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Hey folks, Jason Pi vice president of
legislative affairs for Freedom works. And today. We have a special guest Senator Rand Paul
who thank you for joining us Senator. Thanks for having me and you have a
new book out called the case against socialism. You think your wife Kelly also
contributed to it as well. Yeah, I jokingly said the other day. It was a great book and then she made it
interesting by actually helping me ride it but she did. We work together on it and we’ve been
married 29 years and we’re still married even after two working on a book together. Well, your book is is one of the most
compelling takedowns of socialism that I’ve ever seen and I
think it’s obviously very. Well time given the rise of quote-unquote
democratic socialism, which you take a lot of issue within the book. So without spoiling too much here and what
urging people to go buy this what is your view of democratic socialism and the
rise of it inside the Democratic party. We have become more and more alarmed
over the last couple years it how popular socialism is, you know polls are saying
over half of young people have a favorable perception of socialism. The only caveat to that is
they’re also saying in this. Polls that young people have
no idea what socialism is. So only about 16 percent of kids in
these polls will tell you that it’s state ownership of the means of production
or ownership of private property. They just don’t kind of get it they think
it so we want it to be fair and everybody should get a trophy and you know, it’s his
self-esteem kind of touchy-feely stuff. But it’s alarming because when I was a kid
people on the left would never admit to Social and we suspected that they were
socialists but what they were saying their policy sounded like socialism, but boy,
they were even afraid of the word liberal much less socialist. So it’s alarming that the word has become
so acceptable that Bernie can run on it and have these massive crowds and have all
these young people coming out and really if he’s a socialist. Let’s talk about socialism. And so. We do we talk a lot about historical
socialism authoritarianism, but then we get to democratic socialism and I guess
my point is is just by putting the word Democrat in front of it doesn’t erase all
of the history of socialism and really majority rule. If a majority votes for something
doesn’t necessarily make it right. In fact, there’s a quote
from Martin Luther King. I like and it’s in the letter from a
Birmingham Jail and he says that an unjust law is a law passed by
majority, but not made binding. On everyone not made
binding on themselves. And so we really it’s not that a majority
passes a law that makes it just it’s that it’s universally applied yet. And so I think it is important that just
being Democratic doesn’t make socialism good and then we look at their examples. You know, Venezuela was one they loved
Venezuela poverty is being reduced Oliver Stone. To biopic Saint Chava’s how great he was
but now it’s, you know people reading their pets now. I mean, it’s devastating even even seven
eight years ago think Bernie Sanders talk about the miracle or he we’ve shared I
think on a from his Senate website and the Miracle of Venezuela and as you noted. I mean, I remember reading a few years
ago toilet paper shortages and now people literally eating their pets. I think you’re touching on something is
it’s not just the modern-day examples that we have of the failures of socialism like
Venezuela like North Korea like other communist and socialist states, which
socialism is basically just the segue into. But we also have historical knowledge of
this to we’ve seen socialist economies constantly fail. We’ve seen millions of people died under
socialist economies and you talk about that stomach in your book as well. So what do you think? What lessons do you think
people who are my age? I’m 38 and younger. What are they missing about socialism? Well, that’s one of the themes that we
talked about, you know is violence is authoritarianism. Inherent to Socialism or an accident was
Stalin Hitler Mao Pol Pot job as gastro. They’re all accidents. There’s a lot of accidents. If each time were accidentally getting two
bonds or maybe its inherent to socialism. And so I was on this crazy show. I don’t know if you’ve heard
of it the view so don’t go on. It’s a disaster. So anyway, we were talking about Venezuela
and socialism and I made the point that yes Chavez was a socialist. So it was Maduro. This is the end of adults socialism. One of the crazy screamers
on there was saying oh no. No, he’s a thug and a murderer
and my point was well. Yeah, he’s a thug and a murder and a
socialist and maybe there’s a connection and that’s why even if you were to
have an election and vote in socialism. If your goal is a socialist goal of equal
outcomes and where the government is going to Owned all the property collectively you
have to take it from the people already own it and so at some point there is a
resistance and when that resistance comes you’ve got to come with a truncheon in the
billy club and you’ve got to come with a guns in the bullets and the jails and a
