Secularism: freedom, fairness and human rights #NSS150

Do you think religion is a personal
matter for individuals, and something that should never be imposed on people?
So do we. The National Secular Society has been
challenging religious privilege for 150 years. Our work began with Charles
Bradlaugh who despite being elected as an MP was denied his seat in parliament
because of his atheist beliefs. Bradlaugh was eventually allowed to take his seat,
and once sworn into Parliament was instrumental in bringing about a change
in the law giving all MPs the right to affirm rather than swear a religious
oath. Since those early days we’ve pioneered many important social reforms,
and society has changed a lot. But there’s still plenty more to do. Religion
still enjoys significant privileges in the UK. The Church of England is still
established as the national church with its bishops given seats in the House of
Lords, and a third of all state-funded schools are faith schools. With worship
still required by law in all schools, despite Britain being home to more
non-believers than ever before. A diverse society doesn’t have to mean a divided
one. That’s why we work for an inclusive secular society, when no religious group
is able to unduly influence public policy, or impose their views and
practices on people who don’t share their faith. A society where everyone’s
human rights are balanced fairly. Whatever your beliefs secularism
protects you. So why not make a stand for freedom, fairness and human rights by
joining the National Secular Society today?

3 thoughts on “Secularism: freedom, fairness and human rights #NSS150

  • Charles Bradlaugh, MP for Northampton during the 1880's was refused his seat in the commons by Christians and was violently ejected.  This happened about 6 times but the citizens of Northampton kept on re-electing him with a bigger majority every time. The Christians eventually relented and he was allowed to take his commons seat.  He then pioneered a private members Affirmation bill which was passed into law.  Because of this no MP or witnesses in a court of law has to swear a religious oath and can affirm instead.

  • I would like to point out to all people that the so called National Secular Society, you see above is nothing but a Communism shilling organisation. It believes that religious rights are secondary and holds that religious groups should not be able to interfere in affairs of State, a right that is granted to every group and individual in a democracy.
    If you are religious, you must be wary of it like you are of Communism.

  • How do you separate religion from secular life? Religious belief or lack of it pervades the whole of a persons life, they cannot be separated. Therefore secularism is just a way of atheism claiming a right to dominate society, rather than religion.

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