, though. Asking
a super… and incredibly basic question about something she’s doing right then and there
within minutes that she doesn’t know the answer to, it’s gotcha journalism. Louis: But it’s great that even on Fox News
it was brought up. David: I guess, I mean, I don’t know. Louis: I mean, come on, you have to… you
have to admit that’s… David: It was brought up, you’re right. I
give Fox News credit for asking her about making a fool out of herself. She just seems to have everything completely
backwards. I mean, what’s next? She’s going to… at her next stop, she said, Louis, that
a cherry tree once chopped down George Washington, and then actually the tree told the truth
about it instead of lying. That’s what she thinks happened. Next she’s going to say it
was Reagan who went to Berlin to warn the Germans not to bomb Pearl Harbor. [Laughs]
I mean, it’s just, everything’s backwards. And I really thought, honestly, this reflects
very poorly on John McCain, because where I live, Louis, and it’s a battle to get my
neighbors to do this, but you’re supposed to clean up after your dog, and, you know,
you bring along the plastic bag, the pooper scooper, you pick up the mess that you’ve
left behind. John McCain has not picked up the mess that he has left behind from the
2008 election. Louis: Nobody can pick up this mess, it’s…
it’s huge! David: We’re scooping up this Sarah Palin
stuff for… for years now we’re cleaning up after the mess John McCain left. Louis: It would probably take a workforce
of like 2 million people to clean up the poop that Palin has left all over this country. David: It would solve the unemployment crisis. Transcript provided by Alex Wickersham and For transcripts, translations, captions, and subtitles, or for more information,
visit, or contact Alex at [email protected]

100 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere Gaffe, Pathetic Explanation

  • I have watched Palin's comments and found it really difficult to understand what she was attempting to say, "…he who warned the British that they weren't gonna be taking away our arms…" true – he warned the patrol "… by ringing those bells…" misleading alright "…and making sure as he's riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells" referring to their organization's plan to send warning shots or to ring bells (which the patrol heard that night) "That we were…".

  • The clip itself was edited also. I'd like to find an unedited clip to make sure that some of what she said had not been hacked also. Who says "…and making sure as he's riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells"? Seems to me some words were cut out of that part of the clip "…and making sure as he's riding his horse through town xxxxxx to send those warning shots and bells" If so, no wonder folks are confused about what she said… either way.

  • Definition­: Sarahpalin­drome–a statement that remains obnoxiousl­y stupid whether it is read front to back or back to front. var. Palindrone­–a long statement that remains obnoxiousl­y stupid no matter how you read it. What are the odds that by the time the Tragical History Tour makes it through Montana we're going to find out that Custer actually won at the Little Big Horn?

  • @DreadTinaHistory Who Obama!! 9%to 16% unemployment for 2 years,6 trillion in new debt,suing a state over what the word illegal means . Health care bill then give out waivers , 57 states , Cambridge police acted stupidly but I don't know all the facts,57 states and so on and so on. I hope One Demarcate will run against him

  • This guy is pathetic. He compares Palin to a dog.

    Meanwhile he probably has 5 people listening to him on his radio show.

    By the way, she did get the story right. It's the liberals who need to brush up on our history.

  • @bRizzle2009100 Type this into the youtube search: Sarah Palin: I didn't mess up' Paul Revere history you dummys. watch that if you dare and see how stupid your fellow palin lovers are. they want her to be president and dont even know her polices or anything it seems for that matter. god damn why!!?

  • @ekjohndeer you think Palin is magically gonna fix all these problems? sorry buddy but its gonna take years no matter who is in office. tell me how Palin is magically gonna fix this?

  • This lady makes Billy Carter look smart. For those who were too young to remember, Billy was Pres Jimmy Carter's drunk dim-witted brother.

  • Apart from the fact that she is as thick as two short eskimos that American high pitched Micky Mouse voice gets on my tits.

  • Sarah Palin is a genius. She has outsmarted every one of them of them. While the little leftist minions are saying "Duh…. she's so duuuuuumb. She's a retord (sic).", Sarah is dangling a carrot on a string and the entire leftist press corps is following her up and down the road like the bunch of jackasses they are. ….and bitching about it all the way.

    ROTFL!!! GET 'EM SARAH!!!!!

  • @bRizzle2009100 actually he isn't comparing her to a dog he's comparing her to the poop ^-^

  • @StfuSiriusly Never said she would , but its funny they attacking her on ever word but don't pay attention on what Obama has done compare to what he said

  • @StfuSiriusly
    Type this into YouTube search. "Live Alien Held in Isolated Room".
    You can find all kinds of shit on YouTube. You Can't believe every piece of propaganda you find on the internet.

  • To all you LIBRETARDS! Paul Revere was captured by the British and at that time, WARNED THEM of the militias that were ready for them! Although bash worthy, don't jump on the "bash Palin bandwagon" without doing a little research for yourself. you look like lemmings.

