Seattle “Anthem” – Leading With A Purpose – Chase

(Background Music continues throughout) Narrator (Off Screen): This is a story of partnership… The kind of partnership that’s happening in the places that are shaping our future… Like Yesler Terrace. Where redevelopment is bringing hope, housing, and opportunity to a historic community… And local farmer’s markets, where the fresh bucks program is making locally grown food more affordable for more families… And Brenthaven, where a small company is having a big impact on the way we carry our technology… It’s the story of the kind of partnership that’s helping University of Washington help local businesses grow… And Pacific Science Center, bringing the magic of science to local communities… These are the stories of the neighborhoods… businesses… families… communities… and ideas that are moving this city forward. At J.P. Morgan Chase, we’re proud to be a small part of Seattle’s story.

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