Simplify your Life – What is Downsizing? Mindset, Choices & Dreams

Hey guys! This week I wanted to talk to you a bit about
what downsizing and simplifying your life actually means to me. A lot of times I feel like when I talk to
people I meet people, they are very fixated on that downsizing is about items and about
stuff and how much stuff you can have or not have And that is part of it but it’s not at all
all of it, so I really want to just put it out there and make a video about what it actually
means to me because it’s so much more than just the amount of stuff you have. I’m really sorry about the rain, the cars
are going by really fast and it’s raining like crazy today so I hope you can’t hear
that on the video. But you never know. Anyways, okay. The common thing is that people walk up to
me and they this idea that I don’t own anything, that to downsize you can’t really have anythings,
any stuff in your life, you have to live in a tiny house, or a tiny house on wheels, or
in an apartment or house that completely empty. And I understand where that perception can
come from, but it’s just not what it’s about. For me, downsizing and simplifying is not
the same as being a minimalist. Some people probably say that I’m a minimalist
and I definitely have adapted some of that mindset and a lot of it overlap. But to me downsizing is really about making
conscious choices. So it’s about really being present and knowing
what do I want in my life, what do I choose to have in my life, and what do I actively
choose NOT to have in my life. And that applies to a whole bunch of areas,
so it applies to my finances, how do I want to spend my money, and how I don’t want to
spend my money. It applies to how I schedule my time, how
I spend my time, and it also applies to of course to the space I choose to live in, the
amount of square feet that I choose to have. And of course I like having a minimal wardrobe,
thats why I do it. I feel like it gives me a lot of freedom. But the whole concept of simplifying your
life I feel like is a lot about choosing not just letting life pass you by and just hopping
on a train and you don’t really know where you’re going or you’re just going the same
place as everyone else, and there’s not bad thing in owing a house, having a mortgage,
doing all that stuff, or working full time instead of staying home with the kids. It’s all about priorities, really. You can do whatever you want, you just can’t
do everything if that makes sense. And I think thats why the mindset of downsizing
and simplifying is just so helpful to me because it kind of keeps me in check all of the time
so I have to evaluate on a – not a daily basis but at least on a weekly basis – when it comes
to finances, or monthly basis when it comes to throwing things out. And it’s just this lifestyle of knowing what
you bring in, and knowing what you want out. It’s also this mindset of not being controlled
by what you own, and don’t get me wrong – it’s not about not owning anything. Downsizing or simplifying your life does not
mean that you have to not have a car or drive and old rusty car that’s falling apart – I
know some people think of it as “anti materialism”. I like things and I like quality items and
Morten loves tech, and we have stuff, and we enjoy every once in a while to go out and
buy something that is really good quality, so it’s not like we don’t spend money on anything
if that makes sense, we just know that if we spend a thousand dollars on something,
then we can’t spend it on something else. And it sounds super basic, and it is! But still, a lot of people struggle with it. We just don’t want the items we have to control
our lives. We don’t wanna have to go to a job we don’t
like to pay off a house that we don’t really need. So it’s not that we don’t want a house, we
just don’t want to sacrifice having a job we don’t like and being unhappy in that situation,
for the house, if that makes sense. Downsizing to us is to live with the things
around us that we really love and enjoy, and the things we actually use. Now what you choose to have in your life and
prioritize spending your money and time on that varies, that depends on you and it’s
entirely up to you to decide. Don’t feel like there is this pressure or
mindset within even the simplifying community that you have to do things in a certain way. You don’t have to be completely off-grid,
you don’t have to be an artist, you don’t have to be a DIY’er – you can be whatever
kind of person you are! For us, it’s a really big priority that we
want to be able to have the financial flexibility because we like doing start ups and being
entrepreneurs and stuff like that, we love traveling. And we love that more than clothes if that
makes sense. If you are not that keen on traveling and
thats not a bit urge for you then you have a lot more money to spend on different things
or save or whatever. Those might not be your preferences, so you
just have to take an honest look at your life and your skills and dreams and then figure
our whats most important to you. Of course downsizing is super practical as
well but it’s really about finding the right size space to fit you, your dreams and your
wallet. So if your bank account says that you can’t
really afford to do all those things in the current space that you’re in, then it might
be time to do some physical downsizing as well. So that’s it guys, this is just a really broad
overview about what downsizing and simplifying means to me and to Morten, but I’m really
curious to know what is most important to you, so how would you define simplifying or
downsizing. If you would let me know down in the comments
I would really appreciate it, I love reading through you guys’ comments and what areas
is it most important because there is money and for me a big thing is time scheduling,
so I really use that mindset of choosing what I want in my calendar and not, it really stand
out quite clearly in the planning section. So I’m just curious, let me know down below. Anyways, I hope you liked this video if you
did please give it a thumps up that will help it reach more people and share it with your
friends if you want to, and we’ll see you guys next time, bye!

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