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[Applause] good afternoon guys well we've hit a little bit of a issue today we were meant to be heading on – pagbilao from the Eco farm stay here in Candelaria but you know really is not feeling great so we're thinking it's just best to stay here for another night and to make sure she's okay get some rest and then try again tomorrow we're just trying to keep her hydrated with lots of water and give us some solid food as well whenever she fancies it but oh dear I guess these things happen on the road and kids pick up germs very easily so it was bound to happen and today was the day what can we do she will be fine guys it's just that we always want to put our health first before you know going well with our travel adventure so we're just gonna wait until units feeling better again and hopefully tomorrow she's just really weak to travel today oh dear you know you're not feeling great today this is we're actually staying and I'm not showed you just yet but it's it's homely it's absolutely fine it fits our needs we've got a couple of bunk beds there this is actually meant for up to five people so we've got a single bed on top and then a double on the bottom and then we've got the double down here got an aircon unit there we've not actually used it since we've been here because it's actually quite cool in the room so now we've got the toilets through here basic toilet everything you need in there you know definitely perked up a little bit how many you feeling better now yeah have you been eating yeah sue see she's definitely a lot bright and Honya you weren't feeling great before were you you were sick weren't you not good yes she's definitely better she's telling me to move and trying to boss me around we're heading to pagbilao we need to go into town grab the bus and then another bus and try and find this Airbnb which we've booked for tonight we haven't been to the beach since we've been here it's absolutely mental I've been here two months and I'm not been to the beach madness so guys we're here now in pagbilao and this is her Airbnb stop for the night he's pretty cool too manager this is like a native type of hut and yeah it's gonna be a different experience for me let's go inside check it out so at the entrance we've got a little eating table area here where we can have our dinner and here's the door oh hello you know and this is all made out of bamboo isn't it this is pretty cool and we've got another little eating table as soon as you get in here for chilling and wherever else TV fitted on the wall – they've got fans in all of the rooms as well and we've got a little washing area Ketel and some mugs and what-have-you and then here is the first bedroom got a single on top and then a double on the bottom Yuna's gonna go up there and we're on the bottom here on the other side here we've got the second bedroom again with the same sort of layout single on top double on the bottom is going to use this as a changing area and keeping our baggage toilet area sink and toilet and shower guys we just bumped into one of our subscribers and Tocqueville ow this is mags and he just literally was biking up here and Soros yeah just come from Dubai such a small world because it's yeah awesome always good to see our subscribers out and about awesome we've got all of our bits from the market for our trip tomorrow just wanted to take some much as we can just to keep the cost down a bit yeah at least we've got something to get started yeah hey what you found here you know they've got these tire swings here at the place where we're staying it's pretty cool I might have a little go in a minute it's actually quite a big piece of London you can run round it and chill out and use any of the bits that you want here I'm looking forward to spending a night in me and our how huh it's different it's different so you have first experience doing that I've just spotted a little monkey up here [Applause] hello little monkey they've actually got a similar Hut next to ours but ours is slightly bigger and I've got this seating area here which is quite nice you can come in here and chill and they've got like a little grotto here or Syria not many people romantic area bath once in a blue moon in Cydia breakfast remain Spanish bread tapas all day tomorrow the influential and Maconie new genome even today that they end in America Machado many topics see you na be near my vagina bare breast milk but a questionable price for these dominating upon our sanctuary food but it'll do much grant teaching it hope so if not we're gonna be revised banana-bot pessimist healthy sharp every dose my foots to me my my pair tiny spare the lockdown mandarine this will belittle it now oh it was a meeting as a viola percenter torn apart mother panties I said be nothing alarm to go Kagame on mosquitoes table not in Google universe a lot of French life so don't worry well she is our friend – you'll make one yeah he's just very friendly we don't have any problem with her when it comes to social skills it's really good at it she approaches other people yeah you will not approach you know she will be don't want to approach you anyway we don't have to push her to make friends because she makes friends herself others am I ready coming Messiah pain here sorted our boatman out for the morning so we don't have to worry about messing around then 9 o'clock we're going to be setting off on our little island hopping tour over towards Dan peloton and that's where we're going to be camping for at least one night maybe two we're gonna see how we get on and yeah I'm looking forward to it anyway we're catching it with a bit of editing now and yeah we're gonna get to bed at a reasonable time out me we're not gonna be up too late though otherwise we won't get up I'm gonna set the alarm for 7 o'clock so we're already breakfast done and yeah ready for the belt it's literally 5 minute walk around the corner anyway in the actual port where we're going to be setting off so yeah that's not too much of a hassle we just got to cart the bags realm that's the only problem Yunis currently in her little bunk watching a bit of steam and muggy on YouTube you scoffing some cake aren't you yeah I'm gonna end the vlog here for today guys we're gonna be back at it tomorrow capturing all of our time on the islands and join the beach enjoying camping and just having fun fingers crossed the weather is gonna be fine I'm sure it will be interesting case catch you all tomorrow guys give us a massive thumbs up if you enjoyed the video subscribe to the channel you can already subscribe them we will catch you all tomorrow for some island hopping let's go boom so I'm genuine front view na mean nice Beto you paint no mean let's get a tent top this is very nice Beach actually there's literally no other people on here

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  • We decided to share the reality of traveling around with a toddler (not to discourage you guys) but to show you that there are real challenges going on and we are not going to sugar coat it. Our health will always be our priority but it doesn’t mean we have to stop our travel adventure. Kids get bugs anywhere EVEN IF they’re not traveling so, please be kind in the comment section. P.S. Yuna is perfectly fine and healthy. #familybackpackers #dayinthelife #vlogs

  • Keep safe guys.. Specially baby Yuna… Enjoying watching your past videos. I wonder is there a video story on how both of you met? I wanna know your kilig love stories hehe…

  • Illness is inevitable but Yuna recovered fast, thank God. Jay and Kendz, just keep supporting each other. Kaya ninyo yan!💪💪

  • Hello Mardons family! We pray that Yuna feel better soon. 🙏! Take care and God bless your family always 😊❤

  • try to give yuna pedialyte or hydrite not just water next time.. it will replenish the electrolytes that were lost due to fever or diarrhea. take care mardon family esp yuna. 😊

  • A person drinking up to 3 cups / mugs or more of coffee per day is actually great (and had been proven per the recent results released via many years in the making scientific studies done by reputable organizations – google it in news). People in the said studies who drink lot of coffee per day lived / will live a longer life (with all other things relatively equal or the same) than those who hardly drink or do not drink coffee at all.

    Drinking coffee means a longer life or healthier life (as it has ton of proven health benefits or it contains many elements that fight or prevent many illnesses).

  • I'm also a coffee addict',. Ha! Ha!",.. My day is not complete without coffee!!,.. at least 3 times a day",..

  • I'm passing Pagbilao whenever I'm going for vacation going to the province of Leyte!",.. usually boarding Eagle star bus!",..I love going to province",.. Fresh air!",. Fresh vegetables, fresh fishes!!",.. different kinda fishes',. Too much treeeessssss!!!',… ha! Ha!',… things I did not enjoy in the big city",…

  • It's normal for a kid to get fever!!",. Especially when a tooth surfacing!!",.. I got 2 daughters!!",.. I know it',…

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