ShadowRing ~2015~ Full Documentary.

On April 1995 Explosions toured through the Federal Building in Oklahoma City ripping through the consciousness of America 168 people were killed and hundreds wounded since that day of four groundbreaking new information has come to light so provocative so explosive that it threatens to shatter everything we thought we knew By the true face of terrorism Based on the damage padding to the building But the government sends impossible. I haven’t stopped asking questions Because I know That we haven’t been told the truth What that tells you is that there were other explosive devices in the building that actually brought the building down I know? Timothy McVeigh was with another individual on the morning of April 19th He made the comment yeah, we knew this was going to happen that caused a lot of questions in people’s minds about well What really happened here the enhanced photo shows a very? distinct possibility of a man standing behind that truck The people that did the things they didn’t have doggone well what they were doing some of these columns were ripped up shredded tossed around But I hate to think that they did it on purpose, but we can prove clearly But the official story is a fraud that the government was involved and is using it to demonize good Americans You Are we controlled to what extent and by whom how does that control impact humanity its? existence and its future CS Louis said when training beats education Civilization dies we need to always be cognizant of as a free society That information can be used as a welcome barrier to discoveries not ignorance. It’s the illusion of knowledge. We are seen as nothing but biological androids to gain control of education in America not for a philanthropic purpose But to change the thinking of the American people from the time We’re very young we’re taught to you know worship Authority basically because that’s our key to survival as young children State of Mind uncovers the manipulation the shocking and suppressed agendas at work From the anvil of compulsory schooling to media and entertainment We are kept in perpetual bondage to the ideas that shape our actions the CIA scientists could actually film people who had been Surreptitiously dosed with LS dude. There’s a brain entrainment process that takes place That gives the government free rein to create whatever Story, or narrative. It wants to create whatever the public face of something is whatever. They’re talking about publicly. There’s something else over here They’re probably not looking at how to engineer the opinion of the American People so that they would fully endorse not only endorse But demand the war you watch mainline Establishment television you are putting yourself in front of the barrel of a gun Will we choose our own path or have one selected for us? State of mind unveils the answers that may decide whether humankind will fulfill its destiny Or be forever chained to their masters That’s mine control par excellence You Who runs America I guess that’s the $10,000 question is an increase of ten billion dollar question America and most countries of the world really are run by a very small percentage of the population Not even the president United States, it’s it’s the money men Obviously the people in government aren’t always the ones getting rich Why The interests of the American public Have no bearing in The direction of the country in the policy decisions it doesn’t matter which party we’re talking about either Republicans Democrats It’s all the same thing there is no voice for the people I think we’re being controlled by a relatively small group of extremely Powerful individuals that are pretty much pulling the strings behind both major parties as well as the economic and financial Institutions we’re supposed to have the people being represented by By the Congress and this is a check and balance system But instead you have all branches of government owned by major corporations The folks who run America are the people who operate behind the scenes to make sure that the person who is in the seat of? President and Congress and the people who we elect are the people that will do their bidding I Think what you see is what it is, and who runs America are the banks and the multinationals? It’s as simple as that as I say And they’re the ones that have made all the decisions that have put us in the place that were in now 1937 Ferdinand Lundberg who had been a writer with Wall Street Journal and other financial publications wrote a book called America 60 families and in that book he documented that the country was being run by an oligarchy of the wealthiest families glue to the melons and the coupons and the Morgans and the Rockefellers and the Warburg’s and he showed that they were running the country as an invisible government behind the Democracy that we see upon the surface in fact a study by Princeton University Has come out saying that the United States is more of an oligarchy than it is a republic or democracy Why because the public has no say in the policies and in the system that’s been been set up by politicians Go back to 2008 financial crisis is done Henry Paulson US Treasury secretary lady country all the sex my city Gets in front of the American people and tells us that he’s going to save us little people From the problems we have in the real estate market In order to do that we have to bail out the too big to fail too big to fail forwards Shows you who’s running the country Capitalism there’s no such thing as too good for Fascism it’s a multinational paper We bailed out the banks It’s the unseen people that I’m more concerned about really because there’s got to be someone somewhere That creates the agenda that all these people must follow In the late 19th century wealthy monopolists most prominently john d rockefeller and JP morgan were growing in economic and political power Americans were increasingly alarmed at Wall Street’s domination of both the Democrat and Republican parties This led in the 1890s to the formation of the grassroots populist party the Rockefeller Morgan axis decided to distract Americans with the new enemy Spain The choice was not coincidental Spain ruled Cuba, which by the 19th century had become the world’s richest colony and largest sugar producer National City Bank coveted Cuba’s white gold as a complement to standard oil’s black gold the yellow press led by William Randolph Hearst, New York Journal began inundating Americans with fabricated tales of Spanish oppression Spaniards feeding Cubans to sharks roasting Cuban priests slaughtering hospital patients where no hospital even existed The decision to send the Maine to Havana was made at a secret White House meeting of which no minutes were kept The Spanish government was not expecting the main when it sailed into Havana Harbor Captain Charles 6b captain of the Maine said It became known to me afterward that the Maine had not been expected even by the United States consul generals By what oversight was known in Havana notified of the battleships arrival? However, no shooting erupted the Spanish permitted the Maine to dock For three weeks the Maine sat in Havana Harbor in the meantime the yellow crest drove anti Spanish buildings to fever-pitch William Randolph Hearst paid bribes to have the correspondence of the Spanish ambassador spied upon One letter critical of McKinley was stolen and reprinted in a Hearst journal under the headline The worst insult to the United States in its history two days later a horrific explosion tore apart the Maine 266 men were killed a U.s.. Naval court of inquiry Attributed the explosion to an external device but was unable to assign any blame The yellow press had no reservations the bombing they claimed was the work of the Spanish government Americans were goaded into war with the battlecry remember the Maine Here Spain is depicted as a semi human brute. It’s bloodied hand on the grave of the Maine and its foot trampling an American flag The war was immortalized in American public memory by one-sided naval victories Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders in The charge of San Juan Hill, but that Spain really sink the main All Spanish documents revealed that Spain wished to avoid war with America at all costs Her mostly wooden Navy could not hope to compete with the modern US Navy, which consisted increasingly of steel ships Admiral Sir Vera who commanded Spain’s Atlantic squadron warned his government of Our lack of everything that is necessary for a naval war such as supplies ammunition cold provisions etc we have nothing at all a Provocative act against America such as sinking the Maine was clearly the last thing desired by the Spanish But who did want to sink the main? Detectors often solve crimes by examining who profited from them 12 financed the war the Rockefellers National City Bank loaned the US government 200 million dollars no income tax Then existed to help repay the loan the telephone use tax was levied on the American people it remained in effect for over a century the Loan was negotiated by assistant Treasury secretary Frank Vanderlip after the war National City Bank made Vanderlip its president in that capacity as we will see he Participated in the infamous Jekyll Island meeting where the Federal Reserve Bank was secretly created Mark Twain wrote When the smoke was over the dead buried and the cost of the war came back to the people it Suddenly dawned on us that the cause of the spanish-american war was the price of sugar The Rockefeller Stillman National City Bank Benefited most directly from it for Cuba soon afterward became dotted with National City branches in the Cuban sugar industry Gravitated into national city’s hands the spanish-american war was the first war Persuaded Americans that the purpose of our military was not just self-defense So we had to go overseas and fight wars on other people’s behalf and that became a pattern to continued ever since So without William Randolph Hearst who? Championed this and who maybe was one of the people that stood to gain from the new possession gained from the spanish-american War without him than without Hearst Newspapers there would have been no problem with the Maine The phrase false flag I think is becoming more and more familiar to more Americans than it used to be First time I ever heard that phrase Probably about 20 years ago, and I thought what does this mean? I think many Americans are still in that category? What does that mean? well first off so people understand what we’re talking about with false flags that goes back to the days of the old sailing ships and Everybody had their kind country’s flag and the idea was is you know it took a long time for two? Sailing ships to approach each other and so they wanted to get up close so they could attack and so they would put Another country’s flag. You know say they were pirates. They’d get a British flag up and then get right next to you then They’d run up the pirate flag and towards your ship So that’s where it became known as a false flag the event seems to be something other than what it truly is False lags when you cover them first of all It’s if it’s a tough term to even use right because as soon as you say false flag we’ve started conditioning people to see that as conspiratorial and When it’s anything’s conspiratorial that means it’s not true right because if you listen to most media a conspiracy theorist or Conspiracies are all urban legends right they’re all myths when in fact There are many many conspiracies all throughout American history and world history It’s not even controversial to say that the United States has used false flag because it’s now Documented it’s a part of history general Smedley Butler wrote a book after World War one that I’ve read I know many of your viewers have as well war is a racket and Indeed in many ways. It is. I think that we have noticed over the years that Some of the events that led up to war were Not accidental I found myself going back and looking at World War 1 World War 2 the Vietnam War everything Can we even lied to about everything and that was my fearful? Kind of approach to this is is that even possible I would say they always follow a specific formula of create as much fear and trauma as possible and Then in that traumatization of the public they’re eliciting a specific psychological response and that response is a cry for protection False flags have always been necessary to generate the kind of fear of outsiders Or the imagined enemy that governments need in order to support the ridiculous policy of war and in the first place Stage 1 is is brute force stage 2 is staging something or creating an external enemy so that you then become the rescuer and people do what you say out of sheer fear and Then stage 3 is really getting to the point where you don’t even require enemies and longer where you can simply Convince people through psychological manipulation to do the thing that you want them to do 1915 world war 1 is underway Britain is at war with Germany America has not yet joined the conflict May 7 the British ocean liner RMS Lusitania Is on her way from New York to England Nearly 200 Americans are among the passengers To 10:00 p.m.. A Ireland southern coast our torpedo from a German u-boat strikes the Lusitania more than 1,000 on their lives On both sides of the Atlantic the public is told the Germans sank the Lusitania simply to kill women and children the tragedy fans outraged and moves America closer to declaring war and propaganda Germany replaces Spain as the eighth Because nearly every conflict the US has been involved in the twentieth century has been based on a false flag Pretext event and the Lusitania is no different That’s how they got us into World War one at the time statesmen senators the American people in general Wanted to mind their own business they had a great industrial engine inside the United States They were able to freely trade throughout the world and had no reason to engage in World War one It wasn’t their business But unfortunately the money powers had other interests at hand at that point the war passenger ships and merchant men were being harmed They’d been given orders to ram submarines the submarines had no choice, but to fire without warning Why do the Germans really sink the Lusitania Because her hull was loaded with munitions six million rounds of rifle ammunition over 50 tons of shrapnel shells and more than 60 tons of military explosives including aluminum powder and gun Conn the Lusitania was struck by a single torpedo followed moments later by a massive explosion the mighty ship disappeared beneath the waves in just 18 minutes At the US hearing investigating the incident a critical piece of evidence went missing President, Woodrow Wilson Ordered that the Lusitania is original manifest listing her munitions be hidden in the archives of the US Treasury even more significant Evidence the Lusitania was deliberately sent to her doom the two Lusitania was hauling munitions To the British that were going to be used against Germany in the war and so the Germans check it out of the game prior to the incident Winston Churchill Then head of the British Admiralty had ordered a study done to determine the political impact if the Germans sank a British passenger ship with Americans on board President Woodrow Wilson’s top adviser Edward Mandell house was in England at the time as Wilson’s emissary in the morning on the day the Lusitania sank House met with Edward gray britain’s Foreign Minister house recorded We spoke of the probability of an ocean liner being sunk And I told him if this were done a flame of indignation would sweep across America which would in itself Probably carry us into the war House in gray then met with King George v at Buckingham Palace house wrote We fell to talking strangely enough of the probability of Germany sinking a transatlantic liner the king said Suppose. They should sink the lúcia tana with American passengers on board That afternoon the Lusitania was torpedoed The British Admiralty had been well aware of a u-boats presence in the South Irish Sea from decoded intercepts of German naval communications and reports of the subs activity in that region Contrary to protocol no warships were sent to escort the Lusitania Even though four destroyers were lying idle in the nearby port of milford haven commander joseph Kenworthy then in british naval intelligence wrote Lusitania was sent at considerably reduced speed into an area where a u-boat was known to be waiting and with her escorts withdrawn To leading books in this affair are the Lusitania by British historian Colin Simpson and room 40 by Patrick Beasley Beasley consider the leading authority on the history of British naval intelligence wrote I am reluctantly driven to the conclusion that there was a conspiracy deliberately to put the Lusitania at risk in the hopes that even an Abortive attack on her would