Selecting the Right Bullet

well hello folks this is Yamil Sued for the Rainer Ballistics and we are here at the Dillon Precision studio’s in Scottsdale Arizona with my friend Gary Kieft we already selected the machine we are going to use the RO 550 C thank you for recommendation I already selected the calber I was going to load which is 45 acp ok and I am going to shoot it out of a 1911 of course and you are going to help me select the right projectile Rainier Ballistics makes a 185 gain and 200 and 230 gain… bullets projectiles in different shapes and forms and what ever which one would you recommend to start up with to begin I would recommend a 230 gain projectile or bullet the reason being is that’s the bullet that the cartridge was developed with and there is more loading data wider variety of powers than there is for any other bullet weight in 45 acp awesome now Rainier makes in 230 gain they make a round nose and a hollow point which one should I start up with no question start off with the round nose because it is pretty much guaranteed to feed in any manufactures 1911 no matter what there barrel profile is ok we have selected the right machine to start reloading with we have already selected the right projectile now we are going to continue making selections over all of our other compoments so please stay tuned to the Rainier Ballistics Channel we will continue to give you information on reloading and how to get started [SFX]

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