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This week on TGC News, A new 224 Valkyrie
from Seekins, the ATF annual awesomeness report and Vista Outdoor is on the struggle bus. Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone
that has been giving us feedback on the videos lately. You guys are awesome! Now, the news. It looks like Seekins Precision is jumping
into the 224 Valkyrie game. The rifle is called the VKR20 and they claim
that is it everything you could want for long range accuracy. Let’s break down what you get with one of
these. From back to front, it has a Seekins ProComp
10x stock which is their version of a precision adjustable stock. It has a Timney Targa 2 stage trigger, Of
course housed in seekins own receiver set. Moving forward there is a 15-inch SP3R V3
Mlok handguard which has this sort of triangular shape. That is covering up the 20 inch “match grade”
1 in 7 twist 5R rifled barrel. And attached to that is an adjustable gas
block as well as Seekins Advanced Tactical Compensator. I find it really interesting seeing companies
still releasing any valkyrie guns with a twist rate slower than 1 in 6 and a half. It’s been shown many times that the 1 in 7
has a hard time stabilizing the big bullets that make the valkyrie what it is, but for
some reason everyone is still using it. EIther way, I’m curious to see how this one
stacks up against all the rest and if the MSRP of 2 grand is on point for the amount
of value in the gun. How many of you guys are interested enough
in Valkyrie to drop 2 grand on a rifle? If you’re not, let me know why in the comments. I have a ton of interest in the cartridge
but so far it has not stacked up as a whole without aftermarket barrel help. Let me know what you’re thinking. Every year the ATF puts out a report concerning
Firearms Commerce in the US. It’s kind of the gauge on how the industry
has progressed over the last 12 months and this year we are seeing some interesting trends. Some of the data is from years past but warrants
mentioning. For instance, in 2016, the US produced more
rifles in one year than ever before, that year we totaled almost 11 and a half million
firearms produced. In 2017, we imported almost 4 and a half million
firearms with a whopping 27 percent of them coming from Austria, can you guess which company
that is? Haha. Staggering. Also in 2017, we saw a massive drop off in
NFA transfers, nearly 40 million dollars worth, simply because HPA didn’t pass. And last but certainly not least, the current
amount of NFA items as of February of 2018, 5 million 502 thousand 474 total NFA items
in the registry. HOLY CRAP. Now here’s the interesting thing, If you would
have told me that without me seeing the data I would have said that suppressors were the
number one item on the list. Well as it turns out I would be wrong because
Destructive Devices are at the top of the heap with 2.8 million registered, I have no
idea what those could be to be honest with you. I’ve tried racking my brain about DD’s and
figuring out exactly what’s out there but I’m not sure. Suppressors are certainly not a small section
of the market though with a grand total just shy of 1 and half million registered. The categories were also broken down by state
and as it turns out, everything is bigger in texas because they are way out front with
over 637 thousand items and they also crush every other state by a large margin with 265
thousand silencers registered in the state. The next closest for silencers would be florida
at 98 thousand. There’s a link to the PDF in the description
if you want to see how your state stacks up. It’s struggle bus time. As with Winchester and Ruger last week, Vista
Outdoor, parent company of Federal, CCI, Savage and a ton more has released their newest earnings
report. Somehow it’s their first quarter of 2019 report
in the middle of 2018. Whoever invented the fiscal calendar is a
jackwagon. Now, as is tradition for these reports, there
is a statement from the CEO Chris Metz. I’ll try to translate the corporate-speak
to normal terms. We’re doing okay even
though we’ve been riding the struggle bus a bit. We found ways to save money by firing people,
buying less stuff and selling off brands to make money and also we introduced 224 Valkyrie. He also stated that their plan to shed some
of the brands that weren’t part of their core product categories was still on track. Overall profit for the quarter were 113 million
as compared to last years 146 million. On the call about their earnings Chris Metz
also said something that I find, interesting. What I take away from that is that they think
people should blindly buy from them when they raise prices and their competitors should
follow along as they dictate pricing for the entire market. Meanwhile, in reality, consumers don’t care
and continue to buy from the lowest bidder. Maybe I’m missing something because I don’t
speak fluent corporate nonsense but I’m sure someone in the comments will correct me as
to why this was being said. This week our Good Guy with a Gun story transports
us to Titusville Florida on August 4th at 530 in the evening. It was a busy day at Isaac Campbell park and
a fistfight broke out, one of the men involved in the fight left and then came back several
minutes later with a gun and opened fire. It was at that point that a bystander who
happened to have a concealed carry permit, drew his firearm and stopped the threat. The suspect was airlifted to a nearby hospital
with life threatening injuries. It’s situations like this that confirm the
fact that you should always be armed and always be ready to protect yourself and your loved
ones. And that leads me to a question, How many
of you actually carry a firearm on your person, from the time you get up until the time you
hit the sheets at night? I suspect it’s not as many as we
all hope. It’s time for more Friendly Fire, the segment
where I answer your questions from all over social media. This week our questions are coming from the
TGC Facebook page! That all depends on the type of hunting. In thick brush a bullpup might be preferred
but you can get away with a normal rifle just as people have as long as hunting has been
around. Yes and yes. I know Cody Wilson and crew will fight this
as far as they have to. I think it’s absurd to think that files from
2013 are suddenly a problem 5 years later when politicians discover them but only time
will tell how that shakes out. The implications on the community are impossible
to say without knowing the proceedings. We get asked this ALL the time. HPA is dead in the water right now. We haven’t done an update video because there
is no update haha. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Drop your answer in the comments. And hey, if you want to ask a friendly fire
question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
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we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Seekins 224 Valkyrie, ATF Reports and Vista Struggles! – TGC News!