bring the United States into the war When the ship was blown up containing American passengers it became the reason de entree into World War one it was an outrageous and insidious enough event that Americans were reluctantly able to muster themselves and enter the war I Think the most Stunning example where there is so much historical evidence that no one even challenges anymore Is the attack on Pearl Harbor? Every time that anniversary comes around we focus on Pearl Harbor day because we want people to know the truth and want them to Stop buying into the lives December 7th 1941 the Japanese Navy attacks the United States fleet at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii Sinking or heavily damaging 18 naval vessels and leaving over 2,000 Americans dead this is the event that propels America into World War 2 I Had pretty much the same view that most Americans have and that there was a dastardly attack As President Roosevelt said it was a day of infamy you know he goes down in history now for having been such a sad sad time Congress declares war but the public wants to know why America was caught off guard President Roosevelt appoints the Commission to answer this question The Roberts Commission was headed by Owen Roberts a Supreme Court justice friendly with Roosevelt the Roberts Commission declared that Washington officials had discharged their duties in an exemplary fashion default for Pearl Harbor it concluded lay with their commanders in Hawaii Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral husband Kimmel in general Walter C short the army commanders in Hawaii It’s alleged these men fail to take adequate defensive and surveillance measures the words dereliction of duty blazed on headlines across the country Kimmel in short were flooded with hate mail and received multiple death threats It was claimed their negligence caused the deaths of thousands of America Some members of Congress said the pair should be shot gentleman short however protested the Roberts Commission findings Roberts had run an unusual hearing initially evidence was heard without being recorded Statements not made under oath Kimmel in short were denied the right to question witnesses, or have fellow officers serve as legal counsel The commission’s report omitted significant testimony, but we know behind the scenes That FDR knew quite a bit more He was warned and even behind that FDR Shadow Cabinet of Advisors in the Council on Foreign Relations Were provocated things behind the scenes the American people were never meant to know the truth in 1944 a congressional resolution mandated the trials that August the Navy court of inquiry and the army Pearl Harbor board convened at these proceedings The attorneys for Kimmel in short presented proof that Washington had complete foreknowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack, but had withheld this information in Hawaii The Navy Court exonerated Admiral Kimmel and laid the blame squarely on, Washington DC The army Pearl Harbor Board concluded Washington had full foreknowledge of the attack its report closed with these words up to the morning of December 7 1941 Everything that the Japanese were planning to do was known to the United States But the American people did not learn the results the Roosevelt administration ordered the trial verdicts to be made confidential He discovered later that his own superiors had gone to great lengths to make sure that he Admiral Kimmel did not have the information that was available in Washington Why was the fleet in Pearl Harbor when? Franklin Roosevelt ordered the US Pacific Fleet to move from the West Coast Pearl Harbor the fleet commander Jo Richardson went to Washington, and he protested this decision. He said mr. President our ship will be boxed in like sardines Pearl Harbor Hawaii is approachable from 360 degrees by attention attackers Will have to resupply across 2,000 miles of Pacific the only reason President Roosevelt could give Richardson for putting the fleet in Pearl Harbor was he said it would deter Japanese aggression Well as of December the 7th 1941 everyone knew that putting the fleet in Pearl Harbor did not deter Japanese aggression a breakthrough came in 1982 with the publication of infamy by John Tolan the Pulitzer Prize winner known as the Dean of World War two historians By the time of tollens book Witnesses and information had emerged that had been previously unavailable How did Washington know Pearl Harbor was coming first through decoded diplomatic messages The Japanese used a code called purple to communicate with her and the Seas and major consulates Its complexity required in ciphering and deciphering by machine the Japanese considered the code unbreakable, but in 1940 US Army Crypt analyst cracked it and device of a simile of the Japanese machine as a result US intelligence was reading Japanese diplomatic messages often on a same-day basis Copies of the deciphered texts were promptly delivered to President Roosevelt as well as Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall in Secretary of State Cordell Hull These messages revealed that the Japanese Plan to rupture relations with America and had ordered their Berlin embassy to inform the Germans their allies that The breaking out of war may come quicker than anyone dreams We were not going to go back into Europe because it cost so many American lives in World War one which was already Dubbed the war to end all wars why would we possibly go back again when the American people knew full well wasn’t in their interest Pearl Harbor was absolutely necessary because Like all Democrats FDR ran on a non intervention in no war platform There’s absolutely no way that the people would have again been sucked into this meat grinder So although that is not classically a false-flag because the Japanese actually did the attack it fits under that umbrella Because we find out that the US government Wanted the Japanese to attack they left certain ships all next to each other so they could be more easily Hit and got the more expensive and newer and more capable ships out of there so that they would not become collateral damage Brigadier General Eliot Thorpe was the US military observer in Java then under Dutch control in early December 1941 the Dutch army decoded a Japanese dispatch forecasting an attack on, Hawaii They passed the information to Thorpe who was so alarmed he sent Washington a total of four warnings Finally the War Department ordered him to send no further warnings regarding Pearl Harbor Duska Popov was a Yugoslavian double agent whose true allegiance was to the Allies Through contact with the Germans Popov realized the Japanese were planning to bomb Pearl Harbor He notified the FBI Subsequently FBI director J. Edgar Hoover stated that he had passed this information on to Roosevelt Iowa senator guide Gillette and Texas congressman Martin dyes also later stated they had received advance information Concerning the attack, which they shared with the president Roosevelt told them to leave it in his hands In day of deceit the truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor Roberts tenet proved from documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that Washington was not only deciphering Japanese diplomatic messages, but naval dispatches also The most significant was sent by Admiral Yamamoto to the Japanese first air fleet on November 26th 1941 The task force keeping its movement strictly secret and maintaining close guard against submarines and aircraft shall advance into Hawaiian waters and upon the very opening of hostilities Shall attack the baying force of the United States fleet until it immoral probe The first air raid is planned for the time of X day exact date to be given by later order Whether we’re looking at something like Pearl Harbor Which is now an admitted false flag event or it’s an event that was clearly allowed to occur It was known about and no action was taken to prevent it or stop it So that could qualify as a false flag event when whether you’re looking at an event that Like the Gulf of Tonkin which was a fake false flag event it was something that we were told occurred and actually didn’t even occur This has been called by some researchers Like David Icke for example as no problem reaction solution You don’t even have to have the actual physical event take place you only need the perception of it to take place in retaliation for this unprovoked attack on the high seas our forces have struck the bases used by the North Vietnamese patrol craft In many cases these individuals who plan these events They’re playing chess while we’re not even playing checkers yet You know we have to understand what they’re doing the event isn’t as important as the underlying psychology that the event is done to elicit and until we understand that pattern we’re not going to be streetwise to the technique in the event of a further attack upon our vessels and international waters we were to respond with the objective of destroying the attackers Vietnamese man up in north we better stop them right away if we don’t stop those communist, North Vietnamese You’re gonna take over South Vietnam then Thailand and Laos and then Cambodia and Before you know it those dominoes will be falling until they hit the shores of California Now you could say I sound like a lunatic for saying something so stupid But that’s what was being said back then and I know firsthand Because I was prime draft age of that time these guys are professional said And they know how to take advantage of it and of course one of the most horrible ones and in in our lifetime was in August of 64 when when Lyndon Johnson faked the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964 Congress passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution authorizing President Lyndon Johnson to escalate the Vietnam War to which he committed hundreds of thousands of troops The justification given for the resolution was to alleged attacks on US destroyers by Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Tonkin Gulf August 2nd and August 4th 1964 Johnson described the first attack as an unprovoked assault against a routine patrol Actually the destroyer was supporting a South Vietnamese military operation against the north the second attack never occurred Admiral James, Stockdale recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor was then a pilot stationed in a Tonkin Gulf Later shot down. He spent seven years in a powa amp After a turning home. He summarized his experiences in his book in love and war Stockdale was called to the scene of the alleged August fourth attack but saw no Vietnamese boats during one and a half hours of overflights Well, I was over that but those destroyers as what I for over an hour and a half below a thousand feet Lights off watching everything they did I could hear him chit-chatting on the radio the Maddox and the joy they seem to have some intermittent radar targets Took it upon myself to get out there where they thought of both was and trying to kill her that they didn’t, but it was And I’d go down there and there was nothing I felt it was a bad portent that we seemed to be under the control of a mindless, Washington bureaucracy vain enough to pick their own legitimacy x’ regardless of the evidence today very few people Dispute that the Tonkin Gulf incident didn’t take place later It was revealed that the Tonkin Gulf Resolution was written before the alleged incident The document was simply awaiting them on an excuse to activate it The whole Gulf of Tonkin incident ally ally by slimy little people like Robert McNamara an LBJ and Every one of those people knew was a lie and they sacrificed the lives of 60,000 American boys destroyed the lives limbs and minds of hundreds of thousands of others Killed over three million Vietnamese Napalm did Agent Orange did on lives They died in a just cause for Defending freedom and they will not have died in vain the main justification currently given for the Iraq war bringing freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people Was not the original reason presented the next mushroom cloud you see Maybe one of Saddam Hussein’s weapons remember that one last November 8th this council passed resolution 1441 by a unanimous vote The purpose of that resolution was to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction it was claimed Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction or WMDs threatening world security this council placed the burden on Iraq to comply and disarm and Not on the inspectors to find that which rack has gone out of its way to conceal for so long What so ever After the invasion chief US weapons inspector David Kaye acknowledged months of searching had turned up no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq In his opinion. They hadn’t existed there since the 1991 Gulf War Why aren’t there any war crimes tribunals for these people who knew what when? Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists an interview with scott ritter who was the UN’s chief weapons inspector in iraq who affirmed that there were no weapons of mass destruction in iraq after the original Gulf War of 1991 weapons of mass destruction I I thought you know who could believe this I mean who’s believing this yellowcake from Niger story and the whole thing and Still no accountability for the fact that we went into another country looking for weapons that weren’t there and we killed half a million people One thing that the Bush administration did a very good job of with the help of media was to shift the focus away from any reality of weapons Terrorism so what they did was the administration immediately shifted to war bringing democracy I part of the reason we went into Iraq was the main reason we went into Iraq at the time was we thought he had weapons of mass destruction it turns out he didn’t but he Had the capacity to make weapons administered but I also talked about the human suffering in Iraq and I also talked the need to advance a freedom agenda and Still to this day There are people especially neo-cons who believe that argument that all these wars that we’ve had in the Middle East Which if again turned the the Middle East into chaos that have handed it over to al-qaeda so that we can go back I guess and fight them again later there It was done so that freedom could come to an oppressed people : Powell who made such definite assertions before the UN has admitted his claims were based on faulty intelligence a little lying : Powell putting a phony information in front of the UN He’s a son of Hussein mobile weapons of mass destruction labs It’s one lie after another Looking at these wars spanish-american World War two Vietnam and Iraq One could soundly argue that in each war American involvement was based on a deception false pretext or to put it charitably Mistaken pre-tax one lie after another keep pouring them out These are sick people and nobody wants to call a spade a spade Could this really be one giant coincidence Patterns of the scale generally do not happen by accident to find the answer deeper questions remain When our country was founded It was founded by an elite group the founding fathers were the educated ones the ones who had land the ones who had studied in Europe the ones who’d read history in philosophy and Thank God. It was that way It’s still true in America today, but the elite has changed it’s a great debate of whether or not were founded on our lineage and our heritage of the Constitution and Bill of Rights or from hidden Who runs the country well the political parties run the country? But we all know the political parties actually don’t do anything on their own I think the reality is that we’re probably ruled for the most part by an oligarchy people still elect members of Congress But beyond that once someone is in in Congress the special interest groups take over the lobbying firms take over Very wealthy families take over and the people have absolutely no voice a Super elite very powerful very wealthy Individuals who have I will use the word conspire together to take advantage of the opportunities afforded them in their positions of power and influence to pretty much determine the direction in the course of our country irrespective of the wishes of the American people I Think in any culture in any country you can look to who has the money the people with the money typically tend to wield the power And the best way to do that is to do it from behind the scenes because then if people become angry with the way power Is being wielded they don’t come after you they come after the puppets standing in front of you We all know about a lot of wealthy people warren buffett and donald trump And you know but these are the guys that you hear about the people they’ve got lots of money Yeah, but the people with the real power. You don’t even hear their names We start seeing all of these names of large corporations that come