Scars to freedom

[♪upbeat music♪] Soldiers coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan sometimes have a permanent reminder of their combat deployment. But a small charity called Scars to Freedom is helping soldiers and veterans in a big way. I headed out to California to see the impact they’re making on wounded warriors. [Torres] In a small patriotic office, an idea has come to life. [female speaker] I don’t care if it’s a scratch. [Torres] She’s the founder of Scars to Freedom… If he took that bullet for my freedom, it’s our thank you back to that soldier. [Torres] a nonprofit organization that fixes combat scars. Sometimes it can be depressing for them to even think that that will never be fixed again. [Torres] She’s helped many soldiers– scarred soldiers like Staff Sergeant Ryan Frederick. I think for him personally, the scars created some kind of complex, of course, because people are looking right at his face, and they just look right at his scar. It looks a lot better. You guys look at it now. It was thick, came out almost a half an inch. Is it hurting? >>Uh-hunh (negative). >>Okay, good. [Torres] The procedure is only 20 minutes, but the outcome lasts a lifetime. It’s helping me out tremendously. [Torres] At work as an Army recruiter… People don’t concentrate on my scar anymore. [Torres] as well as his personal life. When I go out, it never bothers me anymore. It’s not in the back of my mind. [Torres] It’s what Scars to Freedom could give to other veterans. I feel that if they got their scars taken off and the constant reminder was out the window, their self-esteem would rise, and they’d be able to live the rest of their lives. [Torres] With a little help from Guadalupe. If you help one soldier, you’ve helped a million. [Torres] It’s her salute to the troops. It’s the American way, and we should give back. [Torres] To US soldiers. You’re always welcome to come in here and get free scar revision. Sergeant Ashleigh Torres, >>Hooah. >>[Torres] Palm Desert, California. [♪upbeat music♪]

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