  • Apparently Seekins agrees on the heavy bullets! This was on their website – “Please Note: With the long-awaited release of Seekins Precision chambering of the .224 Valkyrie, we are now offering complete rifles, complete uppers and barrels in this exciting new caliber. After extensive testing and collaboration with designers and ammunition manufacturers, we have found the wide variety of ammunition and bullet designs from the light varmint bullets to the mid-weight match offerings perform exceedingly well. However, we found the accuracy of the 90gr ammo to be less than satisfactory and for this reason, cannot guarantee accuracy with the current production 90gr ammunition. As ammunition manufacturers continue to advance new loads with different bullet designs, there is sure to be future options that will live up to Seekins Precision standards.”

  • I work at one of new fandangled "Gun-Free" Zones… That's all I'm going to say…. but I rarely leave the house naked not even to do yard work

  • I built a custom Valkyrie upper around a bartein 1:6.5 rifle +2” adjustable gas and a 15 geisselle rail
    Looking forward to seeing what it does

  • Aren’t things like 40mm grenades destructive devices and aren’t all law enforcement NFA items in those total figures? That could account for a lot of those 2.5m

  • I carry everyday, except when I'm going to school or any GFZs. At home I use leg drop holsters, easier and more comfortable.

  • To answer your curiosity, I carry everywhere when I leave my house, and have firearms staged throughout my home, and don't answer my door unarmed. I do not, however, carry in the house at all times.

  • I carry all the time unless in a gov't building or school which is very seldom.
    NY state btw ( the western portion)

    Cuomo must go NOV 6th

  • I have a 20" .224 Valkyrie upper front Palmetto State Armory (which everyone says is crap) and I put about 2k into my build, so YES, there are many of us willing to get on this wagon.

    Pros: extremely low recoil (seriously), long flat shots, good power, cheap ammo

    Cons: ammo is currently hard to find. I have had to go through my FFL to order some. Not a huge problem, but not as easy as getting ammo at Walmart at any time of day or night.

    Overall I am super happy with my purchase (again, even though folks hate on PSA gear) as I can hit a 5" target consecutively at 300yds with no problem and switch to a 100yd target with little to no adjustment. It's just awesome

  • There are only three times a day that I am unarmed(except of course unless I have to go to a government instillation) when I'm sleeping, shiting, showering, or I'm shaving and even sometimes when I'm shaving!

