Sig Sauer Range Day – SHOT Show 2017!

This SHOT Show 2017 Coverage on the The Gun
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information. Eric Ebbinghaus: Hi folks, it’s Eric here
with The Gun Collective and we out at Sig’s version of Range Day 2017 at the Clark County
Shooting Complex, north of Las Vegas. And we’ve got to see some interesting new
products out here, really new takes and upgrades on existing products. Specifically starting with their suppressor
line. We got to talk to John Hollister, the man
himself, and he showed up their new .22 rimfire can…very light, 5 oz, made of titanium,
under an inch in diameter, 17-4 stainless steel baffles, so light in fact you can barely
tell it’s on the end of the gun. And they claim it is extremely accurate as
well. MSRP for that is going to come in under $500. In addition to that, they are expanding the
P320 line of pistols. Specifically we looked at the “X-series”. So there is a new x-competition called the
“X-5”…five inch barrel, flared mag well…very comfortable and accurate as with all of their
P320 series you can swap out the grip size on the frames. Then there’s also the carry version which
is smaller, ported slide. And then the Kyle Lamb influenced VTAC-X. All of these have their new flat trigger which
we saw introduced last year and it’s just really encouraging to see them stick with
the P320 line of pistols, upgrade them, and bring more products to market. A couple of those also have cutaways in the
slide for an RMR type red-dot reflex sight as well if you wanted to add that aftermarket. And then we also saw continuation in upgrades
to the Legion enhanced version of the P220 and the P226 series of pistols, the .45 cal
P220 now double-action, single-action version and then a single-action P226 in the Legion
series. As one Sig rep called it, “it’s taking
$1,400 worth of upgrades, sticking them to the pistol, and then upping $200 onto the
MSRP.” So that’s in their words. But it was nice to see some continued improvements
in that. All in all, no earth shattering brand new
guns or completely new revolutionized engineering type things but some good movement forward
on already existing products as well as their suppressor line as we’ve continued to see
since John has been there. This is Eric with The Gun Collective thanking
you for watching our coverage of the Sig Range Day 2017. Thanks again to our SHOT Show sponsors New
Frontier Armory and Lehigh Defense.

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