Sátántangó – Order and freedom (english subtitles)

– Irimias?
– Yes. That’s me. Sit down. You’re a gipsy?
– No. My name’s Petrina. – Petrina? What kind of a name is that?
– Rumanian. – Did you know your mother?
– No. Irimias. So here… it all depends on what mood I’m in. And why, after your release, you didn’t worry
about the simple question of finding a job? Time must’ve been short
but you could’ve tried. You were under surveillance. And it never occurred to you to even
think about trying to look for one… You know us, Captain. Not that well. But really, what about your future?
You’re a young man… I’m not in love with what I do either, but… You fancy being out of work all your life? Yes. Here’s this document, see, it says that
you don’t grant the least value to work or to those who work hard. Nice words. But time goes by. Do you have a wife and kids? You expect your son to support you?
Or what? When your leg is broken, or your
spine, your skull fractured… …when you can’t look after
yourself any more. We’re on the side of the law, like yourself. We know the law and we haven’t
broken it so far whatever you may think. According to this document
all you’ve ever done is break it. – No…
– And with respectable effort. That’s only appearance. So! And what is the reality beyond it? Law abiding. And why start abiding it only now? We haven’t only started now. You’ve respected the law
from your early childhood? – That’s it. – My grandfather already
held respect for the law. That was your grandfather, not you. Talk about yourself,
not about your grandfather. We’re loyal citizens of this country, Captain. I would like to point out that our services
have been used for a good few years. How did it all happen? Don’t call your lifes a tragedy. Be modest about it, no tragedy at all. – You know us, Captain.
– Yes, I do. But this is no tragedy, it’s plain villainy. Why can’t things just remain
as they used to be? As they used to be…
Won’t you ever change? Not that human life was so highly valued. Keeping order appears to be
the business of the authorities But in fact it’s the business of all.
Order. Freedom, however, has nothing human. It’s something divine, something… our lives are too short for us
to know properly. If you’re looking for a link,
think of Pericles, order and freedom are linked by passion. We have to believe in both,
we suffer from both. Both from order and freedom. But human life is meaningful,
rich, beautiful and filthy. It links everything. It mistreats freedom only…
wasting it, as if it was junk. People don’t like freedom,
they are afraid of it. The strange thing is there is
nothing to fear about freedom… order, on the other hand,
can often be frightening. I must call your attention to certain points. In actual fact you have no choice
but collaborate. If you really respect the law, then I’m just a little ahead of you in this. Practically I have… offered it. We do respect you a lot, Captain… Not the Captain. Respect the law! You’re the law itself, Captain. Oh, no. The law, that’s all of us together. – Why don’t we leave things as they used to be?
– Right now for instance, you are outlaws. But you know very well why. I don’t suppose I have to read out the lot. I won’t say this again. From now on either you work for me or I must say you have no choice. Mr. Irimias… You can go now.

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