Shooting Lightweight AR-15 Midwest Industries

(heavy bass music) (weapon fire) (heavy bass music) – [voiceover] That
brake is ridiculous man. Yeah thanks for the warning on that one. – Full 30. Welcome back. This is another Hank Strange
and Mr. Yacyas exclusive. I’ve had this Midwest Industries
lightweight AR for a while but you haven’t had a chance to run it. – No. – Much to your chagrin. – I’ve been upset with you Hank. – Yes I know. So now you
get your chance to run it . We’re actually gonna put a can
on here from Surefire right. What is it, the 7.62 from Surefire? Here it good is. My first, very first suppressor
which I bought from GTR. One of the things I like
is while your waiting for all your paperwork to go through I can actually come
over here and shoot it. So, we’re gonna run that but first we’re just gonna run the gun. Let Yacyas get used to
it. See how he likes it. Alright. – Use an IWI mag. – He’s trying an IWI mag, oh boy. Ok, is that even loaded
up? It doesn’t matter. – A little bit. Not fully, but. – [Hank] Yeah, alright man let do it. Let’s see how this bad boy runs. First of all any thoughts on it? I know you like the weight. – It’s super light weight. This thing doesn’t weight nothing It’s a good looking rifle. And it’s got the M lock rail on it. I mean that’s shooter preference. But otherwise, I mean thin barrel. For most people they really
don’t need anything thicker. – [Hank] So basically it’s
a pencil barrel right? – Right – [Hank] Yeah. Ok man, go ahead. I know you just want to shoot. (weapon fire) – [Hank] Ok that brake is loud dude. – Yes it is a loud brake – [Hank] So we put a brake on here. When you get a Surefire,
you need to put on a Surefire brake or muzzle… what is it called? Flash suppressor. – [Yacyas] It’s a muzzle brake
or their flash suppressor. – [Hank] Yeah, this
one is the muzzle brake but you can also put on a flash suppressor on there if you want. If your standing in the wrong
position from this thing it is loud and annoying. – Oh yeah, its going to
blow you pretty good. – [Hank] It’s kind of like
you man, loud and annoying. Alright, your putting on the 7.62? Now there’s a right and a wrong
way to put this on, right? – {Yacyas] Not really, you
can only put it on one way. See you have a mounting notch right there. With the bottom. – [Hank] Oh ok, so you put it on – [Yacyas] Put it on the
bottom, it’ll slip in and then zip, right on. – [Hank] Oh that’s it, ok. Very easy. – And that’s it. – [Hank] Alright, cool.
Let’s see the difference. We a shooting super sonic stuff. – Well, pretty much all
you can get in .223. – [Hank] Yeah so. Before
the complaints start. Just letting you guys know. – Here we go. (weapon fire) – Pretty quiet, huh? It’s a lot better. – [Hank] So much better. (weapons fire) – [Hank] Very Nice.
