Self-Discipline is Freedom… From Yourself. | Why it’s Important.

If you have been following this channel for a while you might get the idea that I like structure. And I do. I love productivity, organization, order, and I try to be as disciplined as possible. When some people hear, they think that it’s boring. They equate a disciplined life of structure to feelings of entrapment. Before I get into my thoughts on the topic I want to tell you a story. So its a hot sunny day out and there is this bee and her name is Bertha. Bertha is buzzing by her hive with some other bees. Just relaxing and having a good time. Like the other bees, Bertha may have some aspirations doing great things one day. I can’t really say. Bees probably don’t have that ability to think those kind of thoughts. Suddenly a bear starts to approach her hive. The bear is hungry for some honey and bee eggs. In an attempt to save her hive, Bertha stings the bear. But its skin is so thick that once she tries to pull her sting out she dismembers herself and dies The sad part about the story is that Bertha had no choice. Through years of evolutionary wiring she is evolved to sting threats. It’s a biological reaction to dangerous situation. She has no idea that her sting will get stuck. And that she will die. If she had known she would have died, she might have flown away and saved her own life. Bees are prisoners of their own biology. Unlike bees, humans have the ability to override their biology. Through Self-Discipline. Lets say that someone has long-term desires to be in a deep and loving relationship. To create a meaningful career that they love And have a healthy body. Along each step of that journey they are tempted by short term pleasures, such as porn, junk food or video games. Deep down they really want the life that comes in the long term. Yet they keep succumbing to short-term pleasures. The only difference between these two positions is Self-Discipline. We’re luck that as humans we have the ability to practice Self-Discipline It gives us the freedom to achieve what we truly want in life and allows us to break free of the biological, or societal cages around us. And I think that is a pretty amazing and powerful thought. But it’s not so simple. Companies are aware of our natural, biological reactions and use this against us by using supernormal stimuli. An example of supernormal stimuli is junk food. Our ancestors were wired to seek out and enjoy fat and salty food, because it was so rare at the time. But now companies have genetically engineered food to include more fats and salts than ever before in order to make us desire it even more. Social Media and the internet as a whole is another form of supernormal stimuli Humans are biological wired to seek out novelty For our ancestors novelty could lead to more knowledge about the world, which could lead to more wisdom which helped us thrive as a species It has its usefulness However the internet has been designed to take advantage of thisdesire for novelty by showing you more novelty than you can ever dream of Every page links out to more pages, with more novelty And every video to a video with even more novelty Videogames do the same thing Some evolutionary psychologists believe that video games, like first-person shooters and massively multiplayer open role-playing games imitate environments that will be similar to the ones that our ancestors navigated in the past but supernormal versions of them Yet we can get greater feelings of accomplishment in video games with a lot less work The advent of constant achievements showing up on the screen in video games is good evidence that companies are aware that it will motivate players to keep playing So not only are we sabotaged by our own biology But we are being target by cooperation’s seeking to take advantage of us and make a profit On the plus side You and I are not like the bee, because we are not cased by our own biology With Self-Dicipline — We can live the life we truly want We have the choice to be free!

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  • Hey guys, thanks for watching! Glad too see the overwhelming positivity and receptiveness to the message in this video. I've received some good constructive feedback that I'd like to add to this video. At some point in the video, I use the phrase "genetic engineering" to describe how food is being altered to be more addictive. That was a poor choice of words on my part. I meant engineering as a synonym for "created" and genetic should not have been placed in that sentence :). Thanks to all those who have pointed that out. Have a good day!

  • This so true early in my 20's I practiced self discipline. Life was much easier, everything that happened to me was handled with rationality and understanding but as I got older the practice became more difficult do to overwhelming factors in my life. Ending up at motivationeless position. Im practicing these things again but taking my time because it's life not a race:)

  • I don't think your use of genetic engineering is correct. You are talking about food technology in general. Can you back up that statement w/ some references please? This really seems incorrect and plays on people's inability to really understand or properly contextualize scientific processes. Especially those employed by the food industry.

  • But what if I cut out all these short term pleasures and die before reaching my long term goals?..
    There 's always this conflict of "Carpe diem" and long term goals fulfilment" in me..