gulag is something that occurs it if you can’t take the property without using pi. Yeah, it was so I grew up listening to a
lot of music and especially punk music and a lot of the Bands I would listen to had
talked about socialism the virtues of socialism bands like propaganda in the
refused and I was never fell into our never bought into what they were saying
largely because I knew the history I grew up in a private school private Christian
School that actually talked a lot about free market economic. So I kind of knew the
dangers of socialism. This was in the 80s just before you
almost descended into punk rock. Yeah before he had exactly but. I think but but I see but I still see
today people, you know, trying out the images of Che Guevara
and talk about a thug. I mean he was he was a thug who oversaw
the executions abounds of people but ultimately American intellectuals
Socialist people in the left. They like socialism until they sort of see
his result then they move on and they said that’s not real socialism so really. Venezuela was the cause because
you are now it’s no longer. That’s not what we want. That’s murderers and Thugs
That’s not socialism. But the one they still
like is Scandinavia. So we spend a great deal of time in
the book talking about Scandinavia and socialism because what we discovered
is there not socialist there. They have private property. They have a stock exchange. They have low corporate income taxes. No minimum wage and really in many ways. They don’t want to be called socialist
when Bernie was calling Denmark. The leader of Denmark the Prime
Minister came out said Bernie. Hey pipe down. We’re not a socialist country
and you’re scaring business off. We want to make sure people
know we’re open for business. But the one thing we did
learn about Scandinavia. Is there a big welfare state? They have a lot of social is goodies or
big government goodies that are supposedly free. Who we learned is that the people who pay
for them in Scandinavia at least are the working class and the middle
class pay enormous taxes. And this is pertinent because in our
country Bernie saying, oh no, you have everything they have in Scandinavia if we
just tax the top one percent, but that’s not what they do in Scandinavia. They have massive taxes on the
middle class and the lower class. It’s also the primary question that
someone asked Elizabeth Warren, even her compatriots are asking her if you’re for
Medicare for all which is going to cost somewhere between 30
and 60 trillion dollars. Are you going to tax the middle class? And she’s like, let me be very clear. I will not be clear in
telling you my answer. And she goes on for five minutes to not
really tell you whether she’s gonna tax. We use a yes or no question
last night’s debate. Will you raise taxes on the middle class? She spit like you said
five minutes not answering. The question is very clear though
that she was not interested. But even her social security plan, I mean
her I proposal is expansion is a payroll tax increase which will
hit every American worker. Regardless just like any sales tax issue
from dollar one and not a good idea. Yeah, I mean, it’s just incredibly fresh
and I think the the I think the one thing we’ve I think we’ve established this but
just not understanding the the lot of people in American public and voters not
understanding that socialism by its very nature is. Force and whether it’s in it’s not just
forced through taxation and spending confiscation confiscates
Compass Kotori taxes. It’s the authoritarianism
that comes with it to it. Once it may start with economics, but
it will bleed into political speech. It will bleed into other aspects of
American life and we quote from several different famous economist hyack and
others talking about, you know, whether or not. When you get these ruthless dictators,
it’s an accident or it’s inevitable and their point was this their point was that
basically if you’re going to eventually need to get the property and take it from
you that if you have a Kinder gentler dictator, they won’t have what it takes. So if you really need to have socialism. And somebody else has a
property you need ruthlessness. So really you are
selecting for ruthlessness. If you want complete socialism and people
should read a Pol Pot and just say, oh well, you know, he’s an anomaly. Well, I don’t know you need to read of him
because he went and studied in Paris to become a socialist came home and said
everybody need to live out in the country and he expelled every from the cities. But then they dug Mass Graves and would
shoot thousands of people at a time. Yeah be The Killing Fields in Cambodia
the great league for the holiday followed holua door. I told I can’t pronounce it the Ukrainian
famine that happened in the 1930s during the in the Soviet Union. I mean, these are all examples of and not
to mention the Cuban Revolution and the 50s and 60s. These are all examples of where millions
of people were killed brutally either either through the by actual government
Force are being starved to death through government actions. We tell when a couple stories from China
