Shane Jones labels Ihumātao protectors ‘freedom campers’

And those concerns about Ihumatao were also echoed on the grounds
of parliament. As political reporter
Eruera Rerekura found out, New Zealand First MP Shane Jones
isn’t backing down from the criticism he made
about protesters at Ihumatao labelling them as ëfreedom campersí. Parliament’s grounds were full up with people passionate about
Ihumatao. They were supported
by the Green Party. I was honoured
to be able to listen, to watch and support the call for peace
on this piece of land. But Shane Jones is critical
of the people occupying Ihumatao. But Ms Davidson doesn’t agree. They are the protectors,
the guardians of the land. Those outside the walls
of parliament say Minister Jones needs to get up
to Ihumatao. Maybe he should go to Ihumatao,
right to the heat of the battle, and sit on the seats and meet all the other people
guarding our Maori land. He shouldn’t be looking at them
like they’re freedom campers which he just called them,
but instead, as protectors and preservers of
Maori sovereignty in this country. But Shane Jones won’t back down. The Prime Minister wants to find
a solution. And, the Treaty Negotiations
Minister says Ihumatao isn’t a treaty issue. It’s a fight that isn’t over yet. Eruera Rerekura, Te Karere.

7 thoughts on “Shane Jones labels Ihumātao protectors ‘freedom campers’

  • Shane Jones, breaking news read all about it, build new homes for who to buy on whose stolen land? Some more news, look at Māori home ownership, espc in Auckland, who you think gonna buy the vast majority of the houses you talking about being built ono STOLEN LAND! I thought you were a leader, just another cango away!

  • Get you share jones. Remember your protesting days. Fighting for the same cause. U dam Hua. Your crapped out van. You scruffy clothes. Bear feet. Ha now you a MP flash mouth, flash clothes, flash money. And 180 degrees turn around. Well we all face our Tupuna one day, and leave our future Mokopuna our footprints.

  • seriously? not a treaty issue Mr Treaty Minister? Crown stole Ihumātao in 1863 The Treaty Of Waitangi was 1840 Hey Mr Treaty Minister can you count? 🤷‍♀️👊🧐

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