She Built a TINY HOUSE Village and it Transformed Her Life

guys it’s time for another tiny house video tour so let’s get started this week’s video is brought to you by humless solar power on the go [Music] [Music] hi I’m MJ and this is my tiny birch I started building my first tiny house my empty nest in 2014 I finished it in 2015 it’s just completely transformed to my life I used to live in a 1,500 square foot three-bedroom you know two bathroom kind of normal house and now I live in a tiny house and I love it so this is my actually my second house I think the tiny house movement presents so many of us with an amazing life-changing opportunity to live in a minimal simple lifestyle for me it means freedom it means creative opportunities it also means a really flexible life as well I’m super lucky because I have access to a beautiful seven acre abandoned Christmas tree farm just outside of Sherwood Oregon I lease it from some land owners they decided they don’t want to sell Christmas trees anymore and I can put as many tiny houses as I want I look forward to the day when this becomes my own little tiny community so this is it she’s only 148 square feet so 8 foot wide by 18 and a half feet long this is a galley kitchen it’s really just made for you know making coffee or snacks but I actually do have included enough equipment where people could make full meals as well the sink is actually for Mikey f I really like it because it’s actually big enough to fit pots and pans I didn’t want everything to be really square when it to be sort of soft and memorable this is a frigerator that I also love because of the fact that it actually has a dedicated freezer and surprise surprise my refrigerator is stocked with wine right here where we’re standing we’re actually within 15 minutes of 10 wine tasting rooms so it’s going to be a great location for that with most tiny houses you have to take advantage of every single square inch that you have available so the Cubbies over there are just another example of that if you take the screws off of the frame the bookshelves actually slide out in one piece so if there’s ever any problems with the plumbing or electrical it’s all behind the bookshelves originally thought I was gonna have a living room but I thought an eat-in kitchen made a lot more sense I paid a friend of mine I paid an artist to actually paint this checkerboard on the table so I’ve games and books and you know when you go to a party everybody always goes to the kitchen anyway so in this case they really don’t have any choice I never thought that I would go this far right I knew that I wanted to build a tiny house and live in a tiny house so that I could actually maybe someday retire but as the tiny house movement has grown and as tiny houses have become that much more popular suddenly I had like this aha moment like there’s really we’ll call it four different ways in the tiny house movement that you can make money you know there’s builders and bloggers and websites and I like the hostess part and I like the fact that I get a keep building I love projects I love being creative this this plan kind of it kind of scratches all my itches the bathroom is as tiny as tiny can be for this so for this tiny I decided to have a tub and even though it’s almost like too small to be functional I love my little tub of course I can shave my legs I can you know our guests can wash their dogs or the babies but I love my little tub shower and for as small as it is it actually feels pretty comfortable as far as you know functionality so um one of the things it’s also different is that I provide all 100% biodegradable shampoos and soaps so my guests will have the opportunity to experience something different something a little bit more environmentally friendly and then of course I love my nature’s head composting dry toilet so that’s how I actually take care of the the real waste the real stuff are you nervous at all about people using the composting toilet I’m super nervous actually you know I mean there’s you can give someone a manual and I don’t know are they actually gonna read it before they have to go or do they have to go and then they’re not gonna read it like I’m super nervous about it because there is a little bit of a learning curve right yeah a little bit one of the things like first you always have to keep the lid down because that’s how it stays you know smell free that’s like to me that makes it totally a lot of sense but I know a lot of people actually they’ve lit up all the time and of course the little hatch opening that’s super important and if people don’t do that it’s probably gonna make a mess I try to be as informative as I can be regarding the composting toilet cuz I think it’s a unique experience I think if you really want to try it on tiny if you really want to do something different stay and 148 square feet and use a composting toilet you have lots of really great stories all of my tiny houses are going to be very very very different so I think people get a really special appreciation that every tiny house is what they say as unique is your fingerprint and they all have a lot of value and they can all provide an entirely different experience from one to the other [Music] so this is my bedroom slash lounge I guess you could call it the bed frame itself lifts up so that when people want to put their luggage away pretty easy I actually had a custom mattress that was made specifically for this exact space so it’s not a queen and it’s not a double it’s actually a custom mattress because I wanted it to fill the entire space and not have big gaps in one way or the other this actually used to be a bathroom cabinet which was over the sink of my boyfriend’s parents house that was built in the 1940s so I hollowed this cabinet out of a house in Washington State and brought it down here Andry first it everything here is customized and somewhere they’ll even even the curtain rods I made myself from scratch because I wanted them to be really functional really easy to use but that means a lot more work than just going to the store and buying curtain rods so when I actually start a tiny house design I always start with what I call an inspiration piece it’s normally a piece of fabric and then the piece of fabric actually drives the design throughout the entire house so if it’s a more modern piece of fabric like this is that’s what drives the design I wanted to be colorful I wanted it to be happy I want it to be modern and really bright so you’ll see most of the pattern of courses in these in these curtains when they’re all closed it really actually also kind of serves as almost art on the walls you’ve lay here on this bed and you look out it is the coolest view it feels almost like a tree house this is an envy wall heater they say it actually heats 150 square feet I totally agree with them the fans actually forced the hot air from the ceiling back down to the floor so it’s more than adequate for the hundred and forty eight square feet that I have until it hits about thirty degrees then I have to add another little heater or something and that really is probably because of all my windows I think my art value is probably a little lower than you might expect because of all the windows [Music] actually spent 19 thousand six hundred and ninety four dollars for my land house I actually have what’s called a flat fee so every tiny house that’s on the land I pay a flat fee currently my flat fee is actually less than 100 dollars per month and that includes all my utilities and Wi-Fi and water and electricity and everything once the house is actually turned into moneymakers then my land owners also get to share in that as well plus I put a lot of work into the infrastructure and a lot of work into cleaning and and keeping the place up as well all of my houses are paid for with cash and sponsorships so I think it’s a really good investment of other people’s materials in time I do have a full-time corporate America job so I do all of this on top of that but when all four up and running I won’t have to work for corporate America anymore which is great the goal for my first tiny house was to reduce my overall living expenses the goal for these four tiny houses in the village will be to increase my income and when you do the math it looks pretty cool I look forward to spending a lot more time not working regarding the legalities of tiny houses they’re not exactly illegal but they’re not fully legal so that means that I’m taking a bit of a risk I’m on the down low I’m at the end of a long gravel road and the middle of the woods nobody knows I’m here except for the renters maybe someday someone could come along and say you don’t you can’t do that but the truth is it’s also a moba village if I can’t end up being here first whatever reason it is for my land host or my link neighbors or some you know authority that says I can’t be here no problem well I wouldn’t say no problem but at least I can know that I can take my tiny house village somewhere else if I have to I think I’ll always live in a tiny house and when I have so many to choose from if I get tired of one I can always move to the other one I hope you guys enjoyed this tour if you did make sure to like share and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in two weeks with a brand new video see you later [Music]

