Sing – George Michael – Freedom 90 – cover- Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin
Vocal Academy, where the proof is in the singing. I’ve waited a while on doing this one with
George Michael because he was such an inspiration to me, and just a phenomenal artist, just
a big light that went out. This song depicts his story, his life, so
if you’ve never read the lyric of this, especially you artists out there, I challenge
you to do this. For me, it was indicting, it was just kind
of reading my mail, sort of, so to speak. So we all have to walk different lines in
how we want to present our art. But anyway, I want to do the song first, like
we always do. We’ll talk about it after, but this isn’t
about range and about belting and about this and that. This is about just great artistry. So, let’s do the song first, we’ll talk
about it after. Let’s Rock! Okay. So, I think you can see that this song is not
just about range. That’s not what this is about. The song is about telling a story, which George
Michael was amazing at. And it’s the story of him and his brush
with the music industry, and it’s kind of even just how he just decided to, kind of, phase out
of, you know, being a poster child of what the music industry thought he should be and
what he wanted to be. So if you didn’t get a chance to go through
the lyrics, I challenge you to do that, it’s super-awesome. I’ve had to share, I’ve had to experience
the same kind of story myself. But anyway, what I loved about George is, just,
you know, he was influenced by the Beatles, the song was influenced by an old Aretha Franklin
song called Freedom, which was awesome. He sung with Elton John, check out, you know
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, some of the other stuff that he’s done. And then also, you guys, really get your brain
around this, like, everyone is so preoccupied with singing a high note, or American idol,
or you know, X-Factor, and all this stuff. I’m not even sure that George Michael would
have been accepted on any of those shows today, because he was so unique in his talent. But the people have spoken, and he has just
had an incredible career in this. So, if you like what you heard, please like
and subscribe to my channel, that would be awesome. I have a singers forums, guys, join it, it’s
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about all this stuff in these forums. And I have a singing course called How to
Sing Better Than Anyone Else. And I walk you through step-by-step what it
takes to get to all of this level and to all of this stuff. So anyway, thank you guys so much for joining
me, and until next time, peace. Out.

100 thoughts on “Sing – George Michael – Freedom 90 – cover- Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  • I wish Tori sing CCR – Have you ever seen the rain! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 it would mean to me… BTW great job ☮ ✌ FREEDOM!!!

  • Amazing version Ken!! I'm a Hard rocker….but this song is fantastic, and you did it incredible. I'm following your videos since a few months ago, since I began a singing course here in Spain, and your videos helps a lot so….thank you so much!! Related that you say in the last part of the video…talking about realitys…I'm absolutely agree with you…Maybe a genius like Prince would also not be admitted. Hugs from Spain!!

  • Hey ken idk if you remember me but I commented on a old video and thanks to you despite what my teacher said I increased my range. Idk how to show I did ig a video but I was a lowbaritone mid/high base and now I'm a mid tener I can hit c-5 and I forgot the other note as my highest note. Oh and great song.

  • I really dig the vocals for this song great job once again Ken, wasn't sure what I was gonna be hearing but it worked real good.

  • Brilliant Ken… And George Michael's collaboration with Aretha Franklin is amazing too. You remember that one. "I knew you were waiting for me." Be great to see you duet that with one of your students.
    But as always Ken, your love for music shines through yet again. What a phenomenal amount of videos you have on your channel now.

  • In my honest opinion, George Michael was the epitome of perfection when it comes to singing. I was and am a huge fan. I was absolutely devastated when he died. I'm on the same page as you Ken in the waiting to do this. I get it. You did a very, very, respectable job on this one. I was taught many years ago that if you can't tell the story, the art doesn't mean much. Thank you so much for another excellent video.

  • Ken, I sent you a couple of e-mails and I wonder if you got them. I have a huge concert on the 22nd and I wanted a Skype lesson with you to finesse one song. Thanks!

  • Ken, is there hope. Back story. I'm a 55 yo male, love music always have, however from a young age was told I can't sing. I have no musical ability, don't play a instrument, just love music, sing in the car, shower, and anywhere I'm alone. Can a guy like me learn to sing in tune? And what steps would you suggest, should I learn to play a guitar, banjo, (I lean towards classic Country)? Help.

  • Really enjoying your videos and listening to you and your students, thank you for creating and posting these. I particularly enjoy the mix of styles that you and your students are able to achieve. I've also tried some of your exercises with good results. Have you ever considered (or have you already done and I missed it) some Rush?

  • what an excellent way to start the morning! Thanks Ken for giving me something educational to witness and meditate on for the rest of the day!/year! the insider info you give about the artists is awesome and is often overlooked;makes me feel more connected to the lesson.I always feel like you are reading my mind for some reason, keep up the great work!

