Singles Reading For Aries June 2019 Reconciliation

hello all of my single Aires welcome this is your singles reading for areas of males and females Sun Moon rise and Venus sighs I'm going to do a single reading for you Aries what's a message that the Holy Spirit has for you for your single life if you are new to my channel welcome thank you for 22 even if you are a previous viewer o viewer welcome back to my channel and keep returning back in even if you are a cross watcher cross watching as you're tuning in because this message is going to be for you so welcome I would like to send a thank you to all of my subscribers especially my new subscribers thank you guys so much for doing me that favor and hitting that subscribe button it really means a lot to me I truly appreciate it and I truly appreciate all my old subscribers as well I love you guys so very much thank you for being kind if you have not subscribed actually the please do me that favor and take a moment a second it's just going to take one hot second to hit that subscribe 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neither to go out of the way we could get started with your reading so Holy Spirit I ask you please get Aires the clear message that you want them to have to place guidance in their life you're the clarity and guidance in this reading in Jesus Holy Name I pray amen Holy Spirit what is the message that you have for Aries Aries single male or female summarize and Venus side Aries Aries single someone rise and Venus on Aries Aries what is the message holy stream as you have to bury thank you this message says you have it is the clear message that you want to come out for enemies concerning these things are life males and females some allies and Venus on my Holy Spirit this the message thank you yeah in series thank you so very much Holy Spirit and really appreciate it okay let's see what you get okay Erie you have the six of Wands the Knights of Pentecost the three of Pentacles the Emperor I hope you guys can see these cars good justice the right a little bit okay hey Aries with the six of Wands this is saying all the effort that you have placed in yourself about a relationship about love you are feeling victorious about it you are going to be successful about all that effort that you have placing yourself about love about a relationship all that success that you put inside of your self Aries to know that you deserve love and working on yourself to build yourself up right so that you can receive love and you put all that effort in all that working that and now you are feeling accomplishment you are finna be recognized by so many individuals because all that effort and work that you have placing yourself and they recognizing recognizing your accomplishments that you have put inside yourself to build yourself up correctly you feeling victorious the knight of Pentacles so the knight of Pentacles is saying Aries if you are waiting I so much to come into you or something to come in to you it's coming it could be work money or love and it's seeing that this individual is a very trustworthy individual for you and they're very reliable and they are now finally going to come in that's what is saying even though it's coming in slowly they are finally moving towards young Aries and you've got the three of Pentacles and the three of Pentacles is same areas that do to your focus all that your goals do to all of your efforts that you place in yo and total life whether it's work-related money money finances love you finicky truth stability in your life and it's telling you not to hold on tightly to like your heart or to your finances like if you hold it on tightly and not open it up your heart don't hold on tightly to your heart like you have to open up your heart so that you can receive love and give love it could be a new person or someone you're gonna reconcile with you either way you have to open up your heart so make sure you don't hold on to your heart too tightly so that you can't receive love and give love okay and and you know you everyone is going to recognize all your your goals and your accomplishments that you place in yourself then you got the Emperor this is you Ares whether you're male or female this is stability this is trying out this is sucess this is stability with a person it could be a fire sign it doesn't necessarily have to be you could be dealing with an earth sign also Aries a Taurus Virgo and Capricorn are you doing with a fire sign another Aries a Leo or such but this is representing you Aries you are very successful you have stability in your life and getting great success and triumphing over any difficulties any negative energy or any conflict in this and you are going to be someone of authority but it's telling you to also keep a calm head and make sure you face all your decisions or facts whether it's love work money make sure you base all your decisions on facts don't be overly emotional okay don't be logical about your your your thoughts and your decisions and it's telling you with this individual that you want to come in and that's fine it's going to come in to you look at this relationship with clear hope okay I'm going to clarify this for you Aries but it's looking like it's a good reading for you guys a good message because you have really worked on yourself and build yourself up to be an honorable loyal faithful individual but just make sure you open up your heart don't hold tightly on fear or you know don't worry keeping your heart closed off your emotions closed off to individuals clarify the six of Wands for Aries we're going to clear message Oh what did I say reconciliation didn't I already speak on that and look what popped out the six of cups so what is returning to you from your past and if you've been waiting on this person to come in to you know that they come in now if you've been manifesting this person to return to you Aries that's for so many areas who's been manifesting someone from your past to return to you they are returning they are going to return and they are now recognizing all of your success and accomplishment that you're not placing himself because now you are a loyal honest individual if you were already a lawyer on earth individual they are beginning to recognize that about you there they went through a change and a growth within themselves and recognize in seeing that you are honorable loyal thoughtful person II you are someone that can value and grow with and create with and this person from your pay has recognized that has gotten that spiritual insight and now they are returning to you and you're happy about this person returning and they want to reconcile the relationship they want to fix it they want to talk to you I have an open honest conversation with you that's why after your Pentacles came out and saying don't hold on tightly to your heart make sure y'all have an open and honest conversation communication with one another but this person is definitely returning to you and you're happy about this person coming back in and it could be a water sign it could be a