Shooting Like A PATRIOT – Flintlocks & Freedom

this is Kirsten Joy Weiss and today I’m
very happy to bring you a flintlock rifle it was designed in the 17th century and
it’s been used all around the world in various cultures including India China
Africa Europe and even America in America particularly they are
specifically tied to America’s freedom in the Revolutionary War this piece of
technology right here helped the colonists defeat the invading British
the rifling on their flintlocks was superior to the British smoothbore
it helped the colonists defend their freedom by giving them a few more yards against the
british and in that scenario every advantage you can gain is crucial and while repeating rifles like the
Winchester 1873 might have helped win the west this gun right here helped discover the
West it was carried on the backs of mountain
men and frontiers men as they traveled and explored america hunted and survived
this type of gun is near and dear to my heart because it’s a part of my history
as an American but also my history as a family I have a few people in my family that
work on historical flintlocks and also manufacture replicas the funny thing is I’ve never actually
shot one so I did my research I studied up on this gun we’re going to shoot a flintlock rifle for the first time
together so let’s give it a shot first things first flintlock is not like a
regular rifle you can’t just stick a bullet in there
stick a cartridge in there and have it fire there’s a lot of prep work so we’re
gonna load the gun I pre-loaded this black powder load-y
thing i’m not sure what the technical term put it in the comments below if you
know the technical term for this I did my research but couldn’t find what
this was called and I just want to be real so first powder make sure they’re all in
there this is 70 grains of powder so really
just like a target load then we’re going to take this patch and we’re going to
grease it with a little bear grease this particular patch is called ticking
take our Lead ball and put it in the patch kind of right in the middle of our
grease part and the grease parts on the outside stick it in the top right in the muzzle
of the gun then we’re going to take this and push the ball down and not be too
gentle just push it down until it’s snug in the muzzle take our knife we’re going to be really careful cut
this patch down to about the top of where that lead bullet is take this tool again and we’re going to
stuff the ball down into the barrel like that and then take our ramrod take the
wide end and stuff this all the way down in to the barrel and it’s hard to get
started once you get started in theory
imagine doing this in battle oh my gosh I’d be like ” I’m dead just take me
now I surrender” I would not be a very good
Revolutionary War soldier I’d hide id be a sniper. Then you have a lot
of time to load. two hands there we go there you make sure down
there nice and good put the ramrod back in its little holder it’s prepped. The frizzen right here this
steel plate is covering the powder charge I don’t have it charged for safety this Flint right here the Flint lock I’m gonna cock this back and the Flint’s
gonna hit the frizzen and that’ll open up the frizzen and ignite the powder in the
pan now this particular flintlock has a set
trigger i’m going to set this trigger and then it will be primed and ready to
go we’re gonna see if we can hit a clay pigeon downrange now we are ready
to shoot in olden times they probably didn’t use eye protection but we sure
are because this is black powder and I want to protect my eyes so gonna take
this priming powder and prime this pan make sure that powder gets all
the way down in the hole that needs to get into ok close the frizzen half cock it now we’re going to full cock it now it’s
ready to set this trigger let’s see if we can hit this clay pigeon trigger set here we go can you see me can you see me definitely
hit that that was awesome whoa feel I like I’m in a really bad dive bar
right now with all this smoke that is too fun now i’m gonna point this in a safe direction
because there’s probably still some powder burning in there that’s just how
these guns are and we’re going to clean this gun before shooting it again run a rod down with a lubricated patch
make sure no embers are burning back in the day when you were in a war
zone or something like that you might take your chances but we’re certainly
not going to take our chances today stay tuned it’s not over but before we
continue make sure you hit that subscribe button if you like what you
see hit that like button and I’m glad that
you’re joining me here today so let’s go finish the job revolutionary war style thanks for joining me for the fun
challenge and joy of shooting aim true and happy shooting this is where the clay
pigeon was you can see that hit right in the middle right here not so bad for the first time that is
awesome and it might have helped won won. haha might have help won the west
bring you a flint rock – flint lock rifle I’m very happy to bring you a flint rock
rifle they were flintlocks over here and flint
rocks in China I’m sorry i I’ve been to Asia I’ve lived there i’m not racist
this rifle oooo that’s Thunder not good to carry a steel rifle
in a thunderstorm not a good idea I think the colonists had to learn that the hard way too okay

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