SHOCK: Owning Guns Doesn’t Preserve Freedom

uh… here’s a shock owning guns does’nt preserve freedom really interesting article in
the atlantic now we hear a lot about guns are freedom in other words if you take away people’s gone this you’re taking away freedom more freedom is good more guns are
associated with more freedom and therefore more guns are a good and they go hand in hand and also
further if you take away guns that is when
that’s what the government does when it wants to become tyrannical might want to the be dictatorial or otherwise take
away freedoms refer this many times have we not we had now a study done where this is fascinating we had a a
compilation of data from the most recent small arms surveying which is the most wide-ranging
international survey of civilian gun ownership in this tells you national
internationally what countries have hired gun ownership and they correlated it with the freedom house index right width
to the freedom house index ranks freedom and on this particular graph i’m gonna
show you a high-ranking means that less freedom so they correlated let’s look
great lewis let’s explore this plot on a chart done on a ship purses and we got something that’s pretty
interesting let’s put this up for people in town um… and as you take a look at it you’ll see do we have that in some yet
what’s up okay but i i’m not be able to find it
myself but uh… at all here’s yes so as you can see here on the little described as what we see
is a blue line in the blue lines indicate gun ownership and as you see at
the far left the high is gonna ownership rate is the united states followed by switzerland and then we go
down with serbia saudi arabia and as you go down to the right gun ownership decreases and the red points in the red points
indicate those indicate freedom and as you can
see they’re essentially is no correlation
between countries that restricting gun ownership and three them as described by the
freedom index which includes a whole number of factors in fact there is actually there happens
to be a very small negative correlation there there is a point three three
factor here more guns happens to correlate with slow
lightly less freedom now again we’re not saying that it’s actually causation but it just so happens that do not only
do we not see correlation of more guns more freedom we happen coincidently to see more guns
and slightly freedom there is no trend there luis
that conservatives would want us to see now but this is also a worldwide so if you take just the united states om
so many americans believe that does our freedom because they think is says so in
the constitution bright well what’s interesting is you can actually figured
out a few cherry pick data if you say well look uh… u_s_ the u_s_ in switzerland have a lot of guns and they have a lot of
freedom china and cuba don’t have a lot of guns and they don’t have a lot of freedom ok
if you want to really take that and cherry pick data to convince people in a
very dishonest way you can’t do that but i would hope most
people are smart enough to say will hold on a second let’s look at the hundred and seventy
five nations for which we have data about gun ownership and freedom and then let’s evaluate afterall ghana and indonesia are both at
the very bottom for gun ownership rates and uh… are are very three according
to the freedom house index and then the other hand yemen and saudi arabia have
very high gun ownership rates i meant you had a very low i do think this is sort of in a relevant
point in the to trying if you’re trying to
diploma ged the rights argument this country it’s in
a world order on point because really what they’re gonna say is dead for them their definition of freedom
includes the full freedom to have anytime you
want so it doesn’t matter that another country has freedoms
regarding freedom of speech association religion economic opportunity but not guns they’re just gonna say it well that’s
not enough we need to have freedom of gun ownership if they do that though they’re changing the argument because
the part unit they make is that as a pretext for reducing all types of
freedoms governments sees guns and restrict guns
and your you’re not wrong the time that they would make that argument but when we’re really talking about
broadly speaking freedom of all kinds and always conservatives claim governments start to restrict those
freedoms it doesn’t make sense of uh… you know
i draw stated that is that the country’s in europe there have not to throw on the
house local ownership and hif among a freedom indexes yeah they would just say
that those people who live in those countries are much less prepared to withstand a
potential future infringement on those rights by the government then we are
here and i would say to them hey if you want to take your argument from reality
to hypotheticals you’ve just weakened your own argument
if you have to backtrack and say okay fine it doesn’t actually happened now that
more guns equals more freedom but hypothetically it could i think that
you’ve actually won because you’ve made someone taken argument real world
argument louis and have to make a hypothetical suppose i’m a sensor

100 thoughts on “SHOCK: Owning Guns Doesn’t Preserve Freedom

  • Where do you think criminals get their guns from? They either buy them legal or buy stolen guns that has been stolen of legal gun owners or they steal the guns from legal gun owners. The guns criminals own doesn't magical appear in the hands of them.

