Sasaengs Find J-Hope’s Sister, BamBam Tinder

oh my god this comeback this comeback what did you guys think of idols uh-oh did your house catch on fire like mine also how do I get initiated into the daughters of Han our key is there like an online application or an app I can download I should probably ask bambam because not only is he familiar with motorcycles but apparently he's familiar with all kinds of apps even dating apps so I don't know if you guys saw this but God's Evans appearance on good day New York is supposed to air tomorrow June 27th well one of the hosts shared some fun stuff on her Instagram for got7 fans and on her IG story she was with bambam and the other guys and said I'm talking dating apps with the guys turns to bambam and said what did you ask me you asked me a question this guy tried to slyly dodge it by saying uh have you done it before but she exposes him right away and said no he asked me what my profile was on tinder bambam she's married you guys really need to watch it though the way he reacts and says I'm sorry is hilarious obviously it was all in good fun I'm just glad they can joke around like that while they're here and not worry about people taking it too seriously and also I wouldn't think he uses tinder anyway but you know what if he does use it who cares unless he swiped on you his privacy right we don't need to be sussing fans especially the lengths that sussing fans are going to these days we always hear about how idols have their privacy invaded by sasaeng fans literally stalking them but it's another kind of disturbing when you hear it happened to their families recently j-hope sister posted this picture on her Instagram saying it's not funny and this isn't something to laugh about what makes it worse was that apparently she was on an unfamiliar road at night she's probably lost trying to GPS her way back but kept getting these calls from these strangers who somehow got her phone number they were literally putting her in danger how could you go as far as to stalking J hopes family making them feel uneasy and unsafe it's the same situation with that saw saying who contacted jiho's mom pretending to be her asking for money that is so scary and luckily JYP took action really quick and hopefully big hit finds these people somehow and make an example out of them so this doesn't happen again I don't know what kind of punishment do you guys think would fit this crime and if all else fails we can always call on the daughters of Han Turkey which by the way I need to finish this application do you clean motorcycles of course I do that's what KJ C stands for KJ cleans

43 thoughts on “Sasaengs Find J-Hope’s Sister, BamBam Tinder

  • Like Hobi, Mejiwoo needs has her private life. And I hate how Saesangs stalk people's relative's. Mejiwoo is an amazing sister and model so we really need to respect her or else Hoseok will be mad at us for disturbing his older sister



  • In ReveFestival, you can see a wolf mouth in the photo(Really Bad Boy) What if the other things there are also related. I am not the bigggest RV fan so I am not sure.
    Also, sasaengs are disgusting

  • bro someone on his sister's instagram was shipping them-
    them being hobi and his sister
    y'all smell that🤢

  • Oh god poor Hobi he must fell awfull because of his Sister he got death threaths too he must blame himself😭😢

  • Omg poor j hope and his sister… I am so mad that army does this!!! I am so sorry for them they deserve their privacy, and it’s super scary to have your brothers PSYCHO fans come and stalk you!!!

  • okay, i wanna comment since i WAS an internet sasaeng (i am no longer with them anymore) that most ssngs never contact idols/family. when i used to do this, i would avoid getting idol's or their family or their friend's numbers since i didn't think it was right and it was weird. i don't like that this has happened and that ssngs are harassing their families(even tho it happens a lot).

    i have seen hoseok's sister's number everywhere and most people kept it just to connect it to instagram. this number had been confirmed by many sasaengs who had done this for longer. this really isn't old news i honestly don't know why she didn't speak out about it earlier. she's probably gotten so many calls since this number is still so common in the ssng community.

    i feel like that i've said i was a sasaeng im gonna get attacked so please note i don't have any information from my time as a sasaeng left and i have deleted it all.

    but one more comment. when al*x williams*n made those horribly racist statements about bts and kpop, a lot of armies found all his information and pried into his life. they spread all that info around and everyone was okay with it, but when a ssng has a number that they DONT use everyone get's so fucking pissed??? im sorry WHAT? im not trying to defend ssngs (im ashamed that i was one) but you guys only validate actions that you shun when someone does something rlly bad???

  • Poor Hobi And his sis. 🙁 I really hope they do something about this.

  • Every time I hear about these sasaeng fans it makes me soo angry that they have nothing else to do but bother innocent people, targeting an idol is one thing but to go after their family is just disappointing. It's really sad that there's literally nothing I can do

  • Literally 90% of the comments below are for Jhope’s sister getting stalked and 10% of Bambam’s tinder acc 👏🏻

  • once i saw sasaend were giving tae's and chen's moms number
    this is so sad and annoying

  • So when you telling us your face routine. I had a break out recently I need it 😔

    How do you transfer topics so smoothly ???

  • Even my non kpop fam hate these sasaengs. I swear to God ima find them betches and slap them up with Jin's help too

  • The fact that fans are so obsessed with idols to the point where they STALK idol’s SIBLINGS is absolutely TERRIFYING. They need to realize what they are doing is wrong, extremely messed up and ILLEGAL. Seriously. These people need to get a fucking life and let idols live theirs in peace.

  • To be honest I feel like there should be a new law that should be made for some idols in the law should go about their privacy and it should be explained to their fans even The Crazy Ones about what needs to happen at what needs to stop.💁🏾‍♀️🔥💯👏🏾👌🏾

  • lmao this comment section is so contrasting half the people laughing about Bambam tryna get some and half the people talking about sasaengs

  • Boi Wtf Leave Jiwoo alone like wtf did she ever do to you?? Sasaeng fans are facking crazy. Stupid hoes be ready for my RAGE! 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • look i love jhope he is my bias but like don't come for his family. i mean that's just disrespectful. can y'all like stop being in her personal space? it's not money.

  • 10 years in jail oughta do the trick. An execution would be a bit far considering the fact that they didn't harm them physically. So in my opinion sasaengs should have a ten year sentence, in that way idol groups can finish their careers

  • All sasaengs should go to jail. I don’t care if they only did once or if they stopped. You invaded their privacy and harassed their family memebers as well. It’s not a laughing matter and it’s disgusting.

  • Imagine being hoseok's sister and being…stalked.
    I cant even handle boys a grade higher than me calling my name and catcalling me aggresively. I dont even know them.

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