together over and over again And then they get intertwined into events that take place, and then we start to see there’s a pattern and there is a real agenda In America 60 families Ferdinand Lundberg wrote the United States is owned and dominated by a hierarchy of its 60 richest families functioning discreetly in a desert emic ratted form of government behind which a de facto government absolutist and plutocratic has gradually taken form This de facto government is actually the government of the United States informal invisible shadowy Among the 60 families Lundberg named were the Rockefellers Morgan’s melons Vanderbilt’s dupont’s asters and warbirds Through inherited fortunes they remained entrenched in power from one generation to the next these families frequently acted in concert to pre-select presidential candidates of both Republican and Democratic parties and as Lundberg documented a quiet sweeping ownership of America’s major newspapers The last several decades that submit The powers of B have pretty much been the ones that have really made the decisions in respective of the will of the American people This power structure has been called the establishment syndicated columnist Edith Kermit Roosevelt granddaughter of President Theodore Roosevelt Described it Establishment is a general term for the power elite in international finance Business and government who wield most of the power regardless of who is in the White House? most people are unaware of the existence of this legitimate mafia yet the power of the establishment makes itself felt from the professor who seeks a Foundation grant to the candidate for a cabinet post or State Department job It affects the nation’s policies in almost every area In America in principle power is supposed to belong to the people voting sustains the public perception that it retains power however the establishment has ways of getting around our electoral system First through their influence within the major parties as as the media They can usually predetermine the Democratic and Republican nominees for president For years I would tell people if you don’t go vote you haven’t got any right to gripe about what goes on because you just not even Part of the process, but I’ve quit saying that because now even if you do no vote in many instances It doesn’t really matter, but I love the baloney that they keep shoving out every election You know if you don’t vote then you get when you deserve Now if you vote you get what you deserve a lesser of two evils What sick person would vote for a lesser of two evils In 1976 Jimmy Carter was elected president Seven months before the Democratic convention the Gallup poll reported less than four percent of registered Democrats favored Carter for president Outside Georgia where he was governor few people knew who he was What happened there’s a new mood? in America we’ve been shaken by a tragic war abroad and By scandals and broken promises at home Carter received a media blitz including agile Ettore pieces in the New York Times and a Wall Street Journal editorial Declaring him the best Democratic candidate the TV networks inundated the public with his image Before the nominating convention his picture appeared on Times cover three times in news weeks covered twice Times cover artists were instructed to make him look as much like John F. Kennedy as possible How did Carter acquire this media following it began with dinner at the Tarrytown, New York estate of David Rockefeller? present was a big new Brzezinski who helped Rockefeller found the internationalist trilateral commission and whom Carter would later appoint national security adviser senator Barry Goldwater said of this meeting David Rockefeller is a big name Pierzynski found Jimmy Carter to be their ideal candidate they helped him win the nomination and the presidency to accomplish this purpose they mobilized the money power of The Wall Street bankers and the media controllers Carter thus received the nomination a similar process has anointed campaigns of other major Party presidential nominees of the last few decades The people have no real say Including in who is elected to office in this country? I mean considered this in the United States about 50% of the population are no longer affiliated with Republicans and Democrats So 50% of the population is not voting for Republicans or Democrats tell me which national election member of the House member of the US Senate a president has been elected in the last 100 years Who was not a member of one of those parties now? How is it possible that half the country isn’t voting for Republicans or Democrats because they’re not affiliated with those parties and yet Those are the only two options that we still have I mean that I think that demonstrates to people how? corrupt the system is because you are literally kept from having any other option and any other choice because of the manipulation of the mainstream media public education most of the entertainment world as well as the political world so many of the American people are sedated and They do not engage in in the areas in which they could make a difference the good news is I think we’re hitting a tipping point where the People you’re now hitting critical mass obviously when you have 50% of the country That’s no longer a part of it Where you know it just takes a very small minority now to really push things in a different direction We had George Bush trying to get reelected and John Kerry was his Adversary the alleged as it turned out there Was a massive electronic vote fraud in one of the swing states, Ohio and it turned out that John Kerry actually won It was given it was given to Bush A year or so later, there’s a young law student down in the University of Florida and John Kerry is speaking down there and The law student had the cojones to go over and get in front of the microphone when they asked him When they opened it to questions, and he asked John Kerry how come he didn’t make more of a squawk about this Obviously they won, it would have made the difference between not only him being president But with a different party would be in and it was a it was a very powerful question You know what the response was John Kerry Gave a little nod or something Because in the next thing we know there’s a goon squad of about six that come and drag the young law student Right out of it right out of the other side However the establishment has an even more powerful means of influencing the will of the people the most important is the Council on Foreign Relations or CFR headquartered in New York City though virtually unknown to the public the council dominates cabinets of both Republican and Democratic presidents when you look at where the wires are connected To the centers of power you will find again and again that places like the Council on Foreign Relations Don’t just float ideas they provide solutions if you often find members of the Council on Foreign Relations being appointed to various positions in government or industry for that matter And you see them in the revolving door going back and forth between business, and you know regulatory agencies and stuff like that The big question is how substantive is the CFR on global affairs? Since its founding in 1921 the CFR has produced 21 secretaries of war and defense 19 Treasury secretaries 18 secretaries of state and 16 CIA directors and What is the council’s goal? The Council on Foreign Relations is a fairly interesting entity to me and the reason for that is because they have so many members of the CFR who were in media I Think to see if our exerts tremendous influence over our government our media and our centers of education more so than most people would want to admit the Council on Foreign Relations is a very important nexus point But it’s just a vehicle for the larger aims of those who have an agenda, but it’s an important vehicle It’s a ring of power that is an engine to encircle the whole world You know once the well There’ll be a spokesperson on the major media And he’ll be introduced as such and so and he’ll give the credentials when lamenting a member of the Council on Foreign Relations But that just it sounds so inaccuracy just pass it all to some council that gives a foreign policy so bill. Don’t remember that The number one thing people need to know is that when you have so many members of media who were a part of those organizations or that organization You have lost the ability to have anyone criticizing Globalist agenda or globalist viewpoints because they are members of an organization that pronounces It’s it’s view is to create you know globalism They have seized upon foreign policy economics and trade to get around the bounds of the Constitution And put their global system on top of America Well when I wrote the shadows of power the main concern I had was That maybe I’d gone too far in attributing our foreign policy to this invisible government now. It’s 26 years later We’ve had the arrival of the internet that Access to information never had access to at the time. I wrote that book and my conclusion is that? It’s not that I went too far, but I didn’t go far enough When the Council on Foreign Legion was formed and the decision was made at a dinner at the Majestic Hotel in Paris in 1919 that today bankers got the word that the Senate had rejected the varascite treaty, so we weren’t and become embroiled in the League of Nations So there was an organization created it was in Britain. It was the Royal Institute of International Affairs in America It was a Council for relations like sister organizations these round table groups were put into formation to steer Nations and steer their policies rather than control them overtly through direct leadership They worked through secret maneuvers the Cecil Rhodes secret foundation trust had been involved not a nation building, but a nation Manufacturing in the southern part of Africa and now they wanted the entire world now How do they control American government policy the number one way is by serving as a recruiting ground the recruiting ground for? Cabinet-level positions you’ve probably noticed that a lot of people in your cabinets come from the big multinational corporations How does that happen well the Council for relations will invite executives from Citibank or Exxon or Halliburton and Bechtel into the council? Flood 10 may be a study group attend some dinners hear some speeches by people like Henry Kissinger the big new Basinski now they become Experts on policy and now you see them showing up in the State Department or another major Department when you have One organization controlling the cabinet with a uniform viewpoint whether the president is Republican to Democrat naturally you’re going to get uniform policies here are some of the prominent members of the CFR Council on Foreign Relations George Herbert Walker Bush Bill Clinton Sandra Day, O’Connor Dick Cheney, les aspin : Powell Robert Gates Brent scroll cough Jesse Jackson senior Mario Cuomo, Dan Rather Tom Brokaw David Brinkley John Chancellor Marvin Cobb Diane Sawyer Bob, Barbara Walters cyberspace Paul Volcker Henry, Kissinger George Shultz Bruce Babbitt Howard Baker Samuel Berger Elaine Chao Dianne Feinstein Ruth Bader Ginsburg Chuck Hagel gary hart john mccain george mitchell bill moyers Jay rockefeller Donna shillelagh strobe Talbot Fred Thompson Robert Zoellick Richard Nixon Hubert Humphrey George McGovern Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, John Anderson Walter Mondale, Michael Dukakis Al Gore John Kerry On and on I mean you notice You notice first of all that you’re talking Republicans and Democrats conservatives and liberals you’re talking People in every area of government and news media You’re talking education establishment, you’re talking basically the key establishment institutions of the country are all Infiltrated with Council on Foreign Relations members why is this institution so Powerful that no matter whether it’s Republican or a Democrat in the White House They are going to fill their administration with members of the CFR Admiral Chester ward former Judge Advocate General of the u.s.. Navy was a CFR member for 16 years Before resigning and discussed he stated the council’s objective Submergence of us sovereignty into an all-powerful one-world government This lust to surrender the sovereignty and independence of the United States is pervasive throughout most of the membership this is a man who was also invited to become part of the CFR and Was a member for a few years until he recognized what to see if I was all about after Finding that out He withdrew his his membership from the CFR And then he did his best to inform the American people as to what 2 CFR was all about the council’s Journal Foreign Affairs has pushed for world government for over 90 years in its first year of publication 1922 it declared Obviously there’s going to be no peace or prosperity from mankind so long as it remains divided into 50 or 60 independent states The real problem today, is that of world government? When you put all of that together? You recognize that 2 CFR the trilateral commission has nothing more, but an elaborate attempt To as they say themselves make an end run around national sovereignty Diminish the independence and autonomy of the United States and Merge it into this global governing institution that they of course foresee themselves running My goodness we’re going toward Everybody having a little bit and nobody having a whole lot except for the elite And we’re going towards seeing all of our jobs taken away and put into another country. That’s your world government for you That’s not benefiting the people in this country, so I absolutely You know I I abhor the idea of world government and and I’m afraid that what we’re gonna see is the demise of many of our countries in the attempt to formulate this one big structure And it’s obvious to see okay There are these very rich and powerful people Meeting at you know under the guise of the CFR or the Bilderberg Group or a bunch of other things But it really doesn’t matter the fact is the super class exists. That’s the problem So whether it’s a Brussels whether it’s a World Trade, Organization Whatever it might be It’s still built on the premise of how do we steal the most amount of money that we can? Put it in the hands of the fewest and tell everybody else what to do It’s not primarily driven by political ambition it’s driven by economic ambition And just the fact that I mentioned that might change the flavor of the conversation Because talking about economics is is a little bit different than just talking about politics And one of the reasons again that the American Experiment here is not working too. Well right now for is Congress’s concern It because Congress is not an economic animal. It’s a political animal What is world government simply stated? one regime ruling the planet I don’t think anything is intrinsically wrong with the one-world government in fact I think obviously we are just one humanity and eventually we’re going to get to that you know I see Perfectly well that there come a time when somebody’s gonna say. Hey. Where are you from you can say I’m from Earth Okay, but the problem is are we gonna do this voluntarily you know we’re all going to agree that we’re gonna Have a world government and that we all have some sort of representation and the things done equitably and fairly You know are we gonna have a handful of wealthy? egotistical sometimes Psychopathic people who want to control the world who are gonna forced it off on us and unfortunately This is what’s happening right now I think with any subject of the New World Order would have to be concerned with is Who basically is going to end up calling the shots? Obviously most people aren’t thinking it all the way through they have to realize that there’s a difference between Just saying we should have world government to put an end to war and then asking the next question But wait a minute. What kind of world government will this be it might even be worse than war Countries act as a check and balance on each other if one nation becomes the spa tech another nation can rise up and stop it If you had a one-world government. It would set up the most unrestrained tyranny in history Already in the United States with a population of over 300 million its you may be able to meet your representative But your likelihood of knowing your representative as an average citizen is next and nothing you may not even know who he or she is It only works in Utopia and so while this is something we might all strive for without a Massive shift in global consciousness, it’s impossible Such a development is less remote than it may sound at first. It is being established progressively now Modeled in Europe where once mighty Nations that oversaw empires such as Britain and Spain are becoming more like provinces of the European Union Parliament’s of EU countries grow