  • As always, I have a question. I'll be buying your program next month. But I've watched quite a few videos. The La-ahh exercise on the gutair has set my voice in a different direction. My question is when you get up in your higher rang as in F above middle c so you keep that ahh feeling in the mouth and throat and push out with your belly instead of just letting it fall naturally?

  • Your performance, Ken, of this artist, George, who was such a huge giant and an innovator, and is missed incredibly was really felt and enjoyed. I think when you love an artist and truly love the song from that artist you tend to perform even at a higher level than when you sing any other song. There becomes a connection between the song and you and you and the audience much better. Wonderful job.

  • Wam! You did that well! Amazing! Like the way you mix in all the voices and instruments. How long it take to mix a song like this. That was so bloody good, I played the video again as soon as it finished!

  • You got to GIV-EWHATYOUGIV-EWHATYOUGIV-EWHATYOUTAEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKYYYEEEEAAAAAAAA-AHHHH! That was always my favorite part. RIP George. You are loved. Awesome video Ken. You sang this one really well.

  • Very very awesome!! You really have diversion in your vocals. Oh, by the way…." Lead Singer Syndrome" still rules!! 🙂

  • Ken do you think you could do "flame" by Cheap Trick. It's pretty challenging. It would be a good song for people to learn from.

  • Really well done, Ken. When it comes to artists like GM, Queen, Culture Club, Fine Young Cannibals, Madonna, Bananarama, David Bowie, and even UB40, all have one thing in common… They arrived during a time and place of cultural reverberation – no one to tell them NO. These artists were innovators, creators of "new" – painting their souls on a wall. We are better for living in a time to experience it first hand – first time around. Again, thanks for a great cover.

  • Ken i dont like the sound of my voice when i record it can you help me im from pakistan and loved your work☺☺☺

  • Ken, you wrote below about David Cassidy. I can hear the vocal similarities in Michael and Cassidy. They had very similar textures. Speaking of David Cassidy, man, he had a hell of a voice. His 1990 album had some great singing on it. One track in particular, "Labor of love." He sings his butt off on that tune. He was a great artist that got stuck in the Teen Idol B.S.

  • Hello Mister Ken Tamplin, great song choice. I am very glad that you make that song alive!!! One of the best song of that Michael's time. I loved that song so much and still. You make super, super job on that cover! It is right Joy to listen that song again..!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING! <3

  • Those lyrics….man. George was widely recognised as an incredible live performer but I really think his songwriting is some of the finest of the modern era. A true genius and sadly missed. Nice cover, Ken. :0)

    Edit Question; why do – mostly Americans – keep calling him George Michaels ? It's Michael, singular. Just sayin'.

  • OH MY GOD… love this song… but this is better than the original by a million times… the verses… mesmerizing… the bridge between the verse and the chorus… mesmerizing… the choruses… Mesmerizing… just WAY way better than the original which is Legendary on its own… i also agree about what you said about 'the voice''x factor' fasion thing…

  • He had a true, God-given gift, didn't he? Graduating from high school in 1985, I've ALWAYS had a special soft spot in my heart for him & his music. Last Christmas we were playing cards when they announced his death on the TV. I started crying right there to a chorus of "Aw…"

    You are wonderful.

  • Ken's course is awesome. I've been singing now approx. a year in a cover band that does (if not everything), almost anything with some practise. My singing technique, diaphram support, stamina, strenght, breathing and range has improved a lot. I can now sing songs that I couldn't when I started (although I was a guitarist and a backing vocalist in our previous band). For instance You know my name, Crazy train, Here I go again to name a few. Super course!

  • I Totally agree with you!!!
    I agree with many things you say, and believe, with what you sing/share. I don't know much more to add, except I really like your style. Giving artist credit where credit due. That's Awesome.
    Thank you. 💝

  • Oh I love this song! Brings back memories of when I first heard it. It was like he finally rebelled and he did it with a great song. You did a fantastic cover….love it!
    Hey I have an idea for a video. Since the holidays are fast approaching…what would you recommend to give an aspiring singer or musician as a gift?

  • Great job Ken. Thanks for honoring George in this way. Such an incredibly talented man he was. Everyone knows his Faith songs , but it's his second and third albums which really define him as an artist. ❤

  • I agree with the last comment a cover disc…….great sound love his music takes me back to a time right shortly after high high school……college time…….comm. college . Love music……Love this channel always cover great classics beautiful songs…….great cover……..thanks…..God Bless…..

