Sean O’Neill Testimonial – VP of Warehouse Lending at Texas Capital Bank

A couple of really strong trusted individuals together and they can network the right kind of way. Then each gets a benefit from it. You know it’s like having a special key in a relationship it’s like having the combination to the safe and it gets you in that safe a whole lot faster when you’re working together then when you’re not. Our client base is doing better with lower risk because of dealing with MCT All the hedge companies out there are all good. The difference with MCT is that they’re very available, very hands-on. The benefit that we see from it is is again as a trust. They spend a lot of time with the clients they’re very accessible all the way to the top. Anytime they need them and you know with a trusted partner you know we understand that the data that we’re getting is good and we’re not as concerned that they’re getting off the rails someplace and in a risk situation. Hedging done properly is something that’s crucial to any mortgage banker’s success but you gotta do it right. If you do it wrong, it could you can lose a lot so we trust that MCT is doing it correctly and watching our client and assisting them in doing it the right way and if they’re not they’ll let us know and we can get them back on track it’s all about servicing clients making sure that they succeed. I think our value proposition stays with a client longer. Our hands-on educational training program is probably the best out there. We’ve seen a lot of companies convert from just doing best efforts lending to mandatory and you can’t just do that on your own. You know when Sean sends me a customer he knows I’m gonna take care of that client I’m going to take them by the hand. I’m going to make sure they got it right.

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