  • I do not carry my gun everywhere but I do carry more than I used to since I got a more comfortable holster. I’d love to hunt in Wyoming for the abundance and variety of North American big game.

  • The thing about the 224 Valkyrie is it's too proprietary compared to other recent new calibers. For example, you have an AR in 5.56 and want a different caliber. Simply change the barrel and now you can shoot 300 blackout because your bolt and magazines carry over. Or maybe you have a bolt rifle or ar10 in 308 and want another in a different caliber. Get a 6.5 creedmoor and you can use the mags you already own. A rifle in 224 is not very cost effective to own, you're basically starting from scratch. unless you're just hell bent on owning the latest and greatest cartridge just based on hype.

  • If I wear clothes I am strapped. No matter where or when if it is legal. Including in my home.

  • A gun is like a seat belt, you never know if you're going get in an accident so you always wear it…
    As for hunting with a bullpup the IWI Tavor /X95 in 300 blackout looks like it would be a pretty good hog gun or a close to mid range deer rig ☺👍

  • The beginning of a Fiscal year is normally the date the business first started. Ie you start getting your business ready to open doors as soon as you start keeping books you start your fiscal year

  • I won’t be buying a a Valkyrie till a company builds a rifle with a faster barrel and price come down.

  • I work from home so I do not carry on my person, but have options staged throughout. I always carry when I leave the house, no exceptions.

  • destructive devices can be used in snow control/avalanche control to fire "small" rounds at areas that are high to collect snow and to make driving safe.

  • Actually I think the research has shown that the chamber is the issue with the .224, not the twist rate. Bullet jump is a big issue with stabilizing those heavier bullets. Guns with shorter chambers have less jump and get more accuracy.

  • Why do I feel like in 5 years all these people with these .224 v rifles will be ripping the barrels out and putting on a 6.5 grendel or some new hip accurate cartridge?

  • Probably private contractors with crew served weaponry and grenade launchers. Or maybe demo companies with things like det cord or c4?

  • I carry my sidearm everywhere I go even in some places I'm not supposed to(I don't recommend anyone to do it) but i believe in my safety and the safety of my family to be first. ( I rather be judged by 12 then be carried by six!!)

  • Alsaka, I'd take my dad and uncle on a Moose, Elk, Caribou and Kodiak hunt. Throw in some fishing in there as well. I now its somethihng they've both wanted to do for a long time now.

  • I carry all day, where permitted, and even at home. Most of the time it’s not a monster but that Kahr CW380 can go in a Desantis pocket holster and travel in any kind of shorts or whatever, along with a spare mag in a Desantis pocket mag holder in the opposite pocket. Isn’t just having a gun, any gun, with you rule number one?

  • IMO… 224v is pointless unless you go 24"+ barrel, disappointing waste of money otherwise… I ccw always, if you only "sometimes" carry, you'll make mistakes. you have to be 100% committed to carry safely… spot on about Vista…

  • When I wake up in the morning I grab my bedside pistol, carry it with me all day long at home, then change to one of my CCW pistols if I leave to go somewhere. I carry when I check the mail, go running, mow the lawn, around the house, and everywhere else I can legally carry a firearm in public. There is no excuse for not carrying some type of firearm (excluding legal reasons) except for pure laziness – especially with such an abundance of ultra-small, lightweight pocket-sized pistols.

    I have no interest in the .224 Valkyrie. I'm not really interested in fad calibers. And I'm not about to drop $2,000 on a rifle in a fade caliber that doesn't even have the appropriate barrel twist-rate. I have ample land at my disposal to shoot long distances, out to 1,305 yards to be exact, but the caliber still has no appeal to me.

    If given the opportunity to hunt anywhere in the world, I'd choose Africa to hunt an elephant (if their populations weren't threatened), or perhaps somewhere in Asia to hunt a Bengal tiger (again, only if their populations weren't endangered). I'd have either or both properly stuffed and all edible parts used; no need in being wasteful. Although I'd love to go hunting in Alaska, too.

  • Not dropping $2K on a gun on a cartridge I have no interest in. I’m not into long range shooting so for me it would be a waste of money.

