Sh*t Peace Corps Volunteers Say — Peace Corps Ghana

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38 thoughts on “Sh*t Peace Corps Volunteers Say — Peace Corps Ghana

  • WOW! all the hate comments! I bet you keyboard warriors wouldn't last a week as a Peace Corps volunteer

  • Her red dress fertility dance was excellent hope she found what she was looking for without setting anyone up.

  • Looks like they made the best out of what they got. Iā€™m sure they are humbled by the end of it. Iā€™m dreaming about the day I can start my service.

  • Just because you are in an organization that is "trying to help" does not mean you aren't making racist, condescending jokes. Paternalism is a thing…stop judging cultures by your own standards. you aren't superior in any way.

  • I did volunteer work in Ghana and can relate to so many of these, especially the "look! A white person!" LOL!

  • Love your videos! I was in the PC in Cameroon 47 years ago and while Ghana looks different from Cameroon in some ways (from your video), other than the addition of computers and cellphones, everything seems exactly the same! Love your humor and you guys ought to go into comedy. Maybe you already have since you got home?

  • This video was very fun to watch and well done. Well done guys.

    Ā I lived in South Africa for one year and can relate to some part of the vid. Perhaps they are being slightly offensive but really, humor keeps you sane when you are out of your zone of comfort. If they wern't enjoying Ghana chances are they wouldnt have made the video.

  • As a PCV in Peru, I was surprised to see just how many of these situations I could relate to! the gossip part killed me! LMAO! It was a really funny way to depict some of the culture clashes peace corps volunteers experience living and working in small communities in different and developing countries for two years.
    That being said, I can understand how, taken out of that context, it can look really bad to have three white girls talk about how frustrating it is to live in an African country since many people don't understand the commitment and dedication volunteers have to integrating into their host cultures despite these challenges. That was so great how you even got your community partners to help you out and not everyone may understand that that means you must have had such great relationships with your community and awesome cultural exchanges. For other PCVs looking to make similar funny video projects(since you all already finished up) it is important to remember that race and power and privilege dynamics always play a factor in our interactions and perceptions and it's important to set the context for outside viewers.
    thanks for the laugh girls, and thanks for serving!

  • I can't tell if this video is an ironic commentary on the everyday racism of being a PCV…or if these PCVs are just really that racist. (p.s. 99% of PCVs really are that racist. Plus some.)

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