  • In OUR SOCIETY; Gun ownership absolutely DOES preserve our freedom. America is one of a kind, and we function very differently than most other countries. In THIS COUNTRY, guns are ultimately why we became and remain free!

  • Makes sense enough to me. One last question. Are you at least for tightening up background checks at gun shows? I could understand the privacy claim if you use it, but I think it is at least a good medium between pro and anti-gun folk. Nobody loses guns and less people who shouldn't have guns, don't get them as much. Yes, I do acknowledge the back market, but at least there will be less distribution among criminals.

  • You seem to be missing a big point. Your restricting a right by taking firearms away. That is right in line with taking any other freedom away. Firearms laws don't work and never will. They have to be enforced before they can be expanded. The whole point of any restriction is to control people not objects. So taking away a right to own something is taking away a freedom by any definition.

  • Just because youre sitting in a room arguing with someone that doesnt even exist, someone who cant defend themselves cuz its a "hypothetical argument" ironically enough, doesnt mean youve weakened any of those talking points. If u had been actually talking to someone who was intelligent and brought up such points, you would probably have a really good discussion. David Pakman is less than or equal to Stupid Liberal Pussy. Dont vote straight down the ticket on democrat policies. Have some balls/

  • Sorry ran out of room. I still really liked your point of view. I strongly believe in ownership licensing of firearms. They are just like an automobile, deadly in the wrong hands. That being said I also strongly believe in firearms ownership. Your personal protection is your responsibility. The government can not and will not guarantee your safety so they have no grounds to remove a form of protection. Giving up your right to self defense leaves you defenseless.

  • "government can only go rogue once the people are already systematically disarmed, or at least the lower classes."

    I disagree, any rogue government needs ENOUGH support from the people. No government, rogue or not, can do anything unless it has the support of the military and the police, and guess who forms these? part of the people. No matter how armed are the people the current military would defeat them… unless the soldiers refuse to do so… do you see where I'm getting?

  • "The American Revolution DOES count"

    IMHO, the current reality is too different to the times of the american revolution. The military back then had little more preparation, and little more military power than the militias, it was reasonable to think that militias could even defeat the regular army. Nowadays, I think that's completely unrealistic… but that's just my opinion.

  • I wish i could back in time and change the second amendment
    "right to bear arms" to "right to be exellent each other".

  • So what exactly was the fucking point of this video??? If you disagree with gun ownership, and the right to defend yourself against any hurt, harm, or danger by government or otherwise then don't own a gun. Just yesterday a jogger out on a morning run was robbed at gunpoint at the end of my driveway in an upper middle class mostly white neighborhood in Atlanta. Fucking bitches…how the fuck did this video come up in my "what to watch" list??? Move to Europe if you dont like it…

  • People collect guns like baseball cards…Very few own them out of some sense of protecting their "freedom"…Gun "ownership" is on the monetary high end of the hobby scale…Most Americans don't have the kind of disposable income to go out and spend on 2000 dollar rifles and 700 dollar Glocks…

  • most Americans have "disposable income" to buy 2000 flat screen TVs and 700 dollars + in gaming systems. Its all about priorities really. Some Americans want devices to escape reality, Others prefer devices that can keep them alive while living in reality. Some get satisfaction at wasting money on toys to forget about the dangers in this world while others spend their money on ways to deal with the dangers of this world. Priorities.

  • Good point, but my flat screen is SUPPOSED to be non controversial…Guns CREATE controversy…A gun is made to shoot bullets, most often at other humans…Therefore your oft used excuse, is more about apples and oranges than any thing else…

  • Good idea! Treyvon could have used one of those! Since you're not the only gun owner on the block your comment really means nothing! There are "formerly nice person" loose cannons everywhere! The second amendment does NOT say you can use a fire arm as your own "solution" to a problem…Nice to know you're a "responsible" gun owner…I can claim the same! Too many ARE NOT!