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  • Super cute and cozy! It's great seeing that her goal to downsize has evolved into a creative retirement plan that she enjoys so much! Hope she is able to stay on the Christmas tree acreage. Way to go, MJ!!!

  • I love the Tiny house movement – unfortunately I live in “Good ol California” ! Which leaves my excitement in the dirt. These people will Never allow someone to purchase land or lease it with a tiny home on it. It messes with there perfect Californian suburb stuck up rich lifestyle. LOL hopefully one day I will get out of this place so my wife and I can build one in a normal state LOL

  • I love the yellow spoon holder in the kitchen. Where did she get 🙂

    With the composting toilet, I would post a "how-to-use" sign above it. Print it out on pretty paper or something and laminate it. Just keep it simple with some bullet points.

  • Anyone that would sink $20,000 in to a little box like that needs there head examined!!! You could by a new house trailer for that!!!

  • Lady very impressive & nice home. Where do you get water & electricity?
    Would you like people to buy land from you if so can you provide some info as how w can do that?

  • power to you! wows really love your creations! something to think about "starting with the fabrics, total function.. all the best to your tiny house comm/unity… …..happy trails…..

  • She Built Her Own TINY HOUSE Village and it's Transforming Her Life!


    There is NOWHERE in So Cal that you can buy property and build this house on it.

