41 thoughts on “Shaw's Paradise/Space Ambient – 2 Hour/High Bass – Alien Covenant Unofficial Soundtrack

  • The volume on this track is low and the HF components are cut off. I prefer this playing in the background, enjoying the low frequency humming effect.

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  • I keep returning to this…So haunting. Beautiful. Soothing. The low hum in the dark calms me and allows me to embrace it.

  • I love that all the sounds stay within the same noise range, a lot of soothing music on youtube always has some random high pitch mixed in with mainly low pitch sounds and its annoying but this is a perfect 2 hour sleep song with no random high pitches or weird transitions, just perfect….thank you! Genuinely

  • I have visited new lows lately, and this was very comforting to listen to on my way back to the realm of the senses. Thank you for inviting us to Shaw's Paradise. Mesmerizing. Haunting. Mysterious. Beautiful. Transcendent sounds. I wish to someday travel through time and space when I leave this limited form, and I hope I can listen to this on my new journey across the great unknown.

  • This is very well engineered! Dr. Elizabeth Shaw is not dead. She is "the sole survivor" of the exploration ship: Prometheus and she continues to search for the Engineers…or those who "engineered" them…

  • Read the following until the profundity of it sinks in.

    DNA cannot function without at least 75 preexisting proteins, but proteins are produced only by DNA

  • Do you want to know why they killed Shaw? Its the same reason why the stopped StarGate:Universe. We are getting to the point that real history can not be silenced. The idea behind the architects is the actual origin of human beings. "They" don't want you to know the real history, the real age. I am 100% sure that's why Scott was pressured to remove it. In my mind Shaw would have went to the engineers' home world and ask real questions. Now with her death, those question will not be asked.

  • This is real ambient… love it! Might I suggest listening to Adham Shaikh – Journey to the sun. No 'space' ambient, but one of the most relaxing and beautiful albums in the ambient-genre!

  • In Prometheus, The Engineers taught Yeshua. They brought him to their home planet. Gave him knowledge of the Stars and The Alchemy of Sentient Life. Brought him back to earth so he can teach the rest of his species The Way. Earth will never listen. It gave the Engineers all the more reason to destroy Mankind.

  • I am/was surprised by how beautiful and spectacular this portion of the soundtrack sounds. I most likely do not recall the music as the movie was horrid. Thank you for posting!

  • Wonderful cinematography but the ax murderer nature of the Engineers and the pointless death of Dr. Shaw shows how limited the public medias imagination is.

  • What an EXCELLENT TRACK !!!! Thanks for the special presets, I'm just working on this moment and listening to this song into my headset BOSE QC 35 II… just incredible !

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