See How CreditCompass™ Works

CreditCompass provides personalized steps on how to reach the credit score you want. It is a feature of TransUnion Credit Monitoring – a robust product that helps you understand your financial health. To use CreditCompass, sign up for TranUnion Credit Monitoring. Once logged-in, CreditCompass will be available
at the top of the dashboard. Simply drag the compass icon to your target
credit score and go. CreditCompass takes your unique situation
and compares it to millions of data points of people just like you who improved their
credit health. With the power of that data, CreditCompass
gives you specific, actionable steps you can take over the course of the next 24 months
to improve your credit health. Your VantageScore will continue to update
over time and you can adjust your target score as your situation changes. CreditCompass is available on both mobile
and desktop browsers. Check it out today.

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