  • My first weapon was government issue (M-16)…and it saved my life on many occasions!, so yeah I know them and own them…I do NOT "love" them, as some goofs I've heard say…They are a part of being an adult…A "law" abiding adult…They are in my home…and my kids (all grown) were taught the responsibility of using one…You're silly assumptions mean less than shit to me…You clowns are always looking for a fight over nothing! I'm American, and I have weapons…Period…

  • Never heard gun proponents say it in those exact terms. More like, were there to be a tyrannical government the guns would preserve our freedom (not to mention gun ownership in itself is a big freedom). This video is so full of unknowns and logical fallacies presented as fact. Terrible journalism, neat but virtually useless correlation particularly for the individual as not ALL people in all those countries own guns thuse the freedoms in each country don't represent the freedoms from sheer gun ownership. The most basic flaw i saw. When he brought out the cherry picking a conservative might do i couldn't help but laugh because the entire video was a fallacy a liberal would love.

  • The U.S. is at an awkward point where the government hasn't done enough to shoot the bastards but it is needed.

  • Having guns certainly does not on its own guarantee freedom, but taking guns away & creating an unarmed populace definitely insures an end to freedom & ushers in complete govt/gang control. Having guns requires gargantuan training, responsibility, accountability, management & more, but freedom has always required that.

  • ving guns dosent mean freedom excatly but it allows you to protect and keep your freedoms if you must and also that chart dosent also take into fact the type of religion and the type of government the areas listed have otherwise you would notice a bigger corrilation

  • The simple fact is that freedom is the ability to make a choice rather than have someone else (the goverment) make it for you. Taking away the choice to own a gun if one wishes removes a part of the individuals freedom, their for no guns = less freedom. While on the flip side more guns does not = more freedom, the choice for a gun = freedom.

  • An article in the 'Atlantic' = New Analysis? oooh shocking  No-one says that guns are Freedom.. and we're not saying that we can "have any gun that we want", the 2nd Amendment says it's our Right. — we're not 'changing the argument'  the point remains the the same; Armed citizens deter Tyranny

  • How about the absence of law and organized government. What you look at, if you're smart enough, is what happens in countries AFTER guns are taken away.

  • We don't need your bullshit chart or you to "Have a study done" when you can clearly look at history and see the importance of weapons. Freedoms's first definition is "the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint." Well obviously this poll only accounts for "legal" gun owners. Go get the real facts. And learn your history.

  • Why do many people carry guns?? Because they love their friends and family. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. No chart needed sorry assholes.

  • “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” Ben Frank. I, personally, am not scared to the point I think people are going to break into my house,rob/kill me, and my family. Whatever happened to people grabbing a baseball bat? Perpetrators just want your tv or xbox, so get over yourself if you think they're coming to kill you. Unless you pissed off a bunch of angry pro-gun nuts, you have nothing to worry about 😉

  • No one should have their guns removed. That being said, no one with mental problems should be able to have quick access to a gun (which they currently do). If you want to use an assault rifle simply join the military. Lets find middle ground with these issues. I know that ^^comment pissed off a lot of AR-15 owners. 

  • Guns are associated with the ability to preserve freedom. Not the freedom to do whatever I want. Try harder, shill.

  • Im not denying your data but the the principle can still stand if you look at it as the government will be less likely to take take away your rights

  • What a pair of geniuses. Look at Australia strict gun control and freedoms yeah sure freedom of speech, of the Press all curtailed. You Yanks are free and I envy you. Cherry pick seems someone has picked your cherries. Correlated it ha ha ha all statistics can be doctored.

  • Your "shows"  DAlex Pakman Jones… are Ebola viruses,  for the Harmony, Frendship and Peace of the people !!!! Who is paying you to seed hate around ?!!!!!!!

