Help, help! For the love of God! I'm gonna kill you! Open this door! Open
it! Help! Open the window here, quick! What?! I'm Scary Hook! Holy fuck! How do you open this door? It's fucking stuck! Wait, lady! I'm here to help! Oh good, but there's a madman here on the other side of the door trying to help me too and he only has a little knife, so if
you can help someone else with that butcher hook, that would be great! I'm not a murderer! I'm the fuckin hero! Hero? What about that mask? What about it? It's just that the crazy guy on the other side of the door is also wearing a mask, which is way less
scary than yours Open the door! Don't do it! Calm down, I only wear this mask to hide my secret identity Right, but who do you hide it from? The police for example? Yeah, maybe… Mister less scary crazy man, I'm trying to open the door here, just wait…it's
stuck Are you insane? Are you going to open the door for him?
He is clearly a psychopath! I don't know if you noticed, but you don't look like a nurse I'm sorry if when I was eight years old I suffered a terrible trauma that made me believe that I need to fix the world with violence at all costs even if it destroys my personal life and turns me into an outcast, misunderstood by society wearing scary clothes reflecting my own troubled soul, but
well-intentioned… I just wanted to help You're right, some would call me an
antihero just because while helping people, I don't follow the code of ethics that people expect from me. No need to open the window ma'am, I get it What? Did you fall for that too? I have a
butcher's hook and I wear a mask! What's wrong with you?


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