  • If I have my wallet…which means if I am wearing pants, I have my Ruger LCR in .357. I don’t wear it every minute from the time I get up until I hit the sheets because I am not going to carry it in the shower. If I am cutting grass I carry 2 firearms, one for protection from people and the second with snake shot.

  • $2000 is kinda high. PSA has about the same 224 Val and if u buy the upper and then the lower separately it comes in at $640, WAY lower that $2000. It also have the adjustable gas block.

  • The 3d Printed Guns Case will have more to do with the First than the Second for now. It might effect the future of home build and 80% lowers though.

  • I'm lucky enough that I am self employed. Im armed 99% of the day. Even on days off or doing yard work around my property I'm armed. You never know what's going to happen. I think we can all agree it's best to have and never need it than to need it and not have it.

  • I always carry.
    I would not buy a 2k rifle in a new caliber. Because I don’t have 2k to spend on a gun. I would love to hunt anywhere.

  • I carry from get up to bed down, out in public and in my house. In my opinion if you’re not gonna carry ALL the time, why carry.

  • Well, technically… from "time to wake, to time to sheets," no. I live in an apartment, so I take my EDC off– but there's always a pistol within a few feet of me in each room. However, when I walk out the door… wallet keys cellphone gun… and it rarely comes off because I live in a gun friendly state; there has to be some posted sign, and some specific reason (e.g., govt building…). I have to get some new parts because my mag catch & slide stop are rusting from sweat, regardless the maintenance.

    When I travel to/through California, different story. Very dissatisfied with that situation, very. Really causes unnecessary problems, and we need National Reciprocity, for… the… love… of… god. 😳

  • I’m sure the 224 has its place. But for myself, who is limited to sub 500 yard ranges, .223/5.56 does the job for killing steel plates.

  • If the 224 lives up the the hype like I've read from many sources I'd love a 224 Valkyrie rifle, I'm having enough of a hard time to try to justify a 1300 rifle of a yet to be proven caliber where ammo is running $40/ 20rds out where I live. So $2k for one is definitely out of the question.

  • maybe you already knew this but on the corporate jargon: shareholders like to see percent rise over expenses to deliver return on investment. consumers like to see value delivered to the customer which doesn't always translate in margins. Sometimes downsizing, cutting fat, becoming leaner, and selling with a better margin can make you a more profitable company because they are publicly owned. People own their shares to trade. A well managed private company like Beretta, their growth comes back directly to the owners and is less percent-based. If the owner is making $1 million dollars in margin, then spending way more to increase that to just a few dollars more makes sense because they're locked into that investment and their share comes off the top. Shareholders could just sell their shares and buy amazon or something with stronger margins. It makes sense to cut fat and sell less for more, and to call their competitors,american outdoor formerly known as S&W holding, and ruger, unsustainable. Didn't you report on American Outdoors lost 1/3 of their sales in a march 19th episode? to maintain value, hopefully being smaller will demonstrate they can keep their shtuff together.

  • Sucks I can't carry at work even though I'm in the army and have 2 deployments and multiple qualifications including the M9 all the way to the MK 19.9 years of service 6 of it as infantry and somehow I can't carry but the idiot MPs can and they suck at shooting .

  • Do yourself a favor and get a 224 AR/Grendel. It will shoot 90gr Sierra Matching fast enough that a 1/7 inch barrel twist will work.

  • Corporations live in a dream world. When an event like the 8 years of Odummer caused prices to soar out of control, companies expect this bubble to last forever.

  • I’m not allowed to carry a gun on my person at work, but I work at a gun range and a better gun as well as my SW shield are within arms reach. If I’m not at work I have my shield on my person, and if I’m at home I have a full sized 9mm next to me.

