reading the citations you to imitate in here welcome to another episode of the vlog has everyone doing today look after all doing a splendid frist Liam I am in the car got some package the guy drop off the post office and then we're gonna go thrifting song excited about that um today's back in the day this a beautiful little speedy abandon a size 30 very very I like very happy with this bag I can I do you guys remember when I got this oh my gosh um yeah I still can't believe that I found this bag at such a great price that's what I love about like YouTube and like making videos about this kind of stuff cuz I can like if I if I like want to I can just like go back to the video and then I can like remember everything and see everything and it's just like so much fun so anyway we're gonna go through some today I'm very excited it's pretty overcast but the Sun is like peeking out in some slots so I know it's like summer but this is like that I think I said this in yesterday's vlog but man this is like our I feel this is like the first time I've experienced in California where it's literally been overcast it looks like it's gonna rain that's how dark the clouds are let me show you guys look at that those clouds are crazy right anyway let's go out there I'm very excited about it so let's have a fun day shall we okay let's walk into the store and check this out and like an outdoor little bench thing that's 80 bucks oh this is cool it's like broke and kicked into dance how much it was going for $89.99 hmm they do also have this table and chairs that's sold separately this is already sold look at the toys what is fun of a pair the low fish I blow up hey guys we just bought a car and I found these little adidas slippers there sighs I don't know if they're gonna fit mom but they're $7.99 pretty cute they're like look brand-new and then that Michael Kors wallet it just looks like he's a little TLC $2.99 he was gonna bring this back to life for the right thing okay let's see what we have here look at that like that around carpet bomb thing another round carpet Oh 40 bucks down so they're from Target I think I have both outdoor chairs but mine are ye I got them from here as well oh this is like a like a shelf but it looks like a boat neither like a wire metal a little you know I want like a large round in the mirror and slow on the hunt for that well we have a couple little round one you know that's fake burn 30 bucks I spy a unicorn seven bucks actually have that guy look at the pineapples toughest little rhinosride rhinoceros is what I think it's just fine monster like a rhinoceros no I don't know how am i down below what the rhinoceros is if you guys though hey they have voices Minnie Mouse more horses a thousand mermaid but it's like a lady next to a thingamajigger blue and white stuff it's from Bombay no it's under here by static oh this is actually really cute $2.99 is this from Target don't wonder super cute let's see Apple ice-cream thing oh there was a set of like William snow my ice cream things here before I wonder if they're still here I was waiting for them to go on sale oh my gosh these little little ducks how cute I go on the hunt for place if you like I haven't found plates recently and I just would love to find some cool ones I'll use just to see him my inner grandma really likes this this is pretty watercolors blocks Wow papi these are from 1982 I get these other plates those are pretty checking out the platters right now I love going to their store to look for like ladders and serving ware and stuff like that look how cool this is okay this plate is kind of cool but this is like super cool where is this from vineyard buying the discipline party at 21 wow it's really cute though with the lobster print a little expensive it's not on sale because yellow is the color of the week so new yellow things will be half off just like a for friends Boston warehouse so I'm always looking for that cool platter is cooled serveware just because whenever we go to someone's house and we're gonna bring a dish I feel like like mom and I like to leave the dish with the hosts for the party or anything so I think it like it's a good like host hostess gift or whatever perfect for the holidays if we're gonna like bake something or whatever and go to someone's house I think it's always fun it's like a nice touch oh this is pretty the things at this target $2.99 that's like really pretty this target or Pioneer Woman cat think it's neither actually really pretty porcelain oh stop oh cool negative Taiwan and they I don't like if you had like a bar part this would be pretty fabulous on it all right like the IAC stuff there's two they're like plastic though they're made in Taiwan I feel like if you take off this shape don't know the stuff person come up with it look how fabulous better would you guys buy something like this if I bought it and like put it in the shops and they say this is so stinking cool like how great with that be like if you had like a little bar bar car area and even in the kitchen alright cuz there's a handbag this LPC PG hmm don't have any hand bags today you guys I find a fake long-term anyway let's see yeah you guys nothing really in the handbag today guys just let the store let's go to another one alrighty guys our next destination and we're here in Costa Mesa and we're gonna go inside roads so let's go inside check it out you guys look how cute this mark a Michael Kors this look at this little pink Mike Jacobs the color is really cute 42 I like this stuff the Khloe do you have fully markings on it this Rebecca Minkoff ahead likes I'm aware to it but that's easy to fix something that's the flash bad are you guys I got some goodies in here so excited to show you guys all right you guys get another crossroads and the beach of course I check it out hey guys I found two Michael Kors bag I also dropped with my lens cap hey guys it's like a couple hours later and I am at the house had dinner and I am blurry there you go so I'm at the house in the library and some stuff came me today which I'm really excited about to open but one thing I think we're doing a separate video one and the next the other thing I'm gonna open with you guys right now I'm just gonna set up the camera and then we're gonna open it up alright so here it is it came I got ordered it from Amazon and I've been looking for a new like camera strap for a hot second and saw this one like it was like sixteen dollars I don't know it's like but it's like um I don't know if it's like a bootleg off-white like camera strap thing but oh okay so this is what I really like about it too is that these little things attached to the side of the camera and you can actually take the strap off really easily which is kind of cool but here is the strap it's cool right I like it and it's like kind of like reflective and cool I don't know it was like sixteen dollars if you guys are interested in it I'll have it linked it down below if you guys want to get one for yourselves again this was just off of Amazon and I think was like sixteen dollars at prime shipping came in free one it was one-day shipping and yeah so there it is I'm gonna attach it to my camera I'm in a little bit a but this is the other thing that came and I'm gonna do a separate video for if I'm gonna link it or right there if you guys want to check it out this one is a good one quick it's handbag so it's the one that I've been wanting for quite some time and I finally managed to track it down to an amazing price


  • Vineyard vine is sold at target stores? You were looking at the lobster dish. That pink canister could also be used on your vanity or store jewelry.

  • Love you!!! Happy Day.
    I say Rhinos 🦏 πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  • I would love to go thrusting with you!!! Is it possible you can give some brands to look for that you see at thrift shops? I’m looking to start my own collection

  • Hi Hadrian love,love your videos thank you for sharing your awesome 😘❀️❀️❀️

  • Hi I like seeing your videos I enjoy them I want to ask youwhat do you use to clean your purchase I have a Coach purse

  • Greetings H!!πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› Thrifted a Oscar De la renta tote for 4.99 at GW. Online its $119.00, 3 Starbucks thermal mugs for 1.99 each. Fossil wrislet for .99, Coach N.Y. for 5.99 I enjoyed my adventure at the thrift. Love you #THRIFTSQUAD fam πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

  • I love my speedy 30 Murakami cerise bag I scored for 3.00 still can't believe the resellers didn't pick it up, also love my Tivoli I scored in Vegas I think it's way better than never full.I paid 14.99 but had it authenticated in Vegas at the LV store.Its legit.

  • Hi Hadrian. Got Michael kors dresses for $2 a piece in size 4 for me, a Minkoff handbag for $3 and 5 Sterling silver bowls for $10 @ flea market. See you on Instagram. Lots of rainbow here on Kerr Lake on daddy's lakefront property. He is the only black man alive with so much land here. My great grandmother has 100 acres on the lake 11 mins away. It is heirs property. A man from Alaska three years paid $450,000 for 1/2 acre five minutes from daddy. Love you Hadrian

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