  • I'm in Canada, it's pretty easy to get a gun here but it's heavily regulated and pretty much an average person will only own one or two guns if any at all. Most people don't own a gun however, because there really is no point unless you go hunting or just like to go out to the range and do some shooting. We don't have a lot of shootings here, and have lots of freedom. There is a correlation between lots of people owning guns, and people being killed with those guns. I know correlation doesn't always equal causation, but in this instance I think it is a direct correlation between guns per capita and homicide due to guns.

  • The average police response time to a call is 10 minutes. The average FPS of a handgun is around 900-1100 FPS. Protect your family kids.

  • I'll gladly turn all my guns over to the US government when "ALL" the criminals agree to turn their guns in and……the US government agrees to process all criminals equally regardless of financial status.

  • There is also a study that says people who brush their teeth more, weigh less.  That doesn't mean that if you brush your teeth you will loose weight.  It just means that you have two unrelated facts that a study put together to infer a causal relationship.
    So, as you stated, their is no "causation" in this relationship.  So just like you said, If you cherry pick data, you are a idiot.  
    So make it much simpler and just start all of you videos with the pretext "I am an Idiot" and then everyone will know that you are just shoveling BS. While it may be entertaining to watch an idiot make a fool of himself on the internet, it is just a waste of time.

  • Owning guns keeps the elite in check a citizenry with guns is a potential army,means you cant do blatant shit against them and I think that has to be good.

  • Many of the school shootings were ended when  a gunman was confronted with the possibility, or an actual individual, with a gun.

  • I'm going to start by saying that I don't agree with anti-gun supporters, but at the same time I'm incredibly angered by how many people that do support gun ownership that comment what could easily be considered death threats. This is America, where you can express your feelings, and yet when someone does they are based like they are here. Why?

  • I'd love to get the chance to talk to David and completely dismantle his egotistical form of "debate". Not only in reference to this video but many others. The basis of all of his arguments is essentially "I'm right, you're wrong. If you try challenging anything I say I'll shutup because I have no real evidence to back any of my claims up". Would you like to do this David? I'll gladly fly out to you so I can educate you a little.

  • I don't know about freedom, I've never seen it. but I have seen many different levels of oppression. I live in the US, in Lexington Kentucky. We have less oppression than Iran for example. But when I grew up in this cowhole town called Nicholasville I wasn't free to be myself, that's for certain. I heard Art Bell (and I love his show now that George Noory has improved it) say once that if you live somewhere in which you need a gun to feel safe you should simply move. Well Art, I'm too poor to do that but even if I wasn't I wouldn't act cowardly and move. I lived here only two weeks before I told four men who were hanging out and drinking on my porch  to remove themselves. The tough guy of the group felt he was entitled to stay and after I shut the door(to grab my 12 gauge shotgun) he began to kick the door while yelling threats. I phoned the police and level my shotgun at the door and waited. he kicked it twice with good force and then luckily he left. I am glad I didn't have to kill him. More of this crap went on with stragglers, one guy was so pleasant I started bagging my cans for him to have (he collects them all day, he is an honest man who is working). It's much later and except for my friend who picks up my cans the other vagrants don't come around. I had to be nasty a few times but they all were reasonable in the end. So in a way my one gun has "freed" my neighbors from the previous hassles. I'm not moving for Art Bell. I don't agree with Obama's anti-gun campaign. I am keeping my gun and it makes me smile to know that angers so many people. I think they should calm down, think it through and then really do something useful. They should go fuck themselves.

  • Fucking liberal jack off. When guns are banned, criminals never obey the law, what makes you think they'll go "Oh shit, guns are banned here, gotta go some where else!" No, they'll go "Sweet, Guns are banned, looks like no one can protect themselves, woo hoo!!! Thanks gun bans!!!" When guns aren't banned, the good law abiding citizens conceal a pistol, in fact, people who conceal weapons serve justice better than police, so fuck you you liberal! 

