21 thoughts on “Senator Prince Johnson on the TRC and Reconciliation

  • I'm not sure if is this stupidity so called Prince Johnson the murder of Samuel Kenyon Doe he is still free some one tell him if possible let's forward his evil to his phone WhatsApp Phone Number

  • When it is white people as in South Africa, they are ready to forgive and find excuse for their evil actions. But Black people are ready to sacrifice their Liberators, even to crucify them without mercy. Oh black people. We are completely lobotomized. Our former president said, "I prefer injustice to disorder". We are not going to be more royalist than the king. Those americans/ europenas who are imposing such fisting will never judge and condemn Bush I & II and Sarkozy or Chirac. But we obey them, compromising social peace by our willingness to not use brain to rule our own country. What is going on in Liberia will have direct consequences in some neighbouring countries whom share the same interests, people and history. God bless us!

  • LONG LIFE TO SENATOR PRINCE JOHNSON!!! Without his courage and action, Liberia will still mired in dictatorship till today. No significant change and democracy without huge sacrifices. Great Nations passed by such experience: USA, UK, France, … Africans desire freedom, prosperity without paying for the price. Georges Washington, General Degaulle mad war to free their country, I am not sure those Nations judge their "Heroes" for the collateral effects of their initiatives. If we jugde like this, those who sacrificed their lives for our sake, it means we are not ready for freedom, we are not human beings. Patrick Henry said "give me liberty or give me death", not africans. They even prefered those lives in the chains. I am so sorry for Prince Johnson. He asked nothing after he had freed his people and the Nation. You should have left those people under Doe's rule. They sacrificed Taylor and now they try to do the same with you, humiliating you. Africans are good under dictatorship. Take care and God bless Him!

  • This dude is responsible for some of liberians suffering because killing a president in a disgraceful manner who was sent by God, it's a swear against any nation. God pls forgive this nation 📖📖🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • Liberians mast becareful with these thing so call Jonson monster.I dislike you for killing women and children.

  • if you have arrested Charles Taylor, why are you delaying to arrest Price Johnson? or, are you afraid of his forces?

  • How is this devil not in jail with Charles Taylor??? A senator?? I have heard it all now………………..PEACE,BE STILL

  • Claims that are made against you of massively killing can be substantiated with explicit facts. I can't believe what I'm hearing.

  • This thug and murderer should be tried, convicted, and executed for the torture murder of Charles Doe.

    How dare he talk about due process. Murderer. Shame on all Liberians to allow him to be free.

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