increasingly subservient to the European Parliament Laws are becoming more uniform throughout the Union National currencies are consolidating into the euro the European Court of Justice can issue arrest warrants against citizens of member countries Advocates of world government are planning a universal version of the EU model for the entire planet when you give up your identity as an individual nation what you’re essentially doing is giving up the identity of your people and the Individuals within your society now. They’re just part of this kind of globalist Worldview and they and they don’t have value anymore so when we see what’s happening In the Veneto region when we see Scotland now saying that they are looking for independence when we see Catalonia saying they want independence if you believe in individual liberty you should celebrate Those movements because what those entities are essentially saying as people as individuals We believe that we’re more than just a member of your larger European Union your larger global Union and instead we want to be able to create goods and Services be paid for our labor be paid for our work, and if we have to pay taxes We should see a return on those taxes within our own communities in a globalist world you never see that richer Globalist justify world government by promising peace and prosperity their traditional argument has been that nothing is worse than war and Wars occur because the world is divided into nations who keep fighting they say if we replace nations with the world government war would end and Mankind would live as one happy family in peace and prosperity However this pretext is flawed Rudolf Rummel professor emeritus of political science at the University of Hawaii published a Study demonstrating that in the 20th century Six times more people were killed by their own governments than by Wars in other words wars are not the deadliest thing governments are What we know from the 20th century that In nation after nation after nation governments that became extraordinarily powerful at a very disconcerting tendency to kill their population So you can look for example in the Soviet Union under Stalin 60 million people killed you can look at China under Mao Zedong Some estimates say well over a hundred million people killed some even say 200 million people killed You can look at Nazi Germany is the example that probably most viewers are familiar with Example after example even ones that most people haven’t even heard of the problem with world government is the same problem as with any government Government is controlled by force the more you concentrate that power the worse It is you could make the case that world government might be only as bad as local government But obviously the bigger the more concentrated that exploitation racket becomes the greater chance there is for corruption all human Authority is jurisdictional and limited so whenever you violate that and you create a Regional government, and then a multi regional government, and then a global government by very nature you have squelched and expunged the fundamental tenets and principles of Liberty natural rights Freedom sovereignty under the states individuals, it’s all gone If we had a world government who would run it Globalists like to point out that international alliances have defeated dictators like saddam hussein, but what’s a man like hussein took over a world government? Today if a tyrant enslaves a nation its people may, hopefully escape to another country, but if a dictator ruled the world government Were could anyone escape America’s founding fathers recognize the dangers of concentrating power They therefore split government power into three branches And the founding fathers original vision the power of the entire federal government would be held in check by the states Decentralization of power has spared Americans the oppression of totalitarian dictatorships that other nations have known James Madison known as the father of the US Constitution said the accumulation of all power Legislative executive and judiciary In the same hands may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny If we follow the money to see who is behind the Council on Foreign Relations it becomes clear that the u.s. Foreign policy establishment is intimately linked to Wall Street, and the banking establishment Americans know they have inflation in 1962 a postage stamp cost four cents today 49 a candy bar cost a nickel in 1962 now around a dollar Since 1913 the dollars purchasing power has declined over 95% Inflation is not inevitable this graph depicts American price levels since 1665 There was no net inflation for the first 250 years Inflationary blips occurred as during the American Revolution war of 1812 and civil war when the United States printed large quantities of money to pay for those conflicts Increasing the supply of money diminishes its value making prices rise but notice after the wars money always returned to its normal value a dollar is worth the same in 1900 as 1770 during World War one our currency inflated, but instead of resuming to its normal value afterwards American dollars stable for 250 years began rapidly and permanently losing value This change came from one factor creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 the Federal Reserve is the most important part of the American government’s racket of an Exploitation and that’s important to remember that it’s not about the wars. It’s not about the police state It’s not about the business regulations Those are all how the why is power and money time to pay attention because the Federal Reserve has Taken over the engine of the country and completely Made it subservient to interest other than the actual country first off It’s not federal and second off it has no reserves Okay, so the whole thing’s a fraud to begin with the Constitution gives the Congress the to coin money But we’ve lost that by by giving our power to a private corporation Janet Yellen is current chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. She was preceded by Ben Bernanke an Alan Greenspan the Fed Chairman has been called America’s economic czar Largely because the chairman and board set us interest rates Which impacts the stock market if interest rates rise? CDs and other interest bearing securities appear more profitable causing money to flow away from the riskier stock market however when interest rates fall investors tend to favor stocks Janet Yellen the Fed chair the new Fed chair is going around saying that she will continue these policies of this Quantitative easing as it’s called, which is essentially just the printing of money And they’re gonna continue it until they can get the unemployment rates down and she gives examples She’s she’s talking like a president now giving examples of the young woman that she’s met in this community who struggles because she works multiple Jobs, she’s a single mom and and it’s very difficult for her. Yeah well I’m sure it is difficult for her, but what no one ever tells you in media Is that the reason that we have so many people struggling in this country is due in large part to? The Federal Reserve Bank people who are closest to the money are the ones who get the greatest benefit? So whoever has had their hands on not just the Federal Reserve But the whole infrastructure around it the global banks that are peddling the Federal Reserve notes the and the bonds and the Treasury bills and so on The goldman sachs of the world the JP morgan’s and so on these companies in these individuals have consistently gotten rich Beyond anybody’s wildest imagination the rest of us can consistently have gotten poorer Beyond our wildest imagination as well so the value of the dollar today is somewhere around one and a half percent of a what 19:13 you know the United States dollar in the Federal Reserve Note dollar has lost 98% of its value in the last 100 years So if number one your first mandate is to protect the value of the currency you fail The second mandate on unemployment as I mentioned when the Fed chair is talking about this this family That’s in need and she wants to help them How does the Federal Reserve help? by holding interest rates low That doesn’t help families that doesn’t put food on my table If anything it makes it more difficult because there are more people out there saying well Then you should go get a loan right now borrow more money right now as has been stated in history You know they whoever controls the money controls Again it goes back to the money. It’s not a world government. It’s the bankers in charge and and again the Distribution of wealth right now in the United States as everyone knows is worse than it was at the Gilded Age over a hundred years ago They are creating currency out of nothing with absolutely no value to it promising us that number one this will lead to Greater wealth across the nation, which it’s proven it cannot do and number two it will also create employment Which you cannot do the Federal Reserve has the power to issue and create currency? But this gives it an inside track to give money at very low if any Interest rates to its member banks to the members of the oligarchy who controlled that Bank meanwhile It loans money to the country at interest making Incredible profits and making certain that the United States can never be sovereign again So long as the Federal Reserve exists Thomas Jefferson in a letter to one of his friends after he was out of office He said whenever public servants are paid by something other than what the people produce the roles of master and servant reversed with the central bank Everything becomes consolidated in the hands of the field goes back to again four simple words too big to fail Central bank’s look what they’ve done. They robbing the people right in front of everybody’s eyes as we speak The Fed was established when Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 the original legislation was introduced by Senator Nelson Aldrich a frontman for the banking community few Americans today recognize his name Nonetheless many have heard of Nelson Rockefeller who was Gerald Ford’s vice president and long New York’s governor one of America’s richest men His full name Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller named for his grandfather Nelson Aldrich Aldrich his daughter Mary john d rockefeller jr.. And his son Winthrop became chairman of the Rockefellers chase National Bank when Nelson Aldrich spoken Capitol Hill insiders knew he acted for the Rockefellers and their allies the legislation Aldrich introduced Which became the Federal Reserve’s basis was crafted by several of America’s richest bankers? At a secret nine-day meeting in 1910 on Jekyll Island off the Georgia coast at that time Jekyll Island was an exclusive retreat for the wealthy elite In attendance were agents from the world’s three greatest banking houses those of john d rockefeller JP morgan and the Rothschilds acting for the Rockefellers were senator Aldrich and Frank Vanderlip representing the Morgan interest word Benjamin strong head of JP Morgan’s Bankers Trust Company Henry Davison senior partner and JP Morgan & Company and Charles Norton head of Morgan’s first national bank of New York The most important figure who ran the meeting was the Rothschilds agent Paul Warburg? Paul Warburg belonged to a German banking family associated with the Rothschilds the world’s most powerful banking dynasty Who had grown rich by establishing central banks that loan money to European countries it’s patriarch Amschel Mayer Rothschild said Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws in 1901 Warburg emigrated to America intending to establish a similar central bank in in the United States He became a partner in Kuhn Loeb & Company the Rothschilds banking satellite in New York City Who controls the Federal Reserve is pretty secretive, but for the most part we understand who controls it and we know many of the families specifically involved And it’s what’s known as the eastern establishment many of the banking houses that have come to dominate the 20th century and of course the robber barons who became monopolist of the major industries of the US The Rothschilds had long been allied with America’s two foremost banking families the Rockefellers and Morgan’s Providing the seed money for John D. Rockefellers Standard Oil Company and helping bail out JPMorgan when his firm was financially distressed The axis of Warburg Rothschild Morgan and Rockefeller and their Wall Street Confederates became known as the money trust President Wilson named Paul Warburg vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Benjamin strong was appointed to run the New York Fed the system’s nucleus the men who had secretly planned the Bank now Controlled it at the time Congress in the public had no inkling of the Jekyll Island meeting Paul Warburg’s annual salary at Kuhn Loeb had been $500,000 equal to well over 10 million in today’s dollars He relinquished that for a Federal Reserve position that paid $12,000 Warburg knew it would be far more profitable to control America’s interest rates and make the stock market rise or fall at will Congressman Charles Lindbergh senior father of the famous aviator helped lead the fight against the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 he declared on the floor of the house this act Establishes the most gigantic trust on earth When the president signs this act The invisible government by the money power proven to exist by the money trust Investigation will be legalized the money power overalls the legislative and executive forces of the nation I have seen these forces exerted during the different stages of this bill Who now on depressions will be scientifically created? The new law will create inflation whenever the trust wants inflation if the trust can get a period of inflation they figure they can unload stocks on the people at high prices during the excitement and then bring on a panic and buy them back at low prices The people may not know it immediately But the day of reckoning is only a few years removed The day of reckoning Lindbergh predicted came with black Thursday in the great crash of 1929 The crash wiped out millions of small investors, but not the money trust Warburg Rockefeller, Morgan Bernard Baruch and other top insiders had already exited the market although friendly biographers attributed their perfectly timed departure to their fiscal wisdom Fiscal foreknowledge of the Federal Reserve policy they controlled rake the game in their favor the Federal Reserve nearly doubled the discount rate between January and August of 1929 the bank is also pressured stocks down by heavily selling the markets short and massively calling loans on investors who had borrowed to invest in stocks Forcing the borrowers to sell stock to repay the loans these tactics converged Generating a snowballing panic that would bring the entire country into the greatest financial depression since the Civil War Congressman Louis McFadden Chairman of the House Committee on banking and currency from 1920 to 1931 had this to say It was not accidental It was a carefully contrived occurrence The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all Afterwards the money trust returned to the market exactly as congressman Lindbergh predicted They bought up stocks that once sold for $10 per share at $1 per share widening their ownership of corporate America Well the Fed affects prices By devaluing the dollar so every time you devalue the dollar by a little bit more it costs that much more to purchase a good when I Talk to people who are struggling with the value of their money? And they talk about the need for minimum wage to be higher for instance because they say well We’ve got to make more We’re not making a living wage But they never seem to connect is the fact that part of the reason they don’t make a living wage is because the value of What they’re being paid continues to drop it’s not what the young people are doing wrong? It’s what’s been done to them when great-grandpa came here in 1900 There’s no income tax back Then people today are spending about half their income on taxation is to when you take your federal income tax state income tax real estate tax Social Security tax sales tax excise tax utility tax you are paying about half your income and Taxation now doesn’t it make sense if you pay half your income to Taxes you’ll need two jobs to maintain the same standard of living that one job used to pay for So if you understand who these people are and you understand what their mission is and how they think and what the Ideology is then most of the mysteries of the modern world how come we’re getting into this mess er Why are we doing this and so they become easy to answer? If you don’t understand that little twist of that word really rather than that It’s not the voters then all of these things remain a mystery Who’s the