  • if you really want to get to it, your looking at one factor, and trying to prove something more complex than you think, what your saying, is that the fact that something can happen, or not shouldn't matter, and look at this chart, (made by people who don't want people to own fire arms) and it shows that countries that have fewer citizens that own rifles, have higher freedom. ok, so go ahead, and just take all guns away from all citizens in the us, then U.S. should become a more free country, right? because that is what that chart says, so it must be true, but then we found out, that there were a few "corrupted" people in our government (and don't tell me that's impossible, because it has happened time after time, corruption will always happen in any kind of government, no matter what) decide to use the military, to simple gain full control of everything, for example, make people pay extra taxes, preform slave work, force people to join the military, or participate in inhumane experiments, against their will, there would be no hope for a resistance against that government, it becomes what has happened with nearly every single dictatorship that has ever happened, just look at what happened with Germany, Hitler, started off as a democratic leader, and was voted into office, then proclaimed that fire arms, could only lead to people getting hurt, and that only government officials should use them to "protect" citizens, and shortly after declared himself a dictator, and there were no longer anyone who could stand up to him. so don't say you've won the argument, because we had to make up a theoretical future, because it's not theoretical, if it has happened time, and time again.

  • It is a fact that statistics can be manipulated to say anything you want them to say. This guy is a communist through and through.

    Hey dude. Move to Cuba. No one has guns there.

  • This is my own opinion. I see from this chart that the united States has the highest gun ownership and is the most Free country… That alone tells me the more guns the citizens have the more afraid the government is and the more reluctant they will be to do anything that will cause an uprising.

  • "They think it says so in the Constitution???" The Constitution doesn't give anyone the right to have a gun. It recognizes that they have that right.already.

  • rump rangers on the move…fear they'll be shamed by exposure to public censure for their  feminine attributes .including penis envy..gun grabbers really want to grab your dick ..male or female

  • Freedom Index?  Never heard of it.  2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution?  Yes, I've heard of it.  Not sure how other countries handle their affairs, but my ownership of weapons is not governed by their laws and therefore, my ownership is not a correlation to their freedoms or their index.

    I think that you need to question your numbers.  Where there are more freedoms, there is greater ownership.  Not the other way around.

  • I rather own a firearm to protect myself against criminals and the political tyrants. I rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. You definately sound like you are a sleeper agent or brown nose liberal who hates guns and the 2nd amendment.

    Though a criminal isn't going to be stopped by this anti-gun law, it will just encourage them to get illegal firearms from the black market.

  • Statistics and crap like that are so stupid. Just listen to common sense and keep it simple. If you take away guns… will the bad guys stop having them? How does that work, exactly? Also, what if someone who's way stronger than me comes and attacks me? How will I defend myself? Or how will we defend ourselves against a tyrannical government? Explain. Statistics tell me nothing. Anybody could come up with numbers.

  • This was a fallacy. Obviously more guns doesn't equal more freedom. More guns simply allows more ability to protect our personal freedom/safety. It's not about 'more' guns either, it's about choice ownership and freedom to defend oneself. It's also about not allowing the federal government to dictate specific laws on guns to the states, ie. registration on a federal level. It's a fact that cities and states with less strict gun laws have lower violent crime rates and more instances of defenses against violent crimes. It's not about freedom, it's about crime statistics.

  • Soooo…tyrannical governments are now hypothetical? Read a fucking history book and look around. Human nature will never change. It's not about guns. It's about the right to defend yourself you nitwit. I'd suggest you start with the federalist papers.

  • Yeah cause… civilizations with goverment and unarmed citizens always ended up as fairy tale.

  • Yeah, let's do a little bullcrap study and completely dismiss actual history where 262 million people were murdered by there own governments mostly after having there guns taken away. Let's just forget all about the American Revolution and how our arms kept us from being tyrannically controlled, let's just ignore the fact that for thousands of years governments have gone tyrannical, let's forget all of this because we did a little bullshit study!! What a bunch of anti gun/freedom douchbags.

