hi everyone any definite here how is everyone okay I got my shop goodwill back today and what I'm gonna do is go ahead and open that up let's see okay so I won this one from shop good well for 1249 and what the what you know what the shipping and everything it came out to a total of twenty four ninety which is not bad it's a pretty big bag thirteen pounds I see a lot of beads in there okay before I do that I want to say thank you to Leila we all know Leila for this lovely neck listen actually two necklaces that she purchased and and sent it to me as a gift I really really do love them she did she did get them from jewelry nurse whose channel I will put it I will also put up Leila's channel this is so pretty I really love how delicate this is I'm very pretty I like this so this was one of one of the necklaces and then this other one had glass colorful beads which I love colorful so this one here also very pretty and of course Sydney always puts in gifts and of coz I because I'm a jewelry person she wasn't sure what to put in but she did put in makeup she put in this glitter drop makeup here which I do I haven't tried yet but I will and ooh shiny Thank You Cindy and Thank You Leila Leila also has a channel I will put her china off channel up as well she makes lovely sterling silver handbags and you know lots of lovely stuff so I will put Voltaire channels up jewelry nurse those auctions she does jewelry boxes jewellery bags much like my channel I will put her channel at auction thank you thank you to both of you so I don't have the scissors so I'm going to use this it's better that I'm using this and the bag is stapled and it was 40 pounds I thought it had a really good price I was shocked that it came out for that much okay I see some interesting stuff already this looks like a belt this these are all plastic very interesting there's no marks on it but it looks pretty old I don't know if this broke or this is how it's supposed to be I think this probably goes over here yeah that makes more sense very interesting earrings we have a lot of Hoops here for five pairs and went for three dollars it's nice gold tone not bad I always get these kinds of bracelets there I think they're in every bag but they're not bad they're cute beaded this one is gold and looks like brown seed beads oh okay this one is approach and it's missing one of the little flowers and it was marked I saw CE Marking napier too bad but it is pretty maybe the flowers can come off wait a minute it's missing a lot more than flowers okay so wait a minute it wasn't the flower that was missing it was a little pearl so maybe this can be actually fixed because that's missing like two little other pearls here that we can put different pearls in so it's fixable god I've been ditched necklace here but I think it's missing some stuff because it's very short okay this I saw through the bag I really love this it's some kind of enameled magnet bangle and it has these in lace over here I'm not sure what what what they are look this one kind of looks like a frog and this I guess is a whale is it a whale no maybe a dolphin I'm not sure they don't look like like sea creatures I don't know if you can see them but I do love the color it's very interesting I've never seen one like this before very nice it's pretty I like this so this is nice okay cute and it's charming charlie hmm wait a minute no no no it's not charming charlie these are just earrings that are stuck to it I'm done here okay so we have some charming Charlie little earrings I guess there was a necklace too and it broke off or they pulled it off there and this is really huge its heart here and it does have a tag Lia Sophia nice this one I'm keeping guys I like this okay these bags are very angular tangled up up here a little tiny mother pig mother of pearls here are the shows a hair it's a pretty little flower it's pretty it's nice not bad it's not broken another heart cute no marks very pretty cute little one okay okay there's a hanger on it it's a long it has a little hanger and it's they're plastic not sure what it is but I guess it's something to hang in the garden or I'm not sure but it's cute that's a keeper okay this is very this is too big for it to be an anklet unless it's a cackle it may be which I have those so I don't know maybe it's an anklet somebody must have made this but it is it does have really nice glass beads on here some cards drawer – Jordache earring and usually the earrings will come out this necklace what looks like two fish and this is how it closes up I don't see any marks here we have a statement necklace pink color looks to be in good condition this is nice but it's broken oh okay it's broken but look how nice this is and it's missing a stone here I guess I can put this into craft lock okay next we have this really cool grace Lucy bracelet it's a necklace and it has some kind of like braided rope in here it has this look kind of clasp and these seem to be some kind of gemstone not sure I don't know what they are very interesting but it does have we're all right I don't know what it is these stones here very pretty I love the color very nice this is a huge piece of Redwood beads with balls I don't know anyway usually people are not interested in these kinds of necklaces or beats maybe