Secrets you do not know about Hope Hicks

things you don't know about hope Hicks White House communications director hope Hicks is another member of President Donald Trump's inner circle to fall into the crosshairs of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible collusion between Russia and Trump's 2016 presidential campaign how exactly did a 28 year old political novice become the gatekeeper for press access to the president and why does she almost never grant interviews speak publicly or use social media despite being quite literally in charge of communication between trump's administration and the outside world will answer these questions and more as we take a closer look at one of trumps most powerful confidence she was a motto often drawing comparisons to Victoria Secret model Hilary Rhoda Hicks took a pretty serious stab at modeling in her teen years according to NPR she landed a modeling gig for Ralph Lauren in 2002 then signed a two-year contract with Ford the famous modeling agency that has represented everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Naomi Campbell while her Ford connections helped her land TV commercials and a guest appearance on guiding light Hicks most high profile gig according to Cosmopolitan came in the form of a cover shoot for the girl and novel spinoff of the TV series Gossip Girl mm 7/12 even with her early success in the industry Hicks knew modeling may not be her career of choice in an interview with Greenwich magazine via NPR she said I'm not ready to decide if modeling is what I want to do with my life I am having so much fun I'm just going to go where it takes me but I want to continue with the acting in the same interview Hicks also dropped at Brushy and hints about her future and offered a glimpse at her family's politically-connected past I'm also interested in politics it runs in the family my parents met while they were working on Capitol Hill she said if the acting thing doesn't work out I could really see myself in politics who knows dot her family is kind of a big deal Hicks grew up in the idyllic suburban paradise of Greenwich Connecticut a well-known East Coast Hank leave for America's upper class her family assumed a new level of status within the community when the town of Greenwich proclaimed April 23rd 2016 to be Paul B Hicks three-day yes really to recognize the achievements of her father according to the proclamation he served as a town selectman for four years and worked as a political staffer to both u-s Rep stuart B McKinney and u-s senator Lowell Weicker he also launched a storied career in public relations representing a major tobacco company in Connecticut as well as the NFL during the infamous deflategate scandal according to the New York Times Paul's B Hicks three's father was also something of a PR heavy hitter having led public relations for Texaco during the 1970s oil crisis on her mother's side hopes grandfather held the distinguished title of director of communications of the Institute of Agriculture at the University of Tennessee according to the New York Times clearly her family forged a successful professional path along numerous avenues but it was an ironic professional connection of her father's that would open the door that eventually led her to the Trump administration she worked for Ivanka Trump according to the New York Times hope got her own big break in the PR world when she and her father bumped into Alec Baldwin at the Superbowl the chance encounter with the actor who would later become her boss no one public tormentor led to a job with Mathew Hiltzik a powerful NYC public relations expert who represented Baldwin and who also happened to work for the Trump Organization through her gig with Hiltzik Hicks found herself assigned to none other than Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump who at the time was developing a fashion line according to GQ Hicks and Ivanka grew close which in turn put Hicks on to Donald's radar it didn't take long for him to poach Hicks from Hiltzik hiring her to work directly for him at Trump Tower I thought hope was outstanding Donald told GQ during a profile about hope for which she declined to comment yet sat in the room while he spoke about her it was perhaps this deference towards her famous boss combined with an apparent savvy about how to retain control of one's image from intrusive media outlets that led to hope becoming a pivotal figure in Donald's presidential campaign Trump enlisted her to work on the campaign according to Politico President Trump has become so fond of hope that he calls her hope or hope ester so it's no surprise that when he decided to run for election he didn't really offer her a choice in whether or not she would join him on the campaign trail mr. Trump sat her down and said this is your new job according to her mother Keiko Vander Hicks who also told the New York Times it was a shocker hope was reluctant to take the offer to become campaign press secretary she even declined it when then campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told her she had to choose between working on the campaign and working for the Trump Organization it was reportedly the urging of the Donald himself that convinced her to get on board she helped orchestrate his presidential candidacy announcement given the ensuing fervor over the controversial remarks Donald Trump made during his presidential candidacy announcement it may be hard to believe that the event was carefully curated by a public relations expert and a political strategist according to New York magazine this was exactly the case as hope Hicks and LaVon Dolph's key worked into the early hours of the morning prepping for Trump's campaign announcement in the lobby of Trump Tower we had to build the stage make sure the flags hung perfectly the Eagles faced out the carpet was red and he would wear a red tie Levon Dolph skee said but the crafting of Trump's image quickly took a back seat as Hicks realized that it was Trump's celebrity even over the substance of his speeches that drew his followers mr. Trump is the star she told New York magazine describing the bare-bones campaign tactic of just putting Trump in front of a huge crowd in letting him rip