  • @Lakekepler LOTS of people cared about Bush's lack of intelligence! Although, to be fair, politicians' IQs seem to have steadily declined across the political spectrum. Or perhaps that's just what it looks like when cameras and microphones are everywhere.

  • @Strankon But Palin is still wrong. She should admit it. It's sick that she picks out the ideas of the GOP in 2011 and applies them to Paul Revere. The colonies didn't even have an army when Revere's midnight ride occurred, so the last thing he would do is brag to the British.
    Palin's a cunt.

  • @euby13 "Stuff like this should be put out about the stupid shit Obama does" That sentence does not make sense.

  • @tnekkc Yeah, school books are wrong. I wish I was schizophrenic like you. Life would be so much easier if reality consisted of anything I told myself.

  • @SmallpoxRot You like using that word illiterate, your whole sentence shows why! I know it's hard for you to understand why.

  • @SmallpoxRot

    It turns out that the school books I read WERE wrong, and Sarah straitened me out.
    The main problem was that he was nearly forgotten and then Wadsworth wrote his poem.
    When a history professor or Palin tell it more accurately, we feel cheated.

  • @SmallpoxRot Your right, the colonist's hadn't formed an army, thats why they formed militias. It's those militias Paul Revere warned the British about when he was accosted by them. so if Palin said "Paul Revere warned the British, how is she wrong?

  • funny thing is paul never rode throw town that was just a story….what search it up…..Sarah Palin should burn in a fire

  • @Strankon Because she claimed he warned them during his midnight ride. She needs to stop giving little Piper bad info.

  • @tnekkc "Sarah straitened me out." I honestly don't mean any disrespect, but if Caribou Barbie is the one person on the planet that "straitened you out", your life must be an utter waste.

  • This guy is a moron. Why exactly any one would listen to anything he has to say on politics or anything else is beyond me.

  • please god of abraham i pray for you to stop the intrusion of the zionist trademark mind that these humans have created in order to satisfy their thirst to live, please also change the mind of these bearded wife beating muslim because they are filthy child boy raping xtremist, and also let oscar maldonado from ny claim his kindom to the new world and bless my ny mentality above any human mind in the universe because they are all doomed and are evil. ps: can you let palin become president please!

  • I had to support Obama even though I didn't really mind McCain. I am not comfortable with Palin being a 74 year old veterans heartbeat away from the most powerful and influential office in the world.

  • Am I missing somthing? Revere DID warn the British that the people were waiting & that they wouldnt give up their weapons.

  • Palin supporters only heard these parts of her gaffe: "not gonna take away our arms," "security," and "freedom."
    Here supporters are just as deluded as she is.

  • @Pill88Dickle – That makes it even worse that someone with the intelligence and knowledge of your average YouTube airhead actually made it close to the Vice Presidency….. 0___0

  • @Pill88Dickle – It's a damn shame, isn't it? I consider myself an intelligent man but I'm not so insecure that I would only want a leader to be as smart or less smart than myself. I would want someone I believe to be MORE intelligent than me to lead……

    ……..or maybe Palin's voters think she IS more intelligent than them……(now that really says something)

  • @friendofthefunk We are only given 400+ characters to explain to morons like you what was and was not actually said by Palin, so I tried to keep it short and simple. Apparently it still went over your head just like it went right over Pakman's head when Plain made a rather off the cuff and poorly formed couple of sentences. Palin should refuse to answer dumb questions and guys like you and Pakman should find something better to do as well.

  • @77tgear Of course he wasn't going to warn the British, why waste your time arguing with these people? She made a mistake, and if she hadn't made a million before this one I would say she just misspoke.

  • All of you are stupid ignorant ppl she is accurate dumbasses if u knew ur history u would refrain from ur hate and realized ur ignorant is discrediting the truth

  • @ILL777WILL you idiot..she said WE warned the British! We didn't warn the British. Paul warned us about them coming…..she has no idea what she is talking about.

  • @WBBugleBoy Simple. How can you presume to tell us what was said and not said? Once again, I'll try to keep this so simple even you can understand it. I was not referring to this lame ass's clip. I was referring to the original question that started this whole ball rolling. Now, do you get it? And BTW I have read the entire Constitution and know exactly what it says and means and wish everyone in Congress would do likewise for once. Dumb as a brick as are most Palin-phobes. Get over it.

  • Man, these guys are idiots. If this is what the left is made up of, the right has nothing o fear. Snarky describes perfectly…

  • @jrobinson3k1 Revere told our side to ring the church bells. It wasnt luck. Call me crazy but I think she may have actually read the history.