kids can play with it I don't know I'll put it aside and see if you keep one play with this of course I'll wash them oh no what happened here this is very nice and it's kind of like it has different tones of green pearls and beads and some clear ones and is it marked no it's not marked but it is stretchy and this is really nice I like this okay very interesting very pretty no it's looks like wood I don't know what it is but it's interesting it's not a napkin ring maybe a hairpiece I think maybe it's missing like a little stick maybe for a ponytail I'm not sure but it is very nice Oh cute yellow bracelet here very nice I don't think it's bakelite but I will check I really like this color and what else look guys let me see what the pictures are I can't tell what it is the pictures I mean it is cinnabar I can't tell what the pictures are but it is carved it's a cinnabar bracelet very pretty okay you've got somebody's list here these are really cool and it's missing the the class but we can always add one it's really nice I like these interesting colors this marble like marble looking one here and purple this one matches this we have a bracelet here he has little kind of like stripes on here well not not these these kinds I do look at how nice this one is very pretty I love the color on this one and it does have the clasp is very interesting very nice nice this one is kind of looks like a moose bone in here this looks like a Japan necklace usually this kind here and they'll say Japan on don't know how care I don't see a mark but this definitely looks like one of those Japan necklaces um no I don't see a mark here it's not broken it just came out of its place here I can fix that and it's nice we have bracelets that are made out of glass very pretty here's one this one has a little heart charm that's kind of like the polymer clay little flowers and this one step join hearing okay oh oh one of them fell apart oops busted here okay another one with heart so there's one two three four of them with hearts and then they in here it's also this that they match they don't match okay and one busted one put these ones in crafts but the bracelet separately I'm sure there's somebody that wants the braces they're not bad they're cute okay okay so the bracelets are keepers and this one I see a hair also of course we always see a hair this one here is it's not broken is it no it just needs to be it just came out of out of the little loop here needs to be put back and I will put it back it's not broken and I see a little Hank tech here that says Leslie Leslie I read right yeah Leslie dancey dances dances da di yes we'll look that up as who that is and it's not missing anything it looks like it's in good condition and it just needs to be they were thinking of this one they make just made this bag another cute little heart necklace here with heart charms very pretty I really like this one keep her from me oh no oh that was a bunch of hair this one has hair too yeah this one is in very bad condition and not to mention all the hair that was on it okay this is a porous is for a handbag the ones that you put on the side of the table so you don't have to put your handbag on the floor and it's actually picture and enamel handbag on here so it's still good okay so this is an earring and I wonder if it has anything to do with this it's made out of the same material we'll see if there's the other pair okay see you poke it up bracelet but it's all broken and falling apart so this will go crash oh I did find the other one okay so we have two of these earring it's very pretty it does have some wear here but some kind of metal necklace here a statement piece does have wear or that's actually I think it's supposed to look like that interesting a lot of this is a basketball court I don't know yeah it looks like a basketball court with a basketball and I think it is for her not sure might be he looks vintage here has this class and fold over clasp but I don't see any marks they do look pretty old that's pretty that is pretty and it has some kind of brass and inlaid stones in here and these look like breasts also it's very pretty not bad so far this is a good back it's always a good bag when there's Monet in there originally went for forty dollars very pretty blue color stones on here and it does have the tag still and original price and this is pretty this will go in my $13 nuts guys I'm gonna do my $13 loss tomorrow it'll be up around 12 o'clock and this time they're not gonna be an eBay they're gonna be in the Etsy store I will put the link up to that one went up when I put the video up tomorrow but I am going to do a few of them tomorrow so cute little necklace another necklace vintage everything that came out of here and there is a lot more this is nice kind of like a iridescent green what is this tag looks like an Avon tag it says NR T which is an Avon brand very pretty cute little blue stone okay some earrings I'm gonna put the earrings on on the side when I do find it first open them forward this is very interesting looking it's vintage definitely vintage I love love love the beads I don't know if you got to see how pretty the beads are it's pink and white and it does have the original cast necklace with rhinestones I don't see any marks on here