  • look at your examples, germany is "free" but try having a bonfire after dark with beers and music in except but the most rural places and youll be fined, arrested, etc. look at the antisocial laws in UK, you guys are nuts

  • You are a moron gun ownership is the first line of defense against tyranny. Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler they all agreed with your viewpoint so enjoy the fact that you agree with some of the worst butchers ever in history!

  • such a sad misperception of reality, along with the misleading "charts" regarding freedom 🙁 this makes me cringe.

  • well at least you admit that what you said is complete bull. "now we are not saying that there is causation…[but listen to my causation]" you should change your show's name to "I am an example of why stupid people shouldn't breed"

  • In areas with extreme crime rates, there is no guns/gun free zones. (Mexico/Chicago)
    In areas with veritably no crime, 3 guns for every household. (Oaklahoma)
    Switzerland is the most well armed per capita nation on earth, with no crime and a booming economy that has never dipped.
    The cops are more likely to shoot you for a minor infracton than a robber, or stop a crime in progress. 
    Are we supposed to put faith and trust in a system that has so clearly failed us??!? You want no guns and shitty healthcare?? Move to Mexico and let us know how that works for you guy….

  • You know you're a dumb LIBERAL when you try to measure freedom. Freedom is everywhere and in everyone. Only idiots try to do this thing

  • Liberals are scared of things they don't understand fully. one rifle out of 350000 rifles have killed someone this year.

  • If one amendment can go away then its possible for them all to. The 2nd amendment was made for a reason, our fore fathers made it to preserve freedom against a tyrannical government and they experienced this atrocity first hand.

  • Liberals are sheep for slaughter ignorant to believe change wont happen from a robbery to riots to a rebellion against the government, change will come.

  • Liberals are so pompous, so arrogant and full of themselves while not being able to comprehend even simple concepts, probably why so many are in media and hollywood so they can get paid to watch themselves and boost their ego.

    Of course guns don't mean that your going to have all kinds of freedom, but being able to have the guns you want means your freer than many in the world that cannot, and if someone comes to tell you no or invade your castle, you can atleast fight back with a bullet instead of rocks or a kitchen knife.

    Do you think you can defend your Liberty with your words when it comes to tyrants?

  • Isnt it common sense? you take away guns, the government has the guns, and the free reign to do whatever they want…. you only have to look at history to see that. many rulers took away guns and weapons, right before they oppressed there people. Hitler took away the guns, see what happened? easy way for mass genocide to happen with the civilians not being able to protect themselves. this is just ridiculous, do you even look at history? its common sense.

  • Guns are here as a last resort to protect ourselves from tyranny and government. the government controls the guns, they have all the power to do what ever they want. you simply have to look at history. history tends to repeat itself. the government has all the guns, it becomes as simple as slaughtering sheeps and cows. i dont wanna be oppressed like North Korea.

  • Have you fools ever heard of a guy named Hitler, you know what he did right before killing 6million jews ?That's right he collected all thier guns,and they just turned them over .Well look how good gun control worked for them.And every other country that followed Hitlers example.

  • its all a spectrum not black and white.if u make guns more inconvienient to get/or keep then fewer poeple will use them,that goes for crime too. guy A=im pissed off at my cheating wife enough to buy a 200$ gun and shoot her. guy B=i would be a gun and shoot my bitch wife but its over 300$ and i gotta sign a buncha paperwork to get it…..meh ill just buy a whore and have angry sex with her ^o^

  • also depressed people should not be allowed to buy a gun unless they are reported to be symptom free for at least a year.thats just a little too easy of a way out.suicide is also a spectrum,some people would only do it if it was instant like a bullet,yet some are crazy enough to light themselves on fire! everione is different and its just about risk manegement not "steelin mah freedoms"

  • You and your argument are irrelevant, I’ll give you one date to debunk you bs video March 18th 1938!

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