    Nowhere in Southern California

    Sorry but thats the truth

  • 1:56 The sink from IKEA looks like a dog bowl. Not dissing btw folks, but I had that idea today strangely enough. Its stainless steel, so it will do the job and all you have to do is cut a hole in it for a drain. 😀

  • Nice video…..good concepts and no one can tell u that u cant do what u want to do….your doing the right thing….very inspirational. Keep up the good work.

  • I love watching the development of Tiny Homes and I admire this lady, however she admitted starting out by admitting to illegal practices??? Note to others she is an open person and you never have to be overly concerned any portion being untruth about step by step practices or ways to get around obstacles.. It’s awesome that she actually build these Tiny Houses. Good Luck…with Future Endeavors 👏🏼🙋🏻👍🏻🤔

  • Cute house. Fridge and freezer are way too small though, basicslly have to cook every meal or go eat out, just not enough room to store food, certainly not for more than 1 person. Would love to see her 1st tiny house pictured.

    The legality is so ridiculous.

  • I am 101% for this way of life I live in a large house I run a large business and in the very near future I am going to sell everything and either live in one of these or on a boat but either way I want to really become a part of this community because it's just me and me alone in a 2000 square foot house is just a waste plus I love the fact that no two tiny houses are alike, and admire what you have done and the work that you're involved in, most people don't realize what you and others are contributing to the Future environment of our planet, and it is a very important issue, plus nothing could be a more interesting conversation then to explain about your lifestyle and where you live, I wish I could pick your brain some more but I do not miss a video on your Channel or anyone else who does this I think I've seen every tiny house that's made up to date LOL, keep doing what you doing you are a fantastic human being and you have a fan all the way up here in Connecticut…
    Sincerely Gregg Savage

  • New subscriber here! I watched a few of ur vids before this one and I really like the fact ur videos are short, simple and really beautiful. Very inspirational❤️❤️

  • I like the idea of her tiny house Village. It's perfect for a single person, possibly a couple. If it takes $20,000 to build each one that seems a little expensive. I mean there's no concrete foundation. Maybe the high cost is because of the area of the country she's from.

  • Great job. Do you. Realize whenever the state or government can't make any money off of you then what u are doing wil be labelled illegal.

  • The answer is simple, Who go na tax the local government, and national District of Columbia where the head of nation Commader and Chief, playing the
    re Science of community war tank just because they are very heavyly guarded no living thing even a tiny Ant one I don not think soo

  • Great now landlords can figure out a way to monetize poor peoples only way of owning a house. Short term rentals! Gtfo

  • Cute homes! The more people try to reduce their income with these lovely tiny homes the more someone will step in and rain on their parade. Look what happened with cable! As soon as you find away to get rid of cable and start streaming then they find a way to increase your WiFi bill.. totally sucks. 😢

  • I'd like to see her original tiny house she briefly showed in this video. Amazing how many home-like features she included in her house.

  • In Ontario, anywhere near towns, you have to build at least 1000 sq feet on a lot, so the town can collect 3000 a year from you. Freedom??

  • Tiny houses are ok but won't replace the comfort of a real house……college kids, yes..but families….NO.

  • Oh my goodness!! Girl your rockin my dream!!!!!💓💓💓💓💓 i want to start a tiny home community for my family💓💓💓💓 this is the best idea!!

  • Im just asking. Couldn't you buy a much bigger camper trailer that is just as nice for that amount of money. I found a 27 foot camper on craigslist for 4K in very good condition.

  • What’s screwed up is my family bought a 3 bd 1.5 bath House with 1/2 acre of land for 40g about 23 years ago, house prices and land need to go down. I know other places are really high but for NC a house from 40g to 100+g is crazy to me and with everyone renting it’s hard to save up

  • Inspiring…I like this whole simple,out of the way and just have what you need…. amazing.

  • Isn't her plan a RV/Camper park on vaguely rented land? They are little trailer plywood caravans on wheels.

