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Any family in the States, Tony?
Anycousins, brother-in-law, anybody? Nobody. Eveybody’s dead. [ Man #2 ]
You ever been tojail, Tony? No way. No. Been in a mental hospital? Oh, yeah.
On the boat coming over. What about homosexuality, Tony?
You like men, huh? You like to dress up
like a woman? What the fuck is wrong with this guy?
He kidding me orwhat? Just answer the questions, Tony? Okay. No. Okay?
Fuck no! Arrested for vagrancy?
Marijuana? Never, man.
Heroin? Cocaine?
No. Where’d you get the beauty scar,
tough guy? Eatin’ pussy? How am l gonna get
a scar like that eating pussy? This was when l was a kid, ya know?
Mm-hmm. You should see the other kid.
You can’t recognize him. And this? Oh, that’s nothing, man.
That’s for my sweetheart. Sweetheart, my ass! We’ve been
seein’ more and more ofthese. Some kind ofcode
these guys used in the can. Pitchfork means an assassin
or somethin’. You wanna tell us about it,
or doyou wanna take a little trip
to the detention center? Okay, you got me. l was in the can one time.
For buying dollars. Big, big deal. That’s pretty funny, Tony. Hmm? What’d ya do? Mug him first?
Get him outta here! Come on!
So l fuck up! Let me talk to this guy. Please!
Let me talk to him a minute. You a Communist?
Huh? How’d you like it, man? They tell you all the time what to do,
what to think, what to feel. Doyou wanna be like a sheep? Like all
those other people? Baah. Baah. l don’t have to listen
to this bullshit! You wanna work eight, 1 O fucking hours?
You own nothing, you got nothing! Doyou want a chiy_to on
evey corner looking afteryou?
Watching eveything you do? Eveything you say, man? Doyou know l eat octopus
three times a day? l got fucking octopus
coming out ofmy fucking ears. l got the fuckin’ Russian shoes my feet’s
comin’ through. Howyou like that? What, you want me to stay there
and do nothing? l’m no fuckin’ criminal, man.
‘mn_ puta or thief. l’m Tony Montana,
a political prisoner from Cuba. And l want
my fuckin’ human rights, now! Just like the President
Jimmy Carter says. Okay? Carter should see this human right.
He’s really good. What doyou say, Hary?
l don’t believe a word ofthis shit! They all sound the same to me. That son of
a bitch Castro is shittin’ all over us. Send this bastard to Freedomtown.
Let them take a look at him. Get him outta here.
You know somethin’? You can send me an_here. Here, there,
this, that; it don’t matter. There’s nothing you can do
to me that Castro has not done.

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