welcome to honest news you you what you're looking at here is a certificate for the Grand Lodge of the state of Israel you'll notice that Bill Clinton is on there and you'll notice that the Prime Minister of Israel is on there and also the King Hussein of Jordan a lot of folks don't understand how much the secret society is involved in Israel you don't have to look very far on the internet and you can get your information that even the judicial building in Israel was built by the Rothschild somebody's trying to desperately try to get us to forget past I want folks to know the truth of what really happened and what's still happening today that's what we're gonna be looking at today where where was Jesus crucified and ooh crucify him Luke chapter 23 in verse 33 I find it interesting that these are the two prominent numbers of the Freemasons of the secret society the number 23 and 33 you think that's by chance and when they were come to the place which is called Calvary there they crucify him they crucified and the male factors one on the right hand and the other on the left let's pray father in heaven we thank you Lord for the courage for the strength with a boldness to remind your people of what the devil would like them to forget as long as there's breath in our lungs father we're going to preach this gospel we asked you Lord to an this message as we Minister your word we will not fear what man can do on to us we give you the praise the honor and the glory Lord in Jesus name we pray amen there they crucified him there Calvary also known as the place of the skull hello skulls and bones they hate our Jesus they hate Christ they always have the Jews eight Jesus are you listening why would the Jews why would the Jews welcome and when I say the Jews I mean Benjamin Netanyahu even Ariel Sharon and those of the past in Israel why did they welcome the Catholic Church into Israel into Jerusalem they hate the New Testament they hate Jesus but they welcome the Catholic Church don't you find that odd people well I don't find it odd because how many know it was the Roman soldiers that crucified Jesus under the direction of the Roman Empire under the Roman Empire's authority at the behest hessed of the sanhedrin hello the highest authority in Israel one in Jesus dead things change today some new thing going on today No no same mystery of iniquity saying wickedness going on today that was going on then the same wickedness that conspired against our Lord is still today are you listening they created a boogieman of sorts with Islam they did that seek secret societies they developed the Freemasons that's why in order to be a freemason you have to acknowledge Muhammad as the one true prophet that's their religion that's the mystery religion hey listen II Luke 23:33 there they crucified him can you see the picture the highest authority in the Land of Israel along with the authority of Rome the soldiers of Rome there they crucified it where where did they crucify him we know for certain they crucified him Side the city of Jerusalem the scripture says even though it was in the city but it was outside the city listen people he was crucified in what's considered the city of peace a listening and maybe you haven't been following the news lately but the pulp just went to Jerusalem last few weeks all these talks of peace meeting together with Palestinians are you listening meeting together with Catholic Church and Israel what's going on here what's all this talk of peace well I will show you this it's not peace like you amazing amen jesus said when they say peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman with child they shall not escape amen man's plan of peace is not going to be successful it's gonna fail amen the same ones that hated Jesus they still hate him today and they hate you and I they hate us we that are of the truth we that have been born again of the incorruptible seed we that are truly his they hate us they hate us because we won't quit reminding the people of the blood that is on their hands amen cat which comes along and says the Pope says just forget about it forget about it let it go no we're not going to do that because if we have if we forget about it we forget about our salvation we forget about how he got saved there they crucified him you let us never forget let us not let these things slip don't forget people the price that our Savior paid I'm telling you there is a fight a battle going on trying to remove an expunged the reality of what they did to Jesus he listening to me but there it is right there but their numbers all over it there they crucified who did who crucified him the secret society the same secret society that killed Kennedy if they'll go after Kennedy people you don't think they'll go after you and I that's why Jesus said do not fear Him who could destroy your body and afterwards can do nothing amen that's why Peter said we ought to obey God rather than men it comes down to obeying God versus man we better obey God do we really believe that greater is He that's in us than he that's in the world when you see all these charismatic coming together and for menteng with the Catholic Church along with Israel and then Palestinians coming together as well you see the Muslims encouraging the rebuilding of the third temple now who is it that's doing all this it's the secret society it's the secret society along with the Rothschild they're the ones they headed up they head up the secret society the occultic ancient practices that they were practicing back there the ancients of Israel in the cave that God showed Ezekiel they're still doing it today in the same cave and interesting enough that the entrance to that cave is right directly across from Calvary you think that's by chance people you think it's by chance you think it's by chance that the tunnel system connected to that cave where they gather to this day with the first Lodge Freemason Lodge in Israel began in that cave we gathered together is tunnel if you follow the tunnel system it connects and it ends up under where Jesus was crucified hello it's a secret society a big Club a listening in you and I not in it amen but we're gonna expose it because they're trying to get even God's people today to forget the place where Jesus was crucified how would they do that well trying to call Catholicism Christianity and saying now Christians are coming together with the Jews coming together with the Palestine just forget about the past see I can't forget I can't forget because if I forget not saved he listening if I forget I forget people what they did to my savior I'm not saved I can never forget I will not forget raises name price he paid from me allelujah they're there they crucified him supposed to be the most holy city with the most holy people there he was crucified macht rejected of men Feist Jesus said if hated me they will hate you ayman that's the reality people forget it do not forget the reality of the cross amen don't forget the reality just a little over 2000 years ago wasn't that long ago there they crucified him that city that place that is now called spiritually Sodom in Egypt there they crucified place of the skull a ritual that they even did based on the law Caiaphas said the high priest you all are so ignorant you forgot that one man must be crucified human sacrifice you think that's interesting I the scripture in the Old Testament last night that's where God says I will give you to eat of your own flesh and you will drink blunt as sweet wine you don't think these wicked Jews secret society have gotten ahold of that verse oh yes listen to me people they think it's their prerogative or their right to persecute you and I they think they're doing God's service it's just the other way around people it's totally backwards they are the enemies of the cross they're the enemies of righteousness amen they're the ones that hate our Jesus and that's what they're trying to do they're trying to form in a new piece that's not a piece offered by the Lord Jesus Christ do I need to remind you that Jesus said think not that I've come to send peace on earth but a sword in the sword is coming people coming never forget never forget people praise the Lord hallelujah Jesus I'll never forget what you've done for me Jesus I'll never forget how you set me free Jesus I'll never forget how you brought me out Jesus I'll never forget no ever Jesus I'll never forget what you've done for me Jesus I'll never forget how you set me free Jesus I'll never forget how you brought me out Jesus I'll never forget no never never forget you


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