  • Reading the comment section shows exactly why people in general don't achieve what they want to achieve in life. Instead of accepting the bitter truth that we are the architects of our destiny and giving up bad habits, people are arguing for their bad habits. Talking about this or that and how this works or that doesn't. No people. If you want to achieve something in life without self discipline. Good luck.

  • These are terrific tips about something we do not think about on the regular. Self- Discipline is a key influencer to growth and being able to live full out!

  • I was with you until you said that food is genetically engineered to have more fat and salt. Physically adding more salt to a product is NOT genetic engineering. This kind of misunderstanding, even if it's accidental, is what poisons the public's collective mind against things that are actually helping.

  • Porn it's not a short term pleasure that doesn't allow you to have a long term relationship

  • 1:37 I would switch video games with junk food. So that discipline in management of your diet results in fitness/health and in management of your leisure/work in a productive career

  • it's amazing cause discipline kids teens is a thing of the past now

    parents have abandoned discipline in society

  • 2:15 Food, esp potato chips, is not genetically engineered to contain more salt. This makes no sense. Salt can be added cheaply during processing, no reason to genetically engineer this.

  • I used to have so much self discipline and was pretty academically successful, but was depressed. Over the years, I’ve lost my discipline, but I think I’ve also gotten happier and feel more free. Idk which is more important to me now, but l always wish I could get back my discipline because it made surface life easier. This is only my experience, I’m not saying striving to be disciplined is bad, it’s just that these concepts have always been related in my life.

  • Awesome Video and Great wisdom! Like Hal Urban said in his book, Life Greatest Lesson : "Self Discipline is to make yourself do something, though you don't want, 'cause the reward of completing it is far more bigger than temporary displeasure from the work itself."

    For example, You want to have a healthy body. You couldn't have it without give up something(like junk food). It require hard work, pain and a lot of self discipline. But all of these displeasure will be paid if you get that healthy body.

  • So many people missing the point. The video isn't saying that stuff like videos games and the internet are inherently evil. It's saying that if you want to achieve long-term, meaningful goals, you have to learn self discipline. If you play and appreciate videos games, and it seriously doesn't interfere with your long-term goals, then that's fine. The problem is when you start doing these things mostly out of habit, impulse, or as a way to cope with difficulties. Suddenly years have gone by and you still don't have the body, the family, or the career you've always wanted (and anyone who has taken the time to achieve these things will tell you they're priceless, and worth it.) You've just been building up meaningless numbers on a screen.
    And if you truly believe that life is meaningless, and therefore there is no meaning to goals and aspirations, I'm sorry you live that way. No one can stop you, but don't kid yourself trying to convince others that sacrificing something superficial now for something worthwhile in the future is a horrible way to live. It's really not.

  • I am lucky to find this video, even 1 year later, I really needed this to sort some things in my head. I am consistently trying to improve myself, especially my self-discipline but I get all kinds of distractions like mentioned in this video.. I have limited my social circle and I've spent more time with myself lately and it was good, it gave me some perspective.. Thank you for the video and be well

  • You can still play video games and do all of the productive stuff, just don’t play for days on end

  • Weirdest thing when you started with the bee story, a bee just literally flew into my salad and started bugging me. I didn't let it die though 😀 it was just curious.

  • You forgot to mention that IF the bee choose to flee, she would have died too:)
    Bee's can't survive without a hive

  • I have the will power but I become a different person when I want the immediate gratification, so I don't even want to try to use my will power to stop myself even though I could. I then latter regret it. My long term goals stay the same until I get the urge for immediate gratification again. Can you explain how to solve this problem because it doesn't seem to be a will power problem but a different personality at different times problem. (the personality then has different goals from my personality now)

  • Porn have nothing to do with long term relationship, fastfood should've been in dream body section, and videogames in job section.

  • *not a troll post – every time I try to be disciplined I'm instantly struck by the futility of the universe.; there's no god, no afterlife, i'm going to lose everyone and everything. So I sleep in, don't watch what i eat, don't learn, don't socialise. Instead, I seek out instant pleasure because that seems to be all there is. Its to the point where anything less than god himself appearing before me and assuring me there is an ultimate purpose won't suffice.

  • That bee at the end so cute haha. I love bees, and love honey lol. Always sad to see one dead on the ground, which has been happening more and more recently, really strange.

