SDIRA Real Estate Investing Part 1: The Basics You Need to Know from Morris Invest

23 thoughts on “SDIRA Real Estate Investing Part 1: The Basics You Need to Know from Morris Invest

  • Holy Cow! I just spent a few hours looking all over the internet for this information. Perfect timing. I am about to get rolling on a SD IRA. This information is much needed. I just found/subscribed to you two days ago. Many thanks to you.
    Also: How do I put more than $5500 in to my IRA per year? I am just getting started and want to grow as fast as possible.

  • Happy New Years guys! Awesome video, concise and informative. It still amazes me that so many people don’t know this stuff despite the internet containing a wealth of information.

  • It always stuns me how few views these videos get. They are wonderful! Thank you for continually educating us with clear, high quality videos.

  • Around 15:00, Natali says you will never be taxed on the rent coming in if you hold a property in a Roth IRA, but then proceeds to say that it’s because you elect to pay taxes on it every year/each year. This sounds like two opposite things and I really want to understand what she means! Thank you

  • dang dude i diddnt know you made videos on self directed IRA's I need to start watching you again I been slackin

  • Just found your video and I want to say: THANK YOU!! Also, something that wasn't quite clear to me… If you receive rental and put it directly back into the ROTH SD IRA, does that mean that I have to find money somewhere else to do maintenance and repairs? Also I have a piece of land that I bought and want to put it in the IRA, can I have my spouse by it through an LLC?

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