but it's very pretty it's a gunmetal color oh it says NR on it so it may be Nina Ricci or it may be an Avon Brown cuz Avon also has an R and I'm not sure which it is but I will look it up show my list here in green and it has wood beads and it's that's an earring very pretty you don't find this kind of green everywhere interesting okay Oh something broken for our craft slot this is nice there's a lot of meats in here oh here's the earring okay so I'm finding the other pairs of the earrings that were in the little bag I'll put them back in the bag I'm paired him up okay this one also looks like the Japan beads and again it's not broken it just came out of place and let's see if this one says mark is marked yes and this one does say should say Japan on here and I will fix this a lot of people like these I don't know why but well I do know why they're very well made very pretty but because of you know how short they are and I don't I don't really wear these but I do I have sold a lot of these so I will make a lot Oh another one looks like some of them are really nice I've found quite a few that have really nice beats on them there we go again the same type and let's see what is this one more this one is marked Germany very pretty find a lot of nice stuff already and I did pay 1249 for this extra yeah I am buying the bags now I will occasionally buy buy a jar but I think I'm doing better with the bags because you guys know what's going on the side of the jars there you know they they are they are taking a lot of the nice things out of the jars so I'm not risking getting the jars but I will get some but not as much as I used to this is stuck here it's some kind of faux turquoise looking bead but it is stuck in here so I will I get that another shell okay another shell necklace here multiple strands here very pretty this one is kind of painted to look like an animal print you do find some nice things in the backs I have it I'm not sure if all the bags are like that but so far the ones that I purchased I'm happy with this is interesting very vintagey looking necklace here okay here oh this is very worn out it's just an inspirational bracelet with the little cross but it's very worn out so I'm going to put it in crafts tangle it pretty this is marked okay so pretty it has enamel pearls great condition even the clasp is in great condition and it is marked C napier pend okay sleep your necklace very pretty this will go in at CN and publish i have two three platforms that i put my jewelry in but i'm trying to do more on my etsy because i don't really use that one that much but i'm gonna do so that's what I'm gonna do the $13 lots there it's a wooden bead necklace I'll put that into crafts okay what is this year drink the mesh boat earring oh how cute it's a mesh boat earring you will see if the other one is here this is just plain a full pearl necklace I don't even I think it's broken I don't see you class no class okay so it's gonna go into crafts there's more goody sighs we have some shells here very pretty this is interesting it has very interesting barrel clasp here and it does seem like it needs to be a little bit cleaned because the white is not as white as it should be well it's not even white it's kind of like a beige in a darker beige and it does have this really nice barrel clasp and it is shells and charms very pretty and there's hearts in here too so the syllabus will be nice for a for like a Halloween mermaid costume or separate just or just because you like shells so that's a keeper okay this is glass beads very pretty it did come out of moves from here again I will fix this and probably just a reason why it's in the bag cuz you didn't want to you know fix it up but look how nice these are orange and clear like kind of like crystally confetti looking necklace here very pretty in this treasure chest here okay this is very worn out and I will try to clean it but definitely a vintage piece it does have darkening areas but I will see if it will get cleaned a bracelet here cute little flower very pretty plastic flower here no marks but it does have some where I will put it in crack when I see where I always put it in crafts stretchy stretchies a super gifts and stuff like that but they're in good condition Oh an owl an owl with little rhinestone dangly eyes cute that's nice piece okay I will definitely put a nice chain on this one a nice necklace necklace no missing stones and nowhere that's pretty cool it's a little three little candles some kind of ornaments or tag I'm not sure cute this will be a nice tag to put on a Christmas gift what else do we have here it's bracelet and it says NR inside so it's either noona Ritchie or it can be a Vaughn also it's very pretty nothing is wrong with it has cute little multicolored stones nice oh wow oh no it's missing multiple stones okay so this will go into crafts but it was pretty okay I've gotten a lot of these some kind of seed looks like watermelon seeds kind of it's a necklace stretchy a watchband um it says twist and still in the package another stretchy with beads I like this color I love the clasp okay this is cute little butterflies and it has a really nice clasp Winston see and its marked Napier so this was a Napier bag a lot of Napier so that's gonna get it here very