  • Glad to see a community of people who also want to improve. But also you can't genetically engineer foods to have salt… Salt is a mineral and doesn't have DNA. And food fats like in avacados are good for the body. The unhealthy stuff is added artificially.

  • There is no way that porn is a hindrance to a meaningful realtionship. In fact it's probably necessary if you're aiming you maintain a successful monogamous relationship since humans arent wired to be sexually monogomous.

  • To those arguing that "games aren't bad", no, they are not entirely bad, it totally depends on if they lead you towards your personal goals or not. I personally know at least forty gamers, some spend more than 14 hours per week playing. Want to know how many of them actually "make money" by playing? NONE. I used to be an avid gamer, easily spent more than 2000 hours playing when I was a kid / teen. Never made a penny for that either.

  • More like TV is the real problem compared to all others. TV manipulates peoples opinions or tastes not to mention what commercials do to people. If people live in rural area or small town then there is higher possibility that they will end up with sitting on computer and comunicate with the rest of the world this way or end up playing video games becouse there is no other attraction nerby like a gym or pool. People from big towns have it easier becouse they have access to lots of people to talk to or interreact with, movies, gyms, pools or skill learning courses, all in one place. Besides some video games might help people learn. When I was a kid I had problems to learn english in school as the teacher wasnt really good on passing on the learning skill, so at home I was playing RPG games all in english, simple combining learnig-fun-progress. Since I had to progress in the story further I had to know what they were saying, many times had to use dictionary out of my own will to continue on. After such gaming sessions I started to get better grades in school, so its not all bad with gaming.

  • The real challenge with self discipline is enduring the grind required for most worthwhile goals. Sometimes you simply need to change gears to disengage from the constant mental work process. Maybe the trick is to use your periods of downtime to actually relax your mind, like playing with your pets or walking around the park rather than watching movies or playing videogames, i.e., more mental stimulation. Like taoists say, it's not natural to only expand; you must contract aswell

  • Alrighty! I Think I’m done watching self discipline stuff now. Not because I’m driven to go do it suddenly, but because I’m sick and tired of this high horse that people put themselves on. These people make it look like the world is against them, say that they want to “tell you a little story,” and try to make you feel like you are no good if you are not taking advantage of being a human at every moment. Seriously, it’s like every answer on Quora that I’ve ever read. How about just saying it’s fun to try new things you think would be fun and to be challenged at them. I’m over here playing Rondo of Blood while I listen to this and you’re telling me about how video games and movies are practically pointless. How about people don’t always need to find the greater good or self-enlightenment. Sometimes it’s good to just exist and not be swarmed with anxiety that other people insist on you with productivity talk.

    My advice, stop talking to everyone like you are in this hidden world that’s so weird and rewarding than the one they are trapped in. How about we don’t try making people feel bad about doing certain things, but instead encourage doing things that are different, fun, and challenging.

    I know that you’re just trying to bring light to a concept, but come on. Life isn’t only about being a monk in a Temple with no luxuries.

  • videogames are a double-edged sword. Not necessarily a bad thing, you can learn and grow a lot by just playing some, but as it goes too much of anything is toxic

  • This video might have changed my life. It’s only day 3 right now.

    I’ve watched it a few times now, the idea of self discipline being freeing was a huge epiphany producing psychological flip for me. As I say it’s a day 3 and I don’t let a damn thing go without doing it. Diet, bed time, alarm no snooze, exercise, catching up with business. I feel unbelievable.

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  • so sad that you believe in evolution. thats why you will never truly understand what the Great Controversy is about… -a book you should read.

  • Motivation is, for me, is directly related to what I thoughts I'm thinking in the moment.

    If I feel unmotivated, I check to see if my body is really tired and stressed, or if I'm thinking unmotivated thoughts.

  • What do you think about porn? And especially, in a love relationship? Which are the pros and cons of porn in a love relationship? How can affect that, if one o both watch porn and masturbate on that?

  • Wow I'm amazed by this content. I didn't once in my life think of self discipline like that. I used to think it was boring.. but then this changed my vision. Thank you so much

  • This video, I must say has been one of the most influential videos of my life. I remember watching this in sometime during last February, and after I realised the point communicated, I started improving a lot in my studies. To everyone reading this comment, self discipline may be a bit difficult at first, but it's going to be well worth it. Have a good day(or a night)!

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