guy that deregulated the glass-steagall Act and the banking acts that will put it together in 1933 following the crash of 29 because of what Wall Street the banks did Robert Rubin under Clinton Louis II from goldman sachs Who’s the head of the European Central Bank? Mario Draghi, where’s he from? European director of Goldman Sachs Who’s the fellow that’s running the Bank of England? Mark Carney oh yeah him wizzy from Goldman Sachs And it’s the bankers. It’s the heads of international corporations It’s the existing power structure and people say well if we don’t have government We won’t be protected from the evils of rich people it’s like no I’m sorry when you have a government what you have done is put an army of enforcers at their disposal The United States is run like a major corporation The twentieth century in the United States has been one of centralization as it has been around the world It’s partly due to the rise of technology It’s partly due to the consolidation of these banking powers So who really runs America the global money paradigm really runs America But the people if they have consensus And I think we can give several examples the global food revolution is certainly one example where you see people? From Occupy Wall Street and people from the Tea Party people from all different Segments of society coming together to say we want clean food, and you notice that this is maybe one of our most successful Endeavors so I’d like to think the truth is is that the people and consensus run America? But if we don’t do it And we don’t spend time doing that then the global money paradigm runs America like they run everywhere else so It’s killing everybody it’s costing everybody to live more and Everyone’s earning less than numbers don’t lie the numbers are there for everybody to look at Median household income is below 1999 levels Kids with college degrees half of them have jobs that only require a high school education They’re robbing us right in front of our eyes and you have slimeball politicians and Prostitutes on these business shows that keep the lie going too big to fail What’s gonna kill the dollars when people realize that it’s a system of exploitation that funds oppression that funds Wars that funds the police state that funds all the Regulations that are keeping you from being able to conduct your business the way, that’s gonna make you happy and they abandon it That’s what’s gonna kill the dollar hey the powers in our hands now that we know what the game is The game is they’re loaning our own money at interest and putting us in debt so far that this country will Crash bad austerity will come to this country This is right off the IMF’s World Bank’s plans to go in and wreck Countries the chickens have come home to roost But don’t call for the end of the fed unless you have a pretty clear idea Some kind of consensus of what we’re gonna have in its place the Federal Reserve itself does not have absolute autonomy To act as it wants within the global system it acts according to the international body of the Bank for International Settlements the Federal Reserve by default and Harris some of that secrecy if you will and We’ll never know what happens What really goes on inside the the Bank for International Settlements much less the Fed what can be done about it? No Not a whole lot unless Congress gets off their hands and does something about The most significant mechanism for forcing the US dollar on the American people in all the world is the world reserve currency is – Requiring it for payments of Taxation, and you can’t pay your taxes. Even if you’re engaging in barter You’re supposed to be a report in all that you’re supposed to be paying your taxes in US dollars so there’s an inherent demand for that there are certain things you can only use dollars for and Therefore it becomes the dominant currency And there are some things that you really can’t avoid it for you know if you want to park on the street here You know you got to put coins in the meter if you you know are doing? Something in your life that exposes you to a tax liability that means you’ve given the government an excuse to steal from you That is generally accepted by their enforcers. Yes, I understand There’s no way around it but there’s a very simple way that you can opt out of the system by doing as much as your You know economic transactions as possible in Non dollar-denominated currencies either gold silver or what’s really exciting now That’s opening things up is cryptocurrency Bitcoin being just the first of many In January 1990 in two months after the Armistice the delegates of the victorious powers Arrived in Paris for the Peace Conference to draw up the terms to be offered to the defeated countries In all the representatives of 27 nations attended that conference Who did Wilson appoint to head the American delegation to the peace conference Paul Warburg who had also named vice chairman of the Federal Reserve How could Warburg a recent immigrant be the only person qualified for this critical position? Who D Wilson bring to Paris as chief economic adviser Bernard Baruch to whom he made all those campaign pledges as Always the president was under the watchful eye of Edward Mandell house the bankers frontman Wilson did not invite any leading Democratic party members to Paris not one senator or congressman Accompanied them only the bankers and their entourage At this conference Wilson presented his famous 14 points the most important of them called for establishing the League of Nations Many people think he invented the league, but that originated with house and the bankers raced and art Baker Wilson’s official biographer said Practically nothing not a single idea in the Covenant of the League was original with the president Charles see more houses official biographer said Wilson approved the house draft almost in its entirety in his own rewriting of it was practically confined to phraseology What were the bankers seeking in the league? world government the Paris conference produced the Versailles Treaty, which officially established the League of Nations Ironically though Wilson had proposed the league the United States did not join the US Constitution stipulated No president could single-handedly make a treaty the Senate had to ratify it the Senate rejected the Versailles Treaty Americans had helped win the war but saw no reason to join an organization that might infringe on their sovereignty When news of the Senate boat reached Paris the bankers reacted swiftly They held a series of meetings in resolve to form a new organization in the United States Its purpose would be to change the American opinion so the nation would accept world government in 1921 that organization was incorporated in New York City as the Council on Foreign Relations The council’s original roster reveals that most members were bankers or lawyers affiliated with JP Morgan and company for example Morgan’s personal attorney John W. Davis was the CFR’s of founding president Morgan’s attorney Paul Cravath was founding vice president Morgan’s partner Russell Leffingwell was first chairman Since this looked unsuitable for a Foreign Affairs Association that counsel diversified its roster by adding professors However these came from universities receiving large grants from the Morgan interests the professor’s Carefully screened could be relied on to attend council meetings, then returned to the universities and preached the glories of global government By the late 1920s the Rockefellers had brought their people into the council David Rockefeller was the CFR’s chairman for many years in a still honorary chairman in 2014 One way the council influences government policy is through publications including many books and especially its Periodical Foreign Affairs a virtual instruction manual for u.s. Foreign policy makers Time magazine has called it the most influential journal in print They do have a publication which my husband subscribes to we’ve we’ve been reading it for a number of years because of the jaw-dropping Insight that it provides into what they’re thinking and they don’t mince words in there They will come right out and say that we need to have this form of control We need to do this form of manipulation We need to convince people of these certain sets of beliefs, and you read this and it’s written in a very highfalutin erudite Academic kind of a style so you have to get past that to really Get to the the gist in the meat of what’s being said The CFR’s most important means of controlling policy is supplying cabinet level and sub cabinet level personnel to the government What policies have the council created let’s take examples from after World War two? The League of Nations had effectively collapsed with the wars onset Its successor was the United Nations a bolder step toward world government the UN began with a group of CFR members in the State Department Working under Secretary of State Cordell Hull they call themselves the informal agenda group The group drew up the original plan for the UN then consulted three attorneys all CFR members who declared the scheme constitutional Subsequently they met with President Roosevelt who approved the plan and publicly announced it the same day After that FDR made establishing the UN is top priority for post-war planning Just as the League of Nations had been to Wilson at the UN’s founding conference in San Francisco in 1945 most of the American delegates forty-seven were CFR members The Korean War was designed to empower the UN it had been the objection of some people that the UN could never actually enforce peace and So since the very first plank of the UN Charter Says it’s there to secure peace this war was designed to validate the UN especie But even though 90% of the troops were American it was said to be a UN action and was also a way of bypassing the Congress we have never had a Declaration of war since World War two once we got to the UN that was it Harry Truman Sent troops to Korea without so much as consulting the Congress by instituting policies through for example the United Nations They’re able to say here’s something we want to happen to every single person on planet earth And I’ll give an example a couple of years ago Desmond Tutu Bishop Desmond Tutu came out in support of a United Nations plan to number all the children Their concern was that not all of the kids being born on planet earth were making their way into a government database Where they were being numbered and tracked and so they came out with a program called plan? That the the the phrase for this was or their their buzzword was write me down make me real America’s post-war program of aid to Europe the Marshall Plan was Allegedly the brainchild of General George Marshall who proposed it in a Harvard commencement speech in Reality, it was not conceived by Marshall But by a CFR study group with David Rockefeller as Secretary They originally intended President, Truman to announce the proposal and call it the Truman plan However after deliberating they decided that Truman a Democrat might not win the support from congressional Republicans Marshall a CFR cohort was chosen to reveal the plan because as a military figure. He would be Misperceived as politically neutral and win bipartisan support the strategy worked The marshal event is one of those things that people recognize from the history books, but you read a basic summary And you gloss over, but it has huge importance for the building of the global system that happen Earthquake of World War two when essentially power was up for grabs and in fact had been negotiated ahead of time Marshall Plan was just another giant welfare plan it weakened America financially Certainly designed more for a control of these little nations that they were rebuilding a lot more than it was to help family Americans were told the funds were for Europe’s needy they were not told however that the goods their tax dollars purchased came mostly from multinational corporations linked to the CFR the Marshall Plan was even more sinister Unknown to most Americans Europeans paid for Marshall Plan codes with printing press money called counterpart funds CFR member John J. McCloy appointed High Commissioner to Germany was in charge of this cash He’s approached by jean monet renowned as founder of the common market predecessor of today’s european union Time called him the father of europe in 1947 monet sent agents to mccoy who put millions of dollars in counterpart funds at their disposal This money jump-started the movement for european unity It financed common market propaganda and a european union youth movement as well as schools that would promote european consolidation the Council of Europe’s first meeting in 1949 in election campaigns of favored candidates journalist Richard Revere called mccloy chairman of the establishment an insider’s insider When he returned to the US he became chairman of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Rockefellers Chase, Manhattan Bank McCloy was also second president of the World Bank, which like its sister the International Monetary Fund or IMF Was started at the Bretton Woods conference? The Bretton Woods Agreement where the IMF and World Bank were created also? Created a reconstruction vehicle for Europe which allowed the financial investments to flow to the central banks of choice And flow outward to what became American firms who got most of the business to rebuild Europe It came with strings attached and most of the European countries were under the yoke of US command during the Reconstruction phase of what was known publicly as the Marshall Plan? But privately was concocted by the wisemen a group of very influential foreign policy people who are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations and many of them also members of Skull and Bones World War two was really about reshaping the world giving birth to one version of the New World Order Which would be remade over and over again as? With the Marshall Plan the motive was never charity after World War two the New York banks wanted to continue loaning money to government However, what if war-torn nations had difficulty repaying a fall guy was needed to guarantee the loans taxpayers The World Bank and IMF gave carte blanche to the private banks who could now make virtually any loan however foolish to foreign governments Yet the government could not make an interest payment the IMF or World Bank would bail them out with taxpayer money billions of 1944 4547 taxpayer dollars were poured into the construction of Europe untold sums of money that flowed through the central banks and out to the fascist partners of choice who would get the bids and the contracts to Rebuild Europe while the Council on Foreign Relations policy people helped to rebuild Europe along the lines that they wanted to see economic controls wage controls Industrial agreements and what became the footprints and baby steps and building blocks of the European Union that we see today Jesse Helms former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said The New York banks have found important profit centers in lending to countries plunged into debt This has been an essentially riskless game for the banks because the IMF of the World Bank have stood ready to bail the banks out with our taxpayers money Furthermore the World Bank and IMF often attached conditions to these loans they may demand a voice in government policy For example they might dictate that a country privatize industries to multinational corporations before money comes through The World Bank and IMF are instruments of profit and control and the u.s.. Foreign policy Based in Washington enabled it all the way and put the key people in position to outright rule Europe until it was rebuilt Along the designs of not God not man not national governments but the emerging world government based in the Council on Foreign Relations in their money pounds I Look at the World Bank and the IMF more or less as the next stage of the evolution of international banking The Bank for International Settlements Along with the World Bank and along with the IMF Have have long been viewed as the engine of globalization these have been the troika if you will that have Impressed policies on countries all over the world to toe the globalist line We’re told that this is necessary in order to regulate trade or in order to pacify nations. That would be making making war against us But in fact what this is about is creating debt People talk about the one world government or globalists as if we’re just going to create one nation that all has the same name But I don’t think that’s even necessary we have Banking systems that control the trade they control. What people do for a living You know there are people who are living in African nations right now growing cotton in those nations And they those farmers are required to grow cotton because it’s part of the debt pay back that