  • I wanna know something, if i want my voice to improve in the long run
    Should i just sing everyday? Like "try hit the tunes" on tracks or just do "vocal warm ups" ? 🙂

  • hi Ken, I am trying to sing a song that really means a lot to me, Dancing in the sky, are you familiar with this song and how do I contact you for help with this, thanks, jim

  • Awesome how your voice morphs into just about any style of singing. I listen to you in order to lift my spirits. I am a failed singer. Too much trauma shut down my voice. When I listen to you and watch you I get my mojo back. Your an amazing teacher.

  • THAT.WAS.AMAZING.!!!! I'm trying to get better at singing and your videos are pretty helpful actually (greetings from Germany btw)

  • I like to see how some people cover certain songs I like. Some people are good, others blow me away. You are one of the latter. You have a good tone and an amazing voice, not to mention range. I absolutely enjoyed it! 😀

  • AMAZING! His music is phenomenal. I don't know if much people see this way, but after watching some videos about Pop Music, I noticed that Pop Music of today is WAY less diversified and is excessively simple and I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that today's Pop hits are being made by the same people over and over again. I personally enjoy only very few things that are out there. I mean listen this Michael song, how many Pop hits today are as rich musically?

  • I think it's interesting u mentioned what I now consider the faux talent tv shows,….with their presentations for each vocalist wherein they attempt to create a sob story designed to deceive UR ears when they begin singing…..and that's just me addressing ONE of the issues with those shows.

  • Thanks for sharing your work. I love George Michael and all his music. Losing him, Prince, Cornell and Bowie all so close together is crushing.

  • Hi Ken!!!! Amazing . That’s what you are . You are such a big part of my life . An everyday part of it. As you can guess, I am one of your students ! I am in volume 2 and the changes in my voice have been unreal . That is coming from my husband, who is a 26 year retired Airforce vocalist , bassist and arranger! He has performed all over the world and performed for several Presidents. He wrote a Gorgeous song for the Airfoce Tattoo honoring all of those that have served , to include the spouse and children . It makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck . He performed it in front of 75,000! For him to say the things to me that he says about my voice now , is saying a lot. It is truly because of your course . He has invited me to perform with his trio next month . He is a hard one to impress , so it says a lot. My story is special because I performed as a child and have always had this dream to sing . I was in an abusive marriage that stripped me of my self esteem in the most painful way imaginable . But I kept my dream hidden in my heart . Then I married this amazingly talented man (20 years now) and he made me believe again . He is my world . But he now happily shares that position with you . It’s a joke that you are my other man ( all in fun ) I sing with him now all the time. Your course has been life changing for me not just musically, but emotionally . We played a game where we had to say who we would want to meet if we had one dying wish. It was my turn , my eyes filled up with tears and I said Ken Tamplin !!!! I picked you . My dream is to fly out to see you and work with you . But I know my husband would want so much to meet you . I wouldn’t stand a chance if you two got together . He can tear up the bass and vocals! One more compliment , my husband Shawn says that thru my lessons with you , I have taught him !!! Me?!?!? Lol Wow. For you older singers just starting your journey , you are NOT too old . I get that a lot as I am 51! But Ken’s course has transformed my voice and my self esteem . My husband thinks I should be your poster child for older singers. Coming from him ? Just wow. If you would like to hear his song he wrote for the Airforce, it is called Freedoms Call. His name is Shawn Stanley . Thanks for listening . It was a lot ! Lol

  • George Very hard to nail that breathy tone and power. Have not heard anyone nail his tone or pure quality of his voice. But sounds pretty good.

  • New listener…you are one Bad Ass Mother F…!
    Congrates on God giving you a great gift!!!
    I'm Jealous…

  • Thank you for honoring the legacy of the brilliant and talented George Michael with your outstanding performance. Ken, you have a set of billion dollar pipes and we are all fortunate to hear you play them. You also have soul which is the most important thing a musician can have.

  • I was devastated when George died I was a huge fan from the get go. He wrote and sang from the heart and is irreplaceable. He was buried the same day as my mother I shed tears for him too on that day.

  • George was one of the most amazing vocalists in the world. What a voice; so much soul. Such a tragic loss. 😔

  • I am more of a electronic music producer guy and I feel like GM uses his voice LIKE an instrument. The attack decay sustain, release envelopes on a synth. Amazing breath control. Sometimes no vibrato, just a pure tone like a flute almost, beautiful. Soooooooooo sad he had life/drug problems with this much talent and handsome-ness people could still be depressed. Heartbreaking. George Michael is by far my fave male singer / songwriter

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