because I think a lot of people and even in our history when I was learning,
I think there was short shrift given. The Great Famine in China
the cultural revolution. So there’s an ophthalmologist. I know he’s about my age
maybe a year or two older. He was born in the early 1960s in China. So when he’s 14, the cultural revolution
comes in the early 1970s, they closed all the colleges you imagine living in a
country of a billion people where nobody goes to. He would secretly try to get into
his dad’s med school classes. Dad was a doctor and was teaching and he’d
hide in the back and try to secretly learn and they called him and he was allowed to
go and he was in threat of being expelled. But then one day his mom was a
doctor and had a research lab. The Red Guard came and the Red Guard is
sort of like an extension sort of like Hitler Youth. They weren’t necessarily paid by the
government, but they were ginned up to be angry and to beat people up. So they come with their clubs and they
go to her lab and they’re breaking arm equipment. She runs to try to protect your equipment
and they beat her almost to death. She lay in a bed with no medical treatment
just lay in bed for a year or two to heal. And then when she finally healed enough
to walk they sent her into Exile. Well, I have one more quick question
for you that’s not related to the book. All right, Syria and just get
your to thoughts on Syria. Just before we go here. It’s a very messy five-sided warm and one
of the things our constitution did to sort out messy stuff is it said president
doesn’t get to decide when we go to war has to come to Congress to declare warm. So Lindsey Graham and the Liz
Cheney’s and all the war caucus. They just want to go to war because that’s
all they know where they want to stay in war and I don’t care. There’s only 50 soldiers. Oh sure. We’ll do fine with just 50 soldiers. But the point is I tell them
come back to Washington. Let’s have a debate if you want
declarative or declare war but who you going to declare war on? Turkey our NATO Ally or the free Syrian
Army, which was our Ally for seven years that are now allied with the Turks the
Russians the Iranians araki’s the Kurds. I think the irony is I think the president
did the only thing he could do the Turk said we’re coming in with several thousand
if not tens of thousands of troops. You have 50 might not
be a good place for you. Yeah. He didn’t have a choice. So we moved the. But here’s the irony. We’ve been preventing the Kurds from
talking to the syrians for a long time because we say Assad’s got to go
and it’s got to be regime change. This is the war caucus saying that but
Assad one he’s staying but now because the Kurds have no protector there
talking to Assad very quickly. They talked to him and within 24 hours now
that the syrians have moved up towards the Border. So it may be that the Turks decide we
really want to mess with the syrians with Russian help and now with the Kurds help
and so may be that that stops the advance and then perhaps there could be a
discussion between the two dictators Assad and hairdo on and maybe there can be an
agreement made that you know, what turkey just wants a safe border Syria. You got to take the two
million refugees back. And then to the Kurds in order to offer
them something offer them a little bit of provincial autonomy, like federalism
like states rights kind of thing. Yeah, that’s what they
did in Iraq and it worked. So I have a there’s a possibility that
this could be a stroke of Genius even diplomatically to try to get a new
Coalition that actually gets people talking to each other. One of these days you and I need to sit
down and do another live stream on the need to repeal the 2001 aumf
which is need to do that. We need to we need to have that
discussion sooner rather than later. But before you go Senator, thank you so
much for coming by and I urge you guys to go check out the case in
the case against socialism. You get an You can get it from your local bookstore. Please read it. It’s a great just filled with great
examples of how socialism has failed and really ultimately why. Free markets are the best way forward. So absolutely Senator. Thank you so much for your talking. I appreciate it. Thanks guys for watching.

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  • A fan of AOC’s recently introduced eating babies.
    You can’t make this stuff up.
    That’s called cannibalism. Nutz.

  • Capitalism is property rights, voluntary exchange, and widespread prosperity.
    Socialism is theft, force, and failure.

    With the richest middle class ever and the best jobs economy in half a century it would be literally insane to vote for the proven failure of socialism.

  • Rand Paul is very astute when he speaks about the socialist thuggery, Without THUGS (black lives and antifa, ms13 and Latin Kings) Nancy Pelocy and AOC will never have power. Social unrest is required for socialism to take root. Fake news also uses the tools of Racism, Feminism, Generational division, and the climate to spread social unrest. We all bleed red, We all will succeed if we are together. We are Americans!

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