goes to these these huge Globalist banks who have made loans to the country and they can’t compete with You know other countries around the world the farmers wanted to grow something else because their margins are so small and they’re not allowed to Simply because of the debt that is owed by their nation Noms a difficult one could the war have been won well You know you probably know some Vietnam veterans and a lot of them were harmed during the war there’s issues with things like Agent Orange A lot of them are sour because there’s just a lingering confusion about what really happened During that war every war is won by the people who profit from it it has always been the case because war is a racket as Major General Smedley Butler said always has been boys will be For men dying in Richmond Wars the Vietnam War was won. By those who made the billions from it Every war we’ve had at least since World War two there was not a clear objective as To what we were doing as a nation in going What was the objective in Vietnam? I’m not sure most people even still noted it You can’t win a war unless you know what winning it means We tend to think that the purpose of the Vietnam War was to fight the Vietcong fight the Communists it wasn’t If we wanted if that were the purpose of the war we could have won quite easy But the real purpose of the war it was much more complex from that Since World War two it’s very clear that every conflict We’ve been involved in Doesn’t make sense in terms of a clear objective of how to win or why we win in the first place what we’re hoping to accomplish other than if you were to say our goal is Empire building now if we had wanted to conquer the Vietnamese and ultimately Occupy their nation at least that’s an objective that has a clear end game to it But we didn’t seem to want to do that so what were we actually doing the reasons behind it seem very Confusing unless you know about the banker issue unless you understand how the engine of America has been hijacked By the banking powers and its nebulous ill-advised policies directed by the Council on Foreign Relations Perhaps no twentieth-century event impacted America more than the Vietnam War The war which lasted 14 years and ended in defeat Was called unwinnable by the establishment media Who blamed the US military claiming they had underestimated the communist forces under Ho Chi Minh? That war was part of the proxy wars that happened all around the globe in the name of fighting communism But it was also a means of reconstructing the Asian Pacific sphere of influence to make it safe for Globalism again the whole world had to be made over and brought up to standards for globalism China being such a major power in Japan more or less under the yoke of the post-world War two agreements and Vietnam down there on the triangle had to be basically Reformed that was the real reasons for the war What we were told as Americans was not that we were fighting for our freedoms Not that we were stopping an evil that would take over the whole planet But that we had been attacked on a ship the Gulf of Tonkin an incident that we now know clearly in history Didn’t happen the way we were told at all The media’s memory was short after World War two u.s. foreign policy dictated that France leave Vietnam the United States initially supported Ho Chi Minh in 1945 the OSS forerunner of the CIA trained hos army and provided him with guns and 20,000 cartridges, which he used to fight the French The u.s.. Press glorified him in 1946 News we compared him to George, Washington In 1954 with its troops hemmed in by hose forces at the critical Battle of Dien Bien Phu France begged the United States to intervene an aircraft carrier strike would have averted disaster, but the US government refused Following the French pullout and the division of Vietnam into the North and South u.s. Foreign policies next objective was removing Emperor Bao dying the one man capable of uniting the country Bao Dai exclaimed If your country had given me 1000 of the Sun they spent to depose me How could have won that war? Through a rigged plebiscite no den diem the CFR’s choice was installed as South Vietnam president the South Vietnamese Hated the oppressive diem who drove many into the communists arms in the meantime CIA Colonel Edward Lansdale CFR member oversaw the disarming of three powerful anti-communist groups in Vietnam the cow dissect Hawaa house act leave ambiens private army Having sponsored Ho Chi Minh and destroying French Imperial and local opponents at every level our CFR policymakers now launched the tragic conflict in World War two the USA fights on two fronts Europe and the Pacific the Germans and Japanese were tough and well-equipped Yet, we crushed both military empires with our allies health in just three and a half years On The other hand we spent 14 years of fighting little North Vietnam and lost Something is terribly wrong with this picture Defense Secretary Robert McNamara Forbid the Air Force to strike over 90 percent of the strategic targets it wanted to hit as a CFR member He left the Defense Department to become president of the World Bank Then there were the rules of engagement not Declassified until 1985 when they consumed 26 pages of the Congressional records fine print According to the rules American soldiers were not allowed to shoot first, but had to wait until fired upon If a pilot saw MIG on the ground he could not attack he had to wait until it was airborne and showing hostile intent If a surface-to-air missile launch site was under construction. He couldn’t bomb it He had to wait until it was operational If we had fought World War two under such restrictions. We would have lost To me at least it’s clear that the purpose of the war was not to defeat communism in Vietnam Because they could have done that quite easily, but as everyone knows by now They deliberately put handcuffs on our military made sure you don’t go too far into the enemy territory You don’t counter-attack you don’t bomb the supply lines. You just powderpuff war all the way along We call it powder puff war because it wasn’t aimed at victory But that’s probably not doing a justice because there was so many Lives tragically lost it was a bloody war really. It was not fought to win in 1968 journalist Lloyd Malan interviewed nearly a dozen retired high-ranking US military officers Each queried separately said the war would be won in weeks or months with the restraints lifted This would allow the war to be carried out aggressively against the north The media claimed the war was initiated by right-wing anti-communist or Hawks The first u.s.. Combat troops went to Vietnam in 1961 President Kennedy authorized sending about 10,000 men on the advice of the State Department’s Walt Rostow who had just returned from a fact-finding mission to Vietnam Although the press portrayed rosto as a hawk his father had been a Marxist revolutionary in Russia Two of his aunt’s belonged to the u.s. Communist Party his brother Eugene debb’s Roscoe was named after Socialist Party leader Eugene Debs in the Eisenhower State Department rejected Walt for employment three times as a security risk The Kennedy administration could only get him in by firing auto Ataka the State Department’s head of security and A book published the year before his advice to Kennedy Rostow wrote it is a legitimate American national objective to see removed from all nations Including the United States the right to use substantial military force to pursue their own interests Since this right is the root of national sovereignty it is therefore an American interest to see an end to nationhood as it Has been historically defined This statement summarized the outlook of the Council on Foreign Relations – its Rostow belonged Johnson had to give some very awkward and rather embarrassing speeches convincing America Why Vietnam why he was sending their sons their brothers their fathers off the war as earlier noted Congress authorized President Johnson to intervene in Vietnam through the Tonkin Gulf Resolution Written before the two alleged attacks on the u.s.. Navy in the Tonkin Gulf Admiral Stockdale testified that the second attack never happened the premature resolution was written by William P Bundy Assistant Secretary of State for far eastern affairs and member of the CFR Like Roscoe Bundy was portrayed as a hawk Yet in the 1950s Bundy head of the Defense Fund for Soviet spy Alger Hiss After bunny left the State Department David Rockefeller appointed him editor of Foreign Affairs journal of the CFR and America’s leading opponent of national sovereignty In 1964 President Johnson successfully ran for re-election against Republican Barry Goldwater whom the press branded a warmonger after the election Johnson himself suddenly began escalating the war committing hundreds of thousands of troops He made the decision at the urging of a secret clique called the wise men 14 senior advisors 12 of whom were CFR members The wise men included a number of important Council on Foreign Relations members six key members actually Averell Harriman Robert Lovett and John J McCloy all three of them bones men and all three of them very closely tied to the banking powers of New York City and to the Rockefeller family John J. McCloy resume reads like a true globalist. He was a skull and bones member He was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations He was in the staff as an Undersecretary of State during World War two and he would later go on to head the Rockefeller Foundation he was the President of the Council on Foreign Relations for a solid decade and he was head of world bank the leader of the wise men who led the demand for escalation Dean Acheson Even before the United States recognized the USSR in 1933 The murders dictator Joseph Stalin selected young attorney Etchison to represent Soviet interests in America Truman Secretary of State at jusen surrounded himself with Communists and security risks Such as Jon Stewart’s service, John Carter Vincent and Lachlan curry He promoted service even after the FBI caught him passing government secrets to communist agents Ashes ins law partner was Donald his brother of Soviet spy Alger Hiss and a member of the Communist Party In short the men who maneuvered us into Vietnam were not anti-communist but soft on communism or even Pro communist Nor were they flag waving Patriots They were globalist who opposed nationalism in favor of world government part of it was to train an international military force to Get the world used to thinking of solving conflicts through international groups such as the UN And to develop those mechanisms Nearly all key policy planners during the Vietnam War were CFR members The same clique that involved us in the war offered the rules of engagement and other restrictions preventing victory Clearly Vietnam was not a blunder. What happened is a plan So Averell Harriman Robert loved it John J. McCloy and their associates like George Kennan Manipulated policy around the Vietnam War and most of the other conflicts that we solder in the middle years after World War 2 all of them mired in confusion lies manipulated data cables communications that were presented Anna framed skewed manner to goad America into the policy decisions being made in New York City not in Washington DC one of their goals Successfully implemented was to provoke an American political slide to the left in a furor of anti patriotism He Pitta mised by the burning of American flags on college campuses Destroying patriotism is prerequisite to absorbing nations into a one-world government But we lost the jobs We lost the well Our middle class now has been decimated in America It’s getting smaller every year people are getting poorer every year our opportunities for success are dimming every year and We wave to the factories and to the industries that moved overseas and say gee that’s too bad The North American Union is just one proposal that some people see as an opportunity That’s going to enhance their use of the racket to rip people off You’re not gonna get a world government overnight what’s going to happen is you will get regional governments and of course We’ve seen this when with the creation of the EU and all of the Trauma that goes with that that they’ve been experiencing over there of trying to bring together multiple countries under a single current sander single economic system whenever people start talking about North American Union and Linking us up, then. I think well what’s next in a South American Union And then we join with the EU and then before you know it you actually have wound up with your with your global government when they consolidate and centralize power and decision-making processes in these regional communities it’s going to be a very much simpler process for them to then Consolidate power from those regional areas because there are only be a few of them then then to bring that together Will be, you know child’s play in comparison to trying to bring together hundreds of countries worldwide North American Union is especially dangerous as Are again many of these? free trade agreements like the TPP why because Trump our Constitution What they have to do is they have to line up the regulations and countries to mesh together and not fight each other So you see this going on in Europe you see this going on in Asia? You see it going on in the current negotiations with the trans-pacific partnership for instance the the TPP the trans-pacific partnership Aims to say that any American law including any constitutional law is suspended in place of the TPP that Includes corporations operated in the United States. They would fall under the authority of the TPP before they would fall under the authority of the US Constitution That’s a huge problem same thing with the North American Union would would we then? Have some agreement that trumps our Constitution It’s all about regulations say well. Why it’s because they want to get them meshed together and lined up together so they can interoperate without national boundaries and national issues That things the moment when America announced through then President George W Bush that we were at war with terror I Think it was actually a truthful statement, but it was a terrible moment for the country But the terror wasn’t what they claim that it was sixty billion dollars worth of spying on We the People It’s not about protecting the story al Qaeda or Al nusra al kapag The war on terror in my opinion has become a war on the Bill of Rights The war on terror has impacted the freedom on the people of the United States and the people of the entire world using fear What people have to understand how this process works is fear is what always shuts Consciousness down the war on terror is to keep the people in theory Hysteria because fear stops everything and what are you willing to give up in a war with your own fear? How does the war and terror fit in the Department of Homeland Security has given the US government? unprecedented power to intrude on citizens private lives the ostensible purpose Combat terrorism we all opposed terrorism, but many wonder how that word might eventually be defined the legislation that came out of the war on terror has been disastrous for the American public and for freedom in general Especially that part of it, which is completely run Privacy in America another way to look at it is creation of a total surveillance society When we lose the fundamental right to privacy You could make the argument that really we have no freedom at all Virtually every piece of our electronic correspondence Is being recorded and monitored by? Some branch of the federal government all in the name of national security, but the war on terror has done Is that what will you trade in order to not feel afraid and? Unfortunately as a nation. We said everything. We’ll trade everything Then put you in jail hold you indefinitely under the Patriot Act. You know or not what is all this It’s all based on the war on terrorism And where did that get started with 9/11 and nobody wants to look at 9/11? But if you look at it hard enough you realize that the whole official story is full of holes And so what has happened in a very? incremental way is Turning everyone into a terrorist for whatever reason we just heard senator Reid’s say that The people that went to the Bundy ranch are terrorists the military are acting like terrorists We’re acting like terrorists if you don’t agree with your whatever dog catcher or Water meter reader or whatever you’re a terrorist so again we’re back to the same thing as with the Communists, which is today a terrorist is just anyone who disagrees with you and It is polarizing and fragmenting Society The concept of homeland security did not originate after the Twin Towers attack But with the 1998 proposal by the United States Commission on national security Which had 12 members nine of whom belonged to the CFR They recommended