pretty and like that and another stretchy going into crack this year oh these are really cold these are gemstones and it does have a clasp let me see if there's any markings on here sometimes with these you'll find a clasp that's made out of gold that's way out that's why I'm trickin but I don't see any marks no but they're definitely gemstones not sure what gemstones they are they're beautiful okay another keeper I didn't put a lot of stuff into and depressed there was a lot of great stuff in here and still is I'm still looking this is pretty little fluffy and Tesla and fluffy balls it's from loft and it does have the tag and it did go for $34.99 and then they marked it down to $4.99 which is probably how much I'll put it down for it's up to something here what is this here okay also another pretty necklace interesting look at this V shape here interesting this is really cute and I'm gonna put this very pretty very nice colors of purple I can't open it up because it's stuck to that other one but it is very interesting okay and still going okay I better start moving faster I don't want to take your time I know it's a Saturday this is interesting whistle this year okay I'm tangling is the hard part of these eggs okay this is pretty okay are the two pieces or one piece or two pieces of you this one has a different necklace on here I don't see any marks and this one is a very pretty vintage little spinning pearl here and I don't see any marks on this one either I don't even see a class so this one has a clasp but not this one a lot of pros I'm going to check this because I like these clasps and see what it says okay it says 14k gold filled I don't know if these are real pearls door I will clean it and check them they feel like they are real but I will check them a lot of pearls another pearl here doesn't have a clasp and these are faux pearls I can already tell from you know the color curls these are also fake pearls these are plastics and have to do a pearl project okay so this wand it's nice has rhinestones and a really nice clasp here I don't see any marks but this one does look like a vintage piece oh I see a mark okay and this one let's say it a bond n R so it's a vintage Avon butterfly here cute not bad I guess I'm getting a lot of stuff out of this bad guys different Pink's kind of like an ombre effect there and it is marked Japan or Germany Japan very pretty and these are going to have where over here or you know they're tied because they are pretty old but they're there they are still good tour and another piece here and this one is marked Japan Japan pearls here nope this is okay this is different okay so this was stuck their bracelet very interesting doesn't have a clasp okay it is marked C Amy no amli am Easterling it is sterling maybe I can send it to Sandhya she can put some kind of clasp on this is very pretty sterling very fun piece I like this okay and it does have a little stones over here so this definitely needs to be fixed very nice okay so we found the sterling piece – okay this one here is white plastic beads I'm going to put it with the plastic ones necklace that's you can already tell it's gonna go into but it's gonna go into crafts okay if someone tries to fix it but they didn't do a good job another interesting looking clasp ear of pearls missing beads mmm it's missing the stones over here it's very pretty nice I really like this one I don't know missing the beats though okay so it's gonna go into crafts but these are really nice stones in here maybe someone can harvest them we have here oh this is the bracelet okay did I not see a necklace like this I think this is the bracelet it is okay so we have a necklace and bracelet set here this is this looks like a vintage pair here let's see if the bracelet is marked nope no markings but it's definitely old and it is a set and we have a little bird it's an eagle actually nope it's not an eagle is it I don't know for tie and it's stuck good I can't open it okay it's stuck I don't know what it is stuck I can't open it I'll have to break my nose though for that I'll have my dad open it okay pearls nope not pearls metal metal necklace here a lot of pearls in here this is the way the clasp is supposed to be and no marks just full pearls oh I just find the earrings okay I'm gonna keep these for me because I really like them they're little bows and this cute little kind of like a green mesh bow here very pretty I'm keeping these it's a watch cute look at that is pretty is it seeing back stainless steel back and doesn't say anything underneath oh no it's missing a stone I'll fix it this is really cute I'll fix it but I'm gonna since I'm not good at fixing these kinds of things um I will put a stone in there but I'll keep it for myself it's cute something else here what is this it has two sceneries on both sides no it's not okay and this is clastic – something stretchy but it's really cute it's a little hard for hearts no marks okay whatever this thing is in here it's getting everything is getting stuck – here let me take yourself let me get rid of this everything is getting stuff to get untangled come on okay oh my goodness come out okay here okay so everything was stuck to this it's just a necklace here and I don't even know how to close up okay needs to be