Scorpio cancer or Pisces it doesn't have to be you know who you're dealing with because we got earth water in fire sign here clarify that knight of Pentacles thank you that's true cries I just need all these chemicals but Aries [Applause] clear out the night for pelicans for Aries the 3 of Wands another fire sign Aries Leo or such and this is saying this individual or you are leaving something behind and you're looking towards the horizons for your ships to come in for a better future taking a better path for your future and you're looking for all your ships are coming in now because you have put in all the work and to yourself and all your efforts and now you want me your ships to come in and because maybe this night is moving a little slow and you're wondering if this is my ships gonna come in with this individual from my past or someone new and it's saying yes it is so don't hold on to negative energy and thoughts and leave that behind and though that this individual is coming in to you your ships are coming in Aries rather with a new individual or someone you're reconciling them with you in your past if their pupils clarify their finishes put Aries may only see me summarize and assign Holy Spirit clarified for your pinnacle for Aries there's on the truth currency one card all these three please just walk on four areas to clarify that three of Pentacles for Aries one card thank you look at that the six of one again success try up you're going to feel very successful because of all of your efforts this is a beginning a new beginning that is beginning to show up in your life it could be a new beginning with this person from your palace or a new beginning to go towards someone new and someone new is going to come into you because of all of your efforts all of the improvement that you have placed in your life you are definitely being recognized Aries and you're gonna get great success and a new beginning is beginning to show up for you it's coming in you ain't even got to worry about it is does be coming in you've got the six of Wands twice very accomplished me all your efforts all of the work that you have placed in your son the Han sment accomplishment and you're being recognized by so many people about all of your goals and success that you place to yourself clear from the airport satisfy the emperor for Ares all these spirits this came out the devil this could be talking about some addictions this could be talking about codependency this could be talking about throwing stuck trapped or bound to an individual it could also be talking about passion no Ares if you're dealing with some addiction or your person from your past or was dealing with some addiction know that they try up over that situation and they're gonna get stability and success in your life and if you were dealing with any addiction or codependency or fillet stuck trapped and bounced or someone you're trying over that and you're gonna have success its stability back in your life because you're overcoming addiction you're overcoming codependency you have overcome feeling stuck trapped and bounced to someone that's feeling that really Ares you have overcome and triumphed over any addictions sex alcohol or drugs you have overcome feeling trapped and stuck and bound to someone or just negative energy toxic ways you have overcome feeling like you're codependent on someone what the ever car is saying that you have definitely triumph over this situation and you have success and stability backing yourself that's what I'm feeling Aries so I'm gonna do the romance angel to see what the Holy Spirit has for you what is the message Holy Spirit that you have it Ares what card do you want a heart do you want to come out for Ares what is the message holy spirit that you have arrey arrey arrey and the first card is saying wedding this situation involves marriage this person from your path y'all can get engaged and it could be a relationship that you're gonna get married or someone new to us coming into you then this thing I flirt the sting your light hearted energy to each other just put us in from your past then it says it is safe for you to love open your heart anything what I said don't close off your heart now hold on to your heart tightly and keeping your heart closed okay open up your heart to give and receive the highest energy of all think I want to see it so y'all know I can't make this up and I see me shuffling cards open up your heart Aries because this person from your past is returning and if they were dealing with any codependency addiction or feeling stuck and stuck and trapped and bound to something know that they have triumph over that situation when you're gonna give victory with this person from your past and then it says the two of you need to have it I cannot make this up I said I have to have an open and honest conversation when I say that heart-to-heart conversation honestly discuss your feelings to each other Aries I can't make this up I already spoke that before these cards fellow you don't have to worry or have fear about this person holding on to some addiction or some codependency or feeling stuck and trapped and bound to something of someone because it's released it's over because they worked on themselves as well and they they triumphed over all the dots and if that was you holding onto that you you release that as well see you walk they walked away from it they leaving it behind or you're leaving that codependency addiction so it's looking and bound to someone behind if you're looking for your ships to come in with this new person and they looking for that to with you it's like you're mirroring each other so both y'all don't work on yourselves and build you ourselves up so the truck is coming to this reconciliation and you've seen all these cars wedding the situation involves marriage flirt a senior like her energy to others it is safe for you to love open your heart and give to give every seed the highest energy upon and then have your heart-to-heart conversation honestly honestly discuss your feelings with each other Oh Aries this is an awesome reading for you all if this resonates with you please give me some feedback I would love to hear from you also you guys get that notification being off subscribe to my channel please support my channel by hitting that subscribe button share their videos okay and give it a thumbs up if you like this message okay you guys I love you so very much and y'all have a blast bye

4 thoughts on “Singles Reading For Aries June 2019 Reconciliation

  • Looking for a positive new person, with a instance connection;also would help if they live in spirituality as a whole…..

  • Thank you for thexreading beautiful. Yes, we have been needing to talk from the get go , this is part of his blocks he needs to remove while he is being within. Heaven sent.

  • Lets go Aquarius. Been waiting on you. Send him on down Universe. You put him in my life. This is the man I was praying for months and months. He met all the things I was praying for too. 🔥🙏⚡

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