as opposed to staging expensive photo ops look at the rally we did in mace in Arizona December 16th Hicks cited as an example that was the first one when we pulled the plane in and air for 1 the theme song of the 1997 movie starring Harrison Ford was playing it sufficient it's for branding and we don't have to pay for the cars she helped Trump compose his tweets although Trump proudly boasts that he mans his own Twitter account a reporter for The Washington Post traveling with Trump's campaign observed him dictating his tweets to Hicks who then sent them to other staffers who physically tapped out the 140 characters it's not uncommon for businesses to retain social media managers in fact aside from Hicks there is another staffer White House social media director Don scavino Jr who enjoys a large degree of control over Trump's Twitter according to Wired it has now become almost impossible to tell if it's Trump himself for scavino posting the tweet bombs that regularly dominate the headlines it's unclear if X is still involved in Trump's social media assembly line considering her promotion to communications director sounds like a 24/7 gig one that she sacrificed her personal life for on the campaign trail she basically give up her life for the campaign in an extremely rare interview Hicks spoken surprisingly candid terms about Trump's expectations of his political staffers in the grueling nature of a political campaign there was a moment the week before the New Hampshire primary when we were in the office and somebody wanted to go home at like 11:30 p.m. and the campaign manager said my boss Trump is working harder than you that's not right you need to stay and do what you're supposed to do she told Marie Claire this is mr. Trump's time away from his family and frankly it's his money he spent millions and the thing we can do is work to the best of our ability as hard as possible the pressure and the long hours it's all relative to what he's putting in which is everything Hicks a slavish devotion to the campaign even caused her mother to fret speaking with the New York Times Cavinder Hicks said she doesn't really talk to anybody anymore she has no life adding I can't actually let her know how worried I am GQ even alleged that the demands of her schedule led to a breakup with her boy friend of six years whether that's true or not the experience of joining the Trump train has obviously been an emotional one for Hicks who even felt the need to passionately defend her boss when she overheard guests at a wedding she was attending expressing dismay about his election victory reported Politico I promise he's a good person she allegedly told the Trump detractors the wedding incident as innocuous as it was was one of only two times Hicks has ever been caught off script to date the other incident involved an alleged shouting match on an NYC street she got into a public fight with a former Trump staffer in a rare misstep for Hicks she was allegedly caught by onlookers having a public screaming match on the street in Manhattan with then campaign manager LaVon Dolph ski in May 2016 according to page six a witness to the alleged tiff told the tabloid hope was screaming at Cori I am done with you it was ugly she was doubled over with her fists clenched he stood there looking shocked with his hands on his head though Hicks and LaVon domsky both declined to comment on the incident something had clearly gone wrong between them which other sources with knowledge of the Trump campaign speculated was over the handling of the announcement that Paul Manafort would be taking an even larger role in the campaign though the street-corner shouting match was viewed as a rare chink in Hicks otherwise spotless armor she seemed to suffer no lasting consequences for it a month later Levon domsky who was already at the tail end of a string of embarrassing public incidents was fired and replaced by mana Fortis campaign manager according to NBC News she's the youngest White House communications director in history at 28 years old Hicks became the youngest person to ever serve as White House communications director according to ABC News she stepped into the role most previously vacated by Anthony scaramouche I who left the gig after a spectacularly disastrous ten days that included a profanity-laced interview with The New Yorker Hicks is the fifth communications director to serve in Trump's White House within the first year of the administration in Jason Miller two days Sean Spicer fifth five days Mike Doug 90 days in Spicer again 64 days all proceeded scare and Messiah in the role according to the Washington Post given the high turnover rate for the position many are questioning effects or anyone can succeed in the role however considering all she needs to do to raise the bar is stick around for more than three months and managed to not shout expletives at a reporter we feel pretty good about her chances she's known as a trump whisperer though it's clear by now that Trump doesn't pay much attention to his handlers Hicks apparently has something of a magic touch when it comes to penetrating the president's steadfast independence according to a Politico profile she has become something of a trump whisperer other aides rely on Hicks judgment to gauge when is a good time to speak to the president to that end her strategy when it comes to managing Trump's communications may focus less on what he says to the press and more on how she communicates with him which her colleagues told Politico is akin to how Trump's daughter communicates with him meaning she can express her disagreements to the president privately but ultimately supports his decisions unquestioningly Hicks reportedly helps to soften Trump's email outbursts towards journalists who have displeased him by politely signing them best hope and she apparently knows to steer clear of him when he's indisposed with other important duties like watching a major golf tournament according to the New York Times in other words he extract the elusive code to communicating with Trump by never questioning his authority serving up his rebukes with a smile and not bugging him when he's watching TV that dot doesn't seem like it should have been that hard to figure out