a national homeland security agency the very phrase President Bush used nine days after 9/11 What connects the trade agreements of war on terror both are being used to justify a North American Union in 2004 the CFR’s robert pastor wrote in foreign affairs Security fears would serve as a catalyst for deeper integration the department of homeland security should expand its mission to include Continental security a shift best achieved by incorporating Mexican and Canadian perspectives and personnel into its design and operation Paster is thus suggesting that security concerns warned combining NAFTA’s economic partners America Canada and Mexico into a continent-wide Homeland Security Department in March 2005 in Waco, Texas President Bush met with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin to discuss integrating their three countries the Bush administration’s open borders policy and its Decision to ignore the enforcement of this country’s immigration laws is part of a broader agenda President Bush signed a formal agreement that will end the United States as we know it and He took the step without approval from either of the US Congress or the people of the United States At the time of the Waco meeting the CFR produced a document building a North American community which called for the creation by 2010 of a community to enhance security prosperity and opportunity for all North Americans Regional alliances like the EU and SPP are not the end game simply stepping stones to a one-world government Leading establishment figure is the big new Brzezinski said in 1995 we cannot leap into world government in one quick step the precondition for genuine Globalization is progressive regionalization Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin recognizes principle as integral to communist plans for domination saying Populations will more readily abandon their national loyalties to a vague Regional loyalty than they will for a world Authority Later the regionals can be brought all the way into a single world dictatorship This is what the war on terror is designed Specifically to accomplish to keep people in a state of fear of always looking around the corner for the boogeyman Always looking around the corner for the monster. That’s about to gobble us up when people’s mindset is in at that state of fear They’re not making accurate decision-making processes, but moreover what they’re psychologically looking for is a protector So here’s an interesting story during 2012 all the presidential candidates all their surrogates were coming to Ohio and I had the Privilege of being able to interview President Obama and also the privilege of interviewing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and It was during the the Mitt Romney Paul Ryan interview When I went in to interview them you get five minutes with the candidate and you go into the room It’s basically a stream of media coming in and out the whole time what’s fascinating is I went into that Interview with Romney and Ryan, and I sat down On a barstool, and they were both on bar stools in front of me You know the backdrop behind them, and what was a little bit different about this It’s while there were a lot of people in the room and that always happens there was one guy in particular on a sofa behind me who was sitting there as I walked in and So I sat down, we start the interview now, it’s a little bit different about this. It’s typically when you’re interviewing someone It’s a one-on-one interview in this case it was two one one And so I would you know ask one question and then to the other one back and forth What was really interesting to me was as I was talking with them and interviewing them? I would notice out of my peripheral vision I’m talking with Congressman Ryan and I could see Governor Romney looking past me at the guy on the sofa behind them and then when I would turn To Governor Romney, and I would interview him I could see congressman Ryan doing this And if you go back by the way, and you watch the actual full interview I would tell people just go back and watch not the guy I’m talking to watch the other candidate And how they’re looking past me at this guy and was almost like they’re doing you know baseball signals at each other And so they’re you know kind of go through this we do the interview We’re all done and after I left. I was really interested in who the guy was on the sofa behind me and So I stopped one of the press people on the way out And I said oh by the way who’s saying I’m on the sofa And they they told me his name which at the time didn’t mean anything and then they said oh he’s with the Council on Foreign Relations, and he’s advising the candidates and when he said it now that got my attention because They said it as if it was a very positive thing right which is well You know Governor Romney needs more experience on foreign issues and foreign affairs So it’s a good thing in my opinion of course it was oh great so you have someone from this globalist think-tank who is basically sitting behind me during an interview and Know what they should and should not say, so it was kind of an interesting experience The freedom of the press and the freedom of religion Were supposed to be two of the greatest vanguards of Liberty for the country according to our First Amendment the Purpose of the broadcast media the controlled formerly mainstream media has always been to be a propaganda tool For the government for the superclass and you can see how this works in a very simple sense in America With the white house and access to the White House press room if you don’t tow the line if you’re not official corporate media doesn’t matter how big your audience is we’re gonna control the Conversation if you can be an appropriate mouthpiece for government if you’re not gonna challenge the paradigm of statism. We will give you access Americans today are disenfranchise and disempower because we don’t have enough of the relevant information read the quotes Katie Couric and And and saying that they got pressure from the administration. I can’t think of a Worse scenario for the future of freedom If this documentary is true. Why ours claims almost never discussed in mainstream media after all the Constitution mandates freedom of the press How could so many news organizations fail to notice the stories we discussed That’s because the information we do get has been Filtered and framed in particular ways it can be easily seen in the mainstream media you have a mentality within your newsrooms in Which people really do honestly believe if networks don’t talk about it. It’s not a story So if Fox isn’t saying if NBC is not saying it CNN or ABC if they’re not saying it it can’t be true Although America has a free press in principle this does not guarantee accuracy of the press To achieve its objectives the establishment always knew it needed to control the media the primary molder of public opinion Any people being paid By the CIA who are contributing to a major Circulation American Journal we do have people who submit pieces to other to American journals the national news media is For all intents and purposes a totally controlled medium a Free and independent press at the national level just does not exist you have any people Being paid by the CIA Who are contributing to the? National news services AP and UPI Well again, I think we’re getting into the kind of detail mr. Chairman that I’d prefer to handle an executive session You know people will say why isn’t the media doing their job? I beg to differ the media is doing exactly what they are designed and paid to do They are steering public perception in the way that the people at the current positions of power want the public perception to go in Let me just for a moment. We’ve got some breaking news out of Miami stand by if you will Right now in Miami Justin Bieber. They are the mine molders They are the opinion motors of America And if you ask a guy some of the technical questions like you’ve asked me in the last few minutes on the street You’ll hear him reciting something the Rush, Limbaugh or somebody else said on ready or a TV In the 19th century August Belmont was a Rothschild financial agent in the United States with JP, Morgan Belmont helped finance a off ox who purchased the New York Times then a tiny newspaper with a circulation of 9,000 International banking behind him ox transformed the Times into the world’s most powerful newspaper Ownership passed from ox to his son-in-law Arthur Hays Sulzberger member of the CFR then to Orville Dreyfuss CFR then to Arthur ox Salzburger CFR well I think there’s a couple of things you ignore the story because number one it doesn’t fit with their own personal worldview There are too many people with the same worldview sitting in those positions I don’t blame Brian Williams for not being interested in covering a story that challenges the globalist thinking of the CFR I really don’t because he’s entitled to his own belief system the problem is when Brian Williams then prevents any stories that challenge his worldview from being a part of that newscast and when Brian Williams does it then Diane Sawyer does it and you know so does you know Scott Pelley? And he goes on and on and on and then when all the networks say well Let’s ignore those stories all the local TV stations the country say well They’re not covering it So it must not be a story because those guys are the most professional most legitimate media the Times editorial policy has consistently paralleled the establishments agenda when members of Congress opposed Paul Warburg’s nomination to the Federal Reserve Board The Times lobbied on his behalf When communist Fidel Castro was trying to seize Cuba in 1959 a series of articles by New York Times? reporter Herbert L Matthews CFR persuaded Americans that Castro was the George Washington of Cuba by 1962 Castro had Soviet missiles pointed at America During the Vietnam War the times demoralize the public by publishing an alleged expose of the wars origins the Pentagon Papers a leaked Defense Department study Leslie Gelb who oversaw the study went on to be a Times correspondent and editor Sol Gale do an expose of the CFR it’s not likely anytime soon He was the council’s president for 10 years and remains president emeritus. If you’re one of those CFR members of The news media if you’re Brian Williams who’s a member of the CFR if you’re Erin Burnett? Who’s a member of the CFR? If you’re sitting there in your newscast that night and some story comes across about you know we should look into the Federal Reserve Bank You’re probably not going to do that you’re going to ignore that if people are protesting the Federal Reserve Bank Are we going to talk about that no we’re not going to innumerable times executives editors and reporters have been CFR members the times when exposed to CFR because they both belong to the same hierarchy a similar picture can be sketch of other major news organizations Media diversity is an illusion people get caught up in debating if MSNBC has a better perspective than Fox News or ABC NBC These are a very narrow window of information and here’s your news. Here’s the report on what’s happening through the Republican lens through the liberal lens But they’re not getting down to the roots and down to the basics and saying here’s the true fundamental problems in society And here’s the true solutions. There is this Illusion in America we have a diverse media because we have so many diverse outlets and a person might say well I know this story is true because I saw it on America Online And then I turn on my television and CNN said the exact same thing and then later in the week I got my Time magazine, and it said the exact same thing now You know when a story’s been confirmed by independent news outlets like that. It must be true. Well here’s the problem until the recent, AOL spin-off America, Online Sin and in Time magazine were all owned by one corporation Time Warner at the national level It’s a surprising small number Of people that control the vast majority of the national news media It’s no surprise that you’re not going to see any of this in the mainstream Media because the mainstream media is owned and controlled by five major corporations the New York Times Company owns the Boston Globe the Washington Post company Owens Newsweek Disney owns ABC CBS owned Simon & Schuster Time Warner owns, AOL CNN Time Warner Brothers Studios HBO New Line Cinema Sports Illustrated people fortune money and dozens more News Corporation owns The Wall Street Journal Fox Television London’s The Times Barron’s HarperCollins Zondervan Hulu and the New York Post and scores of other media outlets when you have One corporate owner you can get one viewpoint. You don’t get a diverse view unless you have diverse ownership I got a communication from someone who’s in a three-letter Network head of a news department for that three-letter Network and said my family member is In Iraq now, and I was so disturbed at what you said last night about depleted uranium I don’t want to believe this is true and I said it is I gave the evidence the information and he said yes, I’ve been up all night studying it. You are right He said I wish I could tell the people this and I said, and why can’t you and? He said it’s not part of the political paradigm Most of America’s major media is owned by a run a dozen Multinational corporations these in turn have directors that interlock through membership in the CFR Thus the establishment can guarantee the public receives a uniform viewpoint? The mainstream media will not cover many of these issues because of in part because of the people who pay to sponsor their television shows When you have major corporations that are doing Pretty disgusting things to the mainstream public Paying to have TV exists they’re not gonna want the Commentators discussing about the things that they are doing and how they’re awful you’re not going to see the truth in mainstream media And in fact you’re going to see disinformation agents. You’ll see people like me smeared in the media If it comes out at all The information that that we’re talking about you’re going to find that it’s it’s marginalized Once a year the world’s elite from government banking industry and media hold an international summit called the Bilderberg conference The meetings are closed to the public in 1991 speaking before the Bilderbergers CFR chairman David Rockefeller described the media policy maker marriage We are grateful to the Washington Post The New York Times Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we have been subject to the bright lights of publicity during these years But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government, which will never again know war But only peace and prosperity But I don’t think we’re buying into it as much anymore, I think that the the advent of new media I think the internet social media the ability for people to talk to each other communicate share Information like it no other time in human history Really renders a lot of the propaganda that we face unusable it’s very tempting when you look at the short term trends in the American government and the application of technology and Organizations like the NSA to think that we’re heading towards a totalitarian surveillance state But technology is fundamentally empowering and with all the technology that’s on the horizon right now We see Google Glasses and exciting innovation But really just scratching the surface of what’s about to happen with computers in our brains If not just in our contact lenses or better integrated with their lives in general and The profusion of cameras in society these are good things in and of themselves the question is really who controls these Technologies and it is scary when government controls these technologies But I’m very confident that technology also empowers greater awareness and is gonna lead people to realize that non-coercive Voluntary peaceful relationships are superior to violent coercive ones that are the reasons we have to be afraid not of the technology itself but of the application of it So it’s really important to be aware of that distinction when fighting back and making sure that we’re not making people afraid of the technology itself But that they know what is correct to be afraid of which is the government control and usage of these technologies as mechanisms of greater control but the technology fundamentally empowers us to better control our world our environment to be more empowered human beings as individuals and That is a great thing to be celebrated if anything is going to lead government to be obsolete we are the individual People of the United States we need to exercise our rights nobody’s going to come in on a white horse and rescue you or The day this is your job. This is an informed electorate job It’s our job to inform our elected officials that we refuse to be a part of this plan You

