Hey hi there a Scorpio welcome to my channel my name is Linda and I'm thanking you for tuning into those energies and influences that are coming through for your first week in July of 2019 Scorpio Sun Moon and rising this is a predictive condensed general reading so please only take those portions that resonate with you I invite you to subscribe like comment and share it really helps me out a lot and it helps to bring your vibration into those future readings I also send my intentions out for my community and my viewers please remember to check out that description box below there is a free birth chart calculator at the bottom thanks you guys and after the reading is a take note almond ok Scorpio off camera I've done a protective blessing I've shuffled and meditated over these cards just for you your first card it's the general atmosphere it's the background and the basis of the matter the knight of cups Scorpio this is water atom element which is your element this is a cancer of Scorpio or Pisces Sun Willner rising male or female this can also represent travel or the coming or going of a matter this can be a communication this is also romance and following your emotions this can be an offer message about love or something that's going to bring you joy this person they would be a dreamy and emotional and they chase a dream it could be making advances propositions giving you invitations this may represent your true love or your mr. and mrs. right a soulmate your knight on a white horse but they're at least a good friend they're honest intelligent and they're willing to come to your aid this there's romance involved here this could be a person that's romantic and they're looking for love this is a person that's impulsive they follow their heart in their dreams and they share their vision with others they love art and beauty and they're always looking for ways to bring more into their life this is a solo connection this is searching and yearning this can also represent spiritual aspirations a quest for truth and beauty and love sometimes this is an event that stands for a proposal of marriage or a proposition in the field of art this can even be a rival in love but romance is about to occur or a strong passion for someone this is sincere emotion it's following your heart making amends and even offering forgiveness your second card unless it's the energy that's crossing over your path it can be a challenge number 15 of the major arcana in the rider lake deck the devil this can be a Capricorn Sun Moon or ascendant this represents restrictions and limitations and temptation this is an extra energy it can be toxic this can be being chained by wrong choices which would bring discontent and depression sometimes illness this is bondage to the material being divorced from understanding having to face up to your demons being chained by greed this is a challenge of repression and of illusions this can be an oppressive situation that's controlling you our situation around you which would bring illusions of helplessness this can often represent a sexual relationship that has become obsessive and destructive it can refer to a person that has power over another this self can also indicate overdoing something too much something that you are tempted by could you like to do it so that's why it's tempting maybe you're on your phone too much or watching too much TV or it's something that you overdo too many video games maybe there's a favorite trouble you'd like to do well it's overdoing it so much that you can't get other things done because you'd rather do the thing you like to do this can also be a pleasure seeking couple there would be lust addictions sometimes anger and emotional games this is serving one enslaves you so place boundaries against users and takers there may be material things that are keeping you chained what is it that's limiting your personal growth you might need to confront your fears about financial security and social and material success your third card and this is how it affects you it's your attitude here you are scorpio low water energy person cancer Scorpio or pisces sun lunar ascendance this person is emotional they're loving and they're a dreamer you're empathetic this is one of the most powerful of the Minor Arcana cards her power and accomplishments are rooted in love this is a romantic woman with intuition a good wife and a mother this is a symbol of her connection with the real world and of other people this is water flowing in her trust and all she does not repress her emotions this is someone that's beautiful and fair and dreamy and she contemplates a cup this is someone it denotes a woman of equivocal character or someone that will help you out this is loving intelligence and hence the gift of vision success and happiness and pleasure also wisdom and virtue this is the perfect spouse before card it's the position of the future it's the outcome the results and the advice number 19 of the major arcana in the writer wake deck the Sun this is a great card for you guys there's a lot of travel cards on this reading this can be an Aries Sun Moon arising this is attainment its liberation it can stand for a marriage there's enthusiasm and optimism here and clarity and fulfillment this is also what the devil in your reading here it's a emotional warmth as well as a strong physical attraction there's a release and a recovery from a difficult situation this card brightens any negative cards in a spread and now this is a new beginning this reveals everything you'll benefit by sharing your true feelings there's radiance and optimism and clarity it's being warm an optimistic and joyful fortunate charismatic and magnanimous healthy outgoing playful successful being a confident leader you'll be doing things like seeing the good in others and letting your light shine looking on the bright side and expressing your inner child you could be empowering others and seeing things clearly and achieving your goals and truthfully define obstacles so do what makes you feel warm and excited inside this is a travel card also and now your fifth card it's the bottom of the next card the underlying issue this is what's unseen the six of Pentacles Scorpio you're not seeing it yet but there's going to be the equal give-and-take of money this is harmony it's a win-win situation there's balance here and oftentimes the scales represent Libra this is others sharing with you justly and you're in a balanced position concerning the income and the outflow it's good things that are coming to you and going out from you this can be the approval of a loan or a friend or a family member may lend or give money to help out but money old will be paid and prosperity should be shared with others this is a win-win situation it's dispensation giving them receding equality in fairness and gifts the giver is rewarding others or making donations or paying bills and mentoring others it's also given of your time and companionship when the needy is receiving financial assistance or petitioning this represents financial flow and charity and assistance it's giving back its generosity this is the Payette back garden advice not to be too proud to accept help from those who have more this tells us look what goes around comes around and with empathy someone has seen the light this can be a work bonus or an investor there are partners that are kind and generous towards each other it's a good omen regarding money it's health up sweetener are reaching out to doctors but there's fairness here and it's using your abundance to help others and a feeling of relief at receiving assistance it's karma cause and effect and now your advice from the Oracle deck the sacred traveler by Denise Ling we've got four faraway places Scorpio get ready for New Horizons stop playing it safe get ready for New Horizons and change in your life a journey is coming it might be to foreign lands or faraway places or maybe an inner shift that changes your destiny it's all beneficial sometimes we can feel wobbled when we are not in our normal surroundings however when you're safe you are safe and protected good fortune is ensuing the sacred traveler wants you to know that part of the glory of travel is stepping out of old habits routines and the repetitiveness of everyday life it can feel daunting yet a no small way your life is a spiritual voyage change is coming things are not as they seem there are no wrong turns every adventure and misadventure is a part of the course you are on a pilgrimage of the soul keep your metaphorical bag packed some unexpected experiences are ahead be ready for anything the joy of travel is that you can begin to experience that everyday as if you are seeing it for the first time nothing should be taken for granted here's your animal message from the deck by Suzy green scorpio you've got octopus travel across the earth and over the sea to securely embrace your dream another travel card as octopus does not wait for fate to deliver her dinner of crab employing whatever strategy is necessary for his capture even abandoning water for Earth's air she councils at you to follow your dream if your partner is left for a faraway land join them if a new and exciting possibility calls from distant climes embrace it as firmly as octopus dust crab if others obstruct you like octopus eclipses your actions in an inky cloak until your dream is securely within your grasp here's your take note moment Scorpio through the wisdom of our subconscious minds we can attract the perfect companion as well as the right business partners this wisdom can attract the right buyer for your property and provide us with all the money we need feeling gratitude puts us on the correct frequency or vibration to attract to get on this frequency correctly we need to remember that to use it not just the words we must use feeling feel the gratitude intensely and deeply to really harness this power practice and practice some more until you reach the greatest depth of feeling and the highest frequency thanks you guys Scorpio I hope you stay tuned in and leave me a comment our thumbs up and please subscribe now remember what goes around comes around so I'm sending you out love and light and blessings I hope you can feeling thanks for watching


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