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  • We know that she's Trumps girlfriend. We know that we are paying her a salary to keep him calm. If you know what I mean.

  • Tramp was probably hashing a plan, to get her to, just wondering how much it would take to keep her quiet

  • Hope Hicks was the hoe of the White House who will be the next hoe in the White House Kelly's too ugly Sanders too fat Maybe that young girl he just hired

  • Reading all the comments, I felt sick to my stomach. We live in a very sick world, anyone seen any of these things you are accusing her of?

  • If she went to prison, it wouldn't take long for her to find a girlfriend. I hope that it's a big, nasty one lol

  • O.K all of these comments bashing trump !!!!!! I bet all the trump haters likes the 401's and at tax time oh let's not for get the stock market
    !!!! Give it up all the haters out there let it go Hillary did not win !!!!!! Obama is not the PRESIDENT!!! Eather of them brought jobs back,dropped unemployment down !!!! Infacted with Hillary and the Muslim king we would be in a war with Russia by now and our kids would be in sold to a pedo ring !!so all you liebtards and Demtards try thanking president trump for making your pocket books alot fatter and our boaders
    Alot safer !!!so if you don't like it call Chuck ,Nancy Adam and tell them OHHHH wait don't for get about the McCain they will be in one place soon ( club Gitmo ) along with Hillary and Obama !

  • Is she the one who Omarrosa was talking about on Celebrity Big Brother when she said that someone(women) in the white house was doing a lot of sleeping around???

  • she's done NOTHING wrong compared to Debbie wassermen shultz hillary Clinton michelle Obama nancy Pelosi etc etc etc "" give me a break. YOU demorats narrative is getting old already STOP the identy politics or YOUR done as a country keep it up sheep.

  • The most incompetent and laughable excuse for a WH communications director in history. And on top of that she's now an admitted liar as the WH communications director.

  • The GOP and Trump were so disrespectful and made up so many lies about Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine if Hope Hicks worked for Obama? They'd look at the fact she slept with Corey Luindowski and Rob Porter and she didn't resign when Trump (if it were Obama) called her the best Piece of Ass and every GOPer would be calling her a freaking whore.

  • Can't believe all these horrible comments about this lovely young lady. Beautiful, educated,smart, talented & loyal. Sounds like a Monica Lewinsky public trail. & She was a very young person that didn't deserve our scorn!

  • Please, close down this crappy fake news channel. It sounds like a bunch of biased liberals making up ridiculous stories to try to destroy the life of good Americans. is this how you make money? Shame on you.

  • Bible States Whoever has not sinned let him throw the first stone. Investigate Robert Mueller, support American veterans

  • The Ten Commandments, the written Word of God in DEUTERONOMY 5 is the Stone rejected that must become the sure foundation for the Kingdom of God.
    Christ (YAHUSHUA-true Hebrew name) is the Word of God, the TRUTH.

    Problem with Christians and other "believers"; they STILL follow man's ( Popes' etc.) holy days made to REPLACE TRUE holy SabbathS of no work including tbe seventh day, not Sunday the first day or the fifth, and to REPLACE our Creator 's Laws through Moses, the government for our promised land.

    DEUTERONOMY 5; 4:2 says not to add or diminish from HIS commands. LEVITICUS 23, and LEV. 26 says judgments include "rain in due season" for obedience, but 4×7 curses are detailed for ignoring His wisdom and authority. Believe and follow in TRUTH.


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