Seeking True Freedom And Joy In Life – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (19 Aug 2019)

The greatest gift that God has given to
all of us is the gift of freedom. Without freedom, life has no meaning. This also
explains why people who are rich ,who are influential, they are also not happy
because they don’t have real freedom to do what they like, to do what they want
with their money and wealth. Although freedom is given to all of us,
unfortunately, we do not know how to use our freedom wisely. How do we find true
meaning, true freedom in life? If we are free from all forms of attachment,
whether to wealth, to status, to people, to sin, we will always be truly free. True
freedom therefore means to say that we are able to use what we have for the
service of others, for the love of humanity, for the glory of God. Because
when we use what we have for the love of humanity, we too will be blessed
very much in return. The joy of helping someone, the joy of making someone happy,
the joy of making a difference in the lives of others. So true joy comes about
when we use our freedom for love. That is the answer. So freedom is not found in
the laws, freedom is not also found in sin. Freedom is only truly liberating
if it is freedom for love and the freedom in love. And what greater freedom
can we have in life than to follow Jesus. A man who is in love with Jesus,
a man who follows after Jesus, he can be assured of a life of true joy.

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