SHIFT Tech Summit 2017: A Look Back

(upbeat music) – It’s time for a change. You have the unique opportunity
to shift into high gear. – Shift was designed as a means to bridge the gap between the home
furnishings industry and innovation, a way to accelerate change and more candidly,
technology and innovation being the weapons of choice
to combat extinction. – We’re here because we
know that we could be more innovative in terms of how we think, whether it’s about our
customer, whether it’s about our employees, whether
it’s about our product. – It could not be more critical that your goal for experimentation
is to scale what works. – Something that we talk about
at Microsoft is this idea of empowering people and
organizations to achieve more. – [Narrator] There is an evolution to being first for the news and the important things, I
think it’s once you recognize that there’s an opportunity
to change, it’s how you do it. – When you diverge from predictable rivals that you have, that very
divergence is what propels you ahead in your customers’ mindset and in their word of mouth
or social media marketing. – The modern shopper
expects places of discovery to also be places where they
can go and buy something. – This is a huge opportunity
for the home decor industry. You have to be ready to
scrap things that work to do something bigger and bolder. – Over the last couple
years, we’ve already seen virtual reality go from
a game to something that’s solving real
world business problems. – [Business Man] What I found
in Detroit is that people have been innovating at a deficit. There’s so many people doing incredible things out of necessity. – I think that it’s worth noting that cross pollination of industries can help you transform your business. – It will be up to all of
you sitting in this room to take that passion and these learnings back to your companies
and fearlessly advocate and execute in the name of progress. (upbeat music)

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