    I'm assuming no true power hookup, and I see she is using a camp toilet. Water from a common well or maybe a delivered farm tank? No real food in her kitchen, so I'm assuming she lives somewhere else for her "corporate America" job. If she doesn't own the abandoned tree lot land, then who gets the $100/mo rent? Can you lock that in for 99 years? Who pays the annual property tax on the lots. Who pays the liability policy(ies)? What if a renter is found "undesirable" to the group? What if the group decides they don't like her? She indicates potential for a sublease at profit, so what happens if the sublet is paying $200/mo to the absentee "Tennant"…300/400/more??? Will she be content with the original $100/mo while someone else profits?

  • Well i live in a 256 sq.ft house ( 1 sitting room, 1bed room, a kitchen cum dinning room, small store room n a bath room( not laterine, its outside)) n my friends said its too big for a single guy. I said i still need another bedroom for guests/family when they visits.

  • Mrs. Is lovely, congratulations, ver tiny houses is si beautiful. Greetings from Perú

  • June 2019 The colors are very cheerful. She should seek customers who love quiet. For example, authors trying to write a book without noisy interruptions. Please watch the You Tube documentary 'Seattle is Dying' by KOMO in order to get "The 1%" to fund the five women saving lives in Rhode Island. Their rehab program should be copied to every city all over the world because it is really saving lives and families. The very successful architect, Richard Gage, should be paid to design these rehab buildings to be as safe as possible. Not like the 'Leaning Tower of Millenium' (see on 60 Minutes, USA) or the collapsing roof beam in the brand new transit center, both in San Francisco, California, USA. Watch Richard Gage and his friends in Switzerland at 'Architects and Engineers for 9 ll Truth,' and 'Firefighters for 9 ll Truth.' Each of these rehab buildings could have large signs 'Doris Day Memorial Dog Park' with many rainbow flags (to make it easier to find while driving down the street) because she was best friends with the actor Rock Hudson. She devoted her life to animal welfare. One of her last comments was, "please go back later and help that homeless man feed his dog." Each DDMDP could have an indoor dog park with paid (Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and Peter Theil cofounder of Paypal could easily pay for all of this, and Doris Day made America so much better for them!) veterinarians and vet technicians to care for all first responders, to leave their pets while on shift and to live in the buildings for free. There could be a parking lot for van dwellers to sleep overnight and a 'panic button' for commuters to push for help if they are being followed by someone with road rage (a very common problem). Last minute movers could get help securing mattresses and furniture in their vehicles instead of having it fall out on the freeway, killing drivers behind them. This is another daily problem that could easily be prevented. Every DDMDP could have a free Food Bank and free Clothes Closet (filled by fans of 'Marie Kondo Closet Cleaning' rather than having it dumped in the landfill by Goodwill and other overwhelmed charities). About half of all k-12 and college students qualify for food bank help so they could go here after school and on weekends to get free food and tutoring. There could be a free tutoring center based on the book 'The One World School House, based on the Khan Academy, started in Mountain View, California. There could be a free chef school, and wedding planner school, to perform LGBTQ weddings in the building and help prevent wasted time (do you really want to eat anything made by someone who doesn't care about your basic survival?) with bakeries that don't want to get involved. This would pick up moral for all Americans, no matter how you happen to vote. Doris Day had a lifestyle matching a child care center, so their should be similar rules posted at every door: 'no alcohol, no smoking, try to think positive.' This could help each building to last as long as possible vs. burned down in a riot. Security cameras should be posted in the elevators, entrance and exit doors and driveway to prevent very common arson burnings of new buildings. This is frequently happening in Oakland, California. There should be security cameras at nearby stop lights but drive by shooting happen all over America, for no reason at all. Pedestrians and bicycle riders get killed in San Francisco at least once a month. These security cameras at intersections could help prevent these deaths as well as catch the car later after common 'hit and run' murders. People who love nature are vulnerable to this as well, so it may be worth the money to post a security camera at your entrance.

  • Well – big brother is watching and it is a matter of time when a guy with yellow west will knock on your door and have all houses removed/destroyed. Government does not like people being independent.

  • "You can't do that" ? Do what??? Your mobile home or stationary home, leasing the land. What's wrong with that???

  • Well you go miss lady! Love her tiny house, and her future plans to turn her village into a residual money maker.

  • I've been doing research and looking into this your area is so awesome did you say you are going to build the tiny houses yourself or do your tenants have choices and can help build their own home.

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