– [Yacyas] Little gas face. – [Hank] Yeah. There’s not
that much you can do about this on this kind of system right? – No. I mean you could
like a gas dissipator for the charging handle. There’s a couple different
companies that make… – [Hank] Oh right, the little hole. – With a varying degree of success. – [Hank] Alright, cool man. Go ahead and do you thing. (weapon fire) – [Hank] Sweet. You wanna
throw in another magazine? – [Yacyas] Sure. – [Hank] We’re also
testing these magazines. They may look a liitle different to you. These are from ProMag,
their Rollermag magazines that we’re testing out here. I don’t think they’re out yet. But ProMag gave me a chance to run it and that’s what we’re
up to. So far no issues – That seem to be working so far. (weapon fire) – [Hank] Now that suppressor’s heating up. – [Yacyas] Suckers getting hot. – [Hank] Yeah, very hot. Like
somethings cooking on there. – [Yacyas] Yeah your
cerakotes cooking off. – [Hank] The cerakotes cooking Yeah, I think one of
the things I need to do is get a sleeve or something for that. You know, so you don’t
accidentally touch it and burn yourself or what have you. Right? – Yeah, pretty much. – [Hank] Ok. Very cool. We need to load up some more magazines so we’re going to take a little quick break here
and then get back to me. Me shooting. What do you think man? Even with the suppressor on there does it change the balance of the Midwest Industries lightweight? – It makes it a little more forward heavy but nothing that’s not manageable. – [Hank] Ok, very cool. Alright man, let’s put it down. I also have this Tavors
in here on the table that’s got some Midwest
Industry’s furniture on it but that’s another video
that we will come back and share with you guys someplace. In the interwebs. Alright? – Absolutely – [Hank] Alright so just
for anyone whose interested, here’s what we’re running. The magazine is from
Rollermag, it’s the RM-30. Ok, Rollermag 30 from ProMag. That’s the magazine’s that we’re using. These are…I’m going to
put it in the prototype, not released on the market yet. And ProMag asked me to test them out and let them know what I think about it. So that’s pretty cool. I’ve
got three of them for testing. So we’re gonna run those. And also we are using GTR munitions. Do you want to tell the folks about GTR munitions, Mr. Yacyas? Cause that’s your thing. – We make some great
remanufactured ammunition, that’s what we got going on here. Using factory loaders… – [Hank] I’m sorry, go ahead – Using factory loaders, it
goes through a pretty extensive QC process from start to finish. We’re loading them a little
bit lighter than what you probably get out of most
.223 but that’s mostly for our competition guys. But this ammunition will
work in basically anything. There might be some more
military grade models that require a little more umph to cycle the whole gun. This ammunition
may or may not cycle it. But for the most part all your DI, AR’s, all you piston driven AR’s, your Rugers, all that kind of stuff this stuffs going to work really well for it. It’s going to shoot really nice for you – [Hank] And I’m testing
it also on my channel. You guys do .223, .45, .40 and 9mm right? – Yep, .223, .45, .40 and 9. – [Hank] And where can they get it from? – They can go to – [Hank] Very nice. Ok Man. Seems like you picked up the gun. I know you want to – No, No you can shoot. It’s your turn So you take over. I did
press record by the way. Figured I should just let you know that. – [Yacyas] So I need to hit record? – No, I pressed it already. It’s running. You see that red dot? – [Yacyas] I don’t know why you feel the need to tell me that
you hit record for me. I don’t remember why. – You don’t remember why? I tell you because we’re
dealing with. ya know. Great at shooting Yacyas, but
running cameras? Not so much. Alright. Do I even need Air Pro for this? I’m not gonna to use Air Pro Yacyas. – [Yacyas] Don’t do it. – Cause I’m a rebel.
I’m a rebel like that. Alright, let me run this
and see how it goes. – [Yacyas] Be headset free. (weapon fire) – Gas face Ok. serious gas face there. (weapon fire) Very nice. Yeah you don’t need that. There’s a crack obviously
cause we’re using super sonic. Super sonic ammo. But it’s sweet. I think I’m going to run one more magazine and then let you run whatevers
in that one. How’s that? – [Yacyas] Ok – Does that sound like a deal? – [Yacyas] Sounds like a deal. – I know that’s the only reason why you do these videos with me. – [Yacyas] That’s not true. – So you can make stuff go bang. – [Yacyas] I’m trying