  • I will not spend 2k on a 224 AR15. the reasons are simple I like my AR15's but they are all limited to 400 yards or less and that is when shooting steel and under 200 yards if shooting anything that is alive. I like to shoot/practice a lot and 224 ammo is pricey and not very easy to find. If I want to go longer I already have many other guns that will out shoot a 224 already at over 400 yards and those rifles I am very well practiced in and cost less to shoot. My last reason, 2k will buy 2 to 3 times more standard ball ammo in 223/5.56 and cost a bit more than even my 6.5 Creedmoor to practice with which is my normal go to rifle for anything over 200 yards.
    I carry on any ranch property, but i do not carry if in town. My reason is out in the country or on the ranch I am alone and help is not very close,. While in town I am surrounded by others carrying, so I do not need to carry. The time i carry per day is around 4 hours or less per day.
    Oh and what i would hunt would be Hog in Texas!

  • If I could go anywhere to hunt it be home in Wisconsin with a old Marlin lever gun in 30-30 that I got from my dad (who inherited it from his dad, that he bought new in the 80's) when I was 16, be 15ft in the air, in a tree stand, on a cold saturday morning in November with some light snow on the ground, like what my family has done for 4 generations. Got outta the army and currently stuck in a city in California for school to be near my significant others family but rather be home in my lil farm town in the middle of no where, especially for Deer Season. (Remember kids, you have more freedom and say in life when your single but I digress)

  • I wouldn’t pay that much for it because I just shoot for fun. It’s nonsense to spend that much on a rifle you’ll hardly use

  • Built a 6.5 Grendel and it far exceeds my hunting needs. For long range I use the 6.5 Creedmoor, while the Valkyrie sounds great. The recent accuracy issues and it's inability to knock either one of those out for their intended purposes for me. I just don.t need the Valkyrie.

  • My 1-7 twist BSA 18 inch barrel shoots 1 inch to 1/2 moa at 100 is all I know. And maybe Federal and Seekins know more than we do.

  • John, In regards to the .224 Valkrie, I have been a long time fan of a little known wildcat called the 6PDK [Predator Dog Kiler] which is a 6.8SPC necked down to a 6mm, sound familiar? Back in the late 2000's a gentleman by the name of Roy Winnett developed his line of "PDK wildcats" based upon the 6.8SPC, .204, .224, .243, .264 etc… My 6PDK utilizes a 20" Krieger .243 barrel with a 1:7.5 twist chambered by John Holliger of White Oak Armament fame. I bought the upper back in 2010, and I have killed numerous groundhogs, coyotes, and feral hogs with the cartridge. I have rang steel easily out ot 1,000 yards with my 6PDK. My take on the .224 Valkrie, the original design should have used a faster twist rate barrel when trying to stabilize 90gr projectiles, plain and simple. Same old story as in cartridge design, INVENT a new cartridge, market perceived demand, sell as much as possible! Honestly, there are so many great cartridges out there already.

  • Texas again leading the charge on NFA items. What is interesting though is there are 200k registered destructive devices (aka things that go boom for the most part) in TX. I seriously wonder what they are. lol

  • First time I saw your video in any topic. Title stated 224 valkyrie. I dont think you spent more than 3 minutes talking about it. I clicked on your video simply because I wanted to see the interest on a 224. I questioned the whole video the minute you said long range option and then suffered through a cornucopia of information I had intent or desire to hear. If you label the key phrase of your video 224 valkyrie but dedicate less than 3 minutes to that topic in an 11 and a half minute video, I view that as a bait and switch. Contsructive criticism only but when I saw the title headlined as 224 valkyrie I was looking forward to hearing no less than 10 minutes of that topic.

  • Given that I'm working out the bits and pieces to build out a standard AR platform for $300 (before optics), 2 grand for an AR in a different caliber just for long range shooting really doesn't even show up on my radar. If I was going to spend that, it'd better have a thermal optic on it.

  • Screw .224 Valkyrie, buy WC.300 HAM'R! 30. Cal hunting rifle with tactical applications.

    Why would anyone buy a complete rifle and not just a barrel?

  • Concealed carry all the time is tough if your employer doesn't allow weapons 🙂 Of course if you are retired, have an employer who allows carry, etc. you're good but all the employers I've had do not allow weapons and I live in a pretty gun friendly state.

  • I do. Even when there are Gun Free zones. It's none of your business if Iam carrying, and what you don't know won't hurt.

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