Sinead and Sienna Make a Pact To Take On Laurie | Hollyoaks

I do not believe I have to look at Louis smug face knowing that we've got no new evidence against him yesterday was a complete waste of time cause sick for the rest of the week well give him the satisfaction of knowing he's intimidated me at my own job he knew exactly what he was doing when he persuaded that portal and mentored me again it's about giving him anything it's about giving you time to calm down I am as angry as you are about yesterday you know that well if you go into school in this state I don't know what you might do what might kill him I wish I could Lori should we do once common insults up a storm not me should I get Jim Karen we're going boxing Brody's idea you think it's gonna help us get all our anger in some sports thing come on use it all up on the door earlier come on I've used all the help I can get taking my mind off yesterday why would I come yesterday I burnt my favorite bars Yeah right come on spill Bodie all those women you told me about the waiter from your wedding the shop assistant with the shoe I went looking for them I told you to drop it we were just trying to find something concrete against Laurie um well Rhonda the shop assistant she said that each way to rape her and that's why she attacked him with the stiletto but she's too scared to give a statement to the police exactly are you use then yeah great energy that day I thought I met their most perfect man they assaulted so what and it was they're staring me in the face if it only just figured out if he was back then then he never would have been in our lives and none of this what happens here to us but it would have turned to some other women and it probably still will Hey that's what gets me he's just walking around out there free to us so inherent so everyone so no it can't happen again Anna will hang on a sec we are gonna make sure he never touches another woman it gets their will ever again you're right we're gonna do put the cup [Applause] why is it Sinead parents yet I'll probably flipping out and birdies why are they gonna do something stupid okay well we'll go and check and straight after the show straight up to the show might be a bit too late no she knows up LaBelle she takes one step how allergic resent my back to prison all right she has plenty of people around her Tony and Diana I'm gonna let her do anything stupid yeah yeah I guess it's just the feel a bit responsible we have may that's my father she can't get any help from Georgia but you know what you should go to her now she needs you are you sure yeah of course thank you so much they promise Omega Sochi what are you doing here I needed backup what's he called Dick Van Dyke okay what is going on Brody have been keeping us hostage here they want to go after Laurie he's been in women for far too long and we've been letting him so we're gonna put an end to it tonight how you gonna do that what you think beating him up is gonna stop him for you know so what then you gotta kill him maybe it's the best plan that we've got so far oh okay hmm and you're happy to go straight back to prison are you leave Hannah without a mum because that's what's gonna happen the second you walk into those gates let alone lay a finger on Laurie but you do realize to be breaking the conditions of your bail the second you walk into that school and you lose your job and everything you've worked so hard for this past year it got away with attacking him once if you go and do it again there's no way the lady teacher it's so unfair I know it is I still think about him okay trying to for Laurie free evening but a film on balls of wine get some food in try that like normal for the night I'm quite hungry mm-hmm you don't have to stay can stay as long as you need you

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