to edumicate you, Hank. – Do you think it’s working? – [Yasyas] No. – No. (weapon fire) – Now we’re heating it up. – [Yacyas] Those magazines
are running good. And on a Midwest Industries. Runs like a champ now doesn’t it? – Yeah man. I really like this gun. They knocked it out of the
park on this one., I think. – [Yacyas] I agree. – [Hank] I like the weight and everything, like you said even with the
Surefire on the front of there it really doesn’t throw it off that much. – [Yacyas] It’s a great gun. – It’s a sweet gun, man I need to put some, other
than these line sights… – [Yacyas] I’m not too much
of a fan of that front sight. The rear sights fine
but that front sight uh. You know what it is? I like
the HK front sight design but that one’s a little too much for me. I think. – Ok, Understood. – [Yakyas] That would be my… (Yakyas sneezes) – [Yakyas] Excuse me. – Bless you. – [Yacyas] That would be my
only critique of the rifle. – And you know this guns
got this pencil barrel here like when your doing shooting
like what we’re doing it’s getting a little warm. – [Yacyas] That sucker gets hot quick. – Yeah, that’s why I’ve got my gloves on. and you want to make sure you
keep your hands off of there. But the Surefire’s cool and
you said I can use this in 3… Can you keep the camera up here Yacyas. So this .762 is good for AK, .308… – [Yakyas] And 16 inch .308 and any SBR of a subcaliber. – Oh ok. – [Yacyas] So you can basically,
and it’s full auto rated. – Ok. Very cool man. It’s really fun. I’ve held off for a long time
from getting a suppressor. It’s a lot of fun to get one. I know it does heat up there
so my next thing I’m probably going to do is try to get a
sleeve for the front there. That’s cool. I’ll switch it over to you, and let you put the last rounds through. – [Hank] Boom, ok. Ready. Go for it. (weapon fire) – Getting me some serious gas face. – [Hank] I’m telling ya. Gotta wear a gas mask. Nice. – It’s fun man. – [Hank] Yeah, definitely fun. – Your cerakote’s starting to come off. – [Hank] Uh oh. Now that’s something, hold on let me look… – [Yacyas] That’s what happens
when you get a can too hot. It will just burn the paint right off. – [Hank] Ok, so eventually
that won’t be there. – [ Yacyas] Whatever the finish is. – [Hank] Eventually that will be gone. – [Yacyas] And then it
start turning silver. – [Hank] Oh ok. Nothing much
you can do about that right? – [Yacyas] Not if you get them that hot. – [Hank] Don’t go scraping You scratched my suppressor. – It was flaking already. I’m trying to smooth it out for ya. I’m trying to do you a favor. – [Hank] This is the kind of
stuff that Yacyas does to me. He doesn’t like anything
to be nice and pristine that’s why… – [Yacyas] We should just
– [Hank] But everyone is – [Yacyas] do eight mags
– [Hank] cursing you out. – [Yacyas] We should just do
– [Hank] Everyone out there – [Yacyas] a bunch of
mags down so we can burn the finish right off. – [Hank] Everyone out there on Full 30 is cursing you out right now. They’re like I can’t believe
Yacyas just did that. Hank Strange, never let
Yacyas run your stuff. But he doesn’t like these
things to be perfect. – [Yacyas] I’ll engrave my name in it. – [Hank] He’s against
anything being perfect. He wants everything to
be like him, imperfect. And now your writing stuff on Did you just do graffiti
on my, you bastard. – So you can always remember me. – [Hank] Ok, you better give me a good sign off for Full 30 now. – Have a good one Full 30. – [Hank] Tell them don’t forget to follow Hank Strange on twitter – Oh yeah. Follow um… – [Hank] No, Hank Strange
– [Yacyas] 22 Plinkster – [Hank] get it right – and ivy8888 and… – [Hank] I’m gonna to
have to do this myself. We can not rely on him to do this for us. Alright guys. There you go. Surefire .762 on the Midwest Industries, ya know, very nice combo. We’re using the RolloMag,
RollerMag from ProMag. Mr Yacyas going graffiti on my stuff. I’m Hank Strange, don’t
forget to follow us, leave your comments there. Find Yacyas whereever he is and tell him don’t ever do graffiti on Hank Strange’s first suppressor ever. At least do like skull and
crossbones, or something. – Well we can do a little
skull and crossbones. Well actually I’m not a very good artist. – [Hank] Did it cool down already? Yeah. I’m glad you know. – [Yacyas] Actually it
looks more like an alien. I better stop. – [Hank] Yeah, thanks. Now you want to stop?

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