37 thoughts on “ShadowRing ~2015~ Full Documentary.

  • Incredible conspiracy theories !
    Is history continuing to repeat itself in Syria?
    Ritual War for profit?

    The Prayers of a Nation

  • Why are they intentionally misrepresenting the monetary system and the fact that private banks and not the FED create most of the money supply

  • This is a great documentary. James Perloff is an excellent researcher, great speaker, and provides a wonderful Christian witness.

  • There is no such thing as a "Free Mind" , it's an oxymoron, a categorical error. A mind is a container for inaccurate assumptions. We're all screwed, get use to it.

  • My journey down the rabbit hole began with Dr. Judy Woods analysis of the events in Manhattan on 9/11/01. Since grasping the enormity of the coverup of the 'dustification' of all 7 WTC towers, I was then able to see why General Lansing was pointed out in Dallas as the or one of the directors of the Kennedy hit. This video confirms Lansing's involvement in Vietnam and Johnson's obvious compliance with CFR steering policy. These three events may seem unrelated, but this video does not contradict my view of these three tragedies, 911, JFK and Vietnam were all arranged by the same manipulative psychos like GHW Bush who all belong in a Rosenburg chair.

  • I only wish that ALL Americans can/would open their mind and watch this. These people have no brain if they do not know that something is very wrong. Media really is the enemy of the people

  • 9.00 "It's the unseen people that i'm more concerned about really, because there's got to be someone somewhere that creates the agenda that all these (other nasty) people must follow". Look no further than the Vatican which itself is under the control of "…the great dragon which was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil, and Satan, which deceives the whole world…" Revelation 12:9

    It truly is spiritual warfare folks, it's really time to get serious with our situation. Are we ready to stand when our Saviour returns? Don't you know that what's playing out in these last dying scenes of earth's violent history is but Biblical prophecy leading to the end of Satan's ruler-ship over the world. Jesus is real, and shortly will return to gather His faithful souls from the clutches of the demonic system that persecutes the Truth and its followers.

  • If I were to tell you that there is a group of people undermining our sovereignty and economy, you might call me a patriot. If I told you who it was, you would call me a nazi

  • 10K views only, tells you a lot about the masses’s Interests, & intellect.. topics like this are just way over the heads of the herd..

  • Tic'Toc-BQQM

  • Parts of this doc will seem totally outrageous to almost everyone. But do a little research and you will find that it presents a nearly perfectively accurate and verifiable account of recent history. It tells the truth about who runs the world, how they do so, and why. My one criticism is that it is so wide-ranging and such a huge history lesson/information overload that it will exceed the attention span of those who have not already explored many of the issues discussed and facts presented. But if you want to know who your real masters are, and are sick of all the rabbit trails, BS and cognitive dissonance that is taking over the net, please take this piece of work seriously. I suggest you bookmark or save it for more than a single viewing.

  • I love the fact that while they may have outwitted us (unfairly)…. We have become far smarter than they (fairly) despite their effort to dumb us down. Games up.

  • I've been a truth seeker for a long time and this is the first time I've seen this Doc and only because
    It was recommended by someone else. Please people, if it resonates, share it!!

  • Interesting documentary, up to a point. But falls down heavily when it gets on to the subject of the European Union about which the makers, like most Americans, obviously know little or nothing. Simplistic arguments about national sovereignty, backed up by scary pics and speakers who manipulate the facts in order to back up their own arguments (Ben Swann) undermine the entire basis on which this film is constructed. Very disappointing.

  • This is one of the best it's about time every one see this documentary… Amazing 👌 thank you so much.

  • and yet this kardasian drivel got 7.5 million views…the dumbing down of America

  • They didnt mention the elephant in the know the ones im talkin about..infiltrated and run just like the "crown" in the "city of london. There are 2 crowns

  • Great doco..good to see mark passio and aaron from truthstream media..1 of the best tube channels

  • Very good documentary. I plan to share it as much as I can. Knowledge is true power. Thank you for the history and in-depth data. It is over 2hrs, but it is very in-depth (Council on Foreign Relations, Federal Reserve Bank, Value of American Dollar, Tri-lateral Commission, Price of War, Planned Wars, etc)

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