  • NPR, hardly a friend of the right, interviewed Professor Robert Allison, Chairman of the History Department at Suffolk University. He says Governor Palin was historically accurate. Simply Google “Saral Palin Paul Revere NPR.” You Palin Haters need to Apologize!!!

  • @jrobinson3k1 No. That is NOT what I said. The first sign for the American side that the "British were coming" was to be signal lamps lit at the tops of church towers. If all else fails church bells used to be a warning for any danger. Revere was stopped by the British partway through his ride. That is when he told them that the Americans would be ready for them.

  • @bobsilo And the head of the Paul Revere House in Boston said that she wasn't even close. Allison, who went on several radio shows to capitalize on his small window of fame, said that Palin sort of got some things right. He did not say that she was correct. And this was before her further blow-up with Chris Wallace on Fox. No one needs to apologize to Palin. She needs to admit that she's a moron.

  • @tgear77 Paul Revere agrees with Sarah Palin. In his own account of the ride, written twenty-three years later, Revere recounts how the British captured him, and how he attempted to dissuade the British from advancing. Revere warned that he had roused the local militias and that there would soon be 500 or more armed citizens coming together to repel the British.

  • @tgear77 You seem to be suffering from cognitive dissonance. You are being intellectually dishonest when you claim Professor Allison said Gov. Palin "got some things right." Here is how the NPR Transcript reads:

    "BLOCK: So you think basically, on the whole, Sarah Palin got her history right.

    Prof. ALLISON: Well, yeah, she did."

  • @blueblob4 It's because Obama will acknowledge his fuck up and apoligize. Palin will insist she never made a mistake to begin with.

    Besides, Obama got just as much for his fuck up.

  • @Deanzsyclone She needs to stay home and take care of her disabled child like most of parents do.She
    had prefer the spot light than caring for her children.I have a disabled child and he comes first.
    Sarah Palin is not a good Mother. She would rather stir up B.S.with her Tea Party.

  • Palin just wrote a book in the last year on the founding fathers.

    She had too much history in her head and forgot to dumb it down for the media.

  • this woman is so stupid not to mention she must love her shotgun because that is all her little brain can process "i think every other word she said was ARMS"

  • People like this is the reason the whole world is laughing at you US, and you can't seem to realise how brain dead this woman is.

  • There is more itelligence in Hillary Clintons finger then there is in Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann's two bodies combined.

  • @bobsilo As the historians agree and even the head of Paul Revere House states, Revere was bluffing when he said that '500 guns' awaited the British if they continued. He had a gun put to his head and believed his life depended on his answer. There was no way that he could know if there were 500 guns or 5 guns up ahead. Even if we agreed that he knew, he would not have been 'warning' the British but giving up information to the enemy. Palin was wrong.

  • Ok. I was once called a sexist because i disliked bachmann and sarah palin. However i disliked bush like crazy. And loved the idea of Hillary for president. so fuck off republican women who think I'm a sexist. I have a prejudice against idiots. If they put an intelligent woman on the pedestal for once instead of mildly attractive stupid ones. That would be greattttt

  • The thing is that Massachusetts Revolutionary War scholars have confirmed Sarah's explanation and left it at that. That these guys cannot actually dispute SP's claim with any legitimate facts of their own is more frightening than Sarah's own perceived ignorance.

    But, even then, what does it matter? Liberals seem to regard American history as just a series of broken promises following one another consecutively. Suddenly American history is the end-all be-all for these Zinn-ites.

  • Truth is, Palin was right. Several historians said she made a lucky guess…
    Paul Revere wrote a letter stating EXACTLY what Palin said. LOOK IT UP!!!!!

  • Poor woman should keep her mouth shut; she keeps putting her foot in her mouth. What does it say about the people who put her in office as governor of the state of Alaska? I mean, she had to have made speeches to win votes; did she just wake up one day and was stupid? I can picture Senator McCann still getting night terrors for agreeing to make this woman his presidential running mate; you know… in retrospect.

  • Thing is, she was right. According to Nathaniel Philbrick's new book, BUNKER HILL, Revere did in fact warn the British that they should not attack after he (Revere) was captured with William Dawes by British Major Edward Mitchell, because he himself had just warned the colonists that the Regulars (British) were coming.

  • Palin thinks the British just wanted to disarm colonists instead of killing them? haha SHE WAS RIGHT? WHAT? Few people know that ISRAEL BISSELL is actually the rider who rode over 300 miles to warn colonists of the invasion. Paul Revere was one of dozens of riders, however he did not ride more than 20 miles, he only received credit for Bissell's accomplishment because his name rhymed easier than Israel Bissell. Does BUNKER HILL mention Israel Bissell? Palin's a fucking idiot someone slap her!

  • Why couldn't she just say something like "We're having a great time looking at all these historic sites. The kids are really enjoying it. I've had a wonderful time talking with them about the birth of this great nation". Why does she HAVE to lie, all the time?

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