fixed okay these are really cold stones not sure what they are but I do love this uh this clasp here it's very pretty and no marks on here but these are faceted and very very cold I'm not sure what stone this system okay that is another necklace here made out of some kind of pearl very worn out I think there's a mark here or maybe peeling oh my goodness Miriam Haskell Wow okay so we have a Miriam Haskell here so I guess this doesn't need to be cleaned and taken care of okay I found a miriam Haskell vintage piece here very pretty okay so this was a or bag okay you have a lot of stuff in here I don't know if I have time to go through them all what I'll do probably is just stop the video right now and these are just keys and I know someone who loves keys so I'm gonna keep them for her okay so I'm gonna put the video on hold trying to untangle everything so I don't waste too much time on Saturn okay I'm back I did untangle everything I did find a few silver pieces I found this nice chain that's silver and this one also is silver I'm not sure what these little stones on here are but this one was also sterling and then I found this really nice bracelet here what what looks to be like cubic zirconia stones look how dirty it is I don't even know if I wash this if it's gonna be silver or gold but it seems to be in a gold tone but this does need to be tested it's really pretty this is my favorite so far and I know this one is not sterling but this is a cute little bird here that also came here it's marked that it's a handgun and something no PMB very pretty little bird with little dangles underneath what happened here there you go okay this one I really like but it's a very worn so what I'll do is probably take out the pendant and use it use it on a different necklace I don't like the necklace okay what else oh this total here but it's cute it's a little poodle necklace it's just on a regular chain not silver this one here got untangled two little fish looking pendants again this one didn't have any marks but it does look vintage and interesting I found two sweater clips this one here just says I think it has the pet pendant on the ends here and this one here which has getting a phone call which has a little religious charm on here very pretty okay so to sweater clips okay and of course things are falling out oh I found these cute little earrings that went with the bracelet and the necklace that we found so it has the matching earrings too and they are screw backs I thought these were really cute these are clip-ons very pretty black there they seem like they're plastic and they have kind of like an etched cute little leaf on here and they are clip-ons and this necklace here beaded yellow necklace I was able to untangle this one here this is very long I didn't know it was that long and it is three strands of both full turquoise kind like plasticy but it's cute so that I got a pair of gold-tone earrings pair of bronze bangles here little beads look like wood and brass here and things are falling okay what is this okay oh okay this is a pair of Christmas tree earrings very pretty green and white enamels we have another necklace here but this one is very worn out so I'm gonna put this into crafts but I do love the clasp the clasp is something I guess somebody can use and this necklace here with the barrel clasp I'm not sure what these are made of they look they look like they're plastic but they do have these two little brass beads here and I found these earrings here there's four black-and-whites plastic vintage earrings got stuck to each other but they were separated so these and another pink necklace here another pearl necklace these I'm gonna put into crafts because these are very like worn but I do like the clasp very pretty clasp and this one is Japan another necklace necklace here made out of pearls another necklace here these pearls I think are real so I'm gonna check these and I really like the clasp on this one I'm gonna keep these ones and I'm only saying because they have the barrel clasp on them and then you ones don't have this clasp so little necklace here we have a stretchy with some kind of glass beads on here that they have very pretty beat so I'm gonna keep this one we have a blue and white plastic bead necklace here another one that's white I'm not sure what these are made out of but they're really heavy they're not cold but they are really nice pink beads here this one this one is really long this one here and then this one is a different another one that's a shorter one so and they are really shiny very pretty I love to cuts on them and then we have this one here that's for eyeglasses and they have vintage cute little plastic beads on this one q this one didn't have a pair this one is another necklace oh no it's not a necklace it's for glasses okay and we have this one here and this is some kind of bone here it looks like on here and it has a glass bead so I am very very happy with this bag I only paid 1249 I am expecting another one to come Wednesday I hope you guys had fun an idea take up too much of your time so yeah I'm gonna go ahead and put up those links for you and this is